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  1. BP Jerseys in regular season games

    The Twins did it once (or more?) last year.
  2. Inaugural Baltimore Ravens Uniform Discourse

    As I was looking at photos, that what I thought. I know I've said it a lot, but it cannot be overstated, the black and dark purple are a terrible match.
  3. Inaugural Baltimore Ravens Uniform Discourse

    I am not really seeing that at all. If anything the use of a shield (albeit a "winged shield") on the helmet detracts from that. I can see why someone may feel that way about the sleeve logo but that's not nearly as key to their identity as the helmet. Looking back at those photos, it's really the black pants with the thick white stripe that bug me the most. I believe they only had them for one year. Now they use (exclusively?) pants with no stripes and while I don't love those either, they don't just jump out at me like the inaugural pants do. I don't like the shield logo either. The sleeve logo is solid and better than the current sleeve logo, but it's not enough to make up for the rest. And again, I could get on board with the helmet if not for the "B" issue. Actually, the right-facing logo with the "B" looks good but they should just get rid of the B given what happens on the left side of the helmet. But as I've said before, I think they have little to work with because of their color scheme.
  4. Edmonton Oilers Logo Concepts

    Definitely not C. The bottom part is a bit clunky. I like the other two. While I like the full circle, I like that the bottom of "B" has the width of a stripe whereas the bottom of "A" is a bit thick. I'd pick "B" by a nose. For A, consider making bottom blue stripe the same width as the top one (i.e., that would leave some white at the bottom of the circle).
  5. First one to come to me in each sport: NHL: North Stars (N-Star) vs. Devils (Christmas colors). With either team at home. Each team's dark uniform was better but their whites were great too. I was able to attend a Devils (Red) at North Stars (white) game and spend one period a couple rows behind the Devils bench (long story). NBA: Original Miami Heat at Irish Rainbow Bucks. Has to be at Milwaukee because while each team's road uniform is superior, the Miami dropoff is huge...Both Milwaukee uniforms were great. NFL: Creamsicle Bucs at Original Tiger-Stripe Bengals. This works in Tampa or Cincy, but I think Cincy has the bigger drop-off to its white uniform. MLB: Goin' tacky with powder-blue Phillies at Tequila Sunrise Astros. I am a MLB traditionalist but I do have a soft spot for the weird 80s era I grew up with. I like to see both of these uniforms even if they should not exist.
  6. Inaugural Baltimore Ravens Uniform Discourse

    I am not seeing the Ravens/Orioles similarity. The Raven looks determined and angry. The cartoon bird looks like a cartoon bird.
  7. Do Uniforms Matter to Recruits?

    Right. That says something. Probably that places like Oregon get the occasional recruit because of uniforms but 'Bama loses little to nothing of significance. That was only five "worst" votes out of 100. And I bet four of those five would go to Alabama if they could. Or at least choose elsewhere for non-uni reasons.
  8. Rangers New Ballpark

    I agree with this too. The Phillies blow? I'll raise you the Twins. I would not even consider going to see a Twins team that is likely going to break the all-time loss record if they played in the Dome (which, granted, was much worse than Miller Park). But Target Field provides a great atmosphere and I am sure I'll get to a couple more games this year (went to one before I knew just how bad it would get). I am surprised pmoehrin, who seems like a traditional baseball guy, feels this way. That's not a shot; there is no right or wrong. But I am kinda surprised. As far as being a utilitarian park, Miller Park gets it done (except for the horrendous hassle of getting out of the parking lot) but the atmosphere is somewhere between "Wrigley" and "Metrodome."
  9. Do Uniforms Matter to Recruits?

