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  1. I think the 49ers wears there alternate black uniforms
  2. Unless the browns r wearing white and the titans wear Columbia
  3. Did the browns announce there not wearing orange
  4. Why do u think they haven't gotten a red jersey cause that would screw everything up
  5. Just to make us mad they would wear red over silver with blue socks
  6. They need orange socks in general. But yes I agree thats to much blue
  7. If the red looked like the home jersey im fine with the red on silver but if its the throwback red jersey it needs to be red over white.
  8. This is a poll to see which you guys like better for the broncos alternate look blue over white or blue over blue this will go till sometime tomorrow you dont have to be a broncos fan to answer the question
  9. For the 100th I could see them switching for a whole year
  10. Unless they do AFL anniversary the whole year. Plus some teams dont have to switch helmets just the logos the chragers, raiders, chiefs, bills
  11. Does anyone know if the nfl is doing anything for the 60th season of the AFL? And if they are, are teams wearing throwbacks