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  1. NCAA Football Super Series

    Wow Deja Vu haha
  2. The font is HTTrattoriaW01- Regular
  3. St. Paul University (St. Paul, MN) - When you ask a St. Paul fan what they think of the Huskies, the only response is 'meh'. Yep, the St. Paul Huskies are the true neutral of ACFA Football. One year they're at the top the conference, the next, they're fighting with Appleton College to not stay in the last place. While last season the Huskies finished last in the rankings, they finished first in diversity. See St. Paul is made up of about 35% Somalia exchange students, the largest number of Somalia students in the league, and a lot of them play for the Huskies football team. That's why is 2013, the athletics department unveiled the Somalian Heritage jersey, to support unity and togetherness with St. Paul and the residents of Little Mogadishu in Minneapolis. The pants say Kursiga u Tag, meaning "GO Huskies" in Somalian. Editor Note: Shoutout to @JCRGraphix for his NCAA Super Series!
  4. First, the color balance is something I noticed after Cleveland and so I've gone and color mapped each team so there's more variety other than yellow and some other color. Second, the jerseys, that's just lazy, no excuses. Lastly, as a kid, I read about the salt mines in Cleveland and Fairport Harbor, which is 30 miles from Cleveland and the Miners name just stuck with me haha. Thanks for the feedback, I definitely need it to make this series better
  5. Fixes: Cleveland NEW Logo Changed home numbers to white, away to black Changed Home jersey to Black
  6. Grand Rapids: Changed Letters and Numbers from Yellow to White on Home jersey Changed font for primary logo Changed striping to yellow on the Baby Blue jersey The template says "All-Brown" that was a mistake.
  7. New fixes to Jasper and GRSU Jasper: Changes yellow to brown on white jersey inverted colors for the secondary logo
  8. What's funny is I spent like 10 mins double checking everything to make sure I didn't miss anything, and I still messed up haha
  9. Thanks for the critique! I really appreciate it. Since today is Monday, I'll use today to address any problems brought up in the thread to make this series better
  10. Each conference has a signed deal with either Nike, Adidas, or UA. So it will be different, except for Charlotte State, they're Jordan brand uniforms.
  11. CLEVELAND UNIVERSITY (Cleveland, OH): No Sacrifice, No Victory. These were the last words of Coach Paulie Allen in 1964 when he suffered a heart attack in the National Championship game. Coach Allen was carted off the field and the Miners rallied behind the apparent death of their beloved coach. Coach Allen lived and Miners won their only National Championship in school history. The '64 game has really defined Cleveland in a way. They've always been underdogs who rise up when the time is needed. That hasn't been apparent in the last couple of years but with a shiny new Top 10 recruiting class in 2017, maybe the miners will have something celebrate at the end of the new year.
  12. I based the Rocky Mountain on the real-life Moutain West when creating teams, so I naturally put a Hawaiin team in the RMC haha
  13. Conference 6 of 6: Rocky Moutain Conference
  14. GRAND RAPIDS STATE UNIVERSITY (Grand Rapids, MI): The Rivermen are Bluebloods in the ACFA. 22 N6 Conference Championships, over 20 National Championship appearances, and numerous top 10 recruiting classes. Coach Rutherford has been with GRSU since 1990 and winning comes naturally to the state of Michigan. You can't really write much about a team who's never really struggled haha.
  15. My friend and I have become quite fond of the Big N6 'logo', but there have been ideas to change it. I know for certain I'm changing the X for Big South. If you want to help me make a new one, I'd love to collaborate The little kid in me loves yellow on white for no reason other than it looks cool, but I'm gonna change it haha. Thanks for the input @Pulv! and @FightingGoldenDevil