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  1. Which team has the worst identity?

    Didn't that come up as a possibility...an homage to the old minor league team that Ted Williams played for? I don't recall whether it was mere speculation here or if there was something more to it. And a lot of people here liked it (maybe based on "whatever is not brown is good"). As a Twins fan I am not of they opinion that they (or Cleveland, or Atlanta, or Boston, etc.) need to change their color scheme, but for an established team to throw one more on the pile would be awful. That said, I feel like I've heard that it's not off the table. The Padres should look to the Astros. We did not know what the Astros were either until they went back to blue and orange. Now we do. The Padres can do that by going to brown. Brown/yellow, brown/orange, brown/orange/yellow. Hell even brown/tan, brown/light blue, or just brown. I like brown and orange, but I know that is not happening. Brown and yellow gets it done. They can be recognizable, we can all know who they are, and they can be removed as a discussion in this thread. But until they either go to brown or go like 15 years with some lame "blend in" scheme without tweaking it, they'll be confusing mess and key part of this thread. The blue and yellow looks nice, but I don't think anyone will trust it until 1) it is on all uniforms (minus camo) and 2) it's around for at least a decade. Go brown and establish yourselves, Padres.
  2. There was also a former Michigan State punter killed in the collision.
  3. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    Maybe so. And while it's not cool, the DNC is not the government and a party can run itself and nominate how it wishes. That may chase some people away, which makes sense. But complaints albeit the rights or voice of the people are not really accurate in the nomination process. To Headly's point, she is a very weak candidate having to rely on party treatment to put this guy away in the 10th hour. Had it been more "democratic" as we want SB probably still would have secured it but it may have been this coming week. Is anyone actually excited about her? Many are excited about Trump. But if she wins she needs to be thankful that she ran against this buffoon. She couldn't beat a Romney. excuse me; I have practice holding my nose in my model voting booth. Go Hillary; I guess.
  4. 2016 MLB Season

    Football games are once-a-week events, primarily played on Sunday afternoons and evenings. MLB plays nearly every day. Fans don't like staying until 10:30 or 11:00 for home games on Tuesdays. Seven innings would be too much of a fundamental change, but I do feel there needs to be a way to make them shorter.
  5. What will Under Armour do at Wisconsin?

    "You're gonna miss me when I'm gone." --Block Number Font
  6. 2nd Annual - BASS Ask Us (almost) Anything Show

    Oooh. Over-under on number of announced departures that would result: 4.
  7. MLB 2016 Changes

    Agreed. It's a nice uniform with the traditional red hat. But I am not fond of white hats with or without pinstripes. Of course, I agree with so many who said that the Reds may be one of the biggest tragedies of the pullover/sansabelt era. If they'd kept the great look from before then maybe (hopefully) they'd have been looked at as untouchable classics. Of course using only one color, it's a real possibility they'd have added black at some point anyway. Too bad they did not just go back to what worked like the Red Sox did.
  8. Phoenix Suns Jersey History

    Funny how differently some people see things: 1) Solid, if not too exciting 2) Overrated 1990s garbage 3) Underrated uniforms with nice color balance and survives the gratuitous addition of gray 4) I am with you here. Worst in team's history and absolute crap.
  9. What will Under Armour do at Wisconsin?

    ^That Red helmet is nice. The one with all the black that they later used is not. And if they bring back a red helmet it will probably be the later. So I hope not.
  10. What will Under Armour do at Wisconsin?

    "Forward" is the state motto. "Forever Forward" is an Under Armor take on it. So yuck.
  11. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    True...but that's part of why I think of W as unbeatable. I cannot truly gripe about term limits but if we magically had the ability to ignore it at this time, I would be happy; Obama would defeat Trump and as much as there are many people who are angry that someone like Obama is President, the hate level is much less than our two major candidates. It's depressing that we have two candidates that most people either hate (Hillary) or recognize as incapable (Trump). Nobody is happy and it stinks.
  12. What will Under Armour do at Wisconsin?

    I will admit that if one copied the other it is Wisconsin copying Nebraska. Think about where those programs were in the 1980s. However, I have never quite bought the somewhat-accepted idea that Barry Alvarez (who had been on Nebraska's staff) wanted to look like them. I think (but could be wrong) that the red was already lighter by the time he arrived. I know the two-stripe sleeves pre-date him. I tend to think that it's just kinda by chance and Nebraska's move to the Big Ten has made it a topic. There is not much you can do with red and white; neither team wants to add black trim (good). I tend to think the two-stripes is a coincidence and same with the shade of red (though I really don't know why Wisconsin's red is lighter). Funny; the 1980s Badgers looked a lot like a recolor of the 1980s Jets. As for the uniform, slight downgrade. The "arrow" motif is kinda cheesy but at least not gaudy. The number font is a downgrade (but it is a separation from Nebraska, I guess). But it coulda been worse.
  13. What will Under Armour do at Wisconsin?

    I don't like the new font so this is a downgrade overall. But I'll take it over the crazyness that could have happened. I think the biggest things to change vs. Nebraska could have been to go back to the darker cardinal (which was used on helmet decals until recently) and maybe to change the two-stripe pattern. Note that they had two stripes well before Alvarez came over and I am not convinced they've ever really copied Nebraska. But the issue is still there.
  14. 2016 MLB Season

    Very interesting. MLB has a huge problem with the length of games. Managers are endlessly devoted to left/right match-ups and bad teams (see: Twins) carry 13 pitchers. It's dreadful. There is nothing worse than watching a team change pitchers multiple times in a half-inning. But I am really curious to see what they come up with. Is there really a way to tell a team they can only change pitchers say once in an inning? Or that he must face two batters? That seems to go somewhat against the way the game is managed. But the timing is awful. Three hours should be in the 90th percentile for length, and I suspect it's more like in the 20th. Since they'll never cut out one commercial per inning break (there's eight or nine minutes right there), this would be an interesting approach. It may not speed the games up too much, but it will help with the perception. I would be curious to know how often mid-inning pitching changes are made in the AL vs. the NL. The NL has to contend with that spot in the batting order coming up. The AL has the luxury of not having to worry about that. Again, I'll be really curious to see what this may look like but I am skeptical that it will make sense.
  15. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    I thought about that as I was posting it and it may be true. But Bush is so charmed; I just can't fathom him losing an election. The world is his oyster.