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  1. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    New Ram logo at the bottom of this shirt?
  2. NFL 2018 changes

    I recall that one of the Rams execs said that they tried to wear their throwbacks full-time the move to LA, but the NFL rejected it...Hopefully the loophole can finally give them this wish
  3. Personally I think the Rams are sporting their best logo that they've ever had, (compared to their generic helmet logos and that weirdly-detailed 50-60s Ram head) although some fans dislike it due to its association with St. Louis. Their current logo still managed to look timeless and modern after 18 years...
  4. El Pollo Loco new logo

    Kinda mixed on the new logo, it looks like something you would see on a t-shirt from Hot Topic
  5. update and rebranding New Jersey Nets

    Your update looks like something that they could officially use in throwback merchandise. Excellent job!

    The All-Star logo looks more like a "Clippers" logo than the unused one...good thing they didn't use it
  7. About that leak, how can you possibly see the uniform without seeing the logo printed on either the jersey or the helmets?
  8. Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups

    Although I'm a Rams fan, I'm kind of grateful that we don't have to show up wearing our current unis at the Super Bowl...
  9. Havoc Emoji Jerseys

  10. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    The Rams would then have a mess with confusion between the White facemask helmet and Navy facemask helmet merch simultaneously in stores...Although it's a good idea it would screw up their identity
  11. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    How much would a uniform fine cost?
  12. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    EXAMPLE: Source:
  13. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    If the Rams had their current unis in royal blue and gold it would be a perfectly fine update...
  14. Introducing the Las Vegas Aces

    Still a better name than the Vegas Golden Knights...
  15. Why don't they just remove black altogether, and make the colors teal, gold, and white. (Gold is utilized to a greater extent (helmets, etc.) compared to teal and white to differentiate themselves from the Dolphins)
  16. New Romanian National Team Brand Identity

    I dig it. It manages to put together a whole jumble of symbols and designs into something coherent and cool-looking.
  17. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Would this make the uni more coherent?
  18. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Can you elaborate on this? I'm stoked if this is actually happening.
  19. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Also, screw the No Fun League. At least we know that the Rams tried.
  20. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    I'd rather have the Rams go 4-2 with ugly unis than them going 1-5 with pretty unis.
  21. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    What a weird mis-mash.
  22. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Could the Rams pull this temporary look off? (Excuse the bad photoshop)
  23. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    The Rams are wearing their blue and yellow helmets to practice, even though they aren't wearing their throwbacks against the Jags next week... ????
  24. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Everyone that absolutely hates the mismatched unis (including non-Rams fans) should team up and make a Gofundme to pay for the fines the Rams receive for wearing these unis every game. lol