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  1. 1962 ABL Playoffs This year, the playoff system has been updated once again. Let's get into the playoffs! Round 1 - Conference Quarterfinals National Conference Minnesota vs. Colorado Game 1 @MIN: 120-99 MIN Game 2 @MIN: 107-105 COL Game 3 @COL: 113-102 MIN Game 4 @COL: 120-113 MIN Game 5 @MIN: 104-96 MIN Milwaukee vs. Detroit Game 1 @DET: 110-106 MIL Game 2 @DET: 116-110 DET Game 3 @MIL: 123-104 MIL Game 4 @MIL: 113-109 DET Game 5 @DET: 120-97 MIL Game 6 @DET: 107-96 MIL American Conference Baltimore vs. Miami Game 1 @BAL: 124-97 BAL Game 2 @BAL: 123-108 BAL Game 3 @MIA: 123-113 BAL Game 4 @MIA : 118-113 BAL Boston vs. New York Game 1 @NY: 112-103 NY Game 2 @NY: 105-101 BOS Game 3 @BOS: 106-98 BOS Game 4 @BOS: 103-99 NY Game 5 @NY: 121-96 BOS Game 6 @NY: 116-95 BOS Round 2 - Conference Semifinals National Conference Chicago vs. Minnesota Game 1 @CHI: 107-102 MIN Game 2 @CHI: 122-117 MIN Game 3 @MIN: 106-95 CHI Game 4 @MIN: 118-97 CHI Game 5 @CHI: 125-109 CHI Game 6 @CHI: 116-101 CHI St. Louis vs. Milwaukee Game 1 @MIL: 113-110 MIL Game 2 @MIL: 108-99 MIL Game 3 @STL: 125-98 STL Game 4 @STL: 108-104 MIL Game 5 @MIL: 118-99 MIL American Conference Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore Game 1 @PIT: 115-97 BAL Game 2 @PIT: 103-99 PIT Game 3 @BAL: 123-110 BAL Game 4 @BAL: 124-117 BAL Game 5 @PIT: 122-116 PIT Game 6 @PIT: 110-107 PIT Game 7 @BAL: 116-96 PIT Indianapolis vs. Boston Game 1 @BOS: 105-102 BOS Game 2 @BOS: 123-114 IND Game 3 @IND: 116-107 IND Game 4 @IND: 120-95 IND Game 5 @BOS: 118-104 IND Round 3 - Conference Finals National Conference Chicago vs. Milwaukee Game 1 @CHI: 123-98 CHI Game 2 @CHI: 125-106 CHI Game 3 @MIL: 114-107 MIL Game 4 @MIL: 122-101 MIL Game 5 @CHI: 120-103 CHI Game 6 @CHI: 108-103 MIL Game 7 @MIL: 124-106 MIL American Conference Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis Game 1 @IND: 110-98 PIT Game 2 @IND: 111-102 PIT Game 3 @PIT: 125-111 IND Game 4 @PIT: 105-100 IND Game 5 @IND: 114-98 PIT Game 6 @IND: 123-98 PIT Pictured: Mark Hodges (BAL) blocking Jamal Ryan (PIT), Darren Ingham (IND) in his final game
  2. Better luck next year Stangs. (Those dang Racers!) Go Lights!
  3. Congrats on the little one! Oh yeah, here's The Great One as a Northern Light (I wanted to see what a real hockey player looked like in a PHL uniform)
  4. 1961-62 ABL Season National Conference y - Chicago Redshirts (N) x - Minnesota Oxen (N) x - Milwaukee Stags (N) y - St. Louis Archers (W) x - Detroit Lakers (N) x - Colorado Kodiaks (W) Kansas City Rivermen (W) Cincinnati Blues (N) Los Angeles Stars (W) Seattle Cascaders (W) American Conference y - Pittsburgh Rhinos (E) y - Indianapolis Checkers (S) x - Baltimore Admirals (S) x - Boston Dragons (E) x - New York Patriots (E) x - Miami Marauders (S) Cleveland Bulldogs (E) Atlanta Gladiators (S) Philadelphia Minutemen (E) Dallas Outlaws (S) This season saw some changes in the divisional alignment. Chicago managed to get back in 1st place, with rival Minnesota right behind them. Cincinnati also appears to be in a slump. Having not made the playoffs since the 1950s, the Blues have lost fan support and have the worst attendance of any ABL team. The team is on the brink of relocation and the ABL has given them a relocation deadline of 1966-67.
