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  1. Good catch...I like the white on the helmet but what you say makes sense. EDIT: Though without the logic of matching the sleeves, gun to my head, I feel like I see the white.
  2. With the exception of the wordmark on the sleeve and the chrome mask, this would be pretty darn nice. I really like their old traditional helmet stripes, but this pattern one looks pretty good too. Unfortunately, while your drawing implies (or at least I infer from it) the wordmarks on the left sleeve, they appear to be on the right (or is it both?). I have OCD about that...if only one sleeve has a patch, it should be the left (probably because of MLB uniforms).
  3. I'd rather see the Eagles since they muddy the look with black and charcoal. The Jets should work with dark green and white...Nike seems to be messing it up. I suspect the Eagles will always use black. Therefore, a lighter green is much better. If it were up to me the Eagles would base it on 1980...No black. Kelly and gray/silver is a great look. They would, of course, not go to the huge and strange stripe pattern on the sleeves...but shrink and simplify that and they are gold. Either way this should be an improvement.
  4. Bad start. The "Lions" on the shoulder is very reminiscent of the Bucs. Was hoping for a blue mask...gray is also suitable. Very disappointed in the helmet stripe. I wanted that to look exactly like it did in Barry's era.
  5. Interesting...I hadn't thought of it that way. Braves and Brewers fans have not gotten upset about this and from what I hear Stars fans were irate over the old-times game jerseys. OK, it's partly because there is nobody in Seattle clamoring for the return of the Pilots while in Minnesota there are some nostalgia-driven people still hilariously hoping for a Hornets history revision. (Also, the evidence is anecdotal; if not for Cole, I may not even realize that anyone in Texas was upset). My take is that they should not be doing this. It was cool when Modano, playing his last game at XCel, skated out in a North Stars jersey. Otherwise, no. The North Stars belong to Dallas. I think if the fans really are upset, they should relax because there's no threat here. But it is stupid. Yeah, the NHL first came to Minnesota 50 years ago, but that's like 43 seasons of non-continuous NHL mediocrity in Minnesota. If they really want to celebrate that, they should warm up in green (the color of both franchises) jerseys with the state outline around a "50" or something. In short, they should not be doing this. But it's nothing to be too upset about.
  6. The Chargers are giving each season ticket holder* a jersey. http://e.chargers.com/t/ViewEmail/i/3A5E047944044B26 It says "game" jersey, but given the availability of women's cut (and reference to the men's XL), I assume it's a replica. Too bad they couldn't give choice of player and jersey color to add a little variety to what the hundreds of these fans will be wearing to the game. Actually it says season ticket "member." No sure whether that's one jersey per seat or one per account.
  7. 1. 2015 NCAA Basketball Championship game-Wisconsin over Duke. 2. North Stars are still in Minnesota to this day. 3. No designated hitter.
  8. When I lost the North Stars I was done with them. I had friends that, while they did not really follow the team in Dallas, were pulling for them in the 1999 finals. I tried to cheer for the Red Wings (why? Uniforms, why else?) but it did not take. In fact, their first finals was vs. the Devils...I was kinda pulling for the Wings, but when they lost I shrugged my shoulders and was glad that Neal Broten won a cup. So I was not exactly hard core. If the Vikings moved (which looked like a possibility a couple of years ago), it would probably be the same thing. I would not have followed them. I'd have been (even more) soured to the NFL and would have a passing interest come playoff time. My real NFL fandom would most likely be done.
