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  1. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Now for Huddersfield Town, Home: Once more didn't stray too far away from away from tradition, going with white and blue stripes. Away: Instead of red and black hoops they currently have, I chose gray and red stripes in the home style. Clash: Went back to yellow and black of years past.
  2. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    My favorite side, Everton. Home: Traditional Blue shirt and white shorts and socks. Away: Return to the blue and yellow change look. Can't go wrong with that one. Clash: White, purple, purple kit to round off the set.
  3. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Crystal Palace: Home: Blue and red stripes with white outline. Simple as it comes. Away: More or less the current away strip. Made the horizontal stripes larger and further up. Clash: White shirt with the map of South London sublimated onto the sleeves. Red shorts and socks.
  4. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Thank you, and I will.
  5. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Chelsea: Home: Basic blue shirt and shorts for the Blues along with white socks. Away: All white with blue trim. Almost a reverse of the first choice. Clash: Black shirt and socks, with blue and white trim. Blue shorts with the white side stripe.
  6. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Burnley: Home: Claret shirt with very subtle tonal hoops along with blue trim. The rest is summed up by white shorts and socks. Away: All black with mostly claret trim. The best part of this kit is the way the blue and white pop against the black. Clash: The third kit is mostly the current kit minus the claret which brings the blue into more prominent role. The socks become light blue as a result.
  7. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Brighton: Home: Blue shirt and shorts with white socks, standard look for Brighton. I chose one big stripe with a smaller stripe to the left and right of it. Away: Pretty much the current away shirt. The only changes are the yellow from the badge instead of volt, white shorts and swapping black for white. Clash: Red Shirt with black sleeves similar look to previous designs. Finished up with black shorts and red socks.
  8. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Thank you, I will work on the name and # in the future.
  9. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Next up is Bournemouth. Home: The home kit is The basic black and red stripes on the top, with black shorts and socks. Away: Bournemouth have had a double blue away kit for a few years now and I decided to continue this as I think it's a solid look. Clash: I took inspiration from the white shirt with a sash from the past, but in my take, I rotate the sash and make it the gold from the badge instead of the black and red.
  10. A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Here marks the start of my journey through "the Beautiful Game". I will go one league at a time, I will design based off my own personal preference and historical accuracy, keep the feedback more helpful and less bashful. I will start in the Prem with Arsenal and go on through the league in order. Arsenal Home: For the first kit I went with the traditional red shirt with white sleeves for obvious reasons. I finish up the main look with the standard white shorts and red socks. Away: The second kit is reminiscent of the second kit from the 2014-15 season. This is one my favorite EPL kits so it had to make it in for Arsenal. Clash: The change kit a simple white shirt with red shorts and slightly different red socks.
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  15. Flags With Club Logo

    Thanks! I'll be more careful in the future.