  5. My mistake. I thought that rule only applied to playoff games, but oh well... Edit: Fixed the Finals game
  6. The font I found came that way. For some reason, I feel it looks right for old times.
  7. Fixed. Here's the 1961 ABL Finals! Chicago vs. Pittsburgh Game 1 @CHI: 112-90 PIT Game 2 @PIT: 119-115 PIT Game 3 @CHI: 97-90 PIT This year's match pitted 2 powerful teams: The dynastic Chicago Redshirts who have managed to beat a higher-finishing Milwaukee Stags in the playoffs, and the Pittsburgh Rhinos, who have one of the ABL's most powerful defense. When the two teams began to duke it out, Pittsburgh had the advantage no matter what. They were able to beat Chicago on their home court twice (!), and the Rhinos surprised many in this Finals upset. Pittsburgh wins in a 3-game sweep! (Okay, I'm changing the number of playoff games next season)
  8. Before the 1961 Finals, 3 teams have unveiled new uniforms for the 1961-62 season. We'll start with one of the 1961 expansion teams, the Seattle Cascaders! Primary Logo Uniforms Next is yet another 1961 expansion team, the (reincarnated) Indianapolis Checkers! Primary Logo And finally, we have the Kansas City Rivermen, who have finally introduced a new logo and made white more prominent in their uniforms. Primary Logo Secondary Logo Uniforms C&C is appreciated.
  9. These jerseys are solid (I am a fan of Boston's), but my only question is: Where are the helmets? Other than that, it's all good. 😎
  10. 1961 ABL Playoffs ABL Division Semifinals ABL West Milwaukee vs. St. Louis Game 1 @MIL: 109-98 MIL Game 2 @STL: 119-93 STL Game 3 @MIL: 114-99 MIL Game 4 @STL: 120-107 MIL Chicago vs. Minnesota Game 1 @MIN: 115-99 CHI Game 2 @CHI: 106-96 MIN Game 3 @MIN: 107-101 CHI Game 4 @CHI: 119-93 MIN Game 5 @MIN: 118-111 CHI ABL Central Detroit vs. Cleveland Game 1 @DET: 122-104 DET Game 2 @CLE: 114-112 CLE Game 3 @DET: 121-112 DET Game 4 @CLE: 100-96 DET Baltimore vs. Akron Game 1 @AKR: 117-98 AKR Game 2 @BAL: 122-96 BAL Game 3 @AKR: 114-94 AKR Game 4 @BAL: 111-100 AKR ABL East Pittsburgh vs. Miami Game 1 @PIT: 102-95 PIT Game 2 @MIA: 124-117 PIT Game 3 @PIT: 116-99 PIT Boston vs. Atlanta Game 1 @ATL: 115-98 BOS Game 2 @BOS: 107-101 BOS Game 3 @ATL: 125-105 BOS ABL Division Finals ABL West Milwaukee vs. Chicago Game 1 @MIL: 122-105 CHI Game 2 @CHI: 124-92 CHI Game 3 @MIL: 118-90 MIL Game 4 @CHI: 118-98 MIL Game 5 @MIL: 123-104 CHI ABL Central Detroit vs. Akron Game 1 @AKR: 120-116 AKR Game 2 @DET: 109-97 DET Game 3 @AKR: 114-98 AKR Game 4 @DET: 117-115 DET Game 5 @AKR: 96-91 AKR ABL East Pittsburgh vs. Boston Game 1 @PIT: 116-91 PIT Game 2 @BOS: 121-111 BOS Game 3 @PIT: 119-112 PIT Game 4 @BOS: 122-120 PIT ABL Semifinals Chicago vs. Akron Game 1 @AKR: 98-93 CHI Game 2 @CHI: 124-108 AKR Game 3 @AKR: 110-95 CHI Game 4 @CHI: 121-116 CHI
  11. I'm not really a follower of soccer, but I like what I see. I say the Blue/White/Gold color scheme would work best. I'm also all for the steering wheel logo.
  12. I had USBL, but I guess USBA would work as well. And for the franchise thing, I've already planned out 6 charter franchises in Houston, Phoenix, Nawlins, San Fran, Buffalo and DC. And let's not get ahead of ourselves here. We've got 10 more seasons until the USBA starts!
  13. We don't have expansion plans right now, we're growing a little too fast anyway. But, I plan on there being a rival league by 1970. And of course, we will merge with this rival league. I am also working on signatures if anybody wants them.
  14. Hey, I've already got the Dallas Outlaws in the ABL. (And they just played their first season, too)
  15. Name ideas: Cleveland Penguins (I was about to post Lake Erie Penguins) Dallas Desperados