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  1. Premier Rugby: Buffalo Bolts

    Looks better! Maybe an outline?
  2. Premier Rugby: Buffalo Bolts

    The logo is amazing but I feel the bolt in his hand seems a little off, maybe skinny? I wouldn't know how to make it look better though.
  3. Habs'ing the NHL (Rangers added)

    As a sharks fan, I do not understand. Is that not the same balance they have right now? I mean the stripe just carries. Not that I don't like the look, I am a strong supporter of chest stripes.
  4. National Floor Hockey League

    Like the simplistic logos, you don't give yourself enough credit!
  5. Nuggets with a problem? That is out of nowhere for me! I feel like that would be a simple fix with a move to somewhere else in the Bay though.
  6. Unpopular Opinions

    I love Brandiose... and everything they have done for minor leagues baseball. At least they keep everything fun, creative and fresh. Hell, some might not be my first choice, but everything they put out is impressive and different. That is what minor league is about, and you can find me deciding what new brandiose branded teams hat I want to snag every year off of my low college income, just because it's worth the looks from others when they see the hat.
  7. Minor-League, Indy & Summer Collegiate Baseball Logo / Uni Changes

    Well shoot I got beat to what I was going to say! But in all honesty I would not mind seeing a swinging old west sheriff armadillo
  8. Love it all, but the shape of California in the wizards logo makes me a little uncomfortable.
  9. If I owned a popular basketball league this what I would do.

    You're not going to grab anyone's attention with text that's for sure. Remember what site we are on
  10. Riot in NorCal led by me. I know it's been a long rebuild and things are looking bright but wow has it been frustrating to read these posts for awhile now.
  11. Although I do notice this for the coyotes and cardinals mostly, the DBacks do very well for themselves even though most residents seem to be from the bay, Chicago or LA. Most likely because of their early success and the success we are seeing right now out of them. There is a way to do very well in Phoenix, but you have to do it right...... also I should mention I live there haha.
  12. I am genuinely curious about for this time period.... thanks @Jimmy Lethal
  13. What's wrong with Phoenix?

    Since you aren't making any concepts I suggest you at least make a formal, good looking standings board. With logos and other stuff like that because looking at the name I'm not sure what team belongs to what school.
  15. International Hockey Association - 1893-94

    Man I've been itching to see the next season. Been checking more often than I should!