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  1. Agreed. And I'm taking the above picture as confirmation of them doing exactly that.
  2. From Pistons' Snapchat today. Ben Wallace touring Little Caesars Arena. Notice the names of Piston champions ringing the new logo, along with the retired numbers. Beautiful.
  3. Wear the Tigers' home cap on the road as well, and wear these '45 roads full-time:
  4. Oh, it's the new logo, they just *think* they're being cute. So irritating.
  5. Are the Pistons' current road unis a lighter blue than the Bad Boys era? ColorWerx says no, but the shades look different to me.
  6. The Pistons are having commemorative nights to honor the last season at the Palace, and they honored their longtime pbp guy at halftime last night. Different banners were displayed on-court at halftime, all with the new logo prominently featured like this one I capped from a video in the team Twitter feed:
  7. According to @DirtroitStonsMC as of August 20:
  8. The fact that this cap was actually manufactured tells me that the league has approved the logo and it's simply the Pistons' call. If it's up to the fans, I can't imagine them not going with this.
  9. Same Pistons source tells me that owner Tom Gores didn't like the new logo, but they will begin selling merchandise with the new logo (referred to as "Alternate Ball Logo") in mid-October as a way to gauge fan reaction.
  10. The center court logo font is different than what's on the baseline (shadow-wise). Ridiculous. Change the logo already!
  11. John Mason, the team's PA announcer, started saying DEE-TROIT BASKET-BALLL prior to Pistons' out-of-bounds plays during the Pistons' early-2000s resurgence.
  12. Preseason schedule. "Official" logo is nowhere to be found but DETROIT BASKETBALL is there and partial of new logo is shown in background.