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  1. I just saw the new Cavs home uniform (only the home, though). All I can say is that I love it, but traditionalists: watch out. I just had an EA Sports Tiberon complex tour (which included a run of playing the new NBA Live). Also, GSW is no changes other than a white Nike logo (at least on the roads).
  2. Can you please do my high school, Timber Creek? I want this helmet: ...on a purple background. Thanks in advance!
  3. The old Hornets never looked good. There. I said it. Fight me.
  4. As I stated in your MLB tweaks thread, I loved that "terrible" Stingrays concept from 2013. I think it was a wonderful take on a new look, despite some obvious problems (like the devil ray representing "Stingrays". It was one of the best Rays concepts that I've ever seen on these boards, IMO. But to each their own... Anyway, regarding the new look... 1The Rays actually do have a "Tampa Bay" script, just not on the uniforms. Anyway, regarding the uniforms: Beautiful. Another home run (heh heh). I don't have any complaints.
  5. New draft picks Jonathan Isaac and Wesley Iwundu will wear #1 and #25 for the Magic.
  6. Seconded. Anyway, after sleeping on it, here's my thoughts: OMG IT'S PERFECT AND THEY SHOULD NEVER CHANGE ANYTHING EVER AGAIN: Colorado, Vegas (I'm starting to become a fan. What have I done? Starting to seriously follow the NHL as soon as an expansion team starts up that I know I would be connected to? How?) Huge Upgrade: Carolina Upgrade: Minnesota, Columbus, Buffalo, Calgary (still terrible), St Louis Meh, nothing to see here: All the teams that didn't change at all, San Jose, Boston (like the legible numbers, but don't like the black socks) Downgrade: Nashville, Edmonton, Ottawa (you'll see them twice in my list - the numbers were the one thing that I liked, and then they got rid of them? Seriously?) Huge Downgrade: New Jersey WTF WHY DIDN'T YOU CHANGE FROM EDGE YOU IDIOTS: Washington, Ottawa
  7. Okay, so my ideal Tampa would be... The design (so sleeves, etc.) would be the same as this, with blue and black swapped on the sweater (still black pants), no white yoke (maybe black, or maybe just none), Florida sleeve patch updated to fit the current primary, and current primary on the front. Look for all eternity right there, IMO.
  8. Sorry for double post, but... MOUNTAIN STRIPING!!!!!
  9. Okay. Let's see... From right to left, presumably: 1st one (Vancouver): No changes, it appears 2nd one (Los Angeles): Also no visible changes, but hopefully a hem stripe has been added to match the white 3rd one (San Jose, I think, but I have no idea): teal or blue sleeves with a sleeve patch with a tiny bit of orange 4th one (Edmonton): Looks like the leak was right, Gretzky-era stripes on orange, with navy replacing royal 5-7th one: can't see 8th one (Vegas): Black sleeve top, gold stripe, red stripe, grey sleeve bottom 9-10th one: Can't tell 11th one (Boston or Pittsburgh): Either a yellow yoke with a white outline (which would be Bruins) or yellow sleeve top with white stripe (Pittsburgh) 12th one: Black bottom of sleeve, but too little to tell 13th one (Dallas): green body, white-black-white stripe 14th one: Can't tell 15th one (Chicago): red body, white-black-white stripe plus you can get a hint of the crest
  10. Tonight, I hope we smash the old "most online" post by a lot. I could bet we beat it by at least 300. Just curious now (because a quick Google search didn't pull it up), what happened on April 26, 2016 for the boards to explode like that? Looking at my profile, I just missed it by a month or two.
  11. Oof. That's positively terrible.
  12. Not even close. Miami never wanted "Magic". They were "Heat" from the start (both teams did name-the-team contests; Heat won in an overwhelming landslide for Miami, Magic won over "Juice" because Pat William's daughter liked it better, and she was the tiebreaker. Good for her. Sorry. I was too busy crying in the corner about the team's future that I didn't catch what you said. Oh wait, it wasn't good news? Oh well. I don't want to hear it anyway.
  13. Disney, IMO, is best-case scenario (outside of no ad at all, of course) for a jersey ad. The team is named after Magic Kingdom, for crying out loud. They are also very non-intrusive - simply a white wordmark on blue on the blue jersey, and I assume there will be a black wordmark on white on the home (why black? The adidas logo on the Magic replica jerseys was black). Doesn't help the "all Orlando has is theme parks" stereotype, however. I guess you can't have everything. EDIT: The tracker so far: Boston: GE Brooklyn: Infor () Cleveland: Goodyear Minnesota: Fitbit Orlando: Disney Utah: Five for the Fight Anyone else I'm forgetting?
  14. The site is down - did anyone get a screenshot of the Herd logo?
  15. I see we have the new Burger King in St Louis... But seriously, all of those looks are 90s-tastic, aka I wouldn't want to see them today but they would make great throwback material!