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  1. JJ Anderes

    NHL Third Jersey Calendar (Updated 11/24)

    Is there a set schedule for those jerseys? I couldn't find one anywhere.
  2. JJ Anderes

    NHL Third Jersey Calendar (Updated 11/24)

    Another week, another update...
  4. JJ Anderes

    NHL Third Jersey Calendar (Updated 11/24)

    Another update...
  5. JJ Anderes

    NHL Third Jersey Calendar (Updated 11/24)

    Is there a set schedule for them? I've looked everywhere and haven't found one.
  6. JJ Anderes

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    If any of these jerseys were real I'd be bankrupt pretty quick.
  7. JJ Anderes

    Redesigning 90s NHL Alternates

    Love the idea for this series! Curious to see what you do with the ducks' wild wing jersey.
  8. JJ Anderes

    NHL Third Jersey Calendar (Updated 11/24)

    Here's this week's uniform lineup.
  10. JJ Anderes

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    I wonder what a blue version of the home jersey would look like.
  11. Not sure if this should go in concepts or in this forum, so I just picked one. Anyway, I've taken a short break from my Remaking Every NHL Outdoor Uniform series to work on something different for a change. I've starting working on a big project that'll hopefully continue through the end of the NHL season. If you're like me, I always like to know when NHL teams are wearing something other than their primary uniforms for the night. Rather than looking up a schedule for each individual team, I figured it would be nice to have one big schedule for every alternate jersey appearance, even if it's just on a weekly basis. That's why I created this. This is a general template for a list of alternate uniforms in use for the week. As an example, this is the lineup for next week between Sunday, November 4th and Saturday, November 11th. Not only are the normal third jerseys included but also any scheduled throwback jersey appearances or any special uniforms used during the warmups, such as the cancer awareness uniforms during the months of October and November. If this proves to be popular I'll continue to post weekly updates here, and anyone wanting to receive these updates via email can join the list by reaching out to me (j4anderes@gmail.com).
  12. JJ Anderes

    NHL Refresh Series - "Desecrating" the NHL

    I'm not even a leafs fan but I would buy that third jersey in a heartbeat.
  13. 2011 WINTER CLASSIC PITTSBURGH PENGUINS I know it's not really much of a concept, but I think this is what most fans wanted to see at Heinz Field. I made a few changes to the pants and the sock striping. WASHINGTON CAPITALS Based on the Washington Lions of the AHL and EHL about 70 years ago.
  14. 2011 HERITAGE CLASSIC CALGARY FLAMES Striping is similar but not exactly like the Calgary Cowboys of the WHA MONTREAL CANADIENS The NHL's Montreal Maroons Uniform with the colors switched and a slight change made to the logo.
  15. 2012 WINTER CLASSIC PHILADELPHIA FLYERS Both the striping and the secondary logo are inspired by the WHA's Philadelphia Blazers. NEW YORK RANGERS