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  1. Next up is one of our most successful teams in league history, that is in the regular season of course. The Dallas Tornadoes. The Tornadoes have a number of players in the SCL Pantheon. #7 Jay Robinson is known as the grandfather of the SCL. He was the face of the league in its early years. He held most of the league's passing records when he retired in 2005. He was a part of the first class in the pantheon. The ever-colorful, WR Curtis Dingle and RB Halo Pittman provided the Tornadoes with a feared 1-2 punch. The Tornadoes have never won the ESPO Bowl. But they have accumulated the most regular seasons wins in league history. They follow the Saints color scheme. The logo is not where I want it at the moment but I wanted you to be able to get the idea. #21 the Dallas Tornadoes.
  2. I apologize for the long delay. Life has been busy. To make up for the absence here are two teams to debut. The first up today are the Washington Americans. The Americans were one of the first teams that were made. They have been a team with moderate success. They finally made it to an ESPO Bowl in 2011 but ultimately fell short to a superior team. Their fierce rival are the Maryland Wildcats. Every matchup between these two franchises is a color rush game. Maryland wears red, Washington wears blue. The team's look is a simple one. Colors are red, white and blue and the logo is a stripe filled "W" and "A". One of the helmets has this logo and an alternate I'm playing with is the shooting star logo.
  3. Thanks @BellaSpurs. We weren't trying to have unique names on purpose. That's just how it turned out. Today's installment are the Lancers from Detroit. The Lancers are a good and respected franchise in the SCL. The Lancers, like the Eagles of the early 2000s, went to 4 straight conference championships. Detroit finally broke through in 2009 and won the ESPO Bowl. The Lancers and Turfdogs are bitter rivals and often race one another for the Central Division title. RB LaBDanian Jordan and LB Herman Jones are two of the most revered players in franchise history. As for the concept. The Lancers look is inspired by the Georgia Bulldogs. I tried to go with a more classic look for the logos. One is a big block D with a knight head and the other is simply a shield. Detroit is one of my favorite franchises in the SCL.
  4. Sorry for the absence over the weekend. Next up are the ALABAMA ANVILS. Known around the league as simply the A's, Alabama is known for one thing: power football. They have the distinct honor of having won the first ever SCL Championship. They went 10-0 in their first season on the road to ESPO BOWL. LB George Greene was inducted into the first ever class of the SCL Pantheon. Additionally, the A's have always had an elite running back and killer defense. The first RB was #20 Barry Orr, who holds the record for most rushing yards in a single season. He was the first to hit the 2,000 yard mark. He was inducted into the Pantheon in 2016. The next was dynamic scat back #22 Reggie Race, who just signed with Colorado this past offseason. Last year, the A's drafted bruising RB, Benjamin Kilroy who came in second in the Rookie of the Year voting. As for the look, the A's have a simple design. I was channeling LA Tech with this set. I have always liked the Patriots throwback uniform, and wanted to do a blue version of that. Often the A's will wear all white at home.
  5. We head to our nation's 2nd City. Our next addition to the SCL's Central Division are the Chicago Gaels. The Gaels moniker was chosen for two different reasons. First, for the Irish heritage that is prominent in the city. Second, if you spell the word GALE it means a tremendous WIND. I have always liked the Baylor, Cal Poly, and William and Mary colors. It is underused yet classic look in the pros. As for the logo, it was one of the more challenging ones for me to do. It is Gaelic knot interlocking with the letter C. I think it looks pretty Irish looking. Chicago fans, I wish I could say that the Gaels have had a tremendous history. They however have not. We'll get to all of that soon. But for now, be kind, and welcome the Chicago Gaels. (There are touchups that need to be done, but you can see where I'm going).
  6. Yeah probably..just for fun though. Guac is not extra if the Grizzlies win. The "Chip" can get rocking in the fall.
  7. Believe it or not we are over halfway through the league. As the league finishes I will post season by season breakdowns. But for today, welcome the Colorado Grizzlies. Any bear moniker is a winner for me. The logo is obviously the flag logo with a bear replacing the yellow circle inside of the C. The primary colors always pop. I loved that Colorado State trotted out State Pride jerseys last week. The look is eerily similar to what we envisioned for the Grizz. The Grizzlies have been to two ESPO Bowls, they have won one.
  8. Ha I thought I had gotten all of the swooshes. Good call. They are for sure an Under Armor team.
  9. Next up we head west to the desert. The Phoenix Fury have had some of the best offenses in league history. This is in large part to future Pantheoner QB Luther Hawkins. 'Hawk' revolutionized the quarterback position. His ability to use his legs extended plays for his arm to make it big. His #1 is retired in Phoenix. Phoenix is one of only a handful of teams to go to three ESPO Bowls. They won one when they put up 50 points! The only time for that to happen in league history. They were also on the losing end of two of the bigger upsets in ESPO Bowl history. Their look is black, orange, and silver. The Fury nickname combined with the Rattlesnake look gives them a unique identity. There is not a shortage of snake puns in the desert. Here you go! Please enjoy both Maryland and Phoenix and I'll be back on Monday.
