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  1. I wondered how McQueary would survive... http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/17905245/jury-rules-favor-ex-penn-state-assistant-mike-mcqueary-defamation-case
  2. It's a nice ring, overall. I'd rather the NBA logo in "2016" just be a "0." And as much as we like nods to uniforms, there's something unsettling about a stone representing those awful uniforms.
  3. Am I missing something regarding how that's a shot at you? I took it as a shot at the whole left. I do think the right has done somewhat better at getting people fired up in the mid-term. That, combined with the aforementioned gerrymandered house districts and a pre-gerrymandered (if you will) Senate gives them the over-representation that empowers them to leave Supreme Court seats empty. And with Hillary in, the anger will be at near Obama-levels and their mid-term momentum should remain intact.
  4. It's worse on football for sure. The uniforms are so tight that folds cause issues distinguishing 3, 6, 8, and 9. It happens to me a couple of times a game. I doubt it will be a problem in basketball, though the narrowness could be a minor problem.
  5. Wisconsin's about what I expected. My least favorite part is two stripes on each part of the neck. I find those distracting. I also feel the stripes on the bottom-front of the shorts should go all the way around. But unlike hockey and football (slight downgrades), I'll say that the basketball uniforms are an upgrade. The Adidas font was getting really stale, as was the use of black trim. I don't love this number font (two-digit numbers seem to be too close together) but it's at least a change and at worst a push from the old; and the simple red/white design is an upgrade.
  6. Gary Johnson almost seemed to be trying to out-Trump Trump on that one. That may very well be the dumbest thing I've ever heard a non-Trump presidential candidate say. Yeah, Stein may even be a worse candidate. We can argue all we want about focusing on local elections first, etc. But if you're going to run for the big one, people are going to assume you are doing so with your best candidate. Neither one of these helps the cause. Also, I respect the hell out of someone who can get through medical school (given my performance in undergrad chemistry) but those who run for presidents show that getting through medical school does not mean you really understand anything else. Actually, if someone just can't bring themselves to vote for Trump or Hillary, I suppose Johnson or Stein are still viable "protest" votes, given that they cannot win. But I'd love to have a nickel for each person I have heard proclaim one (particularly Johnson) a really good candidate. Some people pretty much see the "Libertarian" or "Green" label and don't need to know any more. Party Before Country: It's not just for the big dogs.
  7. Yeah, I saw the ban notice and had no idea who the old or new name were. If you get banned and come back later you can probably get away with it if you don't raise red flags by being a jerk or saying "I was banned."
  8. I knew that. It is common to see that. Obviously there is no history of the QB / P duplication causing issues. I just don't recall seeing it with those positions before.
  9. Iowa's punter and quarterback are both 16. I am surprised there is no rule against that. Seems like they could sneak the QB out for a fake or the P out for a quick kick.
  10. Wisconsin in white facemasks. I don't recall them doing it before. I don't like it.
  11. What the hell is a kay?
  12. That's probably true. According to the Mothership, this logo (before minor tweaks) debuted in 1949. Something similar was used from 1946-1948. In those days, the general level of respect we had for Native Americans was somewhere in the neighborhood of "caricature". You'll see that stuff with blacks and Asians as well. So there's a bit of context as to why the designer designed it. But it was symptomatic of a bigger problem; the less-than-equal way we looked at Native Americans. Stuff like that is bigger than "PC." It's subconscious. Just because the intent wasn't there doesn't make it appropriate now...well it wasn't appropriate then, but it took us a few decades to evolve and realize it.
  13. The superstitious Cub fan does not like your new avatar.
  14. 538 has a scenario in which he becomes President...albeit a ginormous long-shot. But certainly a better chance than Johnson or Stein. http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-evan-mcmullin-could-win-utah-and-the-presidency/
  15. Agreed. They'd be putting a lot of eggs in that basket; may as well do it with full rest. It's quite a blow to throw him early and still lose the game and be down 3-2 without him. If he's going to go once more, may as well be on full rest.