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  1. My bets on Houston, Atlanta. Would love to see portland though. Thatd make for a great seattle-portland-vancouver three way rivalry
  2. Wow Arizona looks much improved. How is their young QB fairing and how much longer do they have to wait before they're contenders again?
  3. All i can see is Zapdos now. Good logo overall but the resemblance is too much for me.
  4. Wow nothing seemed to go right for the Dragons. I'm realy starting to hate the Miners because of all their winning. They remind me of a current day Patriots or the Raiders when they were hated.
  5. My bets on Cincy to repeat but hope Baltimore wins it this season. Guardians over Miners in the VB
  6. Expecting development from Long Island next season. Will the draft help put them closer to the playoffs or are they still a few years off?
  7. Cmon Racers. Ah well. Shouldn'tve trusted Toronto to do something like win. He got his with long Island
  8. Ugh. We only managed to beat out the fricken Sounds. Well at least we should have a good draft pick. Time to draft the next Burns. Oh and go Racers. Win Burnsie another one.
  9. Will the PHL ever consider restricting its players from playing in the WHC like the NHL did with the olympics?
  10. I'm rooting for Burns to win 1 more in Toronto. As long as they don't beat Long Island on the way.
  11. My guess is the Brotherhood win out as the only team in Boston and the Beetles move. That'd be a shame though as the Beetles have always been one of my favorites. Hope if they relocate they keep the nickname. Can't wait to see what happens.
  12. Boston over cincy, canes over rebs, whales over SD, ghosts over colorado.