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  1. I'm rooting for Burns to win 1 more in Toronto. As long as they don't beat Long Island on the way.
  2. My guess is the Brotherhood win out as the only team in Boston and the Beetles move. That'd be a shame though as the Beetles have always been one of my favorites. Hope if they relocate they keep the nickname. Can't wait to see what happens.
  3. Boston over cincy, canes over rebs, whales over SD, ghosts over colorado.
  4. Washington's camo feels a bit over the top to me but it is the 90s so I guess it works.
  5. For some reason I think a team like Atlanta, Houston, or Boston will have a run of excellence in the future similar to how the real life Patriots sucked and were forgetable most of their existance but are now a national brand. Just my prediction though.
  6. I hope Quebec wins it. Who kbows we might look back and see this as the defining moment that kept them in Canada.
  7. Out of the 3 teams in trouble, which is the most likely to actually move? And I called Buffalo getting a team a while ago so that's what i'm rooting for. If Buffalo does get another team, could they be called the Stamps again or do the Sharks retain the rights to that identity?
  8. With teams like Concordes and spirits more air names seem unlikely to me but who knows.
  9. Well we are rebuilding but hey at least we're not relocating.
  10. Like the fact you put 8 spikes for 8 Lewis Cups on Boston's. It's a nice touch.
  11. Louisville seems like a much cooler idea than Charlotte. As it lacks any real life sports teams. But Charlotte makes more sense I supose. Why has the PHL stayed clear of Atlanta? I mean we all know the NHL had too much faith in the market, while the PHL hasn't even realy entertained it.
  12. Not sure I like Edmontons new look. Maybe I was just a big fan of the old one and resist change. Not sure. I prefer their old blue to their new purple. But that's just me.