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  1. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Those jerseys are made even better by the amazing goal Strome scored
  2. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    http://kingstonfrontenacs.com/article/frontenacs-unveil-special-theme-jersey-for-pride-night-on-january-26-2018 The Kingston Frontenacs will be hosting Pride Night on January 26th they unveiled theses special jerseys which look really good.
  3. NHL 2017-18

    Buffalo won the design aspect hands down
  4. Ugly Christmas Sweater wallpapers 2017

    https://imgur.com/a/YUYwp There's the link to all the current wallpapers more to come by request
  5. Ugly Christmas Sweater wallpapers 2017

    On a related topic if anyone could inform me on how to attach images to a post that would be great!
  6. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, Thats right. Last year I made ugly christmas sweater themed wallpapers for various sports teams. I'm opening it again. If you have and requests please let me know. I will also post all the ones from last year so there won't be any duplicates.
  7. NHL 2017-18

    Those big aviator visors need to be brought back. Too bad we'll never get to see the mask Hasek is wearing ever agin. Classics
  8. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    They didn't have the patch until the second week of the season. My guess is it was a mandated thing and was rushed in.
  9. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Not sure if other teams around the League are doing this, but the Kingston Frontenacs are wearing a 100th anniversary Memorial Cup patch on their right sleeve much like the NHL is doing for its 100th anniversary.
  10. Beer Cans and Bottles

    The first time I ever heard of canned water it really baffled me. It makes a lot of sense thought.
  11. Beer Cans and Bottles

    The award for most creative can design goes to...
  12. Beer Cans and Bottles

    Molson Canadian cans have always had a nice look to them. Especially lately with the retro look.
  13. NHL 2017-18

    I'm more disappointed about what they did to the road uni. The all black collar and insert was a really nice look. Sad that it's gone.
  14. NHL 2017-18

    All I can see when I look at them.