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  1. The Rangers took that right from Mike Richters goalie mask. Also sort of reminds me of the 80's NYC license plates
  2. There is more to football than to pretty much any other sport. It's literally like a physical game of chess on a field. Playbooks are incredibly thick. The strategy that goes into football is unreal. I have nothing against rugby. It's a noble sport played by true warriors. But football is simply a much more evolved version of rugby.
  3. Best Minnesota Twins look ever.
  4. I don't hate any sport but I generally find golf and soccer unwatchable. Also that fringe stuff like curling, darts, and bowling. What's interesting is that I do tend to enjoy the figure skating during the Olympics. Wife and I always watch it...just the sheer pressure and perfection of being out there or with a partner while an entire arena of thousands and global audience of millions are scrutinizing your every move is pretty cool. Especially after you prepare for years for just that one moment. Basketball I used to enjoy more but it sort of lost me from a cultural standpoint in the mid to late 90's. And way too many cartoonish rebrands regarding uniforms.
  5. I have. I know the story. I just think it's an ugly flag.
  6. That's just hideous. I mean if any state needs a new flag it's Maryland with that nonsensical mish mash of ugly. I mean it looks like the back of a deck of cards or something. Just very tacky and weird. Anyway...we already have pinkathon, blueathon, los crap, camo. Please let's not go down the slippery slope of "honor every damn thing in the book so we can trot out a new uniform" "And here are the Mets honoring Lyme Disease Awareness Day with special tick themed uniforms"
  7. It looks fine. I get an Indianapolis Colts vibe from it but...still very solid. The helmet just looks kind of empty without the blue and yellow.
  8. I look forward to the day where we can post this in the "Right team, wrong uniform" thread
  9. To me personally this was bizarre in 1996. At one point receivers in the teens were nothing out of the ordinary...Alworth, Maynard, Charlie Joiner. But by now that had long faded away and aside from an oddity here and there (Jim Jensen, who started out as a QB and got to keep 11) receivers wore numbers in the 80's. The only way you could choose a # in the teens was if all numbers in the 80's were already filled. Such was the case with the wretched 1996 Jets. So Keyshawn settled on 19 and kept it. Despite the league history, I have never gotten used to wideouts wearing these numbers. I would personally rather have them choose 1-9 if nothing in the 80's is available...or even numbers in the 20's like Cliff Branch and Bob Hayes
  10. I've wondered if Tyler Kennedy has some sort of legit nose deformity. That can't be natural
  11. mod edit
  12. I hate this. The Panthers have ugly dated uniforms that still reek of the mid 90's. That shade of blue doesn't work with black in the least bit. The black jersey and silver helmet don't look all that great together either. I don't like how the striping on the pants and helmet come to a point. The pant stripes in particular are hideous in how they start off as way too fat and thick on the top and then taper down.
  13. It's neither here nor there. I understand there is a purpose and a meaning to the various parts of the logo, but so much of this is first glance and what immediately comes to mind. I just see the word Steelers and three randomly colored astroids. It doesn't make me think of football, the franchise that it represents, the steel industry, or the blue collar city. It's not ugly but of all the iconic franchises in sports it's probably the most middling logo that any of them have