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  1. Thanks! The next stop will be heading out west. I'll post either today or tomorrow.
  2. Agreed! Have to wait until tomorrow I think but I think we have 32 designers. Should be good!
  3. I'm in. This is awesome!
  4. To be honest, the way that we chose some of the cities is we looked for city names that we thought were cool. Then we imagine our reality that has built up those cities into full fledged college towns. As for ideas. I guess we will be open to both. We definitely would like an idea of a location but if you have ideas that you have in mind for mascots we'd take those too.
  5. The next conference is the FRONTIER CONFERENCE. This FC is the youngest of the four major conferences in the country. The reason is because when we first outlined the conferences we had 6 not 4. The original plan was to have a "BIG XII" type conference called the GPAC (Great Plains Athletic Conference) and a "B1G" type conference called the GLAC (Great Lakes Athletic Conference). The GPAC was to include teams from Texas, Oklahoma and north up into Nebraska, the Dakotas and Minnesota. The GLAC was to go from New York to Illinois. We then decided that that many schools may be unreasonable as we start. So the Frontier Conference was born. On a personal note, I am a Big Ten fan through and through. Due to family DNA, I am a big time Wisconsin fan. Therefore it was fun reimagining new schools in that region of the country. There are going to be expansion schools in the states that are notably be absent in this set of schools. The expansion schools will be included in the fifth set of this series so do not worry. Welcome to the Frontier Conference. TRINITY BLACK KNIGHTS (NICK) First up are the Trinity Black Knights. Their look obviously takes inspiration from the Army Black Knights, Colorado Buffaloes and New Orleans Saints. Black and Gold has always been one of my favorites and had to use it here for one of the most stories schools in the nation. Hailing from Aurora, Indiana, this catholic school has been atop the national rankings both years of competition. Their success has been aided by the consistency of QB JT Barrett and RB Jordan Chunn and Derrius Guice. The Knights are well stocked going forward as they have loaded up on young freshmen talent. JESUIT FIGHTING SAINTS (MIKE) Early on we decided that we would both make "Notre Dame" type teams in the Frontier Conference. We thought it would be a great rivalry in the heartland of the country. The Jesuit-Trinity rivalry is fierce albeit one sided. Trinity has dominated the two meetings thus far. Jesuit is found in downtown Chicago. MINNESOTA STATE HARFANGS (NICK) Yes, I know there is a Minnesota State in Minnetonka. The 'Fangs are a tough defensive teams. They have ranked at the top of the country on defense both seasons so far. They were more successful their first year when they rode the legs of Dalvin Cook. While purple is their main color, they often can be seen wearing variations of their uniforms including Black and White. Their fans, like Penn State are known for their intimidating WHITE OUTS. Minnesota State is found in Murdock, Minnesota. In ice hockey they have a fierce rivalry with Northern Minnesota. ROSENBLATT CARDINALS (MIKE) A baseball powerhouse, duh, the Cardinals are an average football program from Nebraska. It is tough to come up with a unique look for a mascot that is so wildly used. The school logo is the letter R acting as a Cardinal. UPPER PENINSULA WOLFPACK (NICK) The reigning champions of the Frontier, the WolfPack never seem to be the predictive powerhouse. But after two seasons they are one of the most consistent teams in the country. They play in Marquette, Michigan. SIOUX FALLS STAMPEDE (MIKE) Yes, Mike now knows that there is a junior hockey team named the Sioux Falls Stampede. Something he was not aware at their inception. The Stampede originally won the Leonard Fournette sweepstakes in the inaugural signing day (the Draft). IOWA A&M GOLDEN WAVE (NICK) The Wave are named for the never ending fields of corn in the state of Iowa. They typically wear Gold at home in duds that look similar to NDSU. Here they are wearing their Green Uniforms. Expansion locations to expect in the frontier: Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, WISCONSIN, Missouri. We are also looking for ideas of a location for the twelfth member of the Frontier Conference. Expansion locations to expect in the Super South Conference: South Florida, Kentucky, Arkansas. We are also looking for ideas of a location for the twelfth member of the Super South Conference.
  6. That's good to know. That is not one of my teams but I will definitely pass that on to my friend, Mike.
  7. @CinnamonRoll21 Thanks, I know. Like I said for the question about Georgia State we chose to not worry about that. We wanted the names to sound like major college football programs. So in a couple of instances we chose to ignore smaller programs such as ASU or GSU. It doesn't happen much but it happened.
  8. @Wideright I forgot to update the town for ASU. Meridian is where MMU is. ASU is just outside of Birmingham.
  9. Thanks. It's more of a coincidence that the stripes are similar in this conference. The other conferences have more diversity. We both tend to lean towards more traditional looks but have chose a few schools to modernize the look a bit. As for Georgia State, we know they exist. In fact the two of us used to broadcast Villanova football games and they were in the same conference as the Panthers. We chose to ignore that for a couple of schools because we wanted the nation to not sound too different from the NCAA.
