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  1. I don't really like the multi colour hoops
  2. Is that even a question?
  3. Home kit: YES Away kit: NO
  4. Minnesota would be fine wearing grey. Portland would be fine wearing green.
  5. That would be one of the best French kits of all time if the blue was more of a deep royal,like the French flag,than a dark navy.
  6. Damn the PSG kit is ugly. Seriously who thought those claret (?) sleeves were a good idea?
  7. Nice. If you need anything else Nike tell me.
  8. It changes. Here's a pic showing it. Ignore the different shades of the main colour.
  9. Love how the Chels colour schemes essentially match the schemes of our last title-winning season,2014/15 Tip: in the new Nike template,as you can see in this leaked Barcelona mockup,the trim around the neck will be a little bit different.
  10. Nice designs! It's "idyllic" by the way,correct if you can give a toss.
  11. Just something I'd like to point out for France: The white pinstripes on the chest might look a bit too much like adidas' 3 stripe mark. I would also like to point out that the earlier rumoured dark grey Man City 3rd kit is actually a dark turquoise-esque bottle green (RGB 9 33 35,approximately). So if you were basing your designs on those rumours,you might like to do an update.
  12. Hey that's me! Really,that's my tweet. ---- START GIVING A :censored: HERE ---- There is an outline,it's just thin and white. I'd prefer no outline too to be honest! ---- STOP GIVING A :censored: HERE ----
  13. Ha! I knew Arsenal couldn't have got it right!