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  1. 2 hours ago, s3ahawkz said:

    So I think the Seahawks are going to wear wolf grey this week. They changed the background of their Twitter which I've noticed usually matches the jersey they are wearing and this week it is grey

    The Lions better not go all blue to match, the 2 times they've done that have not been good. SNF against Pittsburgh last year when they lost by five but only scored on 5 field goals, and obviously the MNF debacle to open this season.

  2. 10 hours ago, Chawls said:

    I’d probably put Lions/Dolphins ahead of Bills/Colts, only because if I have to nitpick in order to break the tie (and I do), I’m in the camp of facemasks-should-be-a-team-color. And goodness, does that Honolulu Blue make me wish the Lions could be an outdoor team. Just gorgeous in the afternoon sunlight.  

    I'm a Lions season ticket holder and I agree with you on the Honolulu Blue in the sunlight, it looks so much better in the sun than inside. I can't complain though because come November, you can call me a wuss all you want, I am glad as hell that there is a roof on Ford Field. I like tailgating in the elements, then warming up during the game. I do wish they had a retractable roof for the September/October games, or just a glass roof like Minnesota.

  3. 3 hours ago, keyser.soze said:

    W/ the Jets changing uniforms in 2019, my upcoming thought has become irrelevant. But i still wanted to get this off my chest. In 2013, Nike took over as NFL uni outfitter; and they essentially just forced team uni designs into their template. Specifically for the Jets, this caused an atrocious look when the arm sleeves/caps seams and the shoulder seems meet up


    Since 2013, this has always bugged me. Because I could instantly see the quick fix; but 5 years later, it still looks the same. please bear with me




    Here's the away uni for example. Nike/NFL simply used the shoulder sleeve stripes ALA the Colts, and stuck them onto the Jets. Which is completely fine. Solely speaking on these shoulder stripes, the colors go Green/White/Green. Using MS Paint, I just swapped the sleeve colors to W/G/W. Now there isn't that hideous transition from arm sleeve/cap to shoulder seam. On the primary home Green jerseys, just swap the colors around again


  4. 8 hours ago, Ferdinand Cesarano said:



    The Clippers have plenty of fans in L.A. and draw very well. They are far behind the Lakers in terms of prestige; but they have better support than most NBA teams, having outdrawn the Lakers for five straight years until last season.


    By contrast, the Chargers have very few fans in L.A., and draw extremely poorly. Opposing fans dominate the crowd in every home game. These things will not change. Once Spanos is gone (either through his selling the team or through his shuffling off this mortal coil), the NFL will correct his mistake and will arrange for the Chargers to leave Los Angeles where they are ignored, and to go back to San Diego where they will be embraced.


    The Clippers are the second team in L.A. That's just fine. But the Chargers are the third team in L.A., behind the Rams and the Raiders. (The Raiders' move to Las Vegas will only strengthen them in L.A.) The Chargers have no future in L.A.; and the league won't put up with such abject floundering.

    Trying to compare the 2 situations is ridiculous. The Clippers have been in LA for 34 years and just went through their most successful period in team history while the Lakers have been going through their lowest point in team history. The Chargers are in their second season in LA, of course they haven't had a chance to build a fan base. I want the Chargers back in SD just as much as any football fan but winning and time will change everything for them in LA.

  5. 1 hour ago, Matito said:

    The problem with the Bucs' current pewter isn't necessarily that it's flat compared to the previous shiny material, but that it's just dark. It looks brown, not pewter. Lighten it up and it would look better.


    As far as their previous uniform as a whole, yes, there's a lot of sentiment for it based on Super Bowl XXXVII, but it had definitely started to look dated by 2013. The team went way overboard (no pun intended) on "fixing" it, but a change was starting to be necessary. I think there could have been a few tweaks to the 1997-2013 uniforms to make them more timeless, such as toning down on the multiple outlines of numbers/pant stripes or brightening the red (the best change Nike made), and they could have become a new classic.

