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  1. Kit? like Knight Rider? It's a uniform
  2. How can anybody look at this and not think "team chevrolet" GO CHEVYS Whatever this team is, the ad completely overpowers, this is totally bush league. Once you do this any prestige and magic and dignity you had or once had is gone.
  3. I didn't like it, but as a small secondary logo somewhere it wouldn't have caused as much of a fuss. It also came out at the wrong time. Sabres fans were ready for the classic uniforms again and got the slug. If they introduced the slug in 1996 it would've had more staying power.
  4. As far as I they're not. They have new owners and are fine financially. Unless things are tougher than they're letting on These jerseys will underwhelm in sales. There is really nobody clamoring for them. A better way to have done this would be to involve the fans in the development. They didn't, and when this turd dropped the Devils realized what a big mistake they made.
  5. I liked that too. Believe me a standing desk douch graphic design hipster probably took a 90 second course on the Devils in Wikipedia and then whipped that up in a rush so he can get home and watch Rachel Maddow.
  6. It's a massacre. Everywhere you look it's venom towards this. And we get no answers from the Devils.
  7. Hugh Weber, while being bombarded with intense visceral hatred of the jerseys from Devils fans vowing never to buy them, tweeted out "I can't wait to see the Rock filled with these new jerseys next season" I hope to see... It would be great to see... Another out of touch arrogant presumptous comment. What is he basing that on? The multiple petitions being created and signed to preserve our real uniforms? The thousands of complaints pouring in through social media? The loyal Devils fans vowing never to buy? The run on Reebok jerseys Devils fans are doing now? Or maybe Hugh is just going to buy 17,600 jerseys? I'm getting Hirschier or Patrick but it's going on the real uniform. However incorrect it is. It's more aesthetically pleasing and it actually looks like a hockey jersey rather than Kohls discount Devils sleepwear now featuring collars by the KC Scouts.
  8. One question that I see popping up with Devils fans everywhere is what is the absolute minimum that we have to wear these until we can go back to our real uniform? I've heard of the 3 year rule but I'm not sure if that's football or hockey. Maybe the rule once existed and is now obsolete...maybe you can get special waivers? The Devils are of no help because it's still too early and they have to pretend that they don't hear or see Hiroshimic bombardment of negative comments across all social media. Which is fine. I mean only very rarely do you see something rolled out and immediately withdrawn. The 49ers helmet I remember was one. We're stuck with them for 17-18. But would they actually force us to have it beyond that? Right now there is a run by Devils fans on blanks of our real jerseys. My coworker just got one and plans to get either Hirschier or Patrick. Even though that's an intentional jersey foul he seems to be convinced that in 18-19 his jersey foul will actually morph into an accurate jersey. I might do the same. If Kevin Shattenkirk signs with NJ instead of the Rangers I would get it customized but only on a classic red or white jersey. Even if it's totally wrong and even if he never wears that jersey it just looks so much more big league, legitimate, and complete.
  9. fwiw there are already like 4 online petitions from Devils fans demanding a return to the old jerseys. Devils haven't released any official statement yet regarding yesterdays fiasco. They have a lot of very angry fans and management is just cowering it seems. Not counting that snarky tweet.
  10. This is terrible. Look at that empty space. Why is it there? It is a dollar store jersey..
  11. The Newark Bulldogs can go jump in a lake. And after 3 cups, 5 finals and 35 years in jersey why are we adding elements from two short and embarrassing eras that did not even take place in jersey? Do we need that? Who cares? Who was ever clammoring for relics from our really dark ages? And green with the cup years on the collar. You can't make this up.
  12. Rep said they are being inundated with calls. I hear in the background people yelling "It wasn't our decision but we will make sure your issues get heard!"
  13. I want to throw up. That Devils jersey is cheap empty garbage and it must be changed immediately to what it was I am so mad. I'm actually calling the team right now to yell.
  14. Here's the thing though, our fanbase is extremely old school. We're not the type that takes to any change well and just adopt it and go with the flow. We're still shocked to see a #13 on the ice. Or players in warmups with no helmet. Devils fans are traditionalists. If anything was going to be considered regarding changing the jersey, they wanted to have the chance to give input. Maybe we don't have an enormous fan base, but the fans we do have feel very close to the team.
  15. You do see Rockies jerseys at Devils games. Not many, but some. It is a link to our past. The time there was short, and there is very little from that period that the Devils would ever want to acknowledge or preserve. No moments, accomplishments...nothing.