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  1. As much as I hate to say it, I think the Warriors win in 5 or 6.
  2. I've never been a fan of the current Cavs logo. But just taking the old seconday logo and putting it in a shape seems lazy to me. Hopefully the full color official logo will look better than the monochrome stitched version. Guess the positive is that it's not a roundel. And aside from the Nets no other teams use a shield as the primary.
  3. I don't mind the V-basket logo as a throwback, but it seems out of place with the 'cavalier' theme. Over the course of the team's history they have gone in two completely different directions. Wine/Gold = Cavaliers, Blue/Orange = Generic Basketball. I think for the refresh they need to pick one or the other.
  4. Don't think this stuff will sell very well.
  5. I guess it could have been a lot worse. Using just the wingfoot and the fact that it's usually either gold or blue will help it blend in with the jersey. Goodyear has some historical ties to basketball, so it helps to have that connection too. Just pretend it's a commemorative patch.
  6. The only part I noticed was on the shoulder striping. It almost looks like there's two extra seams without contrasting stitching. Where the angled "notch" is at the bottom of the stripe and another vertical seam that runs along the edge of the stripe. I don't see how it could be an issue with the VU, but who knows. I was just hoping they would switch to get rid of the flywire collar.
  7. I could be wrong, but aren't the Browns and Bucs custom Nike templates? Most of the jersey looks like the old template, but there seem to be different seams around the shoulders. I'm also wondering if the contrasting stitching would be more difficult on the new template. Can't look any worse than this...
  8. It's weird that they show a TBD for the Pistons, since we've been seeing the new logo for two seasons. The only surprise for me would be the Cavs. It makes sense for Nike to make changes to Lebron's team, but honestly every design change they have made since his return has been awful. My guess is they will bring navy or *ugh* black into the home and road uniforms. I see nothing wrong really with their white, wine and gold uniforms. I know they have trying to have the league let them use gold as the primary home and wine as the primary away. Maybe the NBA switching to Nike will help make it happen? Not a fan of no alternate uniforms. It's a long season. I don't mind mixing it up.
  9. These are the NHL teams I could think of... Blue Jackets (Light Blue) Lightning (Black) Canucks (Green) Rangers (Navy) Jets (Light Blue)
  10. The logo is an upgrade for sure. Nice and clean. Wordmark is kinda blah. The notches look forced and I would have rather seen a modernized version of the 70s font. The way the R and T meet is really bothering me. Probably would have made more sense to use a notch on the A to fill that negative space.
  11. New Era should do something similar to spring training for draft hats. Keep them simple with team logos on the front with a patch/logo on the side for each years draft. It's simple enough and I think more people would probably buy them.
  12. New Era's NFL draft hats have been pretty awful as well. I can't stand the weird "chrome" logos they have been using. I'd assume they would use those in the NBA too.
  13. I'm all for getting rid of the unnecessary college lines in the paint. But the out of bounds line being red and center court logos are both downgrades. I feel like they should have moved the center court logo up so the '76' was centered, instead of centering based on the whole logo.
  14. Probably the worst helmet stripes in the NFL. I have never understood why they have kept them for so long.