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  1. Loving the new updates. I can see Edmonton and Toronto in those uniforms lasting until the present day, with some tweaking. Miami's new alt could be promoted to primary, but I don't see those other two alts lasting more than two or three years.
  2. I don't know why but the Sound kind of reminds me of the Coyotes, both in history and in uniform. They both moved from smaller Canadian markets both impacted by the falling price of the Canadian dollar to a non-hockey market. Both have the unique bottom stripe, with the music staff and the kachina stripe. All in all, The uniforms look great for the 90s and we all hope they get vastly redesigned after the 90s are over.
  3. The teams are ranked based on record, no matter if the wild card has a higher record than a division winner. The NFL, as an example, had Houston as a 4 seed at 9-7 while Oakland and Miami had 12-4 and 10-6 records and the 5 and 6 seeds. In the AFA, the Raiders and Dolphins would've been ranked higher and still have to play in the wild card game. Anyway, Cleveland's drought is over, and mostly everyone is hoping that California can still be a contender. I can't wait until Chicago gets out of their mediocrity and either have a bad record and get good draft picks or actually get good. By the looks of it, neither may happen, but I still have hope for the Butchers.
  4. Yes! Chicago's in the finals again! I hope they can go back-to-back in what could be their final appearance for some time. Also, I noticed that Boston wore their red alternates at home in their series against Philadelphia. Would this mean that the Bulldogs would consider upgrading them to their home jerseys or are they sticking to their current home jerseys?
  5. California's in the Victory Bowl?!?! That's something you don't hear everyday. If they do win, they might cherish those white jerseys and possibly adopt them in the playoffs like Colorado does(Also, the Whales probably have one of my favorite sets, love blue-and-white color schemes). Well I guess everyone seeing this will hop onto the Whales bandwagon again.
  6. Wait......what just happened? The 1, 2, and 3 seeds all lost within the same weekend? I might have to go and lay down and try to comprehend what happened. I don't think we've had something like that since the 8 seed Wasps won. If I had to predict to Victory Bowl, it would be Cleveland and Baltimore with Cleveland will get the win and end its drought. Because of the Texas upset, would the wildcard-flexing be considered by the Owner's Council?
  7. #44 is Tennessee #37 is likely LSU #43 might be Iowa? #23 and #72, might be Notre Dame? #85 might also be Notre Dame
  8. Miami actually look really solid, thinking they would downgrade aesthetically and have generic uniforms, but actually have pretty good uniforms for the time period. Also, I was re-reading the older seasons and I was wondering, is there a specific player or game where the first hail mary was coined? I know that in the NFL it was coined in the mid-70s, and the first mention of it was the 1970 season. Just a curious person wondering.
  9. Darn, I thought Miami was going to be the team with the wildest uniforms in the league, which made them unique. Hopefully they'll keep some of their eccentric looks in the new look.
  10. Quebec Voyageurs Las Vegas Aces Milwaukee Stags Portland Pioneers Utah Hornets
  11. Great updates for all the teams, favorites being the Stingers, Choppers, and the Nuggets and Bulldog thirds I could see the Stingers keeping that look for awhile with some minor updates, and possibly the Bulldogs making that third jersey their road in the 2000s
  12. Canadian: Quebec City American: Portland Columbus Salt Lake City Milwaukee
  13. Alright Chicago, first place in the league! I hope they don't have an early exit in the playoffs, as it would be nice to have a championship or two with this team. Also, kind of a prediction, I just have this feeling that Dallas will be like Atlanta in the NHL, as the Desperados will move out and back to Nova Scotia.
  14. Congrats to Colorado for winning. Kind of a weird observation, but in the last 11 Victory Bowls, 6 of the 11 champions wore blue, so I guess blue is a winning color. Also, can you make a new Butchers sig, kind of like the Angels and Cents ones?
  15. I would definitely buy a Civics jersey if they existed, great updates for all the teams. I wouldn't see Quebec's design lasting long, possibly reverting back to their old look by the end of the 90s or early 2000s, as they are some wild uniforms.