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  1. joey joe joe jr. shabadoo

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I have to be honest I've never heard a fellow Jets fan mention feeling perturbed regarding too much militarism or patriotism in our uniforms and brand. Maybe over time as that once glamorous Jet Set age (and it also helped we had the ultimate QB to embody it) got further away from us they thought embracing imagery of the air force, fighter jets, the air raid siren, flight crew, etc would just seem cool. If they went got rid of this entirely with the new uni's I certainly would not shed a tear since I've never felt any sort of militaristic undertones when I think about the Jets, but that probably has to do with when I became a fan. it wouldn't shock me if it remained though since it could be that it's very well received by the majority of the fanbase. I don't really know I guess that's probably what they're discussing in the focus groups
  2. joey joe joe jr. shabadoo

    Unique Team Names?

    Of the old traditional teams some of them are bizarrely named, only it doesn't seem that way to us because they've always been there as part of the old guard. I mean Red Sox/White Sox is pretty odd. Packers Even something like Trojans. If you had a college program starting now they wouldn't consider Trojans as most would associate the name with condoms
  3. joey joe joe jr. shabadoo

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Been a Jets fan my entire life and I always associated them with the commercial Jets that flew over Shea However those who live outside the tri state area may automatically think Jets and think air force bombers or something As an aside I've seen these drum line things in a lot of stadiums. Saw them in Buffalo a few weeks ago for the Patriots/Bills game. Saw them in Chicago and Philly. I think it's just some kind of NFL initiative they forced upon the fanbases to pump up the gameday experience
  4. joey joe joe jr. shabadoo

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Fun fact. They originally considered calling the Jets the Dodgers after scrapping the whole Titans thing, but Major League Baseball didn't like that idea Borros and Gothams got consideration as well
  5. joey joe joe jr. shabadoo

    Unique Team Names?

  6. joey joe joe jr. shabadoo

    2019 MLB Changes

    Don't hate the white outline. I think it livens it up and accentuates the word without going overboard to the point of cheapness. But I do prefer it without the outline
  7. joey joe joe jr. shabadoo

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    For me this evokes what is probably the worst possible emotions and the last thing a designer would want to hear. Apathy and indifference. Too dark, subdued. Maybe they thought the neon-ish accents of the blue and red would bring it to life a bit...but it doesn't Almost reminds me of the baseball players on the outside of Shea
  8. joey joe joe jr. shabadoo

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Yes. Just perfect Though I never really took to the silver badge/OSU helmet. Too much of a forced marriage. The badge is too metallic and the OSU running across it is too small to go on a helmet I'm ok with the Patriot Pete helmet too.
  9. Bucs maybe? Cardinals I hate. They need a more spartan traditional look. They look awful now. I would say they're worse than this
  10. Hopefully this gets mothballed forever following this game. Not a good combo.
  11. Jets look better with white facemasks. Jets look better with grey facemasks. Makes me wonder why they even chose the green facemasks in 1998. I'm amazed at how just swapping them out impacts the look. I mean it's not night and day but it makes a difference. We're a green team but green facemasks just don't work for us. However strange that may sound
  12. joey joe joe jr. shabadoo

    NHL 2018-19

    One of the few things they got right at MetLife Stadium. The seats are mixes of drab grey colors so empty seats do not jump out at you when watching the game on TV.
  13. Were they playing pre season games in peoples front yards back then? Where was this?? Probably a scrimmage somewhere. But interesting to see the ref in shorts.
  14. joey joe joe jr. shabadoo

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week Five

    Disagree on Giants/Panthers. Giants look ok. The blue on white look with the white numbers lacks pizzazz. Just kind of a spartan boring look. Time to bring back GIANTS on the helmet fulltime. Panthers I've never felt at all. To me the black, silver and Carolina Blue just don't work at all. Carolina Blue as an accent color just pops too bright. Everything about their look is stuck in 1995 and seems dated to me. And for Browns/Ravens, this is not awful. Could be a lot worse
  15. joey joe joe jr. shabadoo

    Penguins 3rd

    It's fine. But yea the hem stripe would enhance it. It looks a bit too empty much like the Devils home and roads. Not terrible, just not as good as it should've been What they say(or at least what they told Devils fans) is eliminating the hem stripe draws more attention to the great logo. To me personally it just brings the eye down to notice the strange empty space where something should be