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  1. A few NFL concepts (Niners, Jets)

    Those 49ers alts would forever be known as "the waffle jerseys"
  2. Rocket Laval_Logo Copy

    Where exactly does the concept come in?
  3. Lazy Googling in the Media

    The Boston ABC affiliate still lists the team as the Mighty Ducks.
  4. No, not really. Unfortunately the Tennessee Titans name only strikes a few possible design notes, helmet, shield, sword, and the Tenn flag in some vanilla combination. However, a couple facets you could use to make a tad more unique logo would be a heavier use of that greek pattern, a perspective from below since titans are giants first and foremost, and maybe a color changeup? As far as I'm concerned, a team w the name Titans will never look particularly thrilling, so as long as you are on point design wise, no one will blame you if its not the most exciting logo of the series.
  5. I'd like to see someone finally do an actual titan logo that should see game action.
  6. 2018 MLB ASG Cap Concept

    Oh, yes Lord. So so slick, great execution, and a phenomenal way to tie together DC, a bit of a nod to the simpler design days of yore, and also the whole meta-hipster style. These would sell like hotcakes, and I'd be first in line. Two thumbs up.
  7. The Battle of Seattle

    I'm still in love w the Sawbucks. It's just too good.
  8. Next up are a few teasers for the Chicago Windstorm including a teaser banner, a color scheme piece which I'll include for each team from now on, and an early part of my process for the Character logo which will tie the entire design together. What do you think?
  9. The jet accent stripe on the shoulders and pants is too unique and fun and interesting and therefore tacky. Now ask yourself, did the blameless design masters of yore ever make things "unique"? No, they didn't. Their blandness was enriching and good, and your blasphemy is disgusting. Give me 50 Hail Marys on your knuckles.
  10. Among Barack's portrait artist, Kehinde Wiley's other paintings are um... these for some reason.
  11. Interesting Field Designs

    This is interesting.
  12. City/State Color Identities

    All I can see with the Redskins is the old Giants red alternate jersey, I think you've gotta change up the pants and/or helmet there.
  13. MLB Alternate Uniforms

    Really clean designs, all look pretty sharp. Don't be afraid to mix up the N/#OB's with unique fonts and outlines where applicable though.
  14. No, I'm just kidding those are really good ideas. Built in Detroit is perfect, even sans hashtags.