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  1. That Raccoons logo is my idea of the perfect “classic logo” that could hold with minor changes through time. You really went above and beyond for their identity. My favorite part is the ring tail socks, they are a great touch!
  2. TheHealthiestScratch

    Help Raysox with a Soccer Template

    Would love a look at what you have cooking. Been freeing up some time from real life to try to restart my thread on the fan fiction side of things where I use your current template.
  3. TheHealthiestScratch

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: gaLAxy

    I think that salmon like color with the teal would be my favorite for Nashville. Also would feel like full commitment to that 90s feel.
  4. TheHealthiestScratch

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: gaLAxy

    I’ve been able to experience Utah for a small go during my club hockey career and I feel like you’re on the right track, going off my experience, but the colors are too toned down for Utah. The neon like blue is too much of cry for balance of color, but I’m no help because I have really no suggestion to tweak. Maybe try going more towards Utah Jazz City Edition colors?
  5. TheHealthiestScratch

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1957 Playoffs; Quarter Finals

    Would this league possibly be an alternative to the USHL or NAHL to keep college eligibility?
  6. TheHealthiestScratch

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: gaLAxy

    That is exactly what the Revolution needs. The whole brand, like you said, is Revolutionary as sh**. If you do make kits I’d suggest using the NE logo as a stand alone for the crest used on the jerseys.
  7. TheHealthiestScratch

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1957 Playoffs; Quarter Finals

    St. Cloud is getting on my nerves... between this and the nuggets losing in the finals I’m having fictional leagues really dampen my mood. Oh well, many years to come for the moose to succeed.
  8. Well... I think this series comes down to a rookie goaltender I seriously doubted could carry a team this far. Let’s Go Gold
  9. TheHealthiestScratch

    Austin SC logo

    Honestly this color scheme is perfect for what you have created. This is a look that belongs among the top tier of US sports. This might be bias because I have always wanted this with bronze/sand instead of gold and a different shade of maroon/brick for a home town Arizona team.
  10. TheHealthiestScratch

    Minnesota Amateur Hockey League - 1957 Playoffs; Quarter Finals

    Honestly this reminds me a lot of club hockey growing up. AAA or even AA is filled with so much talent but when two teams match up you usually know who will come out on top unless they are ranked within 10 spots of eachother. This second round felt semi predictable to an extent but was still exciting. I love the series that is being built up and I congratulate you on constructing a topic that feels unique. And of course go Moose, the team out of my 5 favorites who somehow built something out of absolute nothing.
  11. TheHealthiestScratch

    MiLB | Stockton Ports Rebrand

    I love the work, but I opened this thread hoping so much for a Stockton Ports “Mighty Asparagus” update.
  12. TheHealthiestScratch

    One tradition you NEVER want to change Arena is history now and was replaced with Gila River Arena... not amazing but much better
  13. No. Go Tars. To find a team that combines my roots from the Bay Area that meshes with my families love for the steel city is ridiculous. I feel a real connection. And instead of cheering for the miners and whales or the stingers and nuggets I finally have one team in a series that I can give full backing. How unique!
  14. Honestly, I get where you are coming from, but the talent entering the NHL, pro hockey or even collegiate and juniors from these markets stated above is partially because the NHL expanded to nontraditional markets and really drove interest in growing the game. Being from San Jose and living in Phoenix now, the amount that these teams put into youth hockey is beyond expectation and gives kids a chance to play a game they grow to love, this includes me and many of my friends who have full intentions of making this game a career. Even if this comment is a joke I thought it would be a good idea of taking a deeper look below the surface of "cold place is good for hockey because it already has interest, insuring our investment". I feel this would be in line with a flat earth believer saying that the Earth is flat because they can't see the curve of the Earth from their eyesight. It is about the bigger picture. Sorry for the rant.
  15. TheHealthiestScratch

    Bundesliga Club Redesigns

    I know it isn’t one of the best design strategies ever, but the flag in a logo is one of the quirks about soccer I do love. I think the perfect circle is stretching too far for it and might be too American. (As I say soccer instead of football). I think you got something up your sleeve that can outshine it!