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  1. Magic Dynasty

    2018-19 NBA Season - New and improved!

    I wish that we actually had a home crowd for games against big teams. I was talking to a Celtics fan on the way out of the arena and he said "great away win for you all", and I had to agree with him. The crowd was at least 50-60% Boston Kyrie Irving. Seriously, no one was wearing any other jersey, and they would cheer super loud for him but no one else. Anything he did would garner a "OOOOH!" from the crowd, to the point where I think he could've done a simple crossover and then thrown a turnover and the crowd would've reacted that way. However, we did have a home crowd for the Rockets game, and the atmosphere was incredible by the end. As much as I hate to say it, Orlando is a very fair weather city when it comes to sports, and the number of implants and snowbirds from up north doesn't help. Really, if the Magic get back to winning before Orlando City gets off the ground, they will have quite the issues getting people in. There will always be the diehards, but a lot of casual fans will eventually stop coming once the "new team" attendance boost wears off in a year or two.
  2. Magic Dynasty

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I’ve never heard that saying before (and as a freshman in a large high school, that’s saying something), but I would assume it’s either the new “lit” or “fire”, or something like “clean”. In actual words, it’s probably a synonym for when people call uniforms “fresh”, which I’m pretty sure didn’t start this generation. No matter how many times you cringed reading that, I can guarantee that I probably did more while having to type that.
  3. Magic Dynasty

    MLS Kits 2019

    There are rumors floating around that it will have much more white than the previous/current kit, maybe even including white shorts. I don’t know if this is true or not (it probably isn’t, considering that the rumors last year were mainly about a white kit with red accents)
  4. Magic Dynasty

    2018-19 NBA Season - New and improved!

    What was really funny was that he complained for a good two minutes to the ref for calling a single (and obvious) foul on him, and then the next two plays he was given two very questionable fouls on 3 pointers. But really, if he hadn’t tried to do everything, they would’ve blown us out of the water. Austin Rivers of all people lit us up, but Harden wouldn’t pass to him (or anyone else). Ah, doesn’t matter. Wonder if those people who showed up in a Celtics jersey on Saturday and a Rockets jersey on Sunday bought a Magic one at the end of the Rockets game.
  5. Magic Dynasty

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    I don’t really care about the NFL that much, but in basketball it’s Houston in the west (I was born there), and Not Miami* in the east. *Little-brother-vs-big-brother style rivalry, like Sabres-Rangers/Islanders? Absolutely! They don’t give two s about us, but beating Miami is the ultimate goal of any Florida team not from there.
  6. Magic Dynasty

    NFL changes 2019

    To me, the current pewter looks grey, but the old one looked metallic brown (I called it bronze for a long time).
  7. Magic Dynasty

    MLS Kits 2019

    Yes. Teams get new home/away kits every other year, so since the white/orange away kits came last year they will change the home this year (as that was from 2017).
  8. Magic Dynasty

    North American Pro Soccer 2019

    In what stadium?
  9. Magic Dynasty

    The 1972 Project: Ball State Cardinals

    The link to the WVU combos brings you to Clemson's.
  10. Magic Dynasty

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Indianapolis vs. Kansas City Dallas vs. Los Angeles Los Angeles vs. New England Philadelphia vs. New Orleans
  11. Magic Dynasty

    MLS Kits 2019

    What a kit. Well done by Vancouver. Let’s just hope they don’t wear their black kits every other game like last year - I want these to be shown off as much as possible.
  12. Magic Dynasty

    NFL changes 2019

    Honestly, if they standardize the silvers, I hope they go with the silver-green. It’s such a unique color that it doesn’t matter which blue they choose to pair it with (however, if they go with regular silver, they should only use navy with it, and burn the royal blue).
  13. Magic Dynasty

    BellaSpurs vs The NFL (Texans Update Added)

    If this was less “out-there”, it would be great - get rid of the sleeve caps and add number outlines (for numbers with one color, not two). Then, use the amazing pants stripe to make a piping pattern around the sleeve cap (like what you have with the white piping around the sleeves on the navy uniform). This both pays homage to their great current uniforms, and adds more use to the pants stripes (which IMO are easily the best part of this design). Maybe try the stripe on the helmet as well. And, while I’m sure navy will look better, could you make a version with white helmets (with or without striping)?
  14. Magic Dynasty

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Why not? Wild Card Weekend: Houston 28, Indianapolis 17 - biased pick is biased, but Houston runs away with this one after Andrew Luck leaves the game with an injury in the 2nd quarter. Seattle 17, Dallas 10 - This is one of those games that just suck to watch, but there’s that one guy saying “now THIS is great defensive football!” just to try and prove that he’s a “real” football fan. Baltimore 24, LA Chargers 21 - Philip Rivers never gets going, and Lamar Jackson does just enough to get the win. Chicago 38, Philadelphia 10 - Philadelphia never gets off the ground against Chicago’s stifling defense, in a game featuring two pick sixes. Divisional Round New England 20, Houston 18 - bias killed by Bill Belichick and his Evil Empire. It’s close, but Houston falls just short. Baltimore 28, Kansas City 13 - Never doubt Andy Reid’s ability to choke in the playoffs. That is all. LA Rams 24, Chicago 21 - This game will be a classic. After the Bears shut out LA in the first half, the Rams come roaring (bleating?) back in the second. The game ends on a game-winning field goal. This could go either way - just switch the scores, but none of the remaining dialogue. New Orleans 45, Seattle 13 - Seattle is hopelessly matched against the high-powered Saints offense. Conference Championships New England 14, Baltimore 10 - In a snoozefest, New England just edges Baltimore after Lamar Jackson finally doesn’t step up big. After all that’s happened this season, the Patriots still ended up in the Super Bowl once again. LA Rams 31, New Orleans 23 - In direct contrast to the AFC Championship that happened just a few hours before, this one is a thriller. Drew Brees and Jared Goff trade touchdowns in the first half, but then it’s Aaron Donald that makes the difference, getting a huge sack that transfers momentum firmly in favor of the Rams. Super Bowl LA Rams 36, New England 35 - The Super Bowl lives up to the hype, with huge swings from both sides. Todd Gurley is largely absent from the game, but Jared Goff steps up in his place. When New England scores late in the game (right after a very questionable call by the officials), and another clear facemask missed by the officials, the Rams still manage to get to the 5 yard line - but are then stuffed on 3 subsequent Gurley runs. On 4th down, with the game on the line, Goff scrambles out of the pocket for a score. They go for 2, and get it. The Patriots have 30 seconds to get into field goal range - and then Aaron Donald stripsacks Brady. He is SB MVP, and the Rams fans here demand that we now call the Rams the “Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams”.
  15. Magic Dynasty

    MLS Kits 2019

    I wish that Canadian teams playing in American leagues didn’t feel the need to shout “We’re from CANADA!!!” with every essence of their being on everything they put out. That was my first thought when I saw this: they’re trying to emulate the Canadian national team’s kits.