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  1. roundball rock (an nba logo series)

    Nyo~ IT'S SO CUUUUTE!!! >U<
  2. A lot of teams share each others goal horns, so don't get hype.
  3. Have you considered posting goal horns?
  4. USA Sponsor: McDonald's Captain: Mark Fischbach
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I changed around the template and removed the rosters
  6. Team Korea Home Arena: COEX Convention & Exhibition Center Entered FIJA: 1999 Men's Captain: Na Byung-Ho Women's Captain: P'yo Ae-Ri Men's Coach: Ru Chun-Yong Women's Coach: Noe Eon-Jeong Men's Roster Number/ Name/ Team/ Birthplace 13 Na Bung-Ho/ Red Star Kunlun/ Anseong, Gyeonggi 30 Nu Min-Ho/ Hollywood Stars/ Seoul, Seoul 27 Sam Myung-Hee/ North Texas/ Jeonju, North Jeolla 34 Chu Min-Kyu/ Hyundai Lions/ Changwon, South Gyeongsang 9 Ryu Seong/ Real Madrid/ Andong, North Gyeongsang Women's roster Number/ Name/ Team/ Birthplace 11 P'yo Ae-Ri/ Hongseong Magpies/ Dangjin, South Chungcheong 55 Sonu Na-Rae/ Changwon LG Sakers/ Muan, South Jeolla 9 Eoh Nara/ Nintendo Kitsune/ Jeju City, Jeju 1 Namgung Ji-Su/ Vanderbilt/ Seogwipo-si, Jeju 20 Tan Son-Park/ Edmonton eSports/ Chuncheon, Gangwon
  7. Team Sweden Home Arena: Erricsson Globe Entered FIJA: 1990 Men's Captain: Joel Hagerström Women's Captain: Ellie Blomquist Men's Coach: Mattias Asplund Women's Coach: Nea Lagerfelt Men's roster Number/ Name/ Gamertag/ Team/ Birthplace 9 Joel Hagerstrom/ Sniperks/ Arecibo Capitanes/ Vaxholm, Uppland 71 Stig Bergh/ IceBergh/ Vastra Frolunda IF/ Laholm, Halland 8 Gudhlek Lundmark/ FormalPiglet/ Texas/ Are, Jamtland 80 Elias Lindeman/ Knightshade/ Miami Mantas/ Malmo, Scania 28 Tomas Stenmark/ Pyrobot/ Stavanger Roughnecks/ Orebro, Narke Women's roster Number/ Name/ Gamertag/ Team/ Birthplace 19 Ellie Blomquist/ IronCobra/ Valencia eSports/ Timra, Medelpad 64 Kristin Ekblad/ Cyborne/ Minneapolis Metros/ Kiruna, Lapland 7 Maj-Gun Lundin/ Bearry/ Carolina Reapers/ Karlstad, Varmland 80 Locis Ohlin/ CountryCandy/ Barons of Albany/ Nykoping, Sodermanland 28 Sofie Sjogren/ Nitwitch/ Lehigh Valley Lynx/ Kalmar, Oland
  8. Premier Rugby: Buffalo Bolts

    The Houston Cosmos. That is all.
  9. Team Brazil Home Arena: Riocentro
  10. It works like regular esports.
  11. Team Canada Home Arena: Shaw Centre
  12. Team USA Home Arena: DC Armory
  13. What is the fate of the Dragons franchise, do they rebrand or move?
  14. Is there any chance the Cosmos could move to Houston? I think Houston's a more fitting location for that name.
  15. What if these companies still were around and had taken on a new identity?
  16. Defunct company rebrands *REQUESTS TAKEN*

    Alright. If everything coming in this thread is going to be :censored:ed, you may as well shut it down then.
  17. Defunct company rebrands *REQUESTS TAKEN*

    That logo was one of the default templates on the program I was using, had no idea someone else used it.
  18. Defunct company rebrands *REQUESTS TAKEN*

    I never knew this company existed, I will take it down for you then.
  19. Defunct company rebrands *REQUESTS TAKEN*

    I already did Ames