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  1. Will this Cleveland team be an expansion team or a relocated team? Cleveland Claymores has a nice ring to it.
  2. Huh. But yet college/minor league hockey, baseball and basketball coexist. (not to mention soccer)
  3. Well, the Pack is out I guess. LET'S GO OUTLAWS!
  4. Can't wait for the Tigers...
  5. What about green and light/powder blue? I think that when I'll unveil the uniforms I'll let people decide which color scheme is the best. It seems like I can't put out the new playoff games tonight because the resolution of the template was too high.
  6. I've already come up with Cascaders, if it's alright with you. But, I could use a green and silver color scheme to imply that Emeralds was one of Seattle's choices.
  7. And now, 2 of the moments you have all been waiting for! Numero uno, the Dallas Outlaws! (note: Seattle had trouble coming up with a good identity for the Trappers, so their uniforms will be unveiled in 1961 with a new identity) and numero dos, the 1959-60 ABL Season! ABL West y - Chicago Redshirts x - Kansas City Rivermen x - Milwaukee Stags x - St. Louis Archers Minnesota Oxen ABL Central y - Baltimore Admirals x - Akron Bobcats x - Cleveland Bulldogs x - Detroit Lakers Cincinnati Blues ABL East y - Pittsburgh Rhinos x - Boston Dragons x - Philadelphia Minutemen x - New York Patriots Atlanta Gladiators Miami Mauraders Tomorrow I will be posting the playoffs, and I will work on some new playoff templates to make the experience more interesting.
  8. Liking the numbers, the logo is solid. I predict that the Claymores and possibly the Spirits will change their looks in '92.
  9. St. Louis wins, I guess. Oops. sorry about that...
  10. I've seen it on a sign for my local chamber of commerce. Weird place for Comic Sans if I do say so myself.
  11. A lot of the jerseys are amazing. I particularly liked what you did with Chicago as well as Manitoba's number font.
  12. I'm a Green Bay fan in Lions country so I wouldn't be exactly devastated if they moved. If they're gone for good, then I might as well root for Minnesota (I don't hate them as much as Chicago and *seethes* Detroit)
  13. Now THAT (!) is a real Super Bowl. Can't wait for the next season!
  14. Well, there goes Detroit... I'm all for Montreal on this one because don't we think we've had enough of the St. Louis dynasty?
  15. Just saw the same post from you in the PHL forum, and I thought about it, but I'm thinking about an Arby's-esque cowboy hat with a D on it. Maybe a secondary logo?