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  1. Fast Food Football League

  2. Local Rugby Club Concept

    Here in New Zealand, the only thing is Rugby (or cricket)
  3. Fast Food Football League

    I made something like this with baseball a year or two ago.
  4. Airline Livery Database

    American Airlines
  5. Stolen Work

  6. Stolen Work

    I remember seeing this in a Salt Lake Bees rebrand by @Go Red Sox! http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/102139-milb-salt-lake-bees-rebrand/ Credit to @slapshot for finding this.
  7. Airline Livery Database

    Here is the FedEx Mcdonell Douglas with the logo.
  8. Airline Livery Database

    Website called Jcai.dk, can't wait to see your planes!
  9. What happened to Conrads Fonts?!

    Noooooo, I was going to and never got to use his fonts...
  10. Airline Livery Database

    Here are some from NZ and Australia:
  11. Airline Livery Database

    Hi Everyone, sorry if this has been posted before but I couldn't find anything so here we are. Post liveries from your counrtry and comment on them. Anybody is welcome and post airline logos as well if they haven't been posted! A Air New Zealand American Airlines Air Canada F FedEx Q Qantas
  12. Fast Food chain baseball jerseys

    Ok, Thanks.Just saying that there will be no more designs for another week due to the fact that I don't have a computer with me.
  13. Star Based Championship Signatures By Request!

    Savannah bananas combo with Modesto nuts
  14. Fast Food chain baseball jerseys

    Ok. heres a rough copy of BK C&C appreciated! :