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  1. MLB changes 2018?

    Teams that need to do something: Cleveland: Pick a lane on the cursive vs. block look. (and on Wahoo) Twins: Narrow the look...either go to the throwback (and design road and alts to match) or stop wearing it. Use the gold everywhere or not at all. Texas: Something...the look's getting stale. Keep the red and blue colors but maybe tone some things down? Brewers: Pick a lane. Diamondbacks: Cool it with the diamond design. Padres: Stop being so boring and, as the Astros did, bring out a look that enables us to say "finally! This is the Padres." I did not state my preferences, but they are: As a Twins fan, I want the gold canned. I also want the red hats and jerseys canned. Cleveland should go with the cursive look, a block-C with white outline, and dump Wahoo. Texas I'm not sure about...I'm just sick of it. I'd like something close to the Nolan Ryan uniforms. Brewers need to get rid of the drab color scheme in favor of the 1980s scheme. D-backs have a good start, but need to tone it down. I want brown and orange Padres, so I lose. Teams I'd like to see do something, but don't "need" it as much: Orioles: Dump the cartoon bird...but I know I'll probably never get that wish White Sox: Go back to the road uniforms with the sock patch on the sleeves and the pants that matched the jersey Philadelphia: Go to a maroon look...I'd take power blue trim. But if you insist on keeping this look, get the numbers off the sleeves. Cincinnati: No black.
  2. MLB changes 2018?

    The affinity for the blue and yellow BiG has been apparent at Miller Park for some time. I have not been there for a few years, so I'm not sure how the vivid BiG hat is selling vs. the drab BiG hat, i.e., I have not had the opportunity to see whether the new-color BiG is being embraced the way the old-school one is. I wonder whether those sales could influence the team. I don't think the dark/drab color trend in sports is going away any time soon, though. But if your perception is correct, maybe they'll realize it's about the colors as well as the logo. On the other hand, maybe they recognize that they're selling plenty of each. I think that carries more wait than brand cohesion nowadays.
  3. MLB changes 2018?

    They are definitely a frustrating team. Sometimes I get the sense that they are constantly test-marketing everything they can think of based on retail sale...but are afraid to pull the trigger And they keep teasing us with actual interesting stuff and keep sticking with the plainest uniforms in MLB. I keep waiting for some kind of resolution, even if it's blue and orange* just to move on and know who the Padres are. Because I just don't believe they are going to be this boring for a long time. Or at least I didn't, but I'm starting to. *In a vacuum, the blue and orange look was serviceable, but it's the worst option (compared to any brown option or to blue/yellow) because of the Mets and Astros. At this point, I, a supporter of brown, would take blue and yellow if offered. I did not like the two-colored hat monogram, but the jersey was really nice. And as I mentioned above in the Brewers discussion, someone should really be using this color scheme. Ideally it would be the Brewers with the Padres in Brown (so the worst and most boring looks, respectively, can be eradicated). But given the stubborness of both teams, I'd take the Padres doing it if offered.
  4. NHL 2017-18

    While I'm with you that it could use hem stripes, I'm not seeing how it could ever be an upgrade. The boxy yoke and thick stripes give me a sense that they're mimicking some of the outdoor game looks. I suppose if you like that, you could call it "hem stripes away from an upgrade." I certainly do not. And if I was on the fence, the deciding factor would be that this is a team that's essentially had one uniform since they replaced green in favor of black. Moreso than even most Original-6 teams, they did not need to change for new manufacturer's sake. It just seems like change just because (or maybe to sell more jerseys).
  5. MLB changes 2018?

    I am probably in the minority on this one but I love how red-dominate the Angels are and I don't want to see too much navy. I also like the current halo better than a gold one. I am not totally sold on their red-on-red alternate, so maybe some more blue there. But if I could force the Angels to do one thing it would be to get rid of the patch on their right sleeve. They don't need two different patches on the two sleeves and the "Halo A" is way over-used on the jerseys. Regarding the Padres, I'm sure there's a meeting coming up on how to make their uniforms more boring. I would not be surprised to see the modern-colored BiG full-time, but that would not solve their problems. The modern colors are a big part of their problem. Everything else on the uniform (fonts, drop-shadows, stupid little tail) is the rest of it. The BiG itself was a clever design in the 1970s and my take is that it looks very 70s (though admittedly not as much in the modern colors). Since the mid-1990s look is a non-starter, I really want to see them go royal and yellow, a color scheme that is far too lacking in pro sports nowadays. The BiG is popular enough that I'll accept it as part of that look. Unfortunately, I think the fan-base likes the BiG and is really indifferent toward the rest. So a dark/drab BiG on the rest of this mess will probably satisfy. I hold out some hope that the old uniforms/colors, which represent a few really good years in the early 1980s, are enough of that draw that the team will move in that direction. Regarding the bold, yeah. It's been around, I think, since the year Miller Park was supposed to open (1999 or so). It never seemed like a design that had staying power. And I think it's worn out its welcome. Of course I thought that the minute I saw them. But I feel like (and I could be wrong), when I joined this board in the mid-2000s, it was well-liked and now I don't think too many people around here like it at all. If I'm right, that kind of shows that the look is growing stale. Regarding "Milwaukee," that 1980s road script is reason enough to bring back the 1980s look. But I feel like I've heard on the boards that the Brewers kind of shy from that because the rest of the state does not really like Milwaukee. (though they've since added it to an alt...)
  6. Navigating Los Angeles

