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  1. Looks like the fans who wanted the biggest change (Calgary, Buffalo and Ottawa) got screwed the most, but WTF happened to Edmonton, New Jersey and Nashville? Oiler fans can't be happy with that thin outline on the yokes - the ones they had last year were WAY better!
  2. And the logo is a thousand times better, lol
  3. How can anyone get excited about these? They can't even clean up the stupid ass piping from Reebok? Idiots! And Oiler fans are gonna be super pissed - those look hideous...
  4. I have a sinking feeling that there won't be any lace-up collars. I thought they looked great on the Habs jerseys and was probably the only redeeming feature on the Flames.
  5. All this redesign hype from Adidas for absolutely nothing - what a joke!
  6. Do people actually like the "Free Willy" logo? I much prefer the stick in rink logo but the original one, I have no idea why they slanted it in the update. Dumb.
  7. Saw a sneak look at some black striping on Flames jersey but now I can't find it again. Looked legit but probably fake? Has anyone else seen anything like that?
  8. Wonder if we need a new thread: logo changes that were worse than the original, lol. How anyone could like that starburst over a devil ray is beyond me.
  9. Edmonton too! Hate cookie cutter unis.
  10. I agree - the Als are horrible, way too much piping and panels, etc. I wish they'd update them and get rid of their awful logo. Perhaps something more like this?
  11. Looking forward to seeing Flames. I'm guessing it'll incorporate Harvey the Hound?
  12. I prefer the Bruins one to the Leafs actually - especially the Cheevers mask. Nicely done!
  13. Love the Wings!
  14. If that's true, that's pretty crazy. Can you imagine if every NFL logo had to include a football or every NHL logo had to incorporate a puck or hockey stick? Yikes...
  15. Your logo's not bad but I've always wondered why most NBA logos have to incorporate a basketball? Also - I really wish the Jazz would change their name to reflect Utah instead of New Orleans. Just like the Lakers - the name makes zero sense.