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  1. NHL 2018-19

    Although it's early, there's enough discussion and rumours flying to start a new thread for next season. - The Ducks are reportedly switching to orange. - All indications point to the Sens adopting the =O= full time. - Were the Sabres Winter Classic jerseys/logos a test for next year?
  2. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Knights advance to Cup Finals...
  3. PLAYOFF BRACKET (V2) (V3) (V4) Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames (Update) Carolina Hurricanes (Update 1 ) (Update 2) Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets Dallas Stars Detroit Red Wings Edmonton Oilers Florida Panthers Los Angeles Kings Minnesota Wild Montreal Canadiens Nashville Predators New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins San Jose Sharks St. Louis Blues Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Vancouver Canucks Vegas Golden Knights Washington Capitals Winnipeg Jets With the first regular season of Adidas' reign as the NHL's jersey supplier wrapping up, I've decided, once again, to give each team brand new uniforms. These aren't my ideal takes, but rather something new for each team. We'll start off with a classic team whose look isn't going to change in real life any time soon, the Detroit Red Wings. For years, the Wings have employed a very simple striping pattern, which totally works for them. However, they used to wear numerous complex patterns, which suits their logo well. I was inspired by their Falcons uniforms, but made the pattern a little more uniform, and employed it to the home jerseys like they use them now. For the away jerseys, I kept the red upper arm fill to preserve some of their current look. I also tried to improve on their current collar treatment by adding a white outline on the away jersey. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
  4. NHL 2018-19

    The same can be said about half of the logos in that graphic.
  5. Atlanta United Chicago Fire Colorado Rapids Columbus Crew D.C. United Montreal Impact New England Revolution New York City FC New York Red Bulls Orlando City SC Philadelphia Union Toronto FC Colorado Rapids FC Dallas Houston Dynamo LA Galaxy Minnesota United FC Portland Timbers Real Salt Lake San Jose Earthquakes Seattle Sounders FC Sporting Kansas City Vancouver Whitecaps FC I've seen many crossover series before, but most stick to traditional striping patterns used by the teams, applying them to another sport's uniform. I wanted to start from the teams' names and logos, but leave the striping up to hockey conventions. I figured the North American league where messing with identities would provoke the least outcry would be the MLS, so here's the first team in my MLS to hockey crossover... the Atlanta United! I got rid of the "FC" from both the name and logo, and also removed its striping. I matched the striping with the logo, and kept red cuffs and hems. I used black pants, but kept the home helmet red. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
  6. Major League Hockey: Soccer Crossover (DC Added!)

    Next up is the DC United. I based the striping off the logo, and added white outlines for it to stand out, and used a simpler pattern on the hem. C&C Appreciated!
  7. NHL March Madness - Final(ly) Matchup Posted!

    I’m not the biggest fan of the fourth jersey, but I’ve still gotta go with the Blues.
  8. Major League Hockey: Soccer Crossover (DC Added!)

    Here's my concept for the Rapids. I had to tweak their logo to make it work for hockey. I got rid of the wordmark, shrunk the logo to accommodate the change, and replaced the soccer ball with the Colorado C. I used a mountain striping pattern based on the logo and used maroon equipment. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
  9. Major League Hockey: Soccer Crossover (DC Added!)

    Anything on Chicago or Columbus?
  10. Major League Hockey: Soccer Crossover (DC Added!)

    If no one has anything to say about the Fire, I'll go ahead and post the next team: the Columbus Crew. First, I got rid of the "SC" from the name and logo. I kept yellow as primary, but made the checkerboard pattern more subdued, and added black and white striping over it. I used simple two colour names and numbers. Like Nashville in the NHL, I gave them a yellow helmet to wear at home. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
  11. Ottawa Senators Undecided About Which Logo to Use Going Forward

    I think the best case scenario is to use the 2D centurion, but to replace gold with vintage white and use it like the Wild- prominent at home but using a white away jersey.
  12. 2019 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic

    Great job! I think the Bruins’ logo and numbers should have some sort of outline continuity, and I think the red chief’s time has passed. Other than that, everything is perfect.
  13. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Jets advance to Round 3...
  14. Major League Hockey: Soccer Crossover (DC Added!)

    Next up are the Chicago Fire. I decided to replace grey with powder blue from the Chicago flag, which I added as a hanger effect. The striping also takes cues from the logo, whose six points represent the six pointed stars on the flag. Like my Atlanta concept, I kept the cuffs and hems red on both jerseys. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
  15. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Capitals advance to Round 3...
  16. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    And that finishes it off! I usually like to create a graphic to summarize the series. This time, I created a bracket where when a team advances in this year's playoffs, I replace my light concept for them with my dark concept. I'll update this as the games play out. With Tampa and Vegas advancing last night, here's where it's at: Other than that, C&C is appreciated on the Devils as well as the series itself. Which concepts were your favourites?
  17. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Thanks! Here are the Devils. I switched their black to a very dark green, paying tribute to their original colour scheme. I used a matching striping pattern on both jerseys, which emulates the logo. To keep the colour balance similar to their more recent sets, I kept the dark yokes.
  18. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Comments on the Ducks are still welcome, but here are the Jets: I mixed the new and old Jets' striping patterns, creating a look that works on both light and dark jerseys. I kept the arm striping relegated to a full length yoke shape that isn't entirely filled in, and coloured the hems and cuffs on both jerseys. I also created a version where red replaces light blue: What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
  19. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Next up are the Anaheim Ducks. This one took a lot of work to get it where I wanted it, but I'm happy with the result. I returned to their Mighty jade and eggplant scheme, and used an unused updated version of their original chest logo. I used a striping pattern similar to their orange alternate from a few years ago, but slightly tweaked to accommodate the new colour scheme. I also used the current font. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
  20. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Here's my take on the Capitals: The Capitals, in my opinion, can use a number of logos as primary, except for their current crest. I went with their Stadium Series logo, and complemented it with striping inspired by the DC flag on the arms. I kept the hem, pants and numbers simple. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
  21. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Anything before I post the next team?
  22. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Next up are the Colorado Avalanche. Their current jerseys are almost perfect, so I'm not going to just tweak them and call it a day. I overhauled their colour scheme, lightening the maroon, replacing their light blue with navy blue, and replacing silver with a lighter blue. I relegated the mountain pattern to the sleeves, went with simple striping on the cuffs and shoulder yokes and brought back the yeti foot. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
  23. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Next up are the Blue Jackets. I put their classic triple stripe pattern on the shoulders, with a touch of grey added. On the home jersey, I changed it to a pattern matching the Ohio flag. I used blue and white hems and cuffs, and added stars on the sleeves. I kept their current numbers, logos, and pants. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
  24. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Here's a little update for the Flames:
  25. ldconcepts' NHL Redesign 3.0 (Bracket Updated)

    Next up are the Coyotes. I took the their hanger effect and applied it to the hems and arms. I kept the same pattern on both jerseys, and added more sand. I kept the mismatching shoulder patches. What do you think? C&C Appreciated!