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  1. As us Twins playing well on the road and awful at home.
  2. Depends on sport. NHL is 1980s, by a lot, for me. MLB is probably 1960s. NFL is probably 1980s. NBA is tricky...maybe 2000s. Edit: I started a short-lived thread like this a few years ago...my MLB answers differ, though I don't think it is inconsistent since in the old thread I picked a specific year.
  3. Avs and Canes road uniforms are perhaps the two most inferior to the homes in the NHL. Canes should have matched the homes and Avs fell into the underuse of a color trend.
  4. I would not bet too heavily on them making the playoffs. One injury will end that. Uou keep hearing about the double-digit leads they blew last year. That's been a part of the team culture for over a decade. That's not going to change. Gun to my head, I'll say the squeak in, but against a team they cannot beat; maybe Golden State.
  5. I wouldn't go tha far. But I don't think it was as terrible as the board thought it was. I was upset that they pulled the rug out from under us when we were expecting something more like we have now.
  6. I agree. I wish the home uniform was based off this design. And I absolutely agree about the number outlines. The fact that all numbers are outlined on the whites and they skip the sleeves on the greens seems arbitrary. Is it because the greens have a red stripe on each sleeve and outlined numbers would exceed the red quota? I am OK with the use of cream at home and white on the road...I was not sure about the use of cream for the jersey and then I read this post: So I think I'm content staying with white. There is more cohesion between these two uniforms than there's been in recent history. Nevertheless, I want more. The Wild would be a top-10 set if they'd: Add red to the white gap on the road stripes. Add red outline on the sleeve numbers at home. Add the sleeve stripe pattern to the hem on the greens (whether the cream stripe is best or not; I'd go either way) Maybe move the stripes lower on the sleeves on the greens? (May be dependent on what comes out of the above bullet) I think I make more of a stink about this than most people, but I don't like marginalizing key colors (for teams that don't have too many colors). The Vikings under-use yellow and I think the Wild under-use red, by a little. Would I want the shoulder patches to match? I'm not sure. I think both patches are solid and I can live with them not matching (and thank god they did not use the M on the left and the circle on the right or vice versa). Gun to my head, I'll take the circle on both, but it's a small point. The Wild are getting better. After the inaugurals, I felt like most moves they made were bad. But moving to the current road, combined with this is a step in the right direction. It's going to be as good as they've ever looked, but if this basic philopshpy (traditional) would have been used from day 1 (i.e., before segregating/marginalizing team colors was trendy), they'd have been outstanding.
  7. If there's one place where the parent issue could matter it's LA. I kinda hope the Lakers draft Fox for Lonzo's sake. I think playing somewhere far away from LA would be good for him.
  8. SI talking about the Devils (Obviously not written by anyone here) https://www.si.com/nhl/2017/06/21/devils-new-jerseys-uniforms-twitter-account-bio
  9. My money would still be on red. But I could see something fauxback to the non-existent 1930s-era Wild. I tend to doubt they'd go with an away alt...alts seem to be a home thing.
  10. There's something I've never thought about but it's true. The 1990s (Cris Carter-era, I guess) Vikings and the previous 1980s both used UCLA stripes on the whites and sleeve stripes on the purples. Once they added black trim (for a while, just at home), the North Stars went with differing templates. And we all know about the Wild. The T-Wolves have not really done that and I don't think the Twins have really done anything abnormal by baseball standards. As for the Wild, I am liking more and more. My unpopular opinion is that I don't think it needs the chest stripe to go all the way around. In fact, I don't tend to like the effect that stripes through the back of jerseys have on the numbers-on-back (obscuring parts of outlines, etc.) so I'm glad it does not wrap. I'm not convinced that the stripe is needed to offset the green in the logo. The inaugural jersey did not have a problem, though I acknowledge that the outline is thicker than perhaps necessary for many logos. I will admit that the inaugural uniforms have not aged well for me...they were a bit too modern, the shoulder patch is awful and the number font will not be missed. Part of what was keeping me attached to the inaugural uniform was that they were at least keeping the logo front-and-center. But even if they'd not gone all-in on the red jersey, I think something would have had to happen by now. That huge v-neck (product of the time) and the yellow-ish gold were kind of garish. Sadly, though, because I don't like the inaugurals as much as I used to, I don't think the Wild have ever quite gotten it right. Something's