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  1. This is proof that the Rams branding should revert back to royal blue and gold.
  2. When your practice uniform matches better than your actual uniform...
  3. This will be stupidly embarrassing if the Rams win a Super Bowl in these uniforms. Forever engraved in their history.
  4. Yuck.
  5. Seattle Spears? (Fits in with the Native American theme)
  6. Seattle Soundwaves?
  7. Not as bad as the slaughtering the LA Chargers logo got.
  8. Logo Reveal:
  9. Are they actually embracing themselves as the NFL's worst team now? Might as well create a new color-rush uniform starring brown helmets, brown jerseys, brown pants, and brown gloves.
  10. Rams fans: We want royal blue and yellow or blue and white! Rams management: Screw you. *reveals red and yellow unis* It's a great look, but not for the Rams. Especially since Kansas City and San Francisco look identical in comparison.