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  1. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    Oh, that's a good look on the Reds!
  2. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    That would be a good option, you could also add white to the stripes on the road to match the numbers/wordmark.
  3. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    BravoπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌthis series has been nothing short of amazing!!! This is the Gold Standard. Excellent work.
  4. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    Well done, I think a blue/red/blue sleeve piping would look great too. I'm enjoying this series, who's next?
  5. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    The Giants look great. Surprised you didn't go with a modified 94-99 San Francisco for the road. Random thought: how is it that the Giants can fit 12 letters (plus a space), but Arizona can't fit Diamondbacks? If the Giants can have a thinner font for the road, then why don't they just do that for the home or an alternate? Man, there are so many great ways the Padres can go, any of these would work...and yet they choose the blandest route, smh.
  6. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    Wow! This looks amazing. I'd buy this jersey (maybe after the ALCS, go Yanks). Thanks, @SFGiants58
  7. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    As a Yankee fan, I look forward to this series. Could be fun.
  8. MLB Changes 2017

    Or their uniform would really benefit from dropping the gold.πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Just sayin'.
  9. MLB Changes 2017

    The road would also look better with their red-paneled cap. (with that said, the Twins belong in home)
  10. MLB Changes 2017

    Like the "Red Bulls" in MLS.πŸ˜’
  11. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    These alternate-universe-part-2's are what make this series special. Bravo.
  12. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    Man, I love that 97-99 favorite Brewers look. And you've perfected it here! Glad you kept the thick piping. Unpopular opinion: I would love to see them go back to this (or even switch the blue for a dark green and unify the Wisconsin teams) and return to the American League while they're at it. Anyway, excellent job, brother.
  13. NFL Latinia (Paint concepts) Manaus added

    Very cool series. There's a lot of great looks. As a Dominican, I feel inclined to comment on Santo Domingo's set. On a personal level, I don't think Columbus or any of his family should EVER be celebrated (but that's neither here nor there). As for their unis, the Cowboys look is very classy, I'd recommend going with royal their beloved baseball team (Los tigres del Licey)
  14. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    That '94-'99 roundel looks amazing! Could you mock up the orange jersey with that design? Dodgers look just right. I'm a sucker for anything Brooklyn.
  15. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    Great job. I'm a fan of the 90's set! (I noticed that only the rear part of the right home sleeve has piping)
  16. NBA Changes 2017-18

    What the cuss?! How about something with 'KNICKS' on it? Or something that doesn't look identical to your standard uni with white interjecting?πŸ˜’
  17. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    I'm with you...except, I'd add the neck piping to the road (that way both jerseys would more accurately reflect their predecessors. Great work!
  18. NFL 2017 changes?
  19. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    It's definitely better than what they wore those first few years. I noticed that the fauxback shows as cream on the 'intro page' but white on the actual uniform. I hope you meant for the cream...cause it would look a lot better.
  20. MLB Redesigns Series

    Excellent work, brother. Congrats!!!
  21. MLB Changes 2017

    Here's a view with the caps: 😣
  22. MLB Changes 2017

    This is killin' me...
  23. MLB Redesigns Series

    The NL West looks amazing! Great job, brother. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  24. New York Knicks Concept

    New Yorkers are big on tradition...we're a proud bunch. Even Met/Jet fans are proud and they've stuck for a while. Look at all our teams' uniforms...they all have some (or a lot of) link to the past. The glories of yesteryear.
  25. New York Knicks Concept

    I have mixed feelings about the concept. As a closet Knick fan, I love the removal of gray and I think the piping could work for them. The "Knicks" wordmark/font is where you lose me. I could see them having a jersey that says "Knicks" on it, but, respectfully, this one kinda seems the Wolves' new uniform. I think a team like the Knicks, in a city like New York, need something bolder. Try bringing back the Ewing-era'll see people get on board with that. At least, I would. Keep at it, you're off to a good start.