  10. @BellaSpurs All of the logos are ours. We tried really hard not to copy any logos from existing artists. The only logo in the Super South that you see that is not ours is the Palmetto symbol from the SC state flag. If you'd like I'll post the conference logos as a whole.
  11. Greetings all, Today, I am able to present a project that my friend Michael and I have been working on for the past two years. After discovering Fantrax, we have been running a 32 team college football landscape. We are getting ready this summer for the third season. We both own 16 teams. There are four conferences of 8 teams each. The postseason consists of 8 teams including the four conference champions and four at large teams. The quarterfinals are played at the sites of four bowl games. The Bowl games are the Turkey Bowl (Washington), Avocado Bowl (Los Angeles), Harvest Bowl (Kansas City), and the Bourbon Bowl (New Orleans). The winners advance to the National Semi Finals and ultimately the National Championship. I am not interested in a long drawn out process of unveiling the schools. Therefore I am going to post all of the schools of a conference, one conference at a time. I will post each school's 2018 promotional poster rough draft, which we are going to make into schedule posters later in the year. It will give you an idea of their uniform and identity. While all of the logos and concepts are ours, we definitely (as you will see) took inspiration from existing teams. I will also enlighten everyone on some of the players that the two teams have had. We do an annual draft with a fixed order. So if you win the championship you pick first, if you come in last you pick last. Every round goes in the same order. We decided to do this to ensure that would have realistic power house programs. The Super South Conference University of Louisiana Deltas (NICK) The Deltas have been the class of the nation for the first two years. They are the defending national champions. QB Lamar Jackson has won the nation's MVP two seasons in a row. He was joined this year by the likes of Saquon Barkley, Ito Smith, Calvin Ridley. They are named the Deltas from their campus' proximity to the Mississippi Delta. The Louisiana helmet is a triangle, but really the greek symbol Delta. South Carolina State Rebels (MIKE) The Rebels have been one of the nation's most consistent teams. Last year the Rebels lost to Louisiana in the National Championship. The followed the RB tandem of Ronald Jones Jr. and Damien Harris Georgia State Devils (NICK) The Devils are named for Charlie Daniel's famous song, The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Their logo is a peach with the letter G on it. The peach has devil horns on top of it. Mississippi Methodist Foxes (MIKE) One of the weakest teams in the nation is the Mississippi Methodist Foxes. They do have star wide receiver AJ Brown returning next year. Alabama State Yellowhammers (NICK) Alabama's state bird is the yellowhammer. The Hammers nickname also can elude to the iron workings famous in Alabama. Cumberland State Smokies (MIKE) Tennessee's team is the CSU Smokies. The Smokies are famous for the biggest upset in league history when the upset Louisiana in 2016 to keep Lamar Jackson out of the National Championship race. Shawnee State Chiefs (MIKE) For two years Jalen Hurts has led the Chiefs to winning seasons. Shawnee State is the furthest west in the conference (Brown Arrow, Oklahoma). Florida Panhandle Explorers (NICK) Baker Mayfield played for the Explorers in Pensacola, Florida. The Explorers are a good but underwhelming team thus far in their history. Their logo is a compass and a sun.
  12. Next up is one of our most successful teams in league history, that is in the regular season of course. The Dallas Tornadoes. The Tornadoes have a number of players in the SCL Pantheon. #7 Jay Robinson is known as the grandfather of the SCL. He was the face of the league in its early years. He held most of the league's passing records when he retired in 2005. He was a part of the first class in the pantheon. The ever-colorful, WR Curtis Dingle and RB Halo Pittman provided the Tornadoes with a feared 1-2 punch. The Tornadoes have never won the ESPO Bowl. But they have accumulated the most regular seasons wins in league history. They follow the Saints color scheme. The logo is not where I want it at the moment but I wanted you to be able to get the idea. #21 the Dallas Tornadoes.
  13. I apologize for the long delay. Life has been busy. To make up for the absence here are two teams to debut. The first up today are the Washington Americans. The Americans were one of the first teams that were made. They have been a team with moderate success. They finally made it to an ESPO Bowl in 2011 but ultimately fell short to a superior team. Their fierce rival are the Maryland Wildcats. Every matchup between these two franchises is a color rush game. Maryland wears red, Washington wears blue. The team's look is a simple one. Colors are red, white and blue and the logo is a stripe filled "W" and "A". One of the helmets has this logo and an alternate I'm playing with is the shooting star logo.
  14. Thanks @BellaSpurs. We weren't trying to have unique names on purpose. That's just how it turned out. Today's installment are the Lancers from Detroit. The Lancers are a good and respected franchise in the SCL. The Lancers, like the Eagles of the early 2000s, went to 4 straight conference championships. Detroit finally broke through in 2009 and won the ESPO Bowl. The Lancers and Turfdogs are bitter rivals and often race one another for the Central Division title. RB LaBDanian Jordan and LB Herman Jones are two of the most revered players in franchise history. As for the concept. The Lancers look is inspired by the Georgia Bulldogs. I tried to go with a more classic look for the logos. One is a big block D with a knight head and the other is simply a shield. Detroit is one of my favorite franchises in the SCL.