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  1. Like pittsburghs update but just curious what the numbers on the black jersey would look like if the number was in yellow and the drop shadow was in white. As is its a bit difficult to see the number.
  2. Love the new look for Washington! Though my only gripe is I wish yellow can make a comeback at some point.
  3. Im very mixed on the Bulls new look. For one, I love the red and green and the wordmark but on the other hand that logo And IMO the primary dosn't have enough green, maybe make the horns green? All and all good job on the Central!
  4. As a traditionalist I much prefer the old Pioneers logo as I liked it being one of those logos that never changed
  5. Now that I see the jersey in black I think that it works better than the orange IMO
  6. Love the Sharks look. Looks like they will be one of the teams to usher in the 90s.
  7. Always good to see Boston get slapped around. Congrats on the win Milwaukee but next year is our turn!
  8. Darn it Concordes. Oh well, maybe get bigger in the offseason so we don't get pushed around so easy. We need a thug.
  9. Well I mean to be fair they do have the same or at least very similar colors as the IRL Hurricanes. Although now that you mention it im not sure if thats a good thing.
  10. What names are they considering after the move? Im assuming they wont stay the Sound.
  11. Yeah we were worse in the 90s though. Looking forward to beating Boston.
  12. Does Long Island have a real shot at it this year? Good to see we are playoff regulars again at least.
  13. Always found found it interesting how Quebec and Winnipeg both held on in this universe but were the IRL teams to move.