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  1. I wonder if this means Ottawa will get a team again. It certainly is good news for Canadian clubs.
  2. I was briefly re-reading some older seasons when I saw that Generals was almost chosen as the nickname for Atlanta, and that it might be a good name to go to if they decide to get away from Confederate imagery in the 90s (which is now). Is there still any possibility of that or would they more likely just go with different imagery?
  3. Great Finals! The graphic underneath the player holding the Cup says Milwaukee instead of Toronto though.
  4. Ugh that hurts for the Concordes. At least we should have a few more cracks at it.
  5. Lets go Concords! Our time is now! ? vs ?
  6. Asking out of nowhere but just wondering if Portland would wear a GHL inspired Portland Grizzlies throwback.
  7. Like pittsburghs update but just curious what the numbers on the black jersey would look like if the number was in yellow and the drop shadow was in white. As is its a bit difficult to see the number.
  8. Love the new look for Washington! Though my only gripe is I wish yellow can make a comeback at some point.
  9. Im very mixed on the Bulls new look. For one, I love the red and green and the wordmark but on the other hand that logo And IMO the primary dosn't have enough green, maybe make the horns green? All and all good job on the Central!
  10. As a traditionalist I much prefer the old Pioneers logo as I liked it being one of those logos that never changed
  11. Now that I see the jersey in black I think that it works better than the orange IMO
  12. Love the Sharks look. Looks like they will be one of the teams to usher in the 90s.
  13. Yes! Red and green making a comeback!