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  1. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    The gray on the back is texturing from the template, not a striping design.
  2. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Birmingham City: BL/W/BL as an obvious choice for Birmingham. I chose stripes for this iteration and a white collar. Exact Reversal of the home barring the stripes ice stripes. Went for red just as in real life but lightened it up and added white sleeves and blue branding.
  3. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

  4. Nike Chelsea Concept Jerseys | 2018-2019

    The gradients look odd and unbalanced, clean that up and youve got a decent look
  5. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    I found a slideshow of the longest serving players for each Premier League team. Thats why Speroni is on the Palace shirt even though he’s a keeper.
  6. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Aston Villa:

    You must be a troll, because between this and the Jags concept you cant be serious. A little bit of effort goes a long way, if you took time to reseach, you would gave found a workable template in less than 30 mins. If you went back a maximum of 5 pages you would find a baseball template that I myself downloaded, stop being lazy and take your time. TURN CAPS LOCK OFF.
  8. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    I’ll do another one in England then head over to Scotland.
  9. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    England National Team: The only suggestion for which league to do next was the Championship, so unless another Country is suggested I will continue with England.
  10. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

  11. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Sacramento Detroit
  12. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Oakland Sacramento Pacifica Detroit