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  1. Popular or not I've never been a fan of the Pats helmets.
  2. The best helmets in my opinion are ones that use different logos so Eagles, Rams, Vikes, and Bengals are my top 4.
  3. That's a neat looking light saber
  4. I actually wish this would happen, idk why but I'm a huge fan of the black jerseys with white pants as opposed to the green jerseys. And the blue rams jerseys looks like what you get when you mix and match different eras on madden to create the most disgusting uni you can.
  5. Looks good! I'm a big fan of double green on the jets, note for other uniforms though NFL uniforms have the Nike swoosh on the sleeves instead of the chest like college teams do it's no biggie just trying to help!
  6. Westbrook when he was drafted. (Sorry for the potato quality)
  7. While it's not an amazing uniform by any stretch of the means it's not necessarily a bad idea one either, the word mark on the sleeve isn't on the same level of ugly as the Bucs alarm clock numbers and the Jags half black, half gold helmet.
  8. These too..
  9. Can you please do a Wentz one? Nice job on your awesome work!
  10. Cunningham in tecmo was the equivalent to Vick in Madden 2004 human cheat code
  11. I know it was on purpose but still
  12. concept

    Atlanta looks great, not much I can say on this except for maybe removing the grey outline on the logo and just having the white outline similar to their old logo.
  13. Foster and Hooker look great, Garret looks a little off though.