  10. I am traveling this weekend so I will be posting two tonight. From the SCL's Eastern Division, please welcome the Maryland Wildcats. The Wildcats are not named for any particular reason. It is a classic mascot not used in professional sports. There have been years when we have flirted with changing them to something with more local significance but ultimately decided that history is history and decided to stick with it. The Wildcats started as the team that you forgot in the East. You had big time franchises like New York and Washington taking a great deal of the headlines. But as of late, the Wildcats have shaken off that stink and have been one of the best teams in the league. In 2013, the Wildcats led by QB Jason Love won the biggest blowout in ESPO Bowl History. The Washington-Maryland rivalry is one of the league's best. Every Sunday you can hear Cats fans shouting One Cause! One Corps! BMore! HardCore!
  11. It's time to present the Las Vegas Myrmidons. Atlanta is black and white. Vegas is silver and black. My brother and I laughed when it was the Raiders who chose to move to Vegas. Our version of the Raiders was already there. We wanted to stay away from a team with a gambling or desert theme. For those who do not know, the Myrmidons were the elite fighting force led by the legendary Achilles. They were the group that broke into Troy via the Trojan Horse. They were known in battle for their black armor and plumes. Legend says that the Myrmidons were made man by zeus. They previously were a colony of ants. An animal known for their enormous strength and ability to work together. That is where they got their name. The name is a little wordy but we decided to roll with it. On the field, Vegas went to the first ever ESPO Bowl. They have been known for defense. They then hosted ESPO Bowl II. It wasn't until 2003 when the Myrmidons finally won the title. The first cornerback to ever be inducted into the Pantheon was Earl Little from Las Vegas. They have been a great SCL team for must of its existence, dipped all the way down however in 2014 to the number 1 pick. They selected brash WR Pharaoh Davis from the University of Colorado (the Comanche). I hope you enjoy the Myrmidons.
  12. Thanks everyone. Today's team is the closest thing that the SCL has gotten to the Greatest Show on Turf. Galloping onto the scene are the Atlanta Stallions. The Stallions went 12-0 in 2001. That feat makes them only one of two teams in SCL history to go undefeated. The Stallions were unstoppable in 2001. They stormed their way to the championship behind offensive playmakers like QB Drew Maldonado, WRs Charles Oakley and first round draft pick from Florida Panhandle University, Darnay Shy. But the heart and soul of the team was all purpose running back #21 James York. The Stallions are one of three SCL teams to have won two ESPO Bowls. As for the concept. The main logo is simply a bucking horse that we have been using since the beginning. We have been tinkering with different horse heads as a secondary. The current one is a work in progress. The look is simple but unique. Not many teams are just black and white. I personally love the helmet. The Stallions play at the Coca Cola Peach Dome. The fans call the stadium "The Pit".
  13. Thanks. I agree with the initial comments made about the quality of the template I was using. So I am going back and working on the uniforms and will post in its own way towards the end. I may post the uniforms in the season by season breakdown of the league at the end.
  14. As the second part of this evening's double dip takes place in Nashville Tennessee. This is one of the teams I have been the most nervous to share. For whatever reason, when I was in fifth grade I thought that the name the Tennessee Millionaires sounded cool. Maybe it is because Regis Philbin was just getting Who Wants to Be a Millionaire going around that time. They are known for one of the most recognizable helmets in the league. It is simply a dark green helmet with a yellow dollar sign. I can imagine that the Tennessee Starter jacket was really popular at the time. The primary logo is a Mr. Peanut looking Tycoon logo. You may be wondering about the Crow logo as the secondary mark. For whatever reason, we built into the history that there were Crows that used to rest on the goal posts at early Millionaire games. The fans also refer to the team as the Blackbirds. Tennessee has been one of the most consistent teams in SCL History. They were however known as the team that got close but never could win it all. Tennessee was on the wrong side of one of the biggest blowouts in ESPO Bowl History. But, in the 2014, Tennessee edged New York in one of the most exciting ESPO Bowls ever. The Millionaires have one Pantheon player. RB Roland Shepard was one of the best college player in league history and was great ambassador to the game. He was one of the four first people inducted into the Hall. This week is going to be all about offense. The next three teams will feature a lot of Pantheon Offensive Players who put together some of the most feared offenses in league history.
  15. The SCL heads south for some Monday Night Football. The first team of the night is the Orlando Rockets. The Rockets are named for their proximity from Cape Canaveral. The name and color scheme were picked in an attempt to bring a newer concept to Florida. The logos are relatively straight forward. I tried to stray away from the Toledo Rockets even though it looks similar. The logo is a rocket flying through the letter O and the secondary is an astronaut in an O as well. While the uniforms are on their way, the inspiration for the Rockets uniforms have been the 1990's Natrone Means-Chargers duds. On the field the Rockets have had a good amount of recent success. They went to two ESPO Bowls 10 and 13. They won ESPO BOWL XIII in Chicago, the coldest championship game to date. LB Tommie Forbes is the only Rocket in the SCL Pantheon. The Magic Kingdome is right across from the Publix Center, home of the USBA's Orlando Juice.