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  1. KO is 266 pounds, AJ styles is 220, while not HUGE like the john cena (251) and others aj is still quite a bit larger than Finn (190), Bryan (210), or even Rollins (217)
  2. Basically be a team and work together because on a crew team the team doesn't perform unless everyone is rowing in unison. There are a million other ways he could express this without putting ors on everything and killing looks
  3. But even then they need to be trained in basic infantry tasks first before going on to specialized training. Everyone does and it's especially needed now because of the non linear battlefield we currently are fighting make it so everyone has to be ready for combat
  4. My training myself took 2 years to complete and I was told it cost the tax payer about 150,000 in total
  5. Recently there was a court ruling making females signing up for selective service mandatory too. but anyways drafts are a necessary evil only when the armed forces simply don't have the man power to compete. I don't see us needing to. But even then we probably never will need a draft again unless we actually go to war with Russia or some other Peer vs. Peer war where we fight someone of similar capabilities of us.
  6. So what have we learned for the trailer? The Jedi must end? The way it's cut off makes me hope it means the Jedi must end the first order or something but it's looking really dark and like atleast Luke will die and maybe the light side of the force will be continued by a new organization led by rey
  7. Um but then you wouldn't have stripes
  8. No. Part of what makes our military so great is that it's a volunteer army. The people who serve currently want to be there. Forcing people to serve ruins that because then you have a bunch of people who don't want to be there, and are less likely to take the training seriously or even watch out for their buddies back like what you currently have. Sure their are guys who serve knowing they are just going to do 4 years and leave or what ever but they chose to do that. Sure their are guys who regret joining (I know a few) but no one forced them to sign their contracts.
  9. I personally am not a fan when rings have diamonds and other jewels on the shanks. That can't be comfortable to wear. Probably constantly scratches people's fingers
  10. Can teams trademark color schemes? I don't think there is anything the thunderbirds could do legally to prevent them from using those colors
  11. Ok I find that very unobtrusive, it's on the back of the helmet so it's not something you are likely to notice unless you are actively looking for it. You also wouldn't be able to even see it on TV over 90% of the broadcasts
  12. What patch do the raiders have?
  13. I don't think anyone has called them chrome since the reveal. Prior it was thought that it was anpossibility because they looked shinier than normal in that one picture that had to be really enhanced to see. Everyone knows it's silver and they even say it on the website.
  14. This also makes me think the whole league will be getting the new template now, atleast the ones that choose to anyways.
  15. I'm a fan, take the wordmarks from the sleeve and they have a perfect look, they are definitely in the top 10 right now