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  1. In all fairness, while I hate that Rocket logo, the shape is supposed to be showing the crescent moon which is in space which is where rockets go, so there is some connection there.
  2. Which is terrible. The Thunder, Lakers, Clippers (old and new), and Pistons have the worst logos in basketball because you could change the words and it would have no effect. OKC could say Barons instead of Thunder, no effect. LAL could say Actors and it wouldn't matter. LAC could says Red Headed Step Children and it'd still work and Detroit's could say Mechanics and it still would fit. The Warriors logo goes right in with them. It could be the Programmers and it'd be fine. To me that is terrible. Imagine if the Heat were the Miami Beaches (and they were when Lebron and DWade were there LOL). The logo wouldn't work. It has to be unique to the name or to me it sucks. That's why I like Johnny Canuck over the rink and the swinging friar for the Padres. Since the Pistons are my team it really sucks to see they may go to some combo of old logo with current font. VOMIT!
  3. That is pretty terrible LOL
  4. I am guessing it was staged for print media as there are no markinga on his shoes at all. No cleat manufacturer has ever made a cleat without their logo somewhere on it.
  5. The swinging Friar makes too much sense for them to go to...SMH
  6. I think this is a bad idea overall.
  7. Sure is different. I'llsay that.
  8. I think that is sweet!
  9. But the coloring of the stadium deco etc would be able to be for both teams.
  10. The Red Wings one was pretty sweet! I googled it to see them all.
  11. I second that!
  12. Agreed!
  13. I always hated the NFL crest at the 50
  14. I feel a small college is about to make some money here. And they didn't even ask for it LOL. Thanks US Patent office we appreciate your patronage!
  15. It isn't bad