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  1. While it's not an amazing uniform by any stretch of the means it's not necessarily a bad idea one either, the word mark on the sleeve isn't on the same level of ugly as the Bucs alarm clock numbers and the Jags half black, half gold helmet.
  2. These too..
  3. Can you please do a Wentz one? Nice job on your awesome work!
  4. Cunningham in tecmo was the equivalent to Vick in Madden 2004 human cheat code
  5. I know it was on purpose but still
  6. concept

    Atlanta looks great, not much I can say on this except for maybe removing the grey outline on the logo and just having the white outline similar to their old logo.
  7. Foster and Hooker look great, Garret looks a little off though.
  8. concept

    If that's what you're shooting for then great job!
  9. concept

    Something about a Eagles helmet with the logo on it just doesn't look right. I'd go with the wings. Atlanta and Baltimore look good are there stipes om their helmets? The Seahawks and Cardinals are good but don't strike me as NFL helmets, all in all nice work.
  10. Either for NFL Event logos (super bowl, draft, pro bowl) to not be so boring and generic or for the Eagles to return to this.
  11. Im glad you used the old logo as inspiration for the kit I was hoping you would. Only knit pic I have is on some of your away kits your team logos will be their original colors but are on a kit that's drastically different, so maybe change the colors of the logo to make it fit with the kit similar as you did to Miami?
  12. I love how you're taking characteristics of each teams franchise and incorporating them into unique soccer jerseys. Bravo 👏