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  1. These two are the only good ones... Juventus and Real Madrid are horrendous,Milan and Manchester are pretty bad yet rather inoffensive,and these two are pretty good.
  2. That's brutally photoshopped,I'd say
  3. The pictured Chelsea pre-match top is for the latter half of the season,btw
  4. Looks too much like a Man City kit,in my opinion. Not a fan,although the camo isn't as obnoxious as earlier leaks suggested
  5. I actually like the updated mockup of Bayern's third shirt much more; the pinstripes match the home top and look much less like an afterthought,while the red accents really help the case.
  6. Oh alright then,you know better than me!
  7. If this isn't a throwback,it's well.. odd. I've always recalled them wearing hoops.
  8. Isn't Fuerth's home shirt white and green hoops? The black kit would make much more sense as an away...
  9. I have seen an actual picture of the shirt and @upperV03 is pretty much right.
  10. Nike. The teams are adapting to Nike's colour books.
  11. That's Newcastle's 3rd,not away. I guess the Besiktas thing was a last minute job...
  12. If anything the new font looks "older" than the old one
  13. About the Kiel kit,it's kind of weird because German teams do similar stuff all the time (sublimating stuff onto teamwear) and the DFL is fine with it. Can't see why they rejected it now. Fenerbahce's kit barely changed... meh
  14. Well given the Nike template has hardly changed since then... have to say 15/16 looks better though
  15. It's real. The code on the tag is correct.