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  1. Wonder if we need a new thread: logo changes that were worse than the original, lol. How anyone could like that starburst over a devil ray is beyond me.
  2. Edmonton too! Hate cookie cutter unis.
  3. I agree - the Als are horrible, way too much piping and panels, etc. I wish they'd update them and get rid of their awful logo. Perhaps something more like this?
  4. Looking forward to seeing Flames. I'm guessing it'll incorporate Harvey the Hound?
  5. I prefer the Bruins one to the Leafs actually - especially the Cheevers mask. Nicely done!
  6. Love the Wings!
  7. If that's true, that's pretty crazy. Can you imagine if every NFL logo had to include a football or every NHL logo had to incorporate a puck or hockey stick? Yikes...
  8. Your logo's not bad but I've always wondered why most NBA logos have to incorporate a basketball? Also - I really wish the Jazz would change their name to reflect Utah instead of New Orleans. Just like the Lakers - the name makes zero sense.
  9. ^^^ You mean lose? ;-)
  10. For me, McMahon stadium in Calgary is not only the worst stadium I've been to (aside from old Mosaic stadium in Regina that is), but also the ugliest. Obviously there was zero thought put into the design - its basically just cheap high school bleachers, and it looks like they put some low income housing in the end zone where the scoreboard is. Concession areas super cramped and long lines for food, beer and washrooms. Not a good fan experience at all - in fact I've just stopped going there at all.
  11. Absolutely love these....
  12. The ram head logo is awesome! Changing the angle and adding a bit of 3D to it makes it WAY better than the current flat and boring version. I'm not sure it needs a pupil - might not look as mean with it?
  13. I've never liked so many comments in a forum topic before! Since all my comments for Padres, Flames, Eagles are taken, how about making Dallas wear dark at home and make them look like this:
  14. Damn - I see what you mean. Puffy old guy - that's a tough one!
  15. I think that's what threw me off too - if that line under the eye was altered maybe his eye wouldn't look so puffy?