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  1. NFL 2018 changes

    The Lions with white socks and the blue northwestern stripe on them would be incredible. A silver northwestern stripe on the home blue socks would look great too. I am all for more sock stripes all throughout the league.
  2. NFL 2018 changes

    Some guys wore white socks last year with the blue pants and it looked great, I would love if they made it their official road look with the blue pants.
  3. I couldn't of said that any better myself.
  4. NFL 2018 changes

    I'm with you on this, maybe 90s nostalgia, which I don't get because I consider the 90s the absolute worse for uniforms.
  5. I love the lions 50s look. I love the way they look as throwbacks now. That is not the Lions worst set though, this was by far.
  6. Nope, the jersey is the one thing that has to stay the same for the 5 year period. They can't change anything on it except adding something like a memorial patch, which the league has to approve.
  7. That would be awesome. Growing up whenever I would play the Cowboys at home in madden I’d always wear my away white jerseys just to force them into their blues.
  8. Exactly this is on them
  9. NFL 2018 changes

    I agree with you on the black, I honestly hate it. I think the black draws your eye away and doesn't truly let the Kelly green and white work together. Same thing it did to the Lions when they had black. Makes the Jets look like a green and black team when the intention was green and white with black accents.
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    I agree seeing them up close and in motion made the Black and Teal ones really pop.
  11. Ranking the NFL/Nike Uniform changes

    The face mask is not chrome, it is the same silver as the helmet
  12. UA - MLB Deal Delayed Until 2020

    If I'm not mistaken, I thought UA passed Adidas in sales in the US in 2015. Plus, I'm sure a lot of that has to do with the youth factor.
  13. No the Lions released their new logo in early February right around the Super Bowl. Those draft hats just weren't up to date.
  14. Color Rush Thursday is dead

    Teams better be wearing throwbacks multiple times in 2019 to go along with the 100th anniversary. Just like the 75th anniversary. I would like each team to have a home and away throwback like they did for the AFL 50th anniversary. It would be cool if they wore each at least twice.
  15. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    That is the Rams fault. They can change their uniforms if they want but they want to wait for their new stadium to open.
  16. The entire NFC North compliments each other perfectly.
  17. Packers 100 Seasons - Coming 2018

    Yeah that would be cool to do a Portsmouth throwback once, but I absolutely love the throwbacks they brought back last season. One of my all time favorite uniforms.
  18. Packers 100 Seasons - Coming 2018

    The Lions don't really ever celebrate any of their time in Portsmouth, just the beginning of their time in Detroit in 1934. But who knows maybe they will in the future.
  19. Actually they've won 3 as Golden State
  20. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Yep that was all part of every original AFL team celebrating their and the AFL's 50th anniversary.
  21. Biggest Downgrades in History

    1000 times this
  22. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    No the grays are not, they are the only bad part of the redesign. They look like crappy sweats.
  23. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    Don't forget the Cardinals and Falcons. The Mid 00s looks in both sports are bad.
  24. NFL 2018 changes

    The Cowboys did have a wordmark on their White jersey from 1996 to 1998 I believe.
  25. Exactly what I was thinking. Adding an area of teal between the gold and black on the pants will mirror how there is a small area of white between the gold and black stripes on the jersey.