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  1. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    Nats look great, but, that screams Twins to me. Can we see Minnesota next, so that I can really see how I feel about the Nationals?
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks: The Present Meets The Past

    one small nitpick, I would swap the home and road alt jerseys. The lighter color is most predominantly worn at home.
  3. MLB Concepts by KittSmith95- San Diego Padres

    On your uniforms, the navy seems to have a slight green hint to it.
  4. MLB Concepts by KittSmith95- San Diego Padres

    Does anyone else think that the "navy" looks very green?
  5. Conference Wallpapers

    With UConn, I would use their athletic logo now.
  6. NFL Conceptual Uniforms

    Nice work on these. Some things I don't like(bears helmet, purple saints) but I really don't have any criticism other than the chargers. That stripe/bolt/whatever isn't working for me. The yellow bolt doesn't work in the white backspace. Also, I LOVE that bucs creamsicle reboot and the browns helmet. Overall, great work for a downtime project.
  7. NCAA Color Rush

    UK looks great! Can you possibly change to have a white face mask on both sets?
  8. The MLB According to FinsUp: At-Bat - San Diego

    Would that blue alt be strictly for away or is it for home also?
  9. MLB World Series Concept Logo

    -The MLB logo seems fine considering the world series script i very big. -Not sure about how to make a baseball work??!? -World Series seems center to me. it must be your eyes lol Great work on this! Maybe the team logos could go on a pennant instead of a baseball??
  10. Utah Jazz Logo (take 2)

    When I look at this, I see two different shades of yellow. I think it would be much better if the mountains and outline were the shade of yellow used inside the J note.
  11. College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    For Charleston's "the college" red helmet, can you try to switch the white and gold? It blends in too much as it sits now.
  12. #ConceptLeagues NFL Project - Birds of a Feather - Seahawks

    The third image won't show up for the ravens unis
  13. LA Rams Logo

    the bottom looks better than the one without the outline.