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  1. C-Reezy1000

    NBA Soccer Crossover

    I completely overlooked the basketballs in the Celtics and Nets. Ill add a soccer ball in plave of both
  2. C-Reezy1000

    A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Burton Albion:
  3. C-Reezy1000

    NBA Soccer Crossover

    Two relatively simple ones with the Celtics and the Nets. Boston Celtics: Just about as classic as it gets for Boston. Brooklyn Nets: I couldn't have two excessively simple concepts in a row, so I had to spice things up and add the net pattern on the shoulders and sleeves.
  4. C-Reezy1000

    NBA Soccer Crossover

    I only have one Nike template, so they will all use that one. Atlanta Hawks: Red & White: 'Nique Era Red & Yellow: Al Horford Era Blue & Red:
  5. C-Reezy1000

    Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - FINALS VOTING

    Group A: Russia. Saudi Arabia. Uruguay. Egypt. Group B: Spain. Morocco. Iran. Portugal. Group C : Australia. France. Honduras. Denmark. Group D : Argentina. Croatia. Iceland. Nigeria. Group E: Costa Rica. Switzerland. Brazil. Russia. Group F: Mexico. Germany. South Korea. Sweden. Group G: Panama. England. Tunisia. United States. Group H: Japan. Senegal. Poland. Columbia.
  6. C-Reezy1000

    NBA Soccer Crossover

    Thank you for the feedback. As soon my computer fixed i’ll get back on it.
  7. C-Reezy1000

    NBA Soccer Crossover

    Atlanta Hawks: For the Hawks I got rid of the charcoal and volt, and carried over the hawk feather pattern.
  8. C-Reezy1000

    A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Bristol City: Simple take on the Bristol City home kit. Same as the home strip but in the '94 colors.
  9. C-Reezy1000

    A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    I agree. Thank you, and I will begin my search for a new font then.
  10. C-Reezy1000

    A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Brentford: Traditional Red/Black/Black, with a single broad stripe across the middle of shirt. Went with a White/Red/White look for the away. Same broad white stripe against a white background. The third strip sees the bumble bee motif in full effect.
  11. C-Reezy1000

    A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Bolton Wanderers: Went a fairly simple and traditional Bolton design for the home. Brought back the red and navy strip from a few years ago. I chose to bring back the double blue kit as well.
  12. C-Reezy1000

    A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    The gray on the back is texturing from the template, not a striping design.
  13. C-Reezy1000

    A Dumb Yank's Take on Football.

    Birmingham City: BL/W/BL as an obvious choice for Birmingham. I chose stripes for this iteration and a white collar. Exact Reversal of the home barring the stripes ice stripes. Went for red just as in real life but lightened it up and added white sleeves and blue branding.