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  1. Wow...made by a virtually unknown poster.
  2. I only know "as a fan I'm not a fan" as a reference. What was the context?
  3. Well, as you say... And a good one. I recall the floating yellow stripe from the Lemieux days and was never a fan...it mad the Penguings a team with a pretty big gap between their home and road jerseys. Not a fan of the laces...but I never am. Seems like change for change's sake. I can deal with the steel pattern. It's not necessary. I suppose I can deal with the alternate having that mid-1990s logo. The jersey itself is a solid alt look. I'm always weary of teams appearing to almost have primary alternates, though. Therefore, I'd go with the skating penguin on the helmets.
  4. That's happened to me, too. My Wisconsin ties have me hating the Packers more than I probably otherwise would. And while going to school at Wisconsin made me a Badger fan, I was actually happy to see Minnesota make the 1997 Final Four and break the college hockey National Title drought in the early 2000s...it was only when I moved back to Minnesota that I started to actually hate the Gophers...I guess it's being surrounded by their fans.
  5. I saw Soundgarden play five days ago. I've seen him perform nine times. You'll never hear me say someone had a better singing voice, regardless of genre. We can never be sure of these things, but word was he'd been clean for some time. I'm in the age group that was all over the "grunge" scene...as such it's a tough pill to swallow that "Mt. Grungemore" (Vedder, Cornell, Staley, Cobain) is down to one. This is probably the worst celebrity death of my life.
  6. I tend to think it will come to you more than you'll tangibly make it happen. Maybe living there you'll remain an Argos fan or maybe you'll get caught up in the local team. I dunno. I grew up in Minnesota and when I went to the University of Wisconsin, I became a Wisconsin fan for college sports...grew up a casual Gopher fan. It was pretty easy since I was finally in that college sports atmosphere and Badger sports is something I had in common with many people there. But I remained a fan of the Minnesota pro teams. Of course, the Wisconsin pro teams do not play in Madison, so maybe if UW was located in Milwaukee, I'd have become a Brewers and Bucks fan...who knows. Anyway, I don't think I planned any of this. It's just how I felt.
  7. That's one you'd have had to have been at the right place and right time for (and I was not...I'll have to live with not knowing...)
  8. If Boston wins a title in a few years, does Brooklyn management get rings?
  9. Really? If that's the case the possibilities are that they'll still have two non-matching uniforms (certainly a realistic possibility for the Wild) or that the reports on the new green uniform being like the outdoor uniform are off and the green is going to be more like the road uniform. (Please, please, please).
  10. mod edit
  11. Yes. It almost always seems to happen. I'm not sure how many teams will make big change, but with the temporary eliminatio of alts, you could see some alts move up to primary (as I think is supposed to happen in Edmonton, sadly). The Wild are changing their home uniform (green with logo similar to outdoor game) and hopefully their road uniform to match. Maybe there'll be a few more.
  12. Baylor's a great example of the lost opportunity with Penn State. Given what happened with Penn State, can we expect anything bad to happen to Baylor? If the world was a better place someone would have shut PSU football down for a while (including the University itself).
  13. You misread that...he's implying that the NCAA is being lenient on PSU because they play in a big-time conference. I'm not so sure about that. I think it's more about their inability to ever figure out what they should or can do. They did everything wrong. Lighter than appropriate punishment that they took away in what essentially amount to an apology. I don't know whether the NCAA could have made a real punishment stick, but it's tragic that, for whatever reason, it could not happen and there really is no deterrent for other schools to cover up sexual assaults. But would they have hit, say San Diego State or Louisiana Tech with a much harsher penalty? I am not so sure.
  14. Google "screen printing Miami" (which I think is where you live). Or if someone has better direction, let him know...a sports-specific place that does this is probably a bit better than a place that primarily produces t-shirts that say Vote for Pedro. I used to do this some way, way back in the day (like, early 1990s). You do have to be careful with the quality. With the Packers being one color and (I think) a pretty basic font, you are at an advantage. Back in the day, my buddy had a decent replica Elway Jersey with no name on back. He took it to the local place and the font is just hilarious. So make sure to convey the font or ask for examples. You may want to see whether you can find customer reviews. These places are out there, but very, very few of their customers are hard-core uniform geeks.
  15. I like the primaries quite a bit. I've always liked the guitar pick logo and the traditional stripes work. I'm not a fan of the collar or 3D logo on the second yellow option. I also think I prefer not having a gray stripe. I'm not sure what to make of the three stars on the helmet (yes I know the represent the state flag). I they are too big on this drawing, but in reality, it may be a decent look.