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  1. New Patriots Uniform Design

    For the Color Rush I took the Alternate uniforms and changed the color of the numbers, removed the numbers from the sleeves, and put the logo on the sleeves.
  2. New Patriots Uniform Design

    With this design I basically took this years color rush and their throwback uniforms and made new uniforms.
  3. Ohio State Football Concept

    Heres the fixed left shoulder
  4. 2017 College Football Playoff Uniforms

    And finally we have Washington, and i also took their current uniform and just made some small changes.
  5. 2017 College Football Playoff Uniforms

    Clemson is the 3rd seed and they recently just got new uniform. So with this design i just added a few small things to make them pop a little more.
  6. 2017 College Football Playoff Uniforms

    Ohio State is the number 2 seed and with these designs i kept their classic look but also with a modern feel.
  7. 2017 College Football Playoff Uniforms

    Since Alabama is the number 1 seed the will be able to pick their uniforms, and most of the time the 1st seed will go with their home uniforms. I took Alabama's current uniforms and added a little bit to them. Since Alabama is linked with the houndstooth print i added the print to the numbers and to the stripe on the helmet. so the design still has alabamas classic look but with a little extra.
  8. With the College Football Playoff coming up soon, I decide to take the current top 4 teams and design playoff uniforms for them.
  9. Ohio State Football Concept

    @BJ Sands @ahowe6464 I actually like this much better, thanks for the tip
  10. Ohio State Football Concept

    its not supposed to be a gradient number, i just tried to give the look that they are shiny numbers
  11. Ohio State Football Concept

    After Jordan went on to sponsor Michigan Football, I thought that Lebron would be a good sponsor for Ohio State. I went on to create new uniforms that are modern yet still have the classic Ohio State look.
  12. This is my first post to the forum. I have taken all of the teams current designs and colors to create what I believe the Color Rush Uniforms should look like next season. I created designs for every Thursday Night Game. I also followed the NFL's helmet policy where the teams cannot have more than one helmet.