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  1. The Eagles choking exists in all universes.
  2. NFL Throwback Thursdays

    The best thing about these jerseys so far is finding ways to have throwbacks while working with the one helmet rule. This could be a very realistic option for Nike to try after color rush dies out. p.s. I think a grey face mask on the Seahawks helmet would be the cherry on top of a already stellar uniform.
  3. NFL Throwback Thursdays

    My favorite thread on this site right now, great work.
  4. I doubt this is the right place for this but I couldn't think of anywhere else. In the Eagles-Panthers TNF tonight the Panthers logo on CBS graphics had the jawline below the bottom set of teeth filled in white when it's normally blue. Seems like a unnecessary change to me just wanted to point it out.
  5. Looks like some random madden 18 uniform combination a 10 year old would use.
  6. NFL 2017 changes?

    Another view of those great endzones.
  7. Great way to modernize all the great looks the Eagles have had over the past, the only gripe I might have is that there is a smidge of midnight green left in the wing decal helmet.
  8. The Bears-Steelers game is going to look great with the bears wearing their throwbacks.
  9. GTA Style Banner

    Wow! It looks great, helluva job. Definitely going to be my computer wallpaper.
  10. GTA Style Banner

    Philadelphia Eagles please! Wentz Fletcher Cox Jason Peter's Brandon Graham Malcom Jenkins Jordan Hicks Alston Jeffery (new player so may not be able to find him in a Eagles jersey yet) Rodney McLeod Zach Ertz Darren sproles
  11. Only Surveys

    Popular or not I've never been a fan of the Pats helmets.
  12. Only Surveys

    The best helmets in my opinion are ones that use different logos so Eagles, Rams, Vikes, and Bengals are my top 4.
  13. The real Stanley Cup

    That's a neat looking light saber
  14. NFL 2017 changes?

    I actually wish this would happen, idk why but I'm a huge fan of the black jerseys with white pants as opposed to the green jerseys. And the blue rams jerseys looks like what you get when you mix and match different eras on madden to create the most disgusting uni you can.
  15. New York Jets Uniform

    Looks good! I'm a big fan of double green on the jets, note for other uniforms though NFL uniforms have the Nike swoosh on the sleeves instead of the chest like college teams do it's no biggie just trying to help!