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  1. NIKE REVAMP - Dallas Mavericks Skyline Jersey

    This doesn't work for a whole set, an alternate sure but not a whole set. The neon blue and black one just makes me cringe adds an unnecessary color and looks like a bad fashion jersey regular blue would work better.
  2. NBA/Nike by BigBryArab

    Wow you've improved these a lot! Love Indiana so much, my complaint with the current ones is they aren't the farmers, they're the pacers so there needed to include racing elements and you fixed that! You gave the nets an actual identity so not much to complain about. And the pistons work well too
  3. Texas Tech Concept

    Like it, don't love it, the uniforms are fine but I think the tt logo needs more black. It also bugs me that you used a brand new logo and put a older one that needs a refresh on top of it. Good start
  4. High School Redesign: The Gators

    Not just in your opinion, in everyone's opinion. Looks like a minor league team for the xfl
  5. MLB | Texas Rangers Logo Modernization

    Somthing is wrong with that A I would make it flatter on top
  6. Complete Nike NBA rebrand (1/32) (Logo and Uniform)

    That logo has so much empty space it doesn't work at all, the only acceptable one is the basketball one, as an alternate. The uniform is also really bland imo add some elements from previous uniforms
  7. Houston Rockets - Nike Concept - C&C ?

    Meh, I'd go with somthing Houston based like marathon oil or apache
  8. Houston Rockets - Nike Concept - C&C ?

  9. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Recently found out about a deal at outback, free blooming onion on Monday if Kevin Harvick finished in the top 10 on Sunday. Enjoy your onions, your welcome
  10. Houston Rockets - Nike Concept - C&C ?

    ^^no I mean only have one of the rocketship logos one the side of the shorts
  11. High School Redesign: The Gators

    Why is life not fair
  12. MLB | Texas Rangers Logo Modernization

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Everything about it is perfect would love too see that everywhere at the ballpark soon
  13. Houston Rockets - Nike Concept - C&C ?

    I'd go slanted gives happiness to all the lovers of the McDonald's unis. I also love the direction your going, my only correction would be to only have one logo on the shorts.
  14. NBA x NIKE (NEW INDIANA PACERS SET added 7/29)

    Like the removal of those terrible side stripes but you put their worst logo of their set (imo) on the jersey it just annoys me because their not the farmers or somthing, their the pacers and they should have a car theme
  15. Lights Out's NBA 2017: Knicks (p. 3)

    That's why it's awesome