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  1. My bet is the Claymores leave when their lease expires in 94.
  2. Previous expansion teams have made the playoffs so wouldn't be too strange
  3. Im getting a San Jose Sharks vibe from the Stingrays. I love it.
  4. Well I mean c'mon Long Island. Maybe the pressure to win was too much. Maybe they should sack up and win anyways.
  5. I liked the double blue idea like the Titans. But of the 3 options I'd have to say blue/charcoal.
  6. I wasn't saying anything about history i said we should beat them THIS year. Which we should we are the favorites.
  7. Come on Concords lets get some revenge on the Bulldogs in round 1! ✈>🐶
  8. As a real life Ducks fan who wants them to return those old colors I agree 100%
  9. Burns played good. Hope he rests up because we are going deep this year!
  10. Long Islands really loading up. They better win a Lewis or 2 or they're in troubble.
  11. As long as the Concords are still in the finals. Mistakes happen.
  12. Yes yes yes. 4 more wins to sit atop the league. Milwaukee will be tough but I believe! ✈
  13. Sure. P. Drew Krull P. Peter Martin P. Gary Aiken LF. Mark Westlun CF. Nat Brane RF. Brad Holtson 3B. Steve Dyment 2B. Phil Scrimshawe 1B. James Helmuth C. James Husley