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  1. It's official - the PHL is Bettman-izing itself. Also, Yay! Claymores throwbacks!
  2. Here's our first expansion team, the Las Vegas Vipers! The Vipers color scheme is basically the same as the Las Vegas Posse, the previous CFL team in the Sin City. Also, the seven scales on the Vipers "V" logo represents the gambling industry in the area. (Get it? Lucky 7's? No?) Primary Logo Secondary Logo Wordmark White Uniform Color Uniform
  3. My request: Green Bay Packers
  4. I'm assuming Whalers, Nordiques and North Stars are next
  5. Fine. I'll go with Hogs, seeing as this is the late 90's.
  6. Milwaukee Mustangs it is then...
  7. How about... Las Vegas Vipers and... Milwaukee Speed
  8. This'll make an interesting companion to the PHL... and I like it!
  9. I'm not sure how long the team will last, if that's what you'll mean. Maybe they'll become good at some point and they will stay in Ottawa.
  10. Here are the names of the 1999 expansion teams... Quebec Aces (The Citadelles were the name of an AHL team that existed at this time) Las Vegas Stars Milwaukee Hogs Portland Pioneers Utah Stingers
  11. Actually, I have the helmet template and I design my own helmets and logos (didn't you see the Whalers one? That was my design!) I'm ok on legacy names, but I was disappointed at the use of most the USFL names in the NFL AU. (Edit: My apologies if this comment comes off as rude or harsh, as that was not the intention.)
  12. Oh yeah, it's also time to vote for team names. Voting ends on Monday!
  13. And the winners are... Canadian: Quebec City (6 votes) American: Las Vegas (5 votes) Milwaukee (8 votes) Portland (9 votes) Salt Lake City (9 votes) Also, here are our new divisions (expansion teams in bold): Canadian Conference CC West BC Lions Calgary Stampeders Edmonton Eskimos Saskatchewan Roughriders Winnipeg Blue Bombers CC East Hamilton Tiger-Cats Montreal Alouettes Ottawa Renegades (will have same uniforms as the team that existed from 2002-2006) Quebec City Toronto Argonauts American Conference AC West Las Vegas Memphis Mad Dogs Portland Salt Lake City San Antonio Texans AC East Birmingham Barracudas Connecticut Whalers Miami Manatees Milwaukee Virginia Pirates