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  1. Richard Todd, in the (modified in the mid-late 70's) Namath era uniforms, on the road in the pre-season, in the Jets future temporary "home" of Giants Stadium
  2. Not necessarily right uniform as that's Buffalo...but because of when I played the classic EA Games during the mid to late 90's I sort of associate him with the Flames. He wore the classic Calgary uniforms during the 1995 pre season before they went to their new duds when the 48 game season rolled around.
  3. Gretzky in the RBK Edge jersey Ron Francis in the wretched Cooperalls Kevin Lowe when the Oilers darkened things up in 1996.
  4. Neely's final year was Bostons first in these sets. Not awful but I definitely preferred the cleaner 1975-1995 uniforms
  5. Kent Nilsson as an Atlanta Flame
  6. Phil Simms 1979. Looks a tad off in these Bradshaw in the white on white Steelers look. Denis Savard in black (looking about 60 years old in this picture) Felix Potvin in the 70's/80's era duds...their final year. Same with Doug Gilmour
  7. Dan Fouts in 1973. Final year for the Alworth/Mix era set Tom Seaver in the racing stripe Mets This one is just hideous. I'm guessing this is spring training early 2000's
  8. Mark Messier in the 1991-1992 Original 6 throwbacks Deion Sanders during his rookie season in this beauty. Scott Stevens in the red and green for his first year with the Devils Drew Bledsoe in the 75th anniversary throwbacks Jim Kelly never quite looked right in those blue facemask and awful mesh style jerseys This was rare. Jets did not go white on white often during their 1990-1997 bfbs era. Usually the white jersey was paired with green pants
  9. Did they get rid of the disgusting sweatboxes? That was just a hideous, patchy look
  10. No single player is bigger than the game. No numbers should be taken out of circulation in an entire league. Not Gretzky or Robinson Plus Gretzky was more linked to his number (which was unusual at the time) while Robinson for what he endured and the courage and grace that he showed in paving the way. But 42 isn't iconic in any way outside of baseball...99 is sort of inseparable from Gretzky. That said as a Met fan I can tell you there are still many MANY Mets fans that, while very appreciative of Robinson, feel that the entrance to their stadium should not be a shrine to Jackie Robinson & the Dodgers. That when entering the stadium...things still don't quite feel right.
  11. I would bet my life the Dolphins will eventually be wearing these fulltime (as well as the white on white and white on teal pants versions) They are wildly popular and even rival fans clamoring for them. The Vikings and Lions did a nice job fixing things, the Browns will too I gather. So will the Eagles. Only natural for the Dolphins to fall in line.
  12. Bill Guerin in the mooterus Ugly dude.
  13. I can very very clearly remember the Pittsburgh Steelers during the early 80s wearing (probably pre season...or maybe very early season?) White jerseys with white pants just like their 1970-1971 sets. But it couldn't have been highlights from way back when because I (vaguely) remember Berman describing Cliff Stoudt completing a pass to Gregg "Trashman" Garrity. I guess that name stuck in my little kid brain Are we 100% certain Pittsburgh never went white on white again ever after 1971?
  14. That's incredible that this was included in a 2K video game. Kudos to them for doing their homework. I'm a crazy Jets fan and had no idea this ever happened (the orange piping replacement jerseys)
  15. Another one that gets too much love is the Caps jerseys up until 1995. Nothing hideous about them, but I never liked the white shoulder yokes on the road jerseys. I thought the wordmark and the font they used was a bit beer league-ish. They wedged Washington in their in tiny barely visible print. Went overboard with the stars. On the plus side the red was pretty vibrant and I liked the red helmets. Also liked their striping as well as the piping going down the side of their pants with the stars in them. But overall they could seem too busy and cluttered to me especially when they added various anniversary patches as well as captains and assistants C's and A's.