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  1. dont care

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    Not that they can’t be done, just that navy is a more popular color for fan gear.
  2. dont care

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    You are delusional if you think adding Machado actually gives them a shot of even sniffing a WS.
  3. dont care

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    The padres will be kicking themselves in 3 years when he declines, and are stuck with 100+ million still being owed to him and no other team wanting to take him.
  4. dont care

    2019 MLB Changes

    Because the Yankees feel they are too good to wear their greys for an away game.
  5. dont care

    What is the rarest color in sports?

    Blues, brewers, the grizzlies use to.
  6. dont care

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    Doubtful until they do a full redesign, but even then they have gone so long without them they have about a 25% chance of going back to it.
  7. dont care

    NFL changes 2019

    If you want to nit pick, yet it is still possible, but it becomes incredibly harder which is the point of them. Any time there is more material to grab defenders will use it to make a tackle, and blockers will use it to control a defender. The skin tight materials do help prevent this. It’s not for fashion despite how much you want to get people to believe it.
  8. dont care

    NFL changes 2019

    The elimination of the sleeve is because a tight sleeve directly against the pad can’t be grabbed. You all can say it has no functional purpose all you want, but that is a bold face lie.
  9. dont care

    Studio Stories: Creating the 2019 NBA All-Star Game Logo

    Let’s see, let’s put the nba logo really big, then put “ALL STAR 2019” in a really generic font, then we will just use charlotte’s word mark and then put a crown star and basketball in a honeycomb pattern.
  10. dont care

    College Basketball 2018-19

    Luckily most teams don’t approve of completely destroying their brand to fondle a former player.
  11. dont care

    New Western Union Logo

    I think he meant the reason behind it, not just what the shapes are.
  12. dont care

    2018-19 NBA Season - New and improved!

    I’m sure he’s enjoying the endorcements that he wouldn’t have in Orlando. What he said is the complete truth, only the largest of players get noticed in Orlando, like Shaq, Howard, and Tmac. Everyone else is forgotten. Just being on the Lakers means Kuzma is a household name pretty much.
  13. dont care

    2018-19 NBA Season - New and improved!

    As someone from Orlando I can tell you most people don’t even know they exist. Lightning, UCF, Orlando city, and even the pro bowl all are/have taken precedence of them this year. That’s pretty insane that a hockey team from a different city is talked about more than your local basketball team.
  14. dont care

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    It’s needed for the horn but that’s it, without it you can’t see the shape of the horn that is outside the body, so the top right portion of the logo
  15. dont care

    College Football Uniforms - 2019

    Considering there is no nascar track there I’d say no, North Carolina and Florida have stronger claims to that title