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  1. that car was actually kinda behind its time because as Darrel himself said they had to put so many sheets of chrome on it (they didn't chrome plate the car) that it would actually way close to 100lbs more than other cars
  2. Its a replica
  3. I feel the same. I remember I didn't get why people were so head over heels for Daredevil when I was watching the first 4 episodes. I stopped there and couldn't watch anymore. I'm debating starting up again. I feel Arrow did the whole hero show the best by not really having an origin story but instead having a series of flashbacks.
  4. This just looks like a bad idea. This looks worse than the trop
  5. Was just gonna post this car. Same chromalusion paint, but now bugs bunny themed
  6. I guess you don't like red and white.
  7. He means their original rebrands were downgrades
  8. Oh those are just to help umpires tell where the hash marks would be
  9. Because the can of beans had gradients too. Gradients aren't inherently bad. It's rather clean looking.
  10. basically it helps the ref tell if the ball went out of bounds before or after the goal line. if the pylon gets knocked over then its a touchdown, if not the ball gets placed at the 1.
  11. Probably because nothing will be released until Nike officially takes over
  12. Coming from the guy who thought there was a clear difference between the marlins and Astros oranges used in the hats but won't admit that the brewers green isn't teal. It's virtually the same color as the ducks "jade" if anything
  13. You would be surprised how much of a god send that stuff is though.