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  1. All i know is Cleveland will be very 90s indeed.
  2. Love the Checkers update!
  3. I don't know if its been sugested yet but, Cleveland Lakers, Dallas Lone stars. I liked the Vultures idea too.
  4. What cities are the next in line to get an expansion/relocation team?
  5. I think the Bulls woulda been perfect for that but they just rebranded
  6. Long Island rebranding? I dont know. I've always liked the orange and blue. Could go for an updated logo though.
  7. Just found this topic and I love it! Playoff summaries would be great! Can't wait to see how the team logos evolve over time.
  8. I still think Erie Penguins but I like to dwell on the past so..
  9. Sounds like the Claymores days are numbered. Hope they come back some day.
  10. Nuggets for sure need an update. Wouldn't mind if they updated their colors too. A navy and gold would look nice. But that's just my opinion.
  11. Looks like the Spirits dynasty is nearing its end. Good 5 in less than a decade is too much.
  12. Great officiating. Well 2 in 3 years isn't bad either..