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  1. True. I just want to see a Whalers like team in the PHL.
  2. The 'Battle of New England' would be fun. I'd side with Providence. Or....HARTFORD
  3. HOLY HELL I LOVE THE CONCORDS UPDATE. Next we need an orange 3rd jersey.
  4. Speaking of Hartford its a shame they never got a PHL team.
  5. Battle of New York! Lets pull the upset!
  6. Hope Quebec goes back to their old look. It's a classic in my eyes.
  7. We are pretty good at this predicting thing.
  8. At least we beat Philly. Im hoping Boston reclaims their throne. Bulldogs win series 4-2
  9. Gators or Cajuns sound cool. Should be an Interesting color scheme.
  10. To bad about Nova Scotia. I always liked the name and logo. Oh well hope the New Orleans team makes up for it. Lets go Long Island!
  11. All i know is Cleveland will be very 90s indeed.
  12. Love the Checkers update!