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    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    This is how I feel. I really want it to be pink or even coral, but I don't think they are ballsy enough to do it.
  2. VDizzle12

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    Good point. I think the only way that logo would work would be on a brighter blue or cyan hat. Even then, the logo will just look like a black blob. With all of those outlines it will be a mess if they try to add a white stroke around the whole thing.
  3. VDizzle12

    College Basketball 2018-19

    Akron looks to be wearing practice uniforms this season with illegible generic Nike catalog script font. At least they have a little bit of gold on them. Something that, for some reason, has been missing from the men's uniforms for almost 10 years.
  4. Maybe they don't want to waste an alternate uniform on an away game?
  5. Would be nice to see the Browns wear Color Rush, even if it would put them at the max usage for the year. Has a team ever ignored the NFL's alternate jersey rules? Could they just wear CR the rest of the year and pay a fine, or would the league not even let them on the field? After getting destroyed by the Chargers, they have only won one game wearing the white jerseys since they debuted in 2015.
  6. VDizzle12

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Jimmy Haslam had explored moving Browns training camp to Columbus in the past. I wonder if this could be connected? Maybe some sort of soccer/football complex for both teams to use. While keeping the Crew in Columbus and trying to grow the Browns fanbase in the area? Probably a reach, but something that could make sense from a business standpoint.
  7. I usually don't like white facemasks on colored/dark helmets but I love the Giants CR helmet. I actually find myself wishing the Browns would revert back to white as well, something I never thought I'd want. The Jets just need to pick a white or gray facemask and stick with it. Both look better than green.
  8. VDizzle12

    NFL REDESIGN (Steelers 10/21)

    Awesome job on the Browns. I think I'd prefer the primary away combo to be white over orange, but that's just a personal preference. Really hope they go with something similar in 2020. But I'm sure they screw it up.
  9. VDizzle12

    El Paso Locomotive FC (USL soccer team) crest

    They probably proposed a train kicking a soccer ball, but it got shot down. It's bothering me that the shape of the shield has so many points and curves. It competes with the sharp straight angles of the cow catcher.
  10. VDizzle12

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    It's frustrating that they just can't decide what to put on their helmets. Chargers ripoffs, Gatorade lightning bolts, lightning bolts with 'K', different Kent scripts, giant full logos.....just too much inconsistency. Just roll with this every week.
  11. Not sure if this has been posted. But the Rams helmet at the 50 is missing some paint. On the vertical bar of the facemask there is a gap of grass showing instead of blue.
  12. Just once I want to see the elf at midfield. Now would be the time to do it!
  13. VDizzle12

    Uber has a new logo

    Looks like that logo is gone. Just using the "Uber" alone now. https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/new_logo_and_identity_for_uber_by_wolff_olins_and_in_house.php Everything about it seems plain and boring. Lyft's logo isn't great by any means, but at least it has some personality.
  14. VDizzle12

    NHL 2018-19

    It would be an okay jersey if not for the shoulder flag. I don't understand the need for it, especially since the alternate logo is basically the Colorado flag in a shape and in Avs colors.
  15. Not sure if it's been mentioned here, but the first Color Rush appearance for the Browns is week 3. They will be worn twice. Not great, but a million times better than the normal brown jerseys.
  16. VDizzle12

    NFL 2018 changes

    The Nike/NFL team is trying too hard to be different, instead of focusing on good design. Why do the Bucs have clock radio numbers? Why do the Titans have armpit colors? Why the random pant stripes? Why do the Browns have orange numbers and pants wordmarks? Why did the Jaguars have a helmet that was half gold and half black? It's like they sit in a room and say "these uniforms can't be too similar to what they have now, add something else." My theory is that less is more and if you have no legitimate reason to do something, it shouldn't be done. If you're going to add random crap on a uniform just because you think it looks cool and different, don't do it.
  17. VDizzle12

    2018 NFL Season

    John Gruden and Joe Buck would be my pick for the worst broadcast pairing of all-time. Hopefully after Gruden is done in Oakland he doesn't end up with Fox.
  18. Browns look to be in all-white with orange socks. Worst combo they have.
  19. VDizzle12

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    The Jazz and Clippers really do have the most boring branding in major sports. Not only is color scheme horrible, but the center court logo is....just a basketball?
  20. VDizzle12

    Ducks Announce Mighty Slate of Throwbacks in 2019

    I'm sure since this is a season long promotion, they will probably post a lot more pictures....
  21. VDizzle12

    Ducks Announce Mighty Slate of Throwbacks in 2019

    Should have thrown these in just for fun. I mean the Pacers wear "movie" uniforms in real games....
  22. VDizzle12

    Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    With the current uniforms I'd say white over orange, orange over white and orange over brown are the top three combos. The brown jersey is just so bad it doesn't work with anything. If we're talking tradional uniforms, white over orange, brown over orange and brown over white are the three best.
  23. I think the Browns looked as good as possible tonight given the circumstances. After seeing so much all white, anything different is good. The yoga pants, spandex, leggings argument is getting old and it's a lazy argument. Every team has worn socks that are the same color as their pants. 17 teams can/do this on a regular basis, while the rest have all done it with Color Rush uniforms. Nothing new and nothing that's going away.
  24. Someone tweeted that they are black pants, so I wouldn't take that as fact. Browns going with orange pants finally!!!!!!
  25. Eagles are going green over black? Weird combination for sure... Have they ever been worn with anything other than the black jersey?