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  1. Specific to Barca
  2. I'm not sure if I like it; the light blue makes it look a bit like a Manchester City kit, the camo isn't, well... appealing, and the stripe down the sleeves seems a bit pointless. Might grow on me when I see it in actual pictures/real life,though.
  3. For some reason they're posing with the old shorts; the stripe seems to be going all the way and not truncating as in the new template
  4. Keep in mind it comes with black shorts,not white as pictured
  5. Yeah they're not "top" clubs,but you never know
  6. Barcelona got the best striped kit from Nike this year... and even so it's still awful.
  7. They couldn't really do much worse than the "Casa Milan Type" font... this new one is pretty neat
  8. It is Aeroswift,it has the Aeroswift branding on the bottom right (or left as you see it)
  9. They will. Those will come with the 3rd kit and will be used if needed. (as it always was before Adidas started foocking with Milan's kit!)
  10. I like them both although yes,the away is odd
  11. I really like the striped kit,but I don't think it'd be functional enough...
  12. The home is decent,the away is...erm... I mean it could be worse,it's not that bad. But it's not good either. Macron usually do better.
  13. Sample tags,I think
  14. My only gripe over this is that the sponsor's a tad bit too low
  15. The black looks horribly out of place... the whole shirt looks like it's stuck in the mid 00s,the early draft was much cleaner.