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  1. I'm assuming Whalers, Nordiques and North Stars are next
  2. Well guys, I have decided to do an alternate universe on the CFL. Well, you know how from 1993-1995 when the CFL had American teams? Well, in this alternate universe, we keep the American teams and see what happens. CFL in Atlantic Canada? Miami Manatees? Virginia Pirates? HARTFORD? All those questions will be answered in this AU. We will start with the 1996 season. Some helmet pictures credit to MG at and helmet template credit to Thornbird.
  3. Fine. I'll go with Hogs, seeing as this is the late 90's.
  4. This'll make an interesting companion to the PHL... and I like it!
  5. I'm not sure how long the team will last, if that's what you'll mean. Maybe they'll become good at some point and they will stay in Ottawa.
  6. Here are the names of the 1999 expansion teams... Quebec Aces (The Citadelles were the name of an AHL team that existed at this time) Las Vegas Stars Milwaukee Hogs Portland Pioneers Utah Stingers
  7. Actually, I have the helmet template and I design my own helmets and logos (didn't you see the Whalers one? That was my design!) I'm ok on legacy names, but I was disappointed at the use of most the USFL names in the NFL AU. (Edit: My apologies if this comment comes off as rude or harsh, as that was not the intention.)
  8. Oh yeah, it's also time to vote for team names. Voting ends on Monday!
  9. And the winners are... Canadian: Quebec City (6 votes) American: Las Vegas (5 votes) Milwaukee (8 votes) Portland (9 votes) Salt Lake City (9 votes) Also, here are our new divisions (expansion teams in bold): Canadian Conference CC West BC Lions Calgary Stampeders Edmonton Eskimos Saskatchewan Roughriders Winnipeg Blue Bombers CC East Hamilton Tiger-Cats Montreal Alouettes Ottawa Renegades (will have same uniforms as the team that existed from 2002-2006) Quebec City Toronto Argonauts American Conference AC West Las Vegas Memphis Mad Dogs Portland Salt Lake City San Antonio Texans AC East Birmingham Barracudas Connecticut Whalers Miami Manatees Milwaukee Virginia Pirates
  10. And, we've got yet another tweak: And some throwback stuff: And without further ado, the only photo I have (currently) of an original Lakeland Jets uniform! (My uncle's head is cut out from the photo for privacy reasons) (yeah, for some reason the sleeves are longer...)
  11. Today, I will be taking a break from the ABL so I could redesign the NAHL's Lakeland Jets, who played from 1990-1995 in Lakeland, Michigan. But why this team? My uncle played goalie for 2 seasons on this team before an injury ended his (junior) hockey career. He's still playing hockey, by the way. Primary Logo Secondary/Alternate Logo Logo and Wordmark Home Uniform Road Uniform Alternate/Third Uniform ("Michigan Pride", anybody?) I plan on making a throwback uniform, but I do not have the original logo with me right now. (it's not even on the internet, 90s NAHL/junior hockey stuff can be sought-after) As usual, C&C is appreciated.
  12. How about a merger? I say option 1.
  13. Ottawa's already getting a team, and we have the Memphis Mad Dogs as well.
  14. Long Island looks solid, the Stinger logo reminds me of the Deadpool symbol (not so sure about the font, but hey: it's the 90s), and I like Milwaukee's use of silver. All of the third jerseys are great. (Boston and California are my favorites) Hold up... Appleby's still around?!? Edit: I'm also getting a Timberwolves vibe from those Jacks alternates.
  15. Umm, we've already got the LA Express in this universe.
  16. You're probably right, seeing as the real-life NHL can support the Sens. Arizona Beavers sounds about right to me.
  17. Aren't the new looks for Pittsburgh and Long Island getting unveiled this year? Also I hope Dallas does good with Wheeler.
  18. I think San Antonio Texans sounds right. I originally wanted the team to bear that name but we got the Gunslingers instead. Some things are inevitable.
  19. 1998 Offseason News It's voting time! The CFL will be expanding by 6 teams in the 1999 season (2 Canadian, 4 American) and you will get to vote for 1 Canadian city and 4 American cities that you would think would land CFL franchises. Here's an example vote: I will vote for: Halifax Columbus Las Vegas Oklahoma City Portland Voting begins now, and will end this Friday! Just for reference, here's the city list: Canada: Halifax, NS Quebec City, QC Toronto, ON Windsor, ON America: Columbus, OH Las Vegas, NV Milwaukee, WI Oklahoma City, OK Portland, OR Sacramento, CA Salt Lake City, UT Shreveport, LA
  20. Here's the 1997 Grey Cup playoffs and finals - I hope you enjoy.