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  1. Loved the alt The home and away were fine but too plain imo Their current set would be perfect if they just brightened the colors
  2. Good one
  3. Perfect
  4. For some reason that looks better to me
  5. Love that kit
  6. Cavs are a few tweaks away from a really great set
  7. The outlines at least make it look like a Chargers logo. My problem with the original is it didn't say Chargers to me. Sure it had a bolt but they've never used one that looked like that in their history
  8. I think the bolt looks better as part of the A like the mockup earlier in the thread
  9. Lightning bolts in logos always come off as amateurish to me
  10. I see no problem with the Devils logo. Could maybe drop the circle but overall I'd consider it a modern classic
  11. Big fan of the the green jazz unis. Still wish the colors weren't so dark tho
  12. Their look was perfect during the super bowl era