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  1. Maybe if you reworked the size of it a little. When I think of the sims logo I think of tall and skinny, so if you could get away from that it would probably be better. Other than that I feel like putting the D behind the gem looks busy.
  2. The "gem" looks very very similar to the sims logo....
  3. ASU? I guess the state would have to be sparkys torso or something.
  4. Unpopular opinion: that's my favorite color scheme and logo for the Oilers, so I'd say you knocked that out of the park.
  5. So here is the revision I promised for Prairie du Sac And since the first one went over well I decided to create another set. This team is based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and everything from their logo to their jerseys are inspired by the Coat of Arms of the city. Tell me what you think!
  6. Alright I'll work on that tonight to see how it looks. Is a center stripe like that not usually used in the sport? Thanks a lot for the kind words! Funny thing is a got the color inspiration when I saw a stack of towels walking through a sears! Ideas really come from everywhere.
  7. Hey all, I have been trying to branch out from hockey lately and thanks to some inspiration from VorticoseTax's fictional soccer league series I took a stab at a soccer concept. For my first go, I decided to be a little out there by doing a team based out of a small city in Wisconsin called Prairie Du Sac. There was no reason to this I just thought I could make a simple logo out of the name. Let me also warn you I do not know anything about soccer jerseys so if something seems completely off please tell me because I would like to know!
  8. Will the Stingrays drop the sting in their name in a few years and be represented by a sun ray?
  9. Well it has been a long time but I really missed this thread, so here I am, almost a year later, ready to go again! Starting off with the team I believe took the place of the SLC Moose, the Utah Outliers. For them I decided to tweak their logo just slightly, mostly because the fact it was not even bothered me. Then with the jerseys I tried to balance the colors a little better than they do now, because WOW their color balance is absolutely awful right now. Tell me what you think. Edit: Forgot TV Numbers.... even though there isn't really WS on the TV
  10. I feel like I've seen that San Jose concept before but I don't know where. Is this your second go on this?
  11. Oh no! Gosh at this point might as well resim the whole season am I right? (Thoughts of a Nugget fan)
  12. Like said before, maybe give us a better look at these logos! I'd love to see the detail.
  13. For the prediction, I could not see the sharks moving to that logo because, and correct me if I am wrong, it was only made for their Los Tiburones jersey night. As for the wish list jersey, I really like it a lot it looks more like their second jersey set than their original you say it's based off of. Also, I find it refreshing to see a jersey that doesn't look identical to their first set and recolored and called a "concept". The one thing rubbing me wrong on the Wish list jerseys are the numbers, I feel as if they are a tad large. Other than that good job on two more beautiful jerseys and a great series!
  14. Oh absolutely not the only time we see them is when they practice or play before us
  15. Boise State? Im 14 for ASU's D2