    I strongly disagree, nothing about this look was dated in 2013 or would look dated 5 years later. I will say I actually like the new logo more and think it would look great on this set if it is normal size.




  6. 1 hour ago, CaliforniaGlowin said:

    When I see the words "sun" and "sky" I think sky blue and neon yellow.  I'd love that.  Call these what you want, but it's still navy, gold and white.  Yawn.

    That is definitely orange and not gold.

  7. 30 minutes ago, Gupti said:

    What in god’s name is on Joe’s chest?


    Also, fwiw, Harbaugh has always had this thing about “playing like you practice” or whatnot. Hence, practice in game jerseys.

    Those are patches players get for attending workouts, and OTAs during the off-season.

  8. 12 hours ago, Gupti said:

    Dang, those shoulders look so barren. I know they aren’t required for college ball and aren’t exactly “necessary” anymore, but TV numbers have always made a uniform feel more complete to me. For instance, Clemson totally boosted their look for me when they added them alongside their paws two years ago. It’s such a pet peeve of mine that I feel like I can’t judge a set properly if they aren’t present, especially when there’s so much negative space left behind. Am I alone here?

    I’m with you, there are only 2 teams that I can tolerate not having numbers on shoulders or sleeves and They are Alabama and Stanford. I hate how they are practically being erased from the college game.

  9. 1 hour ago, HoopsCoach55 said:

    Watching the HoF game, the black hats just clicked to me..... It's the helmet striping. Some of these use the jersey stripe, others the pants, Baltimore is using their helmet stripe.

    I pointed this out last week.


    On 7/26/2018 at 3:24 PM, Eszcz21 said:

    I feel like it is the helmet stripe


  10. 54 minutes ago, MCM0313 said:

    Is the helmet stripe on the concept Adams shared supposed to look like a jet trail? If so, I think that's pretty cool. Regardless - something like this with a small-to-moderate amount of black trim (if black comes close to replacing green as primary color it's too much) would be great IMO.

    No black trim, green and white need no help from a third color. They work perfectly fine together. I actually like the jets current modern Namath throwbacks, especially if they could fix the green or just change it to kelly green. But regarding the black trim, this 




     is 1000000 times better than this 



  11. 12 minutes ago, oldschoolvikings said:


    Which is why the mask should be navy. I'm not sure why there was ever any other choice.

    I agree, but I’ll bet the reason they chose red was because it was their primary color for essentially their whole history, so they figured that was a good way to keep red involved and sticking out.

  12. 4 minutes ago, 63Bulldogs63 said:


    Not going well with Reebok? How so?


    And your argument about Adidas would hold weight if it weren't for the fact that adidas didnt :censored: with a teams standard home and road. I mean even the teams that didn't change looks , changed look simply by the stupid shoulder template Nike uses

    I was also going to mention how much I hate that the NBA doesn’t have standard home and road uniforms. And while I don’t want to get off topic since this is a Lakers thread, but I have to point out almost every NFL uniform the Reebok came out with when they took over in 2002, Detroit twice with black, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Arizona, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Seattle, plus the fabric and template just looked so much cheaper for pro teams compared to College teams at that point. Again I don’t want to talk about the NFL in this thread but while Nike has made some horrible mistakes since 2012 they’ve made some great ones too.

  13. 26 minutes ago, djam2410 said:


    IDK i think we are still going strong with BFBS and we are approaching heavy GFGS as well 

    I think BFBS has slowed down or died out in the NFL, CFB (GFGS is the thing now), and MLB (Died out). However, the NBA has only gotten worse with  BFBS and they have integrated GFGS at the same time.



    On another note though, I do want to say that the whole “we should of learned our lesson with Nike and the NFL” thing isn’t really valid; before Nike in the NFL there was Reebok and that was not going well at all, and I found Adidas to be just as bad as Nike is in the NBA.