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  1. 2017 NHL100 Classic OTTAWA SENATORS Not too happy with what the Senators did with their original uniform. Not that it was bad, it just wasn't creative. This would've been a perfect chance to try something new for a change. Silver is also featured prominently throughout the jersey honoring both the NHL's centennial year and the history of hockey in Ottawa back in the days of the Silver Seven. MONTREAL CANADIENS Similar things can be said about Montreal's original uniform. It wasn't ugly but it lacked creativity and looked too similar to their current road uniforms. This would've been a perfect opportunity to switch things up...why not go blue for a game? Color vs. color matchups are always fun to watch.
  2. JJ Anderes

    Portland AAA Stadium Concept

    Love it! It's obvious that you put plenty of time and work into this. I wouldn't change anything, but I'm curious to see what the outside of the stadium would look like, if that makes sense. Otherwise, fantastic job!
  3. 2018 WINTER CLASSIC BUFFALO SABRES Don't get me wrong, I am in love with the Sabres' original uniform. In my opinion this was one of the best-dressed Winter Classics so far. Rather than making minor tweaks to a near perfect jersey, I figured I would make something completely new using that awesome new buffalo logo. I'm always a fan of those rare color on color matchups, so I made the Sabres' jersey gold for this series. NEW YORK RANGERS This jersey was also a hit, but it did have its issues. The shield logo crowded the front of the uniform, and the phantom shoulder striping looked out of place. Both of those issues were fixed here. I also altered the striping and the jersey crest to further separate this uniform from the design of their regular home jersey. C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  4. It's been a few months since my last thread, so I figured I'd start a new one. Hopefully I can keep this going for a while and maybe even finish it. As we all know, many of the recent outdoor jerseys have drawn plenty of criticism. In this series I'm revisiting every NHL outdoor sweater to fix the problems that ruined the uniforms. I'm starting with the most recent game and working backwards all the way to the first Heritage Classic in 2003. Here we go! SHORTCUTS 2017-18 NHL100 Classic - MTL vs. OTT Winter Classic - NYR vs. BUF (BELOW) Stadium Series - TOR vs. WSH (TOR Update) 2018 STADIUM SERIES - ANNAPOLIS, MD WASHINGTON CAPITALS While the Capitals' uniforms weren't terrible, they could use some improvement. The "cummerbund" is no longer an issue and the white yoke is now red. I also added elements that represent the city of DC while also giving a nod to the US military. TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS The original uniforms were hard to look at, especially in person, as I went to the game. I got rid of the white pants and added a few things here and there that again represent the city of the team and their country's military. C&C is welcome and appreciated.
  5. JJ Anderes

    NBA | Indiana Pacers Rebrand | Update: NIKE Uniform Set

    I would flip the shorts so the checkers are on the same side. Other than that it's perfect!
  6. JJ Anderes

    Logos Associated with Success

  7. JJ Anderes

    NHL Adidas Alternates

    CBJ: Honestly if you just had one star one each of the sleeves (like their primary jerseys) it would be perfect! ANA: I love everything about it but I'm not sure that Ducks fans would like another black jersey. I'm kinda curious to see an orange version. PHI: Big fan! I think this matches their current set better than any of their other recent alternates. Loving this series, curious to see what you do for the Caps
  8. JJ Anderes

    NHL March Madness - Final(ly) Matchup Posted!

    Both are great but I'm going with the Blues.
  9. JJ Anderes

    2019 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic

    Here's my idea for the NHL's Winter Classic next year.
  10. JJ Anderes

    NHL Stadium Series 2020

    Love it! Using the two shades of blue on the ave jersey looks great, and it's nice to see the Minnesota script back again. This might actually be a reality. The NHL is trying to set up more outdoor games at service academies, so the Air Force Academy could be an option.
  11. JJ Anderes

    2019 Boston Bruins Winter Classic

    You could try sending it to Paul Conway. He's the creative director for branding for the NHL.
  12. JJ Anderes

    2019 Boston Bruins Winter Classic

    I was making a concept that looked pretty much exactly like this, except it's brown instead of black. It looks great! The 3D jersey was very well executed too.
  13. JJ Anderes

    NHL March Madness - Final(ly) Matchup Posted!

    You could do a Winter Classic/Stadium Series uniform for each team, that would take less time than creating whole new sets.
  14. JJ Anderes

    NHL March Madness - Final(ly) Matchup Posted!

    Probably the hardest decision yet but Arizona