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  1. Darn, I thought Miami was going to be the team with the wildest uniforms in the league, which made them unique. Hopefully they'll keep some of their eccentric looks in the new look.
  2. Quebec Voyageurs Las Vegas Aces Milwaukee Stags Portland Pioneers Utah Hornets
  3. Great updates for all the teams, favorites being the Stingers, Choppers, and the Nuggets and Bulldog thirds I could see the Stingers keeping that look for awhile with some minor updates, and possibly the Bulldogs making that third jersey their road in the 2000s
  4. Canadian: Quebec City American: Portland Columbus Salt Lake City Milwaukee
  5. Alright Chicago, first place in the league! I hope they don't have an early exit in the playoffs, as it would be nice to have a championship or two with this team. Also, kind of a prediction, I just have this feeling that Dallas will be like Atlanta in the NHL, as the Desperados will move out and back to Nova Scotia.
  6. Congrats to Colorado for winning. Kind of a weird observation, but in the last 11 Victory Bowls, 6 of the 11 champions wore blue, so I guess blue is a winning color. Also, can you make a new Butchers sig, kind of like the Angels and Cents ones?
  7. I would definitely buy a Civics jersey if they existed, great updates for all the teams. I wouldn't see Quebec's design lasting long, possibly reverting back to their old look by the end of the 90s or early 2000s, as they are some wild uniforms.
  8. So close Chicago, only one game away from going to the Finals, I hope they are still going to be a great team in the 90s. Congrats to Boston for the win. Going with the theme on team slogans, the Shamrocks could be "The Luck o' the Irish" or something like it.
  9. Well I guess I'll just jump onto the Cents bandwagon for this game, hoping they'll start the 80s dynasty with a win in the Victory Bowl
  10. Great....all my picks were wrong, so I guess I'll take New York and Colorado in the Victory Bowl and Colorado wins to prove their '81 title wasn't a fluke.
  11. My predictions: Cincinnati vs New Jersey and Atlanta vs California in the semis and Cincinnati vs Atlanta in the championship and Cincinnati wins to hopefully start an 80's dynasty.
  12. Those jerseys and logos would look so cramped... But perfect for the 90's! Possibly purple, black and blue as primaries and red as a secondary?
  13. Just finished reading this and this book is pretty good, even though I'm not a basketball fan (go Redshirts!). Seattle looks good, just that the script on the jerseys looks off to me. The s and the last e look like they're separated from the "eattl". Is that part of the script ?
  14. Well, if the Cosmos win, I'd suggest adding purple somewhere in the color scheme. To me, it represents space and it could also be one of those crazy 90's trends that are starting to occur.
  15. I haven't posted on this in a while, and you're still doing great as always, and I'm still a Butchers fan. Surprising that the Grizzlies traded away Connery, I really wanted him to win at least one title in Seattle, so I'll predict a Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati championship. Also, how did the Butchers go 9-7? They must've had an easy schedule or could've gotten some new talent.