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  1. Officially following this
  2. I am ready to buy all those jazz jerseys, but I kinda miss the spur on the U in the spurs jerseys. Love the fiesta jersey though
  3. Not that ugly of uniforms but oof
  4. I have always loved the stars on their shoulders. This concept is definitely "out there" but honestly I could be proved wrong in 2020, (hopefully not). As for critique I would say make the NOB bigger and move the numbers closer to it also I think the jersey side stripe is a little unnecessary
  6. THANK YOU I have always thought that West Virginia had some of the worst NCAA uniforms not to mention that font
  7. May I suggest one, Sea Turkeys, my grandpa always called cranes sea turkeys, and I think it's really unique
  8. Detroit: kind of raptorsish on the back which I like, however the font you used is a little bland Atlanta: cool combonation of eras, very 60's but also modern, never been a huge fan of that hawks color scheme though Baltimore: don't really like that gradient on the logo, love the Baltimore script makes it unique, maybe try using that same style for the royalty script, I like the checkerboard on the logo maybe include it on the jerseys?, color scheme looks a lot like the former bucks though
  9. The eyes are a little weird to me, also why little lines on their fingers. I would try to simplify it a lot.
  10. Oooooh I love the claw marks for the grizzlies, hope to see the mavs soon
  11. Just something I was working on started off with Minnesota, New Orleans, and Oklahoma City. C&C appreciated.
  12. Love the dbacks not sure about the angels cap logo looks like the dodgers, also I am not a fan of yellow with the royals too much like the brewers
  13. Looks great but I have grown to like the subtle pelican inside the 3-point line