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  1. OnWis97

    Carolina Hurricanes Unveil New Black Third Uniform

    I like it. I’ve always preferred that logo and the lack of white is a very “alternate” thing. I’m not sure about the gray yoke but it’s not a deal-breaker for me.
  2. Impossible to talk about this without breaking the cardinal rule. But I'm not convinced he should be. And I am no _ _ _ _ _ supporter by a long shot.
  3. OnWis97

    Atypical and Defunct Uniform Suppliers of Note

    I knew about most of these but I did not know Mitchell and Ness ever produced anything on-field nor that they've been around since 1904. That said, I don't know if any news I've ever seen on here has floored me as much as the fact that Aeropostale supplied D-1 uniforms. Wow.
  4. OnWis97

    MLB Unveils 2018 All-Star Uniforms: Stars, Stripes, and Pinwheels!

    Wow...a not-so-subtle nod to the Expos. I would not have guessed such a thing would happen. The Nats seem to be more like the Thunder than the Dodgers. So in principal, I kinda like it. But I never liked the pinwheel hats and I don't like front panels (which the ASG in Minnesota four years ago helped push along). I guess this is fun for the ASG, though The workout caps are awful 1) because two special caps for the weekend? and 2) because they are. Some team observations: Brewers continue to use both logos. Their BiG looks awful in red. No sure why the Orioles went with "O's" on the workout cap...perhaps because the bird is a bit too detailed for shrinking? On the warm-ups, looks like the Marlins fish is on the wrong side...my guess is this won't play out for the final product. The Astros logo is probably poorest at translating to the white panel. The outline helps the Indians logo...think about it for the primary, Cleveland.
  5. OnWis97

    NFL 2018 changes

    I think most of us would find that funny (even though we blame the Rams and not the NFL) but most fans that know nothing of all this stuff would just complain that "the Rams wear those awesome jerseys before the game and then change into those ugly ones."
  6. When my parents paid off their house, they took my girlfriend (now wife) and I to New York City. We were like a year out of school at the time and could not afford to travel anywhere that did not include a free stay, so it was pretty cool. Your (particularly the older one) will be older than I was (i.e., may have actual money) but it would still be a cool thing to do, assuming they're into the World Cup.
  7. I was disappointed to see that I live nowhere near any of the sites. Then I was disappointed to realize how old I'll be...
  8. I'm curious about the auto bid. There's no way they are giving three out. Will there be none? Or maybe an auto to the top-ranked of the three countries?
  9. I could see LaVar being a key reason he does not go to the Lakers.
  10. OnWis97

    2018 NBA Post Season

    To a great extent, LeBron's been forgiven for "the Decision" though certainly some haters linger. But during his time in Miami, the criticism he took for that dwarfed the criticism Durant is taking. Part of that was the manner in which LeBron did it and part of it was because he's better and, therefore, gets more scrutiny. But you can't discount the impact of the Jordan and Kobe fanboys being worried about LeBron's ring count.
  11. OnWis97

    2018 NBA Post Season

    But there is plenty of nuance. Even if you want to say that, it doesn't make them equivalent. I'm not calling "The Decision" one of the great moments in NBA history. But that does not make them the same; Durant took the easiest way out of any free agent in NBA history.
  12. OnWis97

    2018 NBA Post Season

    That's why none of the people we're discussing is as good as Robert Horry. You're literally treating basketball players like you'd treat tennis players. LeBron left a hopeless situation. A cold-weather, non-cosmopolitan city where no free agent wants to go. So Kobe's better than LeBron because Shaq wanted more endorsements? If LeBron wanted titles he had to move. Durant took the Warriors to Game 7, lost to them, had the option to sign on for one more year and try to beat them. Instead he took the easy way out. Could you argue that LeBron decided to make it easier on himself? Sure. But how on earth could not argue that Durant did not. Durant had an opportunity to get them back and instead he joined them.
  13. OnWis97

    2018 NBA Post Season

    The NBA is probably always going to be that way. A thread was started (and apparently deleted) about why the NBA has less postseason parody than the other sports. And I think it's because of the enormous difference that one or two players can make. It's set up for the best team / best players to win. In football, you have 22 starters each playing less than half the game. Only a QB can create an automatic contender but even then defenses and the fact that there are no seven-game series (i.e., anyone can be upset in one game) are equalizers. In hockey, Sid Crosby plays, what, 25 out of 60 minutes, while LeBron plays 45 out of 48. A couple of stars are not as likely to bring a team to the top of the standings as in basketball. Throw in low-scoring games, hot goalies, and puck-luck and .500 teams can have a chance against #1 seeds. When the Yankees signed A-rod, there was something very unsavory about it. The team with the biggest payroll now had the two best shortstops in the league. They contended every year, but only won it all once. Because A-Rod's impact is being one of nine hitters/defenders and not pitching. Durant's is being one of 5 starters. And a 7-game series in a sport like baseball is different given that there are different starting pitchers and while and NBA star can have an off night, it's nothing compared to the impact of a starting pitcher having an off night. The NBA is always going to be more prone to this.That doesn't make it any less disheartening to see something like the Durant signing or to know that a team like mine (the Timberwolves) has to have all the stars aligned (health, players that have not yet left for greener pastures, good drafting, finding undervalued free agents, mortgaging parts of the future for the present or vice versa) to even sniff a deep run.
  14. OnWis97

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I'm about to ask a question about teams that don't play in North American leagues, but it's a game taking place in North America. I've been seeing advertisements for weeks wrapped around our light rail trains for Tottenham Hotspur vs. AC Milan to be played at the Vikings stadium. I figured it was a "friendly." I looked it up and apparently it's part of the "International Champions Cup." Is this event a big deal to the teams? Do they play their best players? Is it worth going?
  15. My wife grew up loving Wisconsin Badger hockey. Since we've been together (20 years) her interest in Wisconsin football, and college football in general, have increased. So on Saturdays we make a point to watch the Badger game and if there's nothing going on, she'll be interested in watching other games involving ranked teams. Other than that, she'd rarely like to see sports on our TV unless the Wisconsin basketball team is playing an NCAA tournament game...or maybe a Wisconsin NCAA tournament game (or the NCAA tournament in general if her pool is going well). She likes going to games. I've been to 30 MLB parks and am responsible for 26 of her 27. She showed some interest in the NBA and NHL finals last week (which was unusual), but I don't think I could get her excited about, say, a second-round game 7 NHL OT game.