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  1. Congrats on completing the League!!! I've enjoyed it, great work!
  2. It never hurts to be consistent.
  3. Congrats on completing the American League!!! Fantastic series so far, can't wait to see what you do with the NL clubs.
  4. You are owning the shhh out of this series! Excellent work!!
  5. Great set!!! Even better than I expected.
  6. Looking forward to the 'Stros!
  7. Blue on blue? (not a fan of a color on same color)
  8. YES!!! My ideal look for the Halos...though, I'm not feeling the red on red...or the white front panel (it wasn't their thing, I don't think it should be).
  9. It makes too much sense.
  10. I'd go with the Seattle flag:
  11. Congrats on completing a third of the League, brother. This has been one heck of a series!!!
  12. That stinks, I'm really enjoying the series. Excellent work thus far!
  13. Hey, Ren, I was wondering if you could give this one a try: thanks. (Maybe add a little yellow)
  14. YES!!!
  15. Care to give this one a try? @ren69
  17. While I think the color scheme works, I'd prefer this set without the light blue shadows.
  18. Man, I hope this isn't their's terrible.
  19. Congrats on finishing the first third!!! Great work...looking forward to the rest of the league.
  20. That's out there...very cool concept. Not sure that piping on the home works in addition to the placket (I think it's one or the other). I wonder what it would look like if you had the subliminal tiger stripes on the numbers instead...and maybe these stirrups:
  21. I don't think Cavs fans would like that much.
  22. Definitely the top one...Love the hidden 'I,' very clever.
  23. Great color scheme. I love the combination of eras on the home and away. I've never been a fan of the beach towel, though...but I get a lot of people are. However, I don't know why would have two of the same alternate...just re-colored. Also, I think the home socks would work just fine on the road (and bring out the white in the cap). Very nice work!!!
  24. I'm curious to see how you balance the colors on the back of Arizona's jersey.
  25. Your Arizona concept is phenomenal. Looking forward to the rest of this series.