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  1. Can you please do the USC Trojans?
  2. Attempt #2 @ren69
  3. Thank you!
  4. It's my first time actually trying to make a logo, so excuse the sloppiness. All I had was a bunch of crayons and a sharpie. Feedback is appreciated, I know it sucks.
  5. Saw this weird hybrid uniform between the 2000-2016 uniforms and the Throwback unis on a Nike poster at a sports memorabilia store. This has been around since last year, but I've never gotten the chance to take a picture of it. Probably doesn't mean much, but it's weird that they had chosen to display a weird hybrid uniform that the Rams never used.
  6. This is proof that the Rams branding should revert back to royal blue and gold.
  7. When your practice uniform matches better than your actual uniform...
  8. This will be stupidly embarrassing if the Rams win a Super Bowl in these uniforms. Forever engraved in their history.
  9. Yuck.
  10. Seattle Spears? (Fits in with the Native American theme)
  11. Seattle Soundwaves?
  12. Not as bad as the slaughtering the LA Chargers logo got.
  13. Logo Reveal: