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  1. according to the redskins Instagram burgundy over white today
  2. According to the bengals instagram they are going black over white
  3. The patriots should honestly wear there color rush as an alternate with the white pants they wore last year on TNF
  4. No there home on Thursday night football week 5 so it’s not them
  5. Patriots are home on Thursday night so I doubt its them
  6. The panthers are going blue jerseys black pants blue socks according to their Instagram
  7. ya I know the panthers really should wear there white pants with the blue jerseys and there blue socks it would look so much better
  8. Does anyone else want to see the browns wear the orange alternates once this year? The browns best uniform combo in my opinion is orange/ white/ orange Jersey/ pants/ socks
  9. The patriots don’t care about conspiracie theories they will be in blue for the super bowl
  10. The patriots superstitions is the catches that will happen at the end of the game
  11. The way the superbowl logo is setup with the light bluw I really think that the they will wear white bc it won’t go with the navy blue
  12. Belichick doesn’t care what brand he wears if it says patriots on it he is gonna wear it