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  1. TOKYO FC STADIUM: Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka KIT: Umbro SPONSOR: Avex Trax TACHIBANA CUPS: 1 (2004) TAKEDA SHIELDS: 4 (1999/2001/2004/2012)
  2. What if these companies still were around and had taken on a new identity?
  3. Doesn't count. They still exist.
  4. For @coco1997 For @KittSmith_95 For @MBurmy
  5. not bad tho.
  6. Photoshop. If it looks like this website you saw, that is coincidence.
  7. For @Big Yellow Flag
  8. For @ZionEagle
  9. Ok then, I'll do it, but know that there is still active Blockbuster locations still
  10. For @Brass
  11. I'm avoiding Blockbuster because it's really not dead. There's a good handful of locations still left in the USA.
  12. For @ChicagoOakland
  14. Can you make one for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms please.
  15. TONGA LEAGUE PREMIERSHIP Nuku'alofa Lakers Stadium: Teufaiva Sport Stadium Kit Manufacturer: Nike Kit Sponsor: Santander Famatu Cups: 0
  16. STADIUM: Nagoya Dome KIT: Under Armour SPONSOR: SoftBank TACHIBANA CUPS: 3 (2005/2007/2015) TAKEDA SHIELDS: 10 (1978/1979/1983/1985/1987/1989/1990/2002/2005/2007/2015)
  17. btw C+C? It feels kind of dry here. BTW I WILL ALSO BE STARTING ANOTHER SERIES ON JAPAN
  18. AFC Fua'amotu Stadium: Warrior's Way Stadium Kit Manufacturer: Umbro Kit Sponsor: Fiji Airways Famatu Cups: 1 (2001)
  19. Nukunuku Wanderers Stadium: Reiki Grounds Kit Manufacturer: New Balance Kit Sponsor: Maori Television Famatu Cups: 1 (2014)
  20. Sia'atoutai FC Stadium: Matoro Stadium Kit Manufacturer: Nike Kit Sponsor: Mapfre Famatu Cups: 2 (2004, 2015)
  21. Ohonua Islanders FC Stadium: Reiher Field Kit Manufacturer: Under Armor Kit Sponsor: Subway Famatu Cups: 0
  22. Liahona FC Stadium: TDB Stadium Kit Manufacturer: Umbro Kit Sponsor: TDB (Tonga Development Bank) Famatu Cups: 1 (2016) This video is played everytime a goal is scored.
  23. Thanks man, and I love Bill Wurtz btw.