always been either missing or overdone. Here's my ranking, as of today and I guess this indicates that the Wild look their best right now (at least to me). Current (we believe) road jersey. It's a classic hockey jersey that gives the "vintage" feeling you refer to. I wish the white gap between the stripes was red (and given the sleeves on the new jersey, I am holding out hope for that change. If that happened, this would be the one jersey that would require no change. New green jersey. Again...they missed on the Seahawks approach to number outlining and hem stripe. But it's close to being great. Second edition of the red "circle" jersey. The faux yoke was a positive for that look. The lack of hem stripes hurt it but the real issue was the marginalizing of the logo in what is too big of an effort to be "retro." Inaugural green jersey. Big logo front-and-center...aforementioned issues (gold/yellow, number font) Inaugural white jersey. Not as nice as green counterpart...same issues. Second edition of inaugural white jersey. I don't like the original shoulder patch. This one is worse. First edition of red "circle" jersey. I know I rank this lower than most, but I hated it from day 1. I think it was the green spot on the sleeves; the faux yoke made it seem less "thrown on." That green spot just looked out of place to me. Script jersey. Aesthetically pleasing, but not enough red and not enough bear. A bear on the sleeves and more red stripes and/or number outline would have made it a serviceable alt. So what happens when alts come? The Wild introduce a red alt that minimizes the bear logo...the fans buy it in droves...and the maddening cycle starts again. EDIT: bumped the first red jersey down...seems weird to rank those two 3 and 6. Basically, the current road is #1 and everything else can be moved around.
  11. I am warming up...but it's still a "so close" situation, at best. Need outlines on the sleeve numbers and more on the hem.
  12. Did the Wild really put outlines on the back but not the sleeves? Ugh.
  13. To me, the Devils are 2017's answer to the 2007 (right?) Oilers Edge change. Is it the worst uniform ever? No. But the change is just confusing. It's the one change that I cannot fathom anyone saying "yeah, that's an upgrade." If so then I guess I'll like the road jersey better than the home. GOOD: The best news is that some teams with nice uniforms (Blues, Stars, O6). Vegas is not spectacular, but it's solid. For me the only clear upgrade is Carolina. I suppose Colorado, though I never really liked their original look (but they'd been making it worse anyway). BAD: Both the lack of hem stripes and the thin little hem stripes (like New Jersey, Arizona, and the Wild???? Not sure if that's what I am seeing on that one). I do think New Jersey's the most clear downgrade. It's not quite as "practice jersey" as the 2007 Oilers, but it's just (terrible) change for the sake of the manufacturer overhaul. This is a team that has essentially had the same uniform since about 1991 or so, essentially kept the same uniform with the Edge overhaul, and now come out with something cheap looking? Truth be told, I have found the red/black Devils boring, but at least they stuck to their look. They either needed to do something crazy with the logo, go back to green, add green with the black, or just stay put. Those other things would have been unpopular (or at least polarizing) but would have made more sense; but how could anyone say the Devils upgraded here? The Wild both improved and disappointed. All I've ever asked of the Wild is to keep the primary logo front and center; don't squeeze it into a circle and don't remove it altogether. I guess I should have been more specific. This is too minimalist and, to no surprise, has marginalized red. Are those numbers I see on the sleeve. No red? No surprise. And the lack of hem stripe makes the uniform look a bit boring. I can deal with the stripe across the chest (though would never have asked for it), but the lack of hem stripe makes it cheap looking. We knew about Edmonton, but I don't like the orange primary. I like this better than the alt from last year, as I just could not deal with the numbers in the yoke. This one better-matches their glory years, but you know what would do that even more? A blue jersey. And the three stripe pattern does not work well. The white looks very odd there against the orange. Blue/white/blue might work a little better, but the jersey should be blue. Overall this is not as bad as the Edge overhaul, but there certainly are some misses. Oh, and I see that graphic sorted the teams by division, but I cannot figure out how they sorted the teams within the divisions. So, uh, kudos on putting Tampa bay and Toronto side-by-side.
  14. Whenever I think of the busiest days I think of the Edge updates from a decade ago, the AZ Cardinals, and a few others. But I forget how many more members we now have. This thing could shut down tonight.
  15. The Blues essentially kept it the same...which is good (could have closed the gap between white and yellow on sleeve/hem to match yoke, but that's not my point). So it's a downgrade thanks to the goofy collar.