  9. Few, if any, on this board are old enough to remember the NFL not being #1. But it has not always been by the current margin. And starting, I don't know, 15 years ago, when it was moving from "clear #1" to "obsession that dwarfs all other sports 365 days per year," I think the NFL and the media that promotes it have done a masterful job at keeping it in the forefront of sports news. And it's just kept growing (up until a year or two ago). And while the really grandiose stuff (permanent team in London, 18-game schedule) has been calmed down, the league's head is a bit big. I think I am in a small (but maybe bigger than I think) minority that's been turned off by it. I'm sick of the obsession. I'm sick of it taking over sports news during the World Series, NCAA tournament, etc. I have NFL fatigue and I'll never be back to where I was as a kid (with the NFL my clear #1). It seems to have peaked. It had to happen eventually. Sadly, I think it'll bounce back this year without Kaepernick in the league. Fans can deal with players that torture dogs and beat women up but they get a little snowflakey when someone does not approach flag etiquette as they do. Something like the Raiders moving from that dump to a modern building in Vegas kind of does take away from the NFL of my youth (though truthfully, I've never had a soft spot for baseball infields in football) but I don't think this will play a key role if I jump ship. Either way, they were going to move into modern digs at some point. But it does feel like something "romantic" is being lost. I've kinda thought about jumping ship on the NFL if, on week 1, Joe Mixon is on a roster and Kaepernick is not. I get it. Most NFL fans demand that flag etiquette be followed as they'd follow it; and they don't care if actual bad guys are on the team. And Kaep may in fact not be a starter at this time. So maybe I'm wrong. That's OK. I don't have to be right. Given the CTE issues, how full of itself the league is, the tiresome coverage, the frequent movement of franchises, the difficulty playing defense, and the need to have a top-flight QB to have even a chance, I have enough pushing me away. (regarding the bold)...but the Niners will count someday. They'll be back, which lends to my post. Someday, when the Vikings are in the playoffs will I really be able to ignore? Will I not be excited if they are going to a Super Bowl and they actually have a chance to get that monkey off their (and Minnesota's) back? I can't promise...so I am not thumping my chest about being "done." I don't know. But If Kaepernick's not on a roster and a bunch of violent sociopaths are, I anticipate taking yet another step away, at least for a while.
  10. There was no way the Raiders were going to be rebranding. First, the liklihood that Oakland will be getting a team (or even that the Bay Area will be getting a second team) is minimal. Combine that with the famous/infamous national image of the Raiders and this is the only thing that makes sense. The NFL needs to have the Raiders. I am waiting to start seeing an internet movement to have the LA Chargers become the Raiders and the LV Raiders become either the Chargers or a rebrand. Histories included, of course...but it's still the Davis family, so I doubt that would happen. If Oakland ever does get a team, I suppose a Hornets/Bobcats/Pelicans/Hornets retroactive history swap could happen, provided the Raiders have totally new ownership by then.
  11. Agreed I could go either way on this. Agreed Agreed No. If they ever put a logo on the helmet, it better be great and it better last forever. No dog's head. No Elf. I could live with the "B" in the football, but really, it should not be on the helmet. No helmet logo is their helmet logo, if you will. I'd shrink the wordmark. And this would be a serviceable uniform. This is a few steps from being a decent uniform... ...of course, I'll listen to the argument that "even if it's an OK uniform, it's not 'the Browns.'" So perhaps they should go with the look that the city and fanbase clamored for. The classic look works just fine. What I'd do to it: Keep the brown facemask. Man that looks good. Both the white and gray masks stuck out like sore thumbs...this is the first time they've had the facemask right. Consider orange outlines on the numbers. I'd like it, but I pretty much only like one-color numbers on one-color teams. And for crying out loud, don't switch to white helmets! That's not the look we expected when we changed the way we recorded sports history for you.
  12. Our card had a miraculous $7,000 charged to it i like a day after letting it out of our sights in Italy. Headly's concerns make sense to me. We don't do that in the States, but in other countries, we try to use cash.
  13. I hear it sometimes, though more often in relation to the Gophers. It's like a slightly less used version of 'Sconnie for Wisconsin. Both are stupid.
  14. "Sota" is a bit of a "thing," I guess. I've seen t-shirts that say Sota. That said, please don't let this be true. Please.
  15. No. I am nervous this is going to have some Hawks characteristics.