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  1. The swinging Friar makes too much sense for them to go to...SMH
  2. I think this is a bad idea overall.
  3. Sure is different. I'llsay that.
  4. I think that is sweet!
  5. But the coloring of the stadium deco etc would be able to be for both teams.
  6. The Red Wings one was pretty sweet! I googled it to see them all.
  7. I second that!
  8. Agreed!
  9. I always hated the NFL crest at the 50
  10. I feel a small college is about to make some money here. And they didn't even ask for it LOL. Thanks US Patent office we appreciate your patronage!
  11. It isn't bad
  12. Not terrible. Better than the old but not than the current. The top horse needs and eyeball
  13. Please stop the insanity NFL
  14. Michigan jerseys are the best. That's all I have to say LOL
  15. Why so serious? I was just backing the guy up for something that was no big deal. Like I said, if it was not well received it would float into oblivion. But, hey you guys kept it semi popular with your complaints which actually gave credence to the topic of nothing specific being a viable topic. LOL. Dude, I was a member of this board back in like 2002 while you were no where to be found. But my wife and I had a few kids after a while and I got away from the board, lost my password and had to start a fresh profile. But hey, you joined in 2014, so you know better I guess!