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  1. Complete ABA Jersey History

    This is great!
  2. WAIT, WHAT? Ok, that's fine, I'm sure the spirit of Skippy Cleveland is very pleased right now.
  3. I noticed the hype for the USFA and what's gonna happen to the Railers. Makes me wanna follow this league more than I do right now...
  4. Lights Out's NBA 2017: What-If? Dallas Express (p. 4)

    Those uniforms remind me of the original San Diego Clippers. I'm guessing you (unintentionally) used the "some things are inevitable" rule on this one. Great job!
  5. If I have one thing to say right now, it's LET'S GO TWISTERS!!! BLOW AWAY THE CIVICS!!!
  6. Wouldn't it be funny if KC and Carolina made the finals this year? I'm sure the Twisters will blow away the competition this year...
  7. It's back! I wonder if there's a Detroit team in the future...
  8. What can I say: it's beautiful. I'm not so sure on the flag thing but it's spectacular. I'm getting some serious Bucs and Canes vibes right now... (EDIT: When's the next realignment?)
  9. @Cardsblues02 I was notified of your post thinking it was the off-season
  10. Was expecting KC to go to the finals... Go Quebec
  11. Um, shouldn't Boston be in the Northeast Division and NOLA in the Atlantic?
  12. I don't know if I've said it before, but welcome to the 90's. I like LA and Toronto's updates, but I think you went a little over the top with EDM. But hey, it's the 90s, where just about everything is over the top. Also: I see an uncanny resemblance between the Racers logo and one of these lifeguard tubes.
  13. CFL Alternate Universe - 1998 Offseason

    FYI: This topic, like my ABL, is not dead.
  14. Yessssss! Can't wait to see New Orleans uniforms, and I think the Spirits and Wizards will change their looks (LA's got a pretty dated look anyway)