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  1. Team Color Changes

    Hmmm.... the only one I can think of is the blue jackets original red navy and lime to red navy and silver.
  2. Winnipeg Jets Concept

    Well there is some great stuff in here. It’s really your choice but some templates just make the concept worse automatically so choose wisely
  3. Fort Worth Transportation Authority rebrand

    Really nice, but I’ve kinda learned to love the Star with many shadows logo
  4. Welcome to the 90's

    From the curvy font to the obscurr w and the ultra modern wizard logo, these will always be ugly. Also the navy black Vegas gold color scheme wasn’t helping either
  5. Winnipeg Jets Concept

    Well that’s not the most beautiful concept I’ve ever seen, good job making it unique though. Maybe use a different template? Right now it’s giving me a rejected 90s concept vibe.
  6. bigred's NBA Concepts (Wolves added)

    Oh man Carolina Cougars right? But do these teams have any sort of connection? Still like it, uniform would be perfect for about ten years ago.

    Love your creativity and template consistency.
  8. Seattle Emeralds Logo Design (NHL Expansion Team)

    This needs a LOT of simplification the gradients and shines on the emerald and skyline wouldn’t work with a jersey. I think you have something good going on with the second logo
  9. I have a hat that looks exactly like that, wrong shipment from fanatics wrong size too
  10. Kansas City Hunters - NBA Concept

    Exactly what I thought of. On the primary, the beard doesn’t match the rest of the logo, make it simple like the rest, or go in a completely different direction with the logo.
  11. Colonel Sanders

    Bump, anything else?
  12. Unpopular Opinions

    I’d consider not even calling it a logo
  13. missing logo thread

    Needs dolphins 50th anniversary logo
  14. 2018-19 Utah Jazz "City" Uniforms concept

    Ok so that snowflake logo, how would it look if the “flakes?” Were connected to the lines on the ball?