    Maybe. Though other factors such as hometown and how likely they'll be able to get good ice time on the big club matter. Then by the time they become free agents, I doubt too many of 'em are giving a "good uniform" discount to join the Bruins over a higher-paying team. But with college, in theory, there's not money to offset it so maybe it becomes a tie-breaker? Regarding the bold, I guess that's not true, given the overwhelming love Oregon received. It's also the helmets. The entire look is a brand and we're seeing how some teams are making it speak volumes (Oregon) while others are using it convey tradition (Alabama). There's plenty there that could lead players to have preferences...the questions are what those preferences are and how much that matters.
  10. http://picksixpreviews.com/fashion-wars.html The above link is to a non-scientific poll of football 100 recruits. It asked them about the importance of uniforms to their decision, how much they like the manufacturers, and which team has the best and worst uniforms. Again, just asking 100 people is hardly scientific, so everything should be taken with a grain of salt. More "false" than "true" replies were given to the question of whether the uniforms will impact the choice of school, though it's closer than some may have expected. No surprise that Nike's the favorite brand. Oregon won the "best uniform" question by a mile. And, depending on your definition of "traditional" the only "traditional uniforms to receive more than one vote were Ohio State (3) and Notre Dame (2). And the top two "worst" vote getters were traditional/non-flashy Alabama and Penn State. My gut reaction to this was "sure, but there'll also be some that love them, as opposed to, say Bowling Green, which won't get any love." But neither received a first-place vote. Maryland is the most polarizing, receiving five votes each for "best" and "worst." Biggest surprise was to see Michigan with three "worst" votes to only one "best." But for all I know, Ohio was well-represented. Anyway, this seems a bit too informal to really "prove" anything, but maybe it provides some insight. Or is at least interesting to people like us.
  11. Draft picks in their new uniforms 2016

    Is it just me or does MLB tend to leave the same names alone more often? Back in the late-80s to early-90s, Dave and Rickey Henderson both went with the same last name on their back (no initial). I am sure there are tons of examples but for some reason I cannot think of one right now. Regarding the Griffeys, I remember wondering whether Sr. and Jr. would be added. I was kinda disappointed when they were not.
  12. Draft picks in their new uniforms 2016

    Thanks! I've posted this thought a few times but it never really gained any traction. "Jr." "III" "V", and "Sr." are not a part of their last names. RGIII's last name is "Griffin" and that's the name that should be on the jersey. In fact, I'll even push back on your two exceptions. For #1, if you are Gary Payton, Jr., the "Jr" is still not a part of your name...I'd argue that you'd want to step out of the shadow of your famous father, but either way, it's still not a part of the name. Regarding #2, I would still prefer to see first initial so if Ken Griffey, Jr. played with Steve Griffey, I'd go "K. Griffey" and "S. Griffey". Maybe if Ken Griffey, Jr, played with Kevin Griffey, I could go for it. Otherwise, the only time I'd ever be for it is in the rare example of Ken Sr. and Jr. playing together as illustrated by Ferdinand's post.
  13. Rangers New Ballpark

    I don't like the "freeway offramp" part of it, but that was the case for County Stadium as well. And I don't see Milwaukee ever going for a downtown park as the tailgating is too big a part of it for their fanbase. Sterile is close to what I think. But almost tacky. It's been compared on this board to an airplane hanger. The only other retractable-roof ballpark I've been to is Safeco. The roof was open that day and it was far less obvious that it was a dome than Miller Park is when it's open. The two sides of the structure loom large every second of the game. Of course, the amenities (open concourses, wider concourses, better/more bathrooms) are nice. And the sightlines are as good as any MLB park I've been to (23, counting defunct). And I spent my childhood taking an annual trip to watch the Twins play at County Stadium so I definitely have some nostaligic bias. But I still think the "airplane hanger" effect is too present.
  14. Rangers New Ballpark

    As would I. Admittedly, there's a lot of nostalgia in that desire. But while Miller Park has better sightlines and amenities, the ambiance is a huge downgrade.
  15. Inaugural Baltimore Ravens Uniform Discourse

    Forgetting the bizarre links made between the Ravens uniform and other looks, I don't think it's a bad thread...more of a bad thread title. A better title could be "Inaugural Ravens Uniform." I don't know that we want a "Random Thoughts" thread by every member here. Regarding the uniforms, I cannot stand them. They suffered then from what they suffer from now: black and purple don't have enough contrast. Since 1996, the uniforms have improved somewhat. The black pants with thick white stripe are awful. I actually think the bird head helmet logo works; at least it would without shoehorning two differently-shaped "Bs" into the respective directions. The shield looks like a decent sleeve logo...I am not fond of it on the helmet. Regarding the comparisons, what? It is such a reach to suggest that these look like Nazi uniforms that a cynical person might suggest the poster was just looking for an excuse to post a photo of a Nazi. Oh wait, does the bird on that sleeve logo have a tiny mustache? No; my monitor is playing tricks on me. It's a reach. "How did he draw the parallels between the Ravens, Nazis, bikers, and goth-rockers?" is a far more interesting question than "why does he use a Rams helmet when his name is 'Redskins?'" (How am I the first person to say this?) 1937 Redskins is a Poster to Watch.