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  1. I agree that the 1990s Suns uniforms are overrated. I also agree that the current uniforms are even worse. Either way, I'll take the 1980s "PHOENIX" uniforms over the overrated Barkley set. And how's this for unpopular...I'll take the 2000-2012 uniforms with GFGS over all of 'em I felt like the gray fit in nicely. The only thing that did not work for me were the ovals behind the numbers.
  2. Thank you. Putting an "E" on an eagle or "F" on a falcon is silly. Working in the letter for the city (assuming it's not forced) would make sense.
  3. Then I'd say "kind of" is charitable.
  4. Perhaps there's a bit more nuance in the original statement..."gets boring to see red vs. white" is not an indictment on hockey or Devils games. It's simply "hey, I'd like to see more variety."
  5. You are in the most uniform-oriented 1% of this board, which is the most uniform-oriented .1% of sports fandom. (though I admit, I am frustrated that both the Orioles and Maple Leafs started doing well with their "Happy Bird" and "new leaf" when I like "standing bird" and "Ballard Leaf" so much better...I was cheering against them in hopes they'd someday go back)
  6. I like the current blue and green best. But is there a current green? I think any of those blues would look good with the current green. Anyhow, if they bring back a decent color balance of blue and green with no black...maybe, if they must, silver, they'll be in decent shape. I'm glad to see it's not going to be Seahawks green.
  7. If hitting coaches could make the Hall... Cosmo Kramer is more suited for the golf HOF, as evidenced by the hole in one he scored into that whale.
  8. I've been to hockey at the Target Center. It's serviceable but not nearly as nice as the Xcel Center...perhaps because of when each was built or perhaps because the Target Center was built for the Timberwolves. If the North Stars had been able to work out a Target Center deal I suspect they'd still be gone. While we did not support the team, some of the other reasons (Norm Green's sexual harassment rumor, etc.) were true. The Met Center, while less modern, was probably a better hockey venue, but the Target Center had luxury boxes and the downtown location. I think they could have survived there, but I am not sure they would have.
  9. Come on. Don't infer things that are not there (i.e., that I was defending it). I think we're at the point where everyone know's it's a terrible logo. Nobody's defending it...if anyone likes it or even think's it's "not that bad" they'll have to specify it. That's how bad it is. I actually checked to make sure I was right that the little guy was not a part of it....given the diligent execution of the shrunken carbon-copy of the puck, I thought I may have missed that the guy had been on the puck all along...
  10. Someone added him to the puck in the mouth. The real logo does not include the small guy.
  11. Not being around during UCLA's time, it's tough to judge. An 88-game men's streak today would be far more impressive, given that the best players play one year. But that wasn't the case in the late-1960s. On one hand, I want to ding UConn because there's just no parity in women's ball. That you'll never see a men's program roll like they do does not make them head-and-shoulders the best; the comparison is apples and oranges. But when this happens... ...they clearly are doing something amazing. Cynically, you could say that they've gotten to the point at which recruiting is barely even necessary. But even if that's the case, Auriemma and UConn created that landscape, rendering this streak years/decades in the making through all that they do. Regardless of all the hairs we split, it's really impressive. Is it good for the game? It's the age-old question we have on this board about the Patriots or any other dynasty...except that sometimes, I don't even think it occurs to you that they may not win. That's never the case in the other sports we talk about alot. I think I saw an ESPN graphic that said 98 of these 100 wins were by double-digits. That's all the more amazing and all the more boring. If I were a bigger women's basketball fan, I am sure I'd hate it; some years (like last year), there's essentially no chance they don't win it all. And even as a non-fan (who tuned in to see it happen; albeit while running a treadmill with music in my ears), I'm getting sick of it. I'm glad we don't have a men's program that's on a current 100-game streak.
  12. The North Stars final season in Minnesota was my senior year of high school. So, while there are certainly more Wild seasons in my memory by now, I'll never be totally moved on from it. I cheer for the Wild and I'm hoping the randomness of hockey can bring this town the championship the Vikes, Twins, and Wolves will never deliver. But I'll never feel about the Wild the way I did about the North Stars. But as you can see by the first sentence, I am getting older...fans just a few years younger than I have only vague memories of the North Stars. I'd guess half the population has decent memory of the North Stars and a third have none...and of course that will continue to shift in the Wild's favor. The prevalence of "retro gear" has some very young people wearing North Stars gear, but they don't really "feel" anything for the North Stars; not like I do. For the most part the Twin Cities and Minnesota have moved on. Whether it's location, the realization that it can all be taken away, or something else, this team is much more supported than the North Stars ever were. The Bobcats almost needed to become the Hornets just to survive. We clearly don't need that in Minnesota. So it's time to stop with the "bring back the North Stars" stuff. If there's a movement to change the name to something non-terrible, I'll listen but this is the team and for the most part, people here are just fine with it. I do agree with this. It was great. Before the "Stars" logo, it aged well with the times, as did the jerseys. Hockey is definitely my top "uniform/logo nostalgia" sport in no small part because of the 1980s North Stars. If I were king, we'd have the Dallas Armadillos and the Minnesota North Stars in a Winnipeg Jets (not Hornets/Bobcats/Pelicans mess) situation from day 1. But it did not happen and it's too late now.
  13. I am firmly in this camp as well. I know that an intentional walk attempt almost never results in a wild pitch or a pitch accidentally thrown over the plate and smacked into the corner by the hitter for a triple. But it could happen and it's part of the beauty of baseball. More importantly, it won't do anything to help speed the game up. The intentional walk has all but been abandoned anyway...the time impact of this will be negligible. I always figured it would happen because I hear enough talking heads suggest it. It won't ruin baseball (like sticking a runner on base will) but it's not necessary. All batters should see pitches even if there's a 99.9% chance that a walk will come of it. Regarding the extra inning thing, it's obviously even a worse detraction from the game and I question the impact on time of games. We have nine-inning games frequently pushing four hours. By insulting our intelligence with ways to shave seconds off of games or ways that may or may not take time off of a minority (i.e., extra inning) games, they may placate fans who want to see something done but when the impact is non-existent, fans will be unhappy once again. The real issues are constant trips to the mound, mid-inning pitching changes, stalling before those trips to the mound, throws to first, players adjusting batting gloves, taking every opportunity possible to go to a full three-minute commercial break, etc. It's a difficult balance to preserve the game, make revenue, and cater to fans that would like to routinely see 2.5-hour games. It's probably not possible...so I guess they're looking for ineffective ways that make good off-season headlines.
  14. This post sums up how I feel. Great Identity. Dragged down by bad name. Worse than names like "Heat" and "Thunder." Those are bad but at least everyone "gets" those right way. And after over 15 years, I don't support name changes. Teams/franchises should have consistent identities (Bullets/Wizards, etc.) when they can. And "Wild" may be the only name (outside of DC Pigskin) that I'd change. That's how bad it is. The only place I disagree with this post is the Raptors...it was never a great name and you could argue it's outdated because it rode the wave of a popular movie, but it's still a suitable name.
  15. It really is a terrific logo and color scheme. Who'd have thought they'd be able to do so well with a logo/identity for a name like "Wild?" It almost gives me pause in wanting to dump the name. But it's just such a terrible name. Despite the great effort on the visuals, if I could go back and time and take "Voyageurs" I'd do it and hope the designers could do an equally great job.