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  1. The Kings logo looks to thin I would make the horizontal line thicker
  2. So I was thinking about the hawks and I always liked the full body logo of the 90's and 00's but the one they have now is perfect so I combined them, C&C welcome!
  3. This is your best one yet your improving!
  4. Can't see most of the logos well and the uniforms are a little bland give it some personality
  5. All the Oklahoma teams that I've ever seen play had no problem with attendance (Thunder, Drillers and OSU) so putting a team there would be fun.
  6. Could you attempt my school Keller High School?
  7. TXA 21 (DFW independent) Also recentley went to Boston and they have some great logos
  8. Here's a challenge Saab and Texas international airlines
  9. you need trim as everyone else has said but your really on to somthing with the nuggets
  10. Well I would be a Vegas fan with those jerseys
  11. SO EXCITED, love the league logo too
  12. Wow no California or New York, exited for this I would make the feet less pointy on the logo good job