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  1. brycew8

    Lost Sports Logos?

    Do these count?
  2. brycew8


    Tom, what did you think of the new Dolphins uniforms? Will you be doing those next or another team?
  3. brycew8


    I can't wait to see where this thread goes next.
  4. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    I like the color scheme for this one but also recognize that the logo is too juvenile and goofy. I was thinking "Atlantic Sea Monsters" and this was the result. Maybe I need to stop drinking so much or they need to make a thread called "way out there concepts".
  5. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    Concept #2: Atlantic Schooners (again). Not sure if I like this one either and was very hesitant to post it.
  6. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    Did up some Halifax/Atlantic concepts over the weekend but not sure if I really like any of them. I wanted to do a Navy/warship concept (with the name "Atlantic Destroyers") but I just couldn't get it to work. Maybe I'll revisit when I have more time or with comments & suggestions from you fine people. In the meantime - here is concept #1: Atlantic Schooners (fingers crossed I don't get roasted too much for my lame ass ball/anchor secondary logo, lol).
  7. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    Good advice on the logo Mac!
  8. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    Winnipeg alternate ideas. Probably got a little carried away with the second design but what the hell. They might be popular with the skate boarding crowd.
  9. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    ^^^ Thanks for the feedback! Working on a Bombers alternate next and yes - I do have some ideas for Halifax so stay tuned!
  10. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    I agree. It doesn't really show up in my design, but I'd have just the lion head on each side - both facing to the front. No BC letters. Here's another branding treatment - not sure if most folks know that the Lions are named after two mountain peaks called "the lions".
  11. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    The latest Argos unis are pretty flawless IMO (and I think Winnipeg's are the best in the league). All I would do is extend the pant striping - I'm not sure why they cut them off (along with Edmonton's) - so I'm not going to do a big redesign for the Argos or Blue Bombers. Instead - here's an idea I had for an alternate/throwback - based on a design they briefly used in the mid 70's. I didn't use the logo from back then - it was pretty boring (just the letter "A") so I'm using the boat logo which I always really liked.
  12. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    I really like BC's current home uniforms but I think they missed an opportunity to add their classic paw logo to the shoulders/sleeves. The current striping is just so generic. I also think they could use a logo upgrade as the current lion looks a bit too passive. For the road unis, I've never been a fan of home and away helmets (except for special occasions). I couldn't decide on what look I liked best though - so I included two ideas for the aways.
  13. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    Thanks man, appreciate the comments. On the Esks, I certainly didn't mean to disrespect the logo but I'm curious to know what Edmonton fans think of it overall. Personally I think its a downgrade from the logo from their glory days. The double E was more unique as opposed to the straight edges they have now, and I have no idea why they ever added black to it. Now that's sacrilegious!
  14. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    For the plaid crowd.... (I would also have plaid socks too of course - like in my CFL Color Rush thread)
  15. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    Here's Ottawa who's current unis aren't atrocious - they just need some tweaking. Most notably, that goofy hashtag on the pants has got to go. Just looks so bush league in my opinion. Not sure about the full red shoulders but included them anyway. One thing I need to figure out is how to do a matte helmet because I think that woudl look pretty nice on a team like Ottawa.