    This was very cool...thanks! We also went to Redondo Beach Brewing Company and Barney's Beanery...I wanted to try Orlando's but we never made it. Funnily, we ended up in a very small concourse with a couple of hours to kill waiting on our flight home and ended up at...Barney's Beanery. I liked LA better than I thought I would. But unlike @DG_Now, I don't really have any fantasies about living there. There are two situations while driving: outrageously slow and NASCAR...there are some seriously crazy drivers there. And while I enjoyed most of the destinations we went to and all that the area has to offer, I know that living and working would require aggravating drives to mundane places like the grocery store. We went to one night of the Ohana Music Festival (Dana Point), which was in a great setting. I enjoyed Dodger Stadium (though the game we went to was dreadful). I was able to get one of the better bargain's I've ever had at the Angels game ($51 for club level. It was a Tuesday). Hiking around Griffith Park was tremendous as were views from the Getty. We enjoyed the shoreline spots (Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, etc.). I rented a bike and rode up and down the coast, which was tremendous. And the obligatory Hollywood/Sunset/Beverly Hills Day...amusing, but don't need to do it again. No tours available of the Rose Bowl (public tours once a month) so we went on Sunday and ran into a colossal flea market. Our hotel was right at the end of the green line so we went downtown and to El Pueblo via the Green and Silver lines (Blue and Green for our return). Unfortunately, taking transit to most places would have taken forever. All in all we really enjoyed it. But...the driving!
  7. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    The league would have more boycotters with him in the league than out. Either way, there's not another team in the league that will draw 25,000 fans. They may as well have moved to Billings. What a tremendous disaster.
  8. MLB Changes 2017

    I like tails but after seeing mention of how poorly it works off o the "e," (which I cannot unsee; thanks) , I think the Milwaukee script looks better sans tail.
  9. 2017 NFL Season

    I think this is about right. I never quite understood why it was a must for LA to have two teams. The Rams had more LA history than the Chargers ( and far more people that remember it) and came in one year earlier. The Chargers being #2 was the inevitable outcome. Now everyone is stuck with a disaster.
  10. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Next Oregon uniform: http://www.theonion.com/graphic/new-oregon-jerseys-display-fine-print-nike-contrac-56951?utm_content=Main&utm_campaign=SF&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing 😊
  11. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    I Loved UCLA (neck-down, anyway) maybe 10 years ago with block numbers and the dark blue trim. But I have to admit they are more consistent now...and they still look good.
  12. Navigating Los Angeles

    Thanks for the replies. We drove to the game but used the green, silver, and blue lines today. We went to RB Brewing, which was good and may try a couple of the others.
  13. Say it ain't so, Joe

    It already seems like they have sort of become America's Team. ..partly because a lot of people (most outside this board as far as I can tell) felt like getting everyone out was good enough and the school has been persecuted and partly because Big Bad Ohio State made the playoff. It seems like people want PSU to be a top-flight program again because that's what matters. There are two issues...Paterno and the program. I don't think too many outside of the Valley are too into defending Paterno. It is just the hard-core doing that. However, nationally, folks just want to forget the story and move on and I think winning helps people think that is happening. For me it was never really about Paterno...he was one of several people who enabled Sandusky. I don't think the school should honor him, but when I wanted an actual impactful punishment, it was about the culture, of which Paterno was only a part... and can continue through a lot of personnel turnover. That culture valued football wins over basic decency and I'm not convinced getting rid of some people removes that culture. And that culture seems reflected in their role as a national favorite. I feel like it was a missed opportunity to make sure the risk outweighs the reward in covering up sexual assaults. And that's much bigger than Paterno.
  14. Navigating Los Angeles

    Having been to most major US cities, I am going to Los Angeles for the first time. This is not really our kind of trip...urban travel usually involves more transit. We're renting a car the entire time. Staying in Redondo Beach. We know we're going to one day of the Ohana music festival (Dana Point). We also plan on going to a Dodger game and an Angel game. A few questions: Are we best off just driving to the Dodger game? I would guess that just arriving and parking's going to be rough...unfortunately, we're going to LA from the 8th through 16th, so we have to go either on Friday or Sunday (Ohana is SAT) and given that and the kind of year the Dodgers are having, we anticipated a crowd and bought Friday tickets. It looks like the transit provider operates the Dodger Stadium Express and it would be an easier drive to the Harbor Gateway Transit Station or Rosecrans Station. Anyone know whether there's parking at those stations and whether this is a better option than just driving to the stadium. EDIT: It looks like the hotel we are staying at is right next to the Redondo Beach Green Line station...we could take the green line to Harbor Fair station...but for a night game, I kinda question that as a great idea for the return trip. For the Angels game (Tuesday or Wednesday evening), I assuming driving is the best way, but correct me if I am wrong. We have not exactly planned out what we want to do for most days. We have car access, may do a day trip or two, and are interested in interesting things with the cities of LA and Passadena...any advice? Thanks!