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  1. While recently brainstorming on how to improve the Clips horrendous rebrand, i came up with this idea for a simple clipper ship logo with LAC worked into the sails. C&C appreciated! (Sorry for the fuzzy quality)
  2. Anything here pretty much sums up 90's sports
  3. Holy Schnikes... That last fox intro though. I'm, it's... Wow, that was Xtreme. That was so Xtreme.
  4. Complete with "citrus flavored soda" in The Simpsons font.
  5. The 90's were the age of extremeness. Overwhelmingly extreme at times, but that only made 'em more extreme. That got me thinking, what is the most extremeness that can fit into one picture? In other words, being as succinct as possible, how would you sum up the 1990's in a million pixels or so? Let's turn this into a sort of reverse time capsule of 90's appreciation. Here's my contribution, which isn't entirely my finding but something that had circulated the Internet as the most 90's thing ever: Have at it!
  6. I've wanted for a while to do a redesign of the Midland Rockhounds logo, so as soon as the right idea struck me, i got to it. Their current logo is incredibly tacky and outdated, and needs a change really soon. So, i took the idea of Rockhounds and tried to add a little more meaning to it than just a dog with a rock, and instead i made a more realistically proportionate bloodhound with a coal miner's hat, which i envision becoming the symbol of the team and a big souvenir item. The shape behind is meant to represent a mine and the colors have a more Texas feel than before, and more appropriate for mining. Old: New: What do you think of this update for Midland? C&C much appreciated as always, thanks!
  7. A collective of logos and uniforms that remind you of something totally unrelated
  8. Hope everyone had a good & green St. Patrick's Day! Which of the three St. Pats Day Lucky Charms do you think is the most fitting and what's your favorite Holiday-themed cereal in general?
  9. Best park in baseball: The turf looks like a suede couch from 1973 and the roof commits more interference penalties than a cornerback. But at least they wear those fauxbacks there, so it kinda cancels everything else out. I have been known to turn on Boise State vs. Wyoming at 11:15 at night just to catch a glimpse of the Smurf Turf. It can be 35-3, I'll still keep watching. Blue. Blue turf. I love it.
  10. Yeah, it really could go either way. Just addressing your points ColeJ, which are pretty solid, either one of the colored sweaters could just be artistic liberty of recoloring whatever the home duds will look like, or possibly an alternate chalked up for 2019. And the gold jerseys shoulder patch is also just two toned so I think that's just a distance issue. There just seems to be something here.
  11. If I'm being absurdly ridiculous please let me know, but while mindlessly browsing graphic art on Google images I stumbled across this illustration by Michael Byers which was made for a Sportsnet Magazine article on the Vegas Golden Knights: Now, I could be way off, but is it completely out of the question that these might be an accurate depiction of what the Knights inaugural jerseys will look like? Albeit, this is a safe guess in terms of design, but it seems to be along the lines of what most realistic predictions have Vegas sporting. The level of detail the artist uses on the player's uniform makes it feel like a little more than just artistic liberty, with the pant stripes, glove design, and thin red number outline being things that alludes the artist could know a little more than we do. I apologize if I just zapped away 30 seconds of your life on complete rambling nonsense but IS this totally impossible? (Probably, yeah, but still).
  12. Those are the same two shades as are in the actual logo, but I agree they are two similar, I can change that. I'm not totally blind to that comparison, in fact I was kind of worried about how much these might have resembled the Mets, (part of the reason I added blue sleeves to the orange alt. was because I thought it had looked to similar to the "Los Mets" jersey) but I thought the shade of blue was different enough to separate the identities. I hear everyone loud and clear though, will probably change to teal after tweaking. I was actually pretty happy with the font, but since it's not too different than the current I can easily make the switch. Thanks for the feedback everyone, will make the adjustments!