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  1. Sounds like the Claymores days are numbered. Hope they come back some day.
  2. Nuggets for sure need an update. Wouldn't mind if they updated their colors too. A navy and gold would look nice. But that's just my opinion.
  3. Looks like the Spirits dynasty is nearing its end. Good 5 in less than a decade is too much.
  4. Great officiating. Well 2 in 3 years isn't bad either..
  5. See you in round 1 Nova Scotia! Lets begin the title deffense!
  6. Something like the old Mighty Ducks jersey would be perfect for Long Island.
  7. Fitting end to a wonderful story! Fly high long island!
  8. Well should be an interesting Finals. The top team vs the ultimate underdogs. Sounds like a cheesy movie. Except unlike in a movie the underdog is gonna lose.
  9. I hope cleveland comes through! My prediction: Ghosts 21-17
  10. Chemistry seemed to work. Lets see what we can do in the playoffs. I dont like winning the best record in the league though. I know the team that wins the regular season often loses come playoff time in the NHL but idk about the PHL.
  11. My bet is the Claymores leave when their lease expires in 94.
  12. Previous expansion teams have made the playoffs so wouldn't be too strange
  13. Im getting a San Jose Sharks vibe from the Stingrays. I love it.
  14. Well I mean c'mon Long Island. Maybe the pressure to win was too much. Maybe they should sack up and win anyways.
  15. I liked the double blue idea like the Titans. But of the 3 options I'd have to say blue/charcoal.