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  1. After a few teasers and a look at Vegas' draft hat, I've decided to put together a last minute prediction for the Golden Knight's jerseys. C&C is welcome.
  2. Even if this isn't what it ends up looking like, it's still probably one of my favorite Vegas concepts yet!
  3. Morgo, I always enjoy seeing your work. Each one of these looks fantastic, and I can't imagine how much time and patience it takes into putting these concepts together.
  4. The last one is by far the best.
  5. Interesting idea, any thoughts as to what image that could be?
  6. Some ideas based on your suggestions... I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Could you elaborate on that?
  7. Hey folks, Recently I've been thinking about my personal logo. I don't really feel like it's awful, but I think it could be improved, I'm just not sure how. Any opinions/ideas are welcome...
  8. I don't have any complaints. I especially like that throwback logo!
  9. It's starting to sound more and more like the Rangers and Sabres are going to face off in the 2018 Winter Classic. Here's my take on what they should wear for the event.
  10. Black vs. navy would be a bad matchup.
  11. This is ten times better than what they came up with.
  12. Hey folks! Ever since the NHL announced that Adidas will take over the uniform system in 2017, I've been curious and excited to see what the new jerseys will look like. I originally started a series with some concepts for this upcoming season, but now that we have more information as far as what we might see next season. So far, we know that the NHL won't allow third jerseys to be used next season, meaning that some teams could promote their alternates to primary status. It's been confirmed that the Oilers will going orange for the next season, and both the Wild and Capitals are in the process of deciding whether to make the upgrade. It's also very possible that we will see the dreaded Adidas trademark: the three stripes. Based on the negative reaction from many fans, and the outcry we'll get from teams like the Canadiens and Red Wings, I doubt the stripes will be under the armpit, rather somewhere else (the back of the jersey collar, maybe?) First concept coming soon!
  13. Will we be seeing more of this? I love this project.