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  1. The USHL isn't a minor league though, it is a junior league that mostly feeds into college. Or were you just referencing for the amount of games? At that point it would be better to reference the CHL because they are actually getting paid to play, although it is only a tiny bit, and has a majority that jumps straight to NHL, AHL, or whatever else. Those boys sit at around 72 games I believe.
  2. Erie was the first team I fell in love with in this topic, but then was torn away from me as soon as it was given! I didn't have another team until The Nuggets came around, and it still took a few years to get behind them because I was just afraid of them collapsing like the Penguins. #bringthemback
  3. Curtis Brown? All time favorite? He was my AAA coach for about 3 years in San Jose. I bet he'd be happy to hear that he is someone's all time favorite, I'll tell him next time I see him at the rink!
  4. Please make it the nuggets! I really need a boost due to the sharks awful performance against the Oilers in real life and the nuggets horrible excuse for hockey in this thread... and they just need it so bad
  5. Any way we can get a better look at the helmets?
  6. And their logo can be a direct ripoff of the Rimouski Oceanic logo! we are really building a great identity for Seattle here on the boards!
  7. I like the work but the number of chest stripes in the league is really getting up there. And is it only me that thinks Buffalo and Dallas look way too similar?
  8. Where in the world can I find one of these
  9. Oh my god! I love it! Sorry to put you through that.. but who doesn't like a challenge right?
  10. The Madison Monsters?
  11. Sharks will never wear their "Black Armor" jerseys in the playoffs again due to past history of doing so and the success of last year. I am willing to bet a very good amount of money on it. Ex: The 2014 reverse sweep.
  12. That helmet just doesn't look like it's sitting right in the logo
  13. Idk if this counts but I picked up a pretty nice Jackie Moon jersey from when he was on the flint tropics for 5 dollars haha. It's actually pretty nice for a fictional team replica!
  14. Maybe if you reworked the size of it a little. When I think of the sims logo I think of tall and skinny, so if you could get away from that it would probably be better. Other than that I feel like putting the D behind the gem looks busy.
  15. The "gem" looks very very similar to the sims logo....