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  1. Bayern.... Oooooft
  2. Milan homes look a lot like what they'll get - aways not so much -,actually. Inter,on the other hand,are far superior.
  3. Yeah dude we're saying the same thing! Like look at that kit you posted,that's how PSG should look. Not maroon sleeves or French flag colourblocks or whatever
  4. PSG's kits ever since the Arab takeover are a trainwreck! Like,really... Barcelona seem to alternate between a traditional and an experimental kit season after season now,although I want their 18/19 kit to come back to the half/half design (as it had in 98/99 and 08/09,so why not 18/19),and I don't know if that would - although it should - be considered traditional...
  5. The kit is listed on the catalogues as being mainly navy blue; so I don't think it would be mainly red. I've heard navy/red hoops as well; but apart from that I don't know much.
  6. Yeah not really good. Not a disaster,but it's not good.
  7. Yeah probably it's close to that. It's the lighter blue from the blue US basketball uniforms from the Olympics ("Deep Royal Blue")
  8. Barca's blue is a bit lighter than the one used before this season,it's not exactly the dark blue they used to have.
  9. So basically a blank white shirt minus some stripes that won't probably ever be visible. Meh...
  10. The Barcelona kits... ooofft... Real Madrid's not as nice though,especially the away,there's something very "leisurewear tee" about it. Just my opinion though
  11. A clearer picture of the Manchester City shirt,better showing the shade of claret:
  12. Just seen these; actually one of the entries in the Creator Studio competition had this exact pattern; it didn't win,however.
  13. I'd suggest these are pre match - hence warm up -; this is the adidas design for pre match tops this season
  14. Beautiful,but a bit too abstract
  15. The gold is not metallic if I recall,it's a yellowish gold. I also think it's going to have the full color crest.