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  1. Going somewhat local as I used to live nearby Oh and of course...
  2. I know what I said about not being ready for this site, but I had a recoloring idea. I would recolor team logos with their city's flag colors.
  3. I SQUEALED like a little girl when I saw the number font on the Moose. Nice touch, mate.
  4. This is Ezmusso Liga, the parent of the three major sports leagues in the fictional country of Esmus (Ezmusso). The island was discovered by Italy in 1734, but then later Spain took ownership in 1895, and then Japan owned the island in 1929 until Esmus declared independence in 1997. FLAG Capital: Tazma (Tazcza) Languages: Ezmusian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese President (Regali): Marco Azzanti Now onto the league Founded: 1999 Headquarters: New Sapporo (Nueva Saeporo) Regali: Juan Yamada Kit Manufacturer (Crafo de Pacci): Nike Championship Cup (Kopo de Caccione): (Foutboul) Rodriguez Cup, (Hockei) Tattigalli Cup, (Basketti) Ciccola Cup Bantucci FC/HC/BC Manager (Cochelli): Arturo Marella Stadium (Colode): Hashima Memorial Stadium (Colode Mimori de Hasima) City (Shigechi): Barlow (Bantucci) Sponsors (Promoti): Carlucci Clothing Rodriguez Cups (Kopo de Rodriguez: 0 Manager (Cochelli): Dan Foley Arena (Colodi) GoldenWealth Arena (Colodi de GoldenWealth) Kopo de Tattigalli: 2001, 2005 Manager (Cochelli): Andrey Barello Arena (Colodi) GoldenWealth Arena (Colodi de GoldenWealth) Kopo de Ciccola: 2007 Napolae FC/HC/BC Manager (Cochelli): Dreaden Coke Stadium (Colode): AerEzmusso Field (Akura AerEzMusso) City (Shigechi): Napoli (Napolae) Sponsors (Promoti): Jozzo Kafe Rodriguez Cups (Kopo de Rodriguez): 0 Manager (Cochelli): Senni Rescza Arena (Colodi) RETA11 Arena (Colodi de RETA11) Kopo de Tattigalli: 1999, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2016
  5. Bazcza FC Manager (Cochelli): Saan'a Takeida Stadium (Colode): Wolocci Grounds (Soeli de Wolocci) City (Shigechi): Boileau (Bazcza) Sponsors (Promoti): Target Rodriguez Cups (Kopo de Rodriguez): 2 (2001, 2011)
  6. Liones de Takeida Manager (Cochelli): Francisco Farfella Stadium (Colode): SI! Stadium (Colode de SI!) City (Shigechi): Takeda (Takeida) Sponsors (Promoti): Western Telecommuno Rodriguez Cups (Kopo de Rodriguez): 0
  7. USA Sponsor: McDonald's Captain: Mark Fischbach
  8. What's wrong with Owayo and I used only gaming Youtubers who do this for a living but I will also use Twitch streamers.
  9. It was the same deal with the Sharks. It looked the exact same just with different shades.
  10. Only posting the new logo because Owayo is being a dingus right now.