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  1. You have the lions and dolphins both in white
  2. dont care

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    When compared to blue, red, white, black, and yellow, it’s not even close, especially since a lot of the times orange and green are used as accent colors, or only used on alternates versus the others which a far more likely to be base colors
  3. dont care

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    Pink, it’s used some internationally, but it’s far and few between, purple and brown have to be next, with green and then orange bringing up the bottom 5 used colors
  4. dont care

    2018 NFL Season

    Maybe you should just stop watching sports if all you get from them is negativity. I have a guy at work who is exactly like you and complains about everything. After awhile everyone started ignoring him Even if his complaints were legitimate. When you get no enjoyment from what you are doing you might just want to quit.
  5. dont care

    2018-19 NBA Season

    So a storage closet for towels lol Also theu didn’t neccesarily make his locker a towel closet, just the space it use to be after a locker room renovation happens to now be a towel closet, everyone was going to be getting new lockers anyways.
  6. dont care

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    These don’t look anything like what @Teal posted
  7. Bet you will still watch and complain.
  8. Doesn’t matter because you’ll find something to complain about either way.
  9. dont care

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Giants indianapolis chicago minnesota atlanta houston chargers seattle carolina cincinnati rams jacksonville Tennessee New england green bay
  10. dont care

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    They made their bed, they now have to live with it.
  11. I think he was talking about these monstrosities
  12. So Alabama won 65-31 to the Razorbacks, Nick Saben then goes on a rant throwing his Defense under the bus saying when the give up 31 points he doesn’t classify it as a win. Jesus he can think that and I’m sure all coaches try to go for a shut out but to go to the media with that has to cause some animosity from the defense.