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  1. Wow. That navy jersey is even worse than I thought, covered with all the gold with no gold elsewhere. The white is surprisingly passible, as it is unnoticeable.
  2. Yep. It's our winning chant while they blare the music (not the actual song, but just the music) over the speakers (so that way you can actually hear the chants from the supporters, and not just the actual lyrics). We played it once in 2015, Ruckus made a chant for it, and it's been a tradition ever since. There's more lyrics to it, but that's the chorus.
  3. Orlando just unveiled its new flag. Old: New: Huge upgrade, IMO.
  4. Whoa, a lot to comment on here. Wow. I'm loving everything about this one. The crest is understated but beautiful. For the home, I actually have a scrapped Atlanta United concept which had this same design - light blue top (sky), gradient to "ash grey", grey shorts and socks (the "rising from the ashes" kit), and it works just as well here as I feel it did on mine. The clash reminds me of the leaked Real Madrid shirt - black with sublimated hoops and light blue accents. (Hope the RM kit comes out as good as this one did) I love the crest. Incredible. I do feel that the home needs a little orange, though. Maybe place it on the sponsors and Nike logo? Niiiice. I'm really liking this one. The crest needs a little more navy, but it's still incredible. The white socks on the home look at little out of place - maybe red-white hooped (similar to the clash)? The clash is very good, I don't have anything to say about it. Not feeling this one. The crest is a good idea, but looks like it was rendered in Paint. The stripes on the home feel too thin, especially for the middle stripes. This is one of those designs where I don't think you should make full stripes, either. I really like the shorts stripe being the stripe pattern, though. The clash is the exact opposite of the home: it's too plain. I don't like how high the sponsor is due to the chest stripe, and it needs more gold. On the socks, I would go for blue-gold hoops, instead of blue-white.
  5. Nice seats. Also, I had a lot of trouble watching the game on TV. Many times I would think that Orlando was NYC, or vice versa. I even thought the Villa goal was an Orlando goal at first, so I jumped up and a guy asked me why I was cheering. I responded, "We just scored!" Mind that I was wearing my City jersey and wearing a City hat. I actually thought that Orlando had scored until it showed up 1-2 on the scorebug. (The guy probably thought I was a complete and total idiot. I don't blame him)
  6. Dear Adidas, you. Sincerely, fans of the LA Galaxy, Seattle Sounders, NYCFC, and Orlando City. This is some stupid earth day promotion, isn't it?
  7. I hate NYCFC with a passion, but David Villa's goal from the other day is incredible.
  8. It''s beautiful...
  9. "We will GA-THER in the SUN And we will SING 'till KING-DOM COME And we won't STOP for ANY-ONE Because OR-LAND-O CITY WON!" Orlando says undefeated at home (4-0-0) with a 2-1 win over LA. The Galaxy's keeper layer down a good 6 minutes, looked up, noticed they were warming up bis replacement, and jumped right back up like nothing happened. Pathetic.
  10. Okay, MLB. I realize it's early, but way to screw up my predictions already. Here are slightly MAJORLY updated ones above (featuring a 3-way tie for 5th in the NL!) (did I go too far?)
  11. I was wrong. The cream shorts look much better. Thanks for trying it out, though! Also, small nitpick for Orange County (great kits by the way) - Bright House just merged with Spectrum and is using Spectrum's name and logo.
  12. Sorry, I didn't see that thread. Mods, if you want to merge, go ahead.
  13. Time to fire this up again. Magic make the first move, as GM Rob Hennigan is finally out (took them long enough!) Great fire by the Magic. Hennigan did nothing but destroy the team, and it's about time he's gone.
  14. EASTERN CONFERENCE FIRST ROUND 1) BOS def. 8) CHI in 4 - To absolutely no one's surprise, the Celtics manhandle the Bulls in 4 straight blowouts. 7) IND def. 2) CLE in 7 - In what many consider the greatest upset in league history, the Pacers shock the nation when they come back from a 3-2 series deficit and stun the Cavs on a Paul George buzzer-beater in Game 7. 3) TOR def. 6) MIL in 7 - Despite Chris Middleton and Giannis Antetokoumpo's valiant efforts, the Raptors are just too much for the Bucks in the end. 4) WAS def. 5) ATL in 6 - Dennis Schroeder simply cannot defend John Wall, and he explodes for a monster series. Dwight Howard is also a no-show. SECOND ROUND 1) BOS def. 4) WAS in 6 - When John Wall and Bradley Beal successfully shut down Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk has the series of his life when Al Horford goes down with a leg injury early in Game 1. 7) IND def. 3) TOR in 5 - The Cinderella story continues when the Pacers defeat the Raptors in a stunning 5 games, 3 of which were decided with less than 2 points. EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS 7) IND def. 1) BOS in 7 - With the entire country (with the exclusion of Boston/New England area) behind them, the Pacers play the series of their lives. "Pacers Dude" goes viral after he goes to every away game wearing a bright yellow jacket and, to be frank, being a nuisance to everyone else in the TD Garden. The Celtics took games 1 and 2 in convincing fashion, but then the Pacers did the same at their house. Each team won their respective home games until Game 7, a 2OT thriller that many say is one of the best games in league history, with the Pacers pulling off the upset. WESTERN CONFERENCE FIRST ROUND 1) GS def. POR in 5 - Damian Lillard does enough to steal a game in Game 4, but not enough to keep the Blazers from being thoroughly dominated. 2) SA def. 7) MEM in 4 - The Grizzlies have no match for Kawhi, and he has an amazing series. 3) HOU def. 6) OKC in 6 - The battle of the MVPs is really not all that heated, with every game being a blowout. Westbrook does get a triple-double in every game, though. So there's that. 5) UTA def. 4) LAC in 5 - The Clippers choke again. Really nothing else to say. SECOND ROUND 1) GS def. 3) HOU in 7 - This was actually a much more competitive series than many expected. James Harden steals a couple for the Rockets in games 5 and 6, but it still isn't enough. 2) SA def. 5) UTA in 6 - Utah was primed to take the upset with a commanding 2-0 series lead - until Gordon Hayward went down in game 3. Spurs then won 4 straight to create a WCF matchup that absolutely everyone expected. WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS 1) GS def. 2) SA in 7 - A highly-anticipated series really disappointed at first, as the Warriors grab a 3-0 lead - and then San Antonio won 3 straight to set up a WCF matchup for the ages. Unfortunately for fans of the NBA outside of the Bay Area and any bandwagoners, the Warriors win, and are headed to the Finals. 2016-17 NBA FINALS W1) GS def. E7) IND in 4 - This is a matchup between the superteam Warriors, the team which was widely considered to be the best team in league history, versus the Cinderella Pacers (the "Cardiac Pacemakers"). However, it was simply not meant to be for the Pacers, as they lose 4 straight in a snoozer of a Finals and the Warriors win their 2nd championship in 3 years.
  15. Best one yet. Very good job, sir. How would the clash look like with red shorts?