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  1. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    That '94-'99 roundel looks amazing! Could you mock up the orange jersey with that design? Dodgers look just right. I'm a sucker for anything Brooklyn.
  2. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    Great job. I'm a fan of the 90's set! (I noticed that only the rear part of the right home sleeve has piping)
  3. NBA Changes 2017-18

    What the cuss?! How about something with 'KNICKS' on it? Or something that doesn't look identical to your standard uni with white interjecting?πŸ˜’
  4. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    I'm with you...except, I'd add the neck piping to the road (that way both jerseys would more accurately reflect their predecessors. Great work!
  5. NFL 2017 changes?
  6. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    It's definitely better than what they wore those first few years. I noticed that the fauxback shows as cream on the 'intro page' but white on the actual uniform. I hope you meant for the cream...cause it would look a lot better.
  7. MLB Redesigns Series

    Excellent work, brother. Congrats!!!
  8. MLB Changes 2017

    Here's a view with the caps: 😣
  9. MLB Changes 2017

    This is killin' me...
  10. MLB Redesigns Series

    The NL West looks amazing! Great job, brother. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  11. New York Knicks Concept

    New Yorkers are big on tradition...we're a proud bunch. Even Met/Jet fans are proud and they've stuck for a while. Look at all our teams' uniforms...they all have some (or a lot of) link to the past. The glories of yesteryear.
  12. New York Knicks Concept

    I have mixed feelings about the concept. As a closet Knick fan, I love the removal of gray and I think the piping could work for them. The "Knicks" wordmark/font is where you lose me. I could see them having a jersey that says "Knicks" on it, but, respectfully, this one kinda seems the Wolves' new uniform. I think a team like the Knicks, in a city like New York, need something bolder. Try bringing back the Ewing-era'll see people get on board with that. At least, I would. Keep at it, you're off to a good start.
  13. Oklahoma City Thunder x Nike Concepts

    These are great!!! Excellent work. This would probably be my ideal set: Best of both.
  14. MLB Redesigns Series

    Great work, but I think at least one jersey should feature something other than the 'Beavers' wordmark.
  15. NBA Nike Project (updated 7/18 Warriors Alts)

    This series has been excellent...and if you could implement the 4 concepts Nike idea...I think it'd be even better!
  16. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    The script is much improved and that fauxback is a thing of beauty. I was secretly hoping you would go that route with Washington.
  17. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    Part II is exactly what the Angels should look like! Great work.

    Amazing work!! I don't know if anyone has ever done this, but how about an updated Expos logo?: Thanks in advance!
  19. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    Great work with the Tigers. Both their own way...are fantastic. Looking forward to the Yanks!
  20. 8BW14's MLB Redesign: Anaheim Angels

    Great work with the Angels...nicely done.
  21. MLB Redesigns Series

    this + light purple road = ?????? (How about thicker numbers? least on the back)
  22. NBA Nike Project (updated 7/18 Warriors Alts)

    Great Suns concept...I'd love to see the first three in the style of the black one.
  23. MLB Redesigns Series

    Man, that looks good! You could do it as a home alt...and make the red top the road alt. Or as a special fauxback. Also, I'm not feeling the burgundy top for them.
  24. MLB Redesigns Series

    I like the red pants look...I'd prefer it with a white top instead of a white cap.
  25. MLB Redesigns Series

    that's real nice! For the Cubs: I'd stay away from an all-red cap...while I don't think they'd look like the Cards, it's not really necessary. You could always do a red bill. I like the updated White Sox set. Only thing I'd change is the pant piping...I'd make it silver/blk/silver and blk/w/blk to match the jerseys. Overall, excellent work!!!