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  1. I think Denver should go back to green and red but that's just me.
  2. Good Finals. Next year hopefuly the Concordes make the playoffs and make some noise.
  3. Nice concept for Florida! Quick holiday question, do any AFA teams alawys play on every Thanksgiving like the real life Cowboys and Lions?
  4. Veras has a franchise called the Grizzlies in his project so i don't think that'l happen. Would be a cool way to give a nod to the GHL team though.
  5. I won't make you wait long. Atlanta Blaze/ Blazers, Americans, Warriors. Portland Rosebuds, Ice, snowhawks, thunder birds.
  6. This confirms NOLA to Houston in the near future in my mind
  7. I heard a rumor that the owners of the Grey Wolves, Bighorns, and Nuggets are putting pressure on Byrd to avoid Portland. No evidence, just speculation.
  8. Don King, the owner of an enormously sucessful hotel chain on the east coast, and has been a lifelong PHL fan and a heavy trade partner. His votes are as follows: Portland, the 3 way rivalry between vancouver seattle and portland would be legendary. Tampa, as the owner of many hotels in tampa Mr.King has seen the hunger for hockey in Florida and is a firm beleiver.
  9. Concords took Montreal to 7, Montreals in the Finals, we are close...I can feel it. Next year Concords.
  10. Alrighty time to upset some teams. Go long island #🛫vs👑
  11. My bets on Houston, Atlanta. Would love to see portland though. Thatd make for a great seattle-portland-vancouver three way rivalry
  12. Wow Arizona looks much improved. How is their young QB fairing and how much longer do they have to wait before they're contenders again?
  13. All i can see is Zapdos now. Good logo overall but the resemblance is too much for me.
  14. Wow nothing seemed to go right for the Dragons. I'm realy starting to hate the Miners because of all their winning. They remind me of a current day Patriots or the Raiders when they were hated.