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  1. Someone might have a better one, but this is what I use.
  2. Mississippi State will likely get new maroon jerseys to match the maroon pants that were unveiled earlier this year.
  3. Mississippi State to wear Patriots knockoffs at Gillette Stadium Saturday. http://hailstate.com/news/2016/9/19/football-msu-adidas-unveil-new-alternate-uniform-for-umass-game-at-gillette-stadium.aspx
  4. Here is the home uniform.
  5. This is a concept I made it Paint. I decided to try my hand at making some minor updates to Clemson's uniforms. The main change made is the addition of more purple. First, here is the "Orange Britches" home uniform.
  6. Is that the one in Kentcuky?
  7. Add Ole Miss, Florida, Auburn, and South Carolina for chrome decals.
  8. With green laces for Christmas Day.