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  1. It's definitely more noticeable in the portraits, but I think it's always been that way. My guess is they probably shift everything over so the "G" doesn't get cut in half. Sometimes it even looks like the kerning of the "gels" is tighter to make up for it.
  2. I wish the NFL wasn't so freakin' stubborn. The rule makes sense because they don't want teams changing uniforms every couple of seasons. But if there are design mistakes that negatively effecting the players, coaches and fans, a change needs to be made. Just removing the drop shadows and making the home numbers white would be a HUGE improvement for everyone. Full rebrandings shouldn't be allowed, but tweaks should be.
  3. I don't see anything wrong with brown pants, as long as they have stripes like the white and orange pants. This is one of my favorite combos from the current set: I'd be 100% okay with them keeping the 3 jerseys + 3 pants options.
  4. It actually looks like a more "square" font. Like Oregon uses. But that's just my guess
  5. At this point can we really blame the teams anymore? Since the Nike deal, how many rebrands have looked good? Seahawks and Vikings? Even the Vikings is debatable with the weird number font. I love Nike and think most of their NCAA designs strong. But something is wrong with the NFL side. I don't know if they have different designers, the NFL branding department gets involved, or if they're just trying too had. It's frustrating and something needs to change.
  6. I was actually thinking it would say Detroit somewhere on the pants. Maybe in the middle of the pants stripes? Wondering where they will force that "fur" pattern. My guesses would be the numbers.
  7. Maybe it only says Lions on the right sleeve? I don't really see it on the white jersey.
  8. I was on board with the new uniforms because they brought back orange jerseys and pants. There was also some consistency between the striping and the brown facemask was a big improvement over gray. That's really where the positives end. There's just too much going on and they look like a cluttered mess. Simplify by: 1. Removing 'Browns' from the pants 2. Remove contrasting stitching 3. Remove dropshadows on numbers 4. Switch number colors. White on Home, Brown on Away and I'd actually be okay with Brown on the alternate orange. 5. Don't extend the shoulder striping onto the front of the jersey. Never understood the need for this. Just looks awkward. I did a quick mock up:
  9. I could see them putting Las Vegas somewhere on the uniform. Maybe small under the collar or a decal on the back bumper of the helmet. The logo could be cleaned up. Similar to a Vikings evolution and maybe a new 'Raiders" font. Other than that, leave it alone.
  10. Even taking safety out of it. NCAA teams are also fighting for recruits. The more helmets/uniforms, the better. That's something the NFL doesn't have to worry about. They just want to sell jerseys. The league probably doesn't see a financial benefit of multiple helmets so they could easily make the rule. NCAA teams would probably put up a fight.
  11. The NFL should set a limit of 2 helmets per team. The primary that's worn for at least 14 regular season and the playoffs. A secondary helmet option that matches the design of the primary, but is an alternate color. Seahawks could have gray, Falcons with red, Panthers with black, etc). The only way teams should be able to change the design is if they pair the helmet with throwback uniforms. This way team branding stays strong and we don't see a ton of different helmets with different logos and stripes, like in the NCAA.
  12. I thought it used to be a rule or something that every primary logo must incorporate a basketball and have the full team name. But I guess that theory is wrong, since the Spurs, Blazers, Bulls and Nuggets have never really had a basketball in their logo.
  13. Definitely weird, but not sure if it's the rarest....
  14. I have a bad feeling the Wolves will have that tree pattern all over their uniforms just like Hawks triangles. But not all of Richardson's work has been bad. The Hornets and Grizzlies are two of the better rebrandings of the past decade.