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  1. Definitely much better. Solid look, I like it!
  2. A guy that was only playing cause Spooner was hurt scores the GT & GW goals and forces the Sens to go back to an unfriendly building. TERRIBLE call on Kuraly in OT1 though, so many ways that wasn't Goalie interference but whatever I'll take it. Bigger knife in the heart for Ottawa.
  3. Truly impeccable work. There's nothing here that I would change a thing on. Keep on wowing us!
  4. Good point, i agree that could help a little bit, will add during adjustments. I fell in love with it when i found it! Thanks! Yeah, thats my program it was definitely not intentional. Will fix. I hear you, will definitely fix the reds, the slant, and making the wordmark more cohesive. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Saw that behind Cassidy too, you're right. Ugh.
  6. A little Red Wings/Cougars-ish to me, i think going with a maroon shade would help solve that completely though. Really excited for this!
  7. So, i decided to run with the LAC Clipper ship logo and make this a full rebrand of the Clippers' horrendous look. Main: Partial: Secondary: Wordmark: C&C appreciated as always, uniforms to come! Thanks!
  8. I actually really like this as a concept. I don't want to see the NHL go with the whole sleek modern theme, but the designs you've made here look pretty polished. I could actually kind of see that SCP logo happening in like 10 years or so. So while i wouldn't really wish for this kind of change to become a reality, your concept is pretty interesting and you did a great job with making it work.
  9. Which will happen, I know. I'll still stick with them, but will unconsciously cling to the past for longer than I should.
  10. Bruins down 3-0, Acciari, Backes, Pastrnak, Tie game. Doing this with Tommy Cross & Joe Morrow on defense. I know I'm a major homer, but that's quite the effort.
  11. Other than the blue wording on the road jersey, this would be a fantastic look for the sox. Their alternates could definitely use some striping, and i like the look you went with here. Good work!
  12. Never seen the green heart thing It's perfect, everything about it is perfect, if it was food i would eat it for breakfast with a side of bacon. GREAT work!
  13. Great, thanks! Canadiens should be up relatively soon.
  14. Blackhawks haven't scored a goal in 4 periods at home? What world is this?!
  15. Curious to hear any other thoughts on the Sens?