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  1. Personally, I think it's a little crowded with the blue and silver
  2. Looks way better
  3. I liked the all black collar of the reebok ones
  4. They'll have one of the best looks in the league. Along with Kingston
  5. I'm pretty sure it's only because of the shadow around the edges of the photos.
  6. I'm with you. Adidas did this with the crowns on the Sweden jerseys for the World Cup.
  7. So does this mean they've already changed their logo? Or is this just a case of a separate logo for merch?
  8. It'll be like Christmas morning as a kid.
  9. That's most likely not the reason at all but thats my thinking.
  10. True. I feel like Adidas didn't want teams to make drastic changes right away due to the legume entering a brand new market in Vegas and given that fans more than likely have seen highlights of the Flames in red and black. They would want that recognition for fans in that market.
  11. Washington and Boston's haven't been posted either.
  12. I think it'll be like when Reebok took over. A year or two from now well see different templates and more creativity in the alternate jerseys
  13. No change for the Islanders
  14. The Sharks look to have a lighter shade of teal
  15. I'm completely ok with this