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  1. Great....all my picks were wrong, so I guess I'll take New York and Colorado in the Victory Bowl and Colorado wins to prove their '81 title wasn't a fluke.
  2. My predictions: Cincinnati vs New Jersey and Atlanta vs California in the semis and Cincinnati vs Atlanta in the championship and Cincinnati wins to hopefully start an 80's dynasty.
  3. Those jerseys and logos would look so cramped... But perfect for the 90's! Possibly purple, black and blue as primaries and red as a secondary?
  4. Just finished reading this and this book is pretty good, even though I'm not a basketball fan (go Redshirts!). Seattle looks good, just that the script on the jerseys looks off to me. The s and the last e look like they're separated from the "eattl". Is that part of the script ?
  5. Well, if the Cosmos win, I'd suggest adding purple somewhere in the color scheme. To me, it represents space and it could also be one of those crazy 90's trends that are starting to occur.
  6. I haven't posted on this in a while, and you're still doing great as always, and I'm still a Butchers fan. Surprising that the Grizzlies traded away Connery, I really wanted him to win at least one title in Seattle, so I'll predict a Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati championship. Also, how did the Butchers go 9-7? They must've had an easy schedule or could've gotten some new talent.
  7. Man, it's been awhile since I posted on this topic (nearly a year), and your still doing a great job on this. For the expansion, I like Comets/Apollos/Challengers for Cleveland, and Barons/Outlaws for Dallas. And also, USA!! USA!! USA!!
  8. Can I get a list of all the times the Shamrocks finished second in everything? They're a great team but dang they sure do get second a lot. I just hope that this year is the year for them.
  9. Well, congrats to the Wranglers on their win. If the Generals win it would've been a bad time in Hamilton because of their departure. Really pulling for a Shamrock victory next year...
  10. Chicago is stuck being the #2 in the West. I guess that will be the story of this dynasty, being #2. Well I'll be rooting for the Generals in the cup
  11. I think Chicago is stuck in second place limbo-land. I hope they can get to the Lewis Cup. I'd say the cup will boil down to Chicago vs. Washington. I think one of the teams that might move will be Nova Scotia (small market, really like that team though
  12. Well I guess everyone joining the Destroyers bandwagon helped them win.... I really want the Grizzlies to win it all next year. They have a talented squad in their prime and just have been having bad luck.
  13. 1981

    Alright! The NFA is back! I knew that Manitoba was going up, but they went up fast. Vancouver may become the early dynasty of the NFA if they win. Vancouver is the definite favorite in the Dominion Cup, and I don't think they can be stopped. I hope that Manitoba can keep their form in the next season, because that team has talent (and Larry Priest).
  14. San Diego definitely the underdog in the playoffs. Beat the Stallions (wanted them to win) and beat the Wasps (team slightly past their prime) and now have a chance to win it all. The Cents also have a good chance, but I personally want the Destroyers to win