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  1. Can someone do this old stony brook one if they have time?
  2. Tony romo,
  3. Was I the only one rooting against the cubs?
  4. I love the striping and claws on Baylor, the women's team already has claws on their shorts and the men should definitely follow suit. I'm not that big of a fan of that gold they use in football but I also don't like their basketball neon. I think it would look nice with their traditional yellow gold. And heres and awesome photo
  5. I see that
  6. Some of my 3 favorite basketball uniforms of all time, this bobcats uniform was probably the only thing good about that team, the mavs brings back memories of rookie dirk, and that's just a wonderful shade of real for that jersey
  7. Awesome love the font you used also glad you didn't make an "Indians" jersey
  8. No it's not being protested no one cares enough here, doesn't mean I'm not against it though.
  9. Could you take a crack my Keller high, here's some pictures ( the water tower is used in all of the t-shirts)
  10. Navy and white are awesome
  11. I agree the last logo should be the primary, I always love when Baylor plays them in football such a competitive game
  12. Just wondering but, why Kenyon Martin?
  13. Not a relative but, my dads landlord dresses up as the fox sports robot guy for all their event
  14. happy new year from the outer reaches of space
  15. team reveal

    Some of the affiliation patches are conflicting, Norfolk and Greenville are affiliated with the ravens? Generals are affiliated with Chicago on their uniform tweak but with buffalo on the most recent photo.