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  1. Man I've been itching to see the next season. Been checking more often than I should!
  2. Wow the separation in the league is shocking! But what do you expect from 1890s am I right? Also, the defending the cup thing seems excellent until you realize it could be flawed.. unfortunately the flaw already exposed itself in the first year of doing so.
  3. Alts aren't bad the only big problem I have with it is the pants being that blue color too. Imagine it on the ice, that's just way too much blue.
  4. I'd prefer if you took the sleeve stripe from the white and use that as the chest stripe, make it a little more unique to the team. And a double outline on the numbers might fix the blending problem
  5. In regards to the Minnesota Wild speculated chest stripe, I am very fond of chest stripes and I think multiple teams having it in the NHL is ok! Just because Montreal did it first doesn't mean it is a Montreal ripoff.
  6. What an ugly look, forcing the sponsor in there. I was mad when the San Jose Barracuda did that, but at least the cuda did it in the best way possible.
  7. Cool topic but shouldn't it be in sports fan fiction section of the boards?
  8. By far my favorite logo set in the series! They would fit into any sport and the colors are spot on. Good work!
  9. Well California is going backwards again... any update on what's going on up there in the bay that should be noted?
  10. Really like the Islanders colors. Reminds me a lot of the Norfolk Tides.
  11. Although interesting, having the name on the back of the jerseys usually is suppose to help fans recognize players on the ice, and also the play by play. So I feel like different languages on the back wouldn't go over well.
  12. New Orleans Baby Cakes would be a great name. It really represents the city and its people well.
  13. The alternate logo on the black pants looks a little too much like the kings logo
  14. I really like the use of the light red for the cruisers, good job! Keep it up.
  15. I'd even go as far as adding a bright red color in that mix!