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  1. Have you done billboards by any chance? I remember randomly seeing a billboard for the Dolphins-Falcons game in the Citrus Bowl one day last year that looked a lot like your work (mono-aqua, road team's logo in just white, etc.) Also, nice to know you went to Full Sail; I live just a couple miles from the university.
  2. It's a requirement for just a logo in a team's logoset to have a basketball, and the primary to have the full team name. Old logos (such as the Spurs') are grandfathered in, but if they ever change, then they would have to either fit a basketball into their current logo or make a new logo with a basketball in it.
  3. From the mothership's comments section...
  4. I always assumed either Jacksonville (Suns/Jumbo Shrimp stadium) or Orlando (WWOS or temporary seating added to Tinker Field). Huh. Guess it's a good thing it never happened. Now that I think of it, an expansion to the Tampa Yankees' stadium would have probably worked out (it could probably still work if they desperately need a stadium [ex: Trop roof collapses similar to the Metrodome's]), and it wouldn't be a bad choice for a new stadium in the future.
  5. I actually picked Duke to lose in this round.... ...against Marquette.
  6. A bit of homerism here, but Orlando has some of the best-looking (both outside and inside) stadiums in the country. (I'm putting in spoilers due to the size of all the pics) Amway Center External: Amway Center Internal: Orlando City Stadium is so new that I can't find any real pictures of it, but we all know the beauty of our new palace. Citrus Bowl Exterior: Citrus Bowl Interior: CFE Arena Exterior: CFE Arena Interior: Bright House Networks Stadium is ugly as and should not be mentioned in this thread.
  7. Thank you very much, sir. I will never be able to unsee that again and it will drive me crazy.
  8. Here's another Vucevic beauty.
  9. Not only that, I also pronounce the NASL as "nass-el".
  10. May I request UCF, FGCU, USF, FAU (starting to notice a pattern here?) and Stetson? Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm in ESPN. All I'm hoping is a good, exciting tournament. (Rounds 1 and 2 are actually at the Amway Center, so I got tickets for some of those)
  12. On the topic of alternate-history looks, here's a nice one for all of you history lovers (me included) - What if the USA went to war with Canada/England in 1844 over the border of Oregon Country? HISTORY LESSON IN SPOILER (for those who don't know about Oregon Country and the resulting almost-war from it) So, say that James Polk unsecures his place as one of the least-remembered presidents by initiatiating, and winning, that war. This means Vancouver (and basically all of the British Columbia province as well) is now on US soil. This means that all of the Big 4 leagues expand into Vancouver. NFL The NHL does not make any changes, as they already have the Canucks and would add them as normal in 1970. The NBA also just keeps the Grizzlies in Vancouver (due to the Canadian dollar not mattering anymore, as it is a US city); Memphis does not have a NBA team. Here is the alignment: MLB So as you can see, at least 2 of the major leagues will dramatically change, all if one extra war between the US and England.
  13. As a Houston fan, I like this deal. It's most likely they will make a push for Romo, which I would support. This team could be very good next year if they make the right moves.
  14. And that's understandable, as I understand the Ruckus is not exactly a role model when it comes to authorities. But I've never seen anything like this. ...That would be the Ruckus. While they provide a great atmosphere, they are also very drunk idiots that don't have lives. And I understand that this is a very small group of fans. NYCFC fans, although I've never actually been to one of their games, seem very good overall. Just that 1% who aren't will get under your skin and it's incredibly annoying.
  15. 3 NYCFC fans were arrested following the match, one of them attempting to choke an officer and the others picking fights with City fans. Another NYCFC fan was caught trying to steal a seat from the stadium (how do you even do that?). When they were doing all the ceremonial "new stadium yay" stuff, the NYCFC fans started a " OR-LAND-O" chant. Stay classy, New York.