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  1. @Cardsblues02 I was notified of your post thinking it was the off-season
  2. Was expecting KC to go to the finals... Go Quebec
  3. Um, shouldn't Boston be in the Northeast Division and NOLA in the Atlantic?
  4. I don't know if I've said it before, but welcome to the 90's. I like LA and Toronto's updates, but I think you went a little over the top with EDM. But hey, it's the 90s, where just about everything is over the top. Also: I see an uncanny resemblance between the Racers logo and one of these lifeguard tubes.
  5. Well guys, I have decided to do an alternate universe on the CFL. Well, you know how from 1993-1995 when the CFL had American teams? Well, in this alternate universe, we keep the American teams and see what happens. CFL in Atlantic Canada? Miami Manatees? Virginia Pirates? HARTFORD? All those questions will be answered in this AU. We will start with the 1996 season. Some helmet pictures credit to MG at and helmet template credit to Thornbird.
  6. CFL Alternate Universe - 1998 Offseason

    FYI: This topic, like my ABL, is not dead.
  7. Yessssss! Can't wait to see New Orleans uniforms, and I think the Spirits and Wizards will change their looks (LA's got a pretty dated look anyway)
  8. Yes. This is wonderfully 90's. (As for the logo, I saw it coming.)
  9. Yes! Ducharme and the Royale strike again!
  10. I haven't been closely following this league, but I am surprised at the playoff outcome and I am rooting for Cleveland.
  11. Huh, I guess St. Louis just tanked. Go Pack Go!
  12. I don't know if anyone has brought this up before, but the Spirits and Appleby are the basically the Oilers and Gretzky of this universe, right? Detroit's out of the picture this year so lets go Royale!
  13. Alright guys. I'm back. For a back-story. In 1950, 10 elite basketball teams throughout the Midwest joined forces to create the American Basketball League. This project is pretty much like Veras' AFA, I have already finished a draft and I'm working on getting the rosters set up. And now, here are the divisions for you. Current year: 1962 National Conference ABL West Colorado Kodiaks Kansas City Rivermen Los Angeles Stars Seattle Cascaders St. Louis Archers ABL North Chicago Redshirts Cincinnati Blues Detroit Lakers Milwaukee Stags Minnesota Oxen American Conference ABL East Boston Dragons Cleveland Bulldogs New York Patriots Philadelphia Minutemen Pittsburgh Rhinos ABL South Atlanta Gladiators Baltimore Admirals Dallas Outlaws Indianapolis Checkers Miami Marauders Titles by team: Chicago - 3 (1956, 1959, 1960) Cincinnati - 1 (1955) Columbus/Baltimore - 1 (1951) Detroit - 2 (1954, 1958) Grand Rapids/Kansas City - 1 (1952) Philadelphia - 1 (1953) Pittsburgh - 3 (1957, 1961, 1962) And, in order for me to not get another warning, here's the league logo. I had trouble coming up with a good logo, but this was the result I got. The eagle in the logo is based on the one used on those old quarters you find in your change. C&C is welcome.
  14. Hey guys, I'm not sure when the ABL's hiatus will end because I am still focused on the CFL Alternate Universe as of right now. Just wanted to make sure that this is not dead.
  15. CFL Alternate Universe - 1998 Offseason

    Before we release the next team identity, Birmingham and Memphis have made adjustments to their jerseys.
  16. CFL Alternate Universe - 1998 Offseason

    It's not exactly a home jersey. The white jersey gets used more often.
  17. CFL Alternate Universe - 1998 Offseason

    Are you talking about the Viper or the V logo? My intention is to include it in the alternate logo only.
  18. I'm torn between the Coyotes and Defenders, but the 'Yotes get my vote. Edit: I don't think the Defenders word mark should be Arial. This is temporary, right?
  19. It's official - the PHL is Bettman-izing itself. Also, Yay! Claymores throwbacks!
  20. CFL Alternate Universe - 1998 Offseason

    Here's our first expansion team, the Las Vegas Vipers! The Vipers color scheme is basically the same as the Las Vegas Posse, the previous CFL team in the Sin City. Also, the seven scales on the Vipers "V" logo represents the gambling industry in the area. (Get it? Lucky 7's? No?) Primary Logo Secondary Logo Wordmark White Uniform Color Uniform
  21. Minimalist Football Helmets (Taking requests)

    My request: Green Bay Packers
  22. I'm assuming Whalers, Nordiques and North Stars are next