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  1. Both were meant to be 6-12.
  2. The 2005 season saw the Florida Cardinals change their logo and uniforms, which remains in use today.
  3. I like to think in this universe Bledsoe never got injured and Brady didn't have the chance to develop under Belichick's system.
  4. 2004 Conference Championships
  5. Good catch! I'll be fixing that, and that changes everything.
  6. 2004 Conference Quarterfinals 2004 Conference Semifinals
  7. The Seahawks had an update in 2002 when the logo was updated. The colors remained the same. There will be updates for other teams as well. Keep in mind that there will be a switch to Nike for uniform suppliers, and Color Rush.
  8. 2004 Regular Season
  9. Baltimore is adding a 3rd black jersey for 2004
  10. Congratulations to the Minnesota Angels on their 4th AFA championship.
  11. What is the name of the stadium in Arlington?