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  2. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 8 Voting

    Thank you so much for the votes everyone! Such a Nail-biter!
  3. United States Cricket League

    No New England team? This sounds really interesting though, happy to help where I can!
  4. City/State Color Identities

    The Celts found their Christmas Day unis, the Sox found their St. Patty's Day unis, the Revs found their everyday unis, and the B's found kindling.
  5. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017- EVENT 7 - Alternate Logo

    Man, that stings. I thought it seemed a little long, but i just went by the main event thread like i always do. Simple mistake i know, just frustrating is all.
  6. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017- EVENT 7 - Alternate Logo

    Didn't this say December 5th yesterday?
  7. Ok, now this one's out there. I'm happy to say I'm back, and I hope to really get going with this again! (esp. after the Logolympiad) So, to kick things back off, I decided to finish up the "Rays" after being stuck for a while on how to complete them. And they are now, to say the least, different. There was nothing I could think of that even Brandiose could do to really gussy up the current bland, boring TB identity, so I decided to create one of my own: 'If there's one word to describe the Krewe's brand, it's quirky. But fittingly, that word also describes the bustling, historic neighborhood of Ybor City, inside Tampa. The Krewe's identity revolves around the annual Gasparilla Festival which takes place in Tampa, and the legendary pirate that gave it its name, Jose Gaspar. Jose, who has become a staple of Floridian folklore, probably never existed, but has been kept alive through stories to this day in part because of the Gasparilla Festival. He is the main facet of the primary logo, and is faceless for a reason, since no one of course knows what he looked like if he existed at all, but his face is replaced with the inaugural year of his namesake festival, 1904. The accompanying wordmark is made to be one of a kind, with a weathered feel to add to the theme. A few other accents of the script are more of a nod to Ybor City, with the swirl details representing the light decorations over some of the streets in Ybor, and the the two yellow lines making the leftward lines of the K and last E very subtle cigars, in honor of YC's nickname, Cigar City, which it earned from its rich cigar-making history. The cap logo captures most of the elements from the main and the first secondary features a Florida palm tree/ Cigar combo with a baseball bat and a pirate's sword crossed in front to make super subtle cigar scissors. Another secondary features a pirate's skeleton hand that was recently found in a Tampa family's attic, grasping a baseball. (I) really hope (I) made something unique to Tampa, that they can call their own.' So this was definitely my most outlandish entry in the series so far, but i hope this balanced out some of the tamer concepts of late, because this is a Brandiose series, and Brandiose doesn't do tame. C&C appreciated!
  8. hettinger_rl's Logolympiad Entry Feedback

    I only had two complaints: 1. The dodgeball streaks looked a little janky and 2. The Parliament to me looked exactly like a coke bottle with a straw. But overall I liked the shape, the fonts you chose, and especially the overall idea. Definitely a good entry, nice work!
  9. Players with the wrong hair style

    Is the answer to that question ever "cornrows, for sure"?
  10. 2019 Boston Bruins Winter Classic

    I was actually going to try to whip up a 2019 WC concept that I would've wanted to look almost exactly like this. I absolutely love how you modernized that great design here, it looks fantastic. The yellow on the B looks a little different than everywhere else, though. I wonder how the earlier version of this jersey with the number on the front and the B on the sleeves would look too.
  11. hettinger_rl's Logolympiad Entry Feedback

    I also absolutely fell in love with this the second I saw it, and it reserved my gold vote right away. It is SO MiLB! I do have a few execution qualms including the front bottom side angles on the shoulder black, but i was totally blind to any issues because the idea was so freakin' good. Amazing job!
  12. Bruins' Logolympiad Portfolio

    Ha! Thank you! Yeah, I can understand how that was missed, but it means even more that it had success without that kinda crucial piece of cultural meaning. I also definitely get that MXC is just a tad...tacky. But I went for absolute realism w this concept, which is why I used MXC which is something i think the NBA would totally do, and why I followed the NBA logo guidelines, including the full team name and a basketball. Lets just say it was. Exactly, and thx for noticing that! Appreciate the kind words! Understandable, its not a tame concept by any means, but I really wanted a colorful, outside the box design to capture the vivid colors of Dia de los Muertos. Thank you though, i appreciate the feedback! I hear that, but DDLM is an iconic, instantly recognizable celebration of Mexican heritage, not just some gringo's caricature of their culture, and I drew almost entirely from that for this concept. But I also do understand preferring a less obvious direction, as well. Thank you for all the great feedback on Event 2 everyone! Event 4 So, for event 4 I wanted to make a wordmark that worked very cohesively with the god-level lion logo made by @Gordie. Thats why i decided to copy the shield layout used in the logo and basically try to transform the lion into the word Pride, using the same amount of colors and including claw marks and the tail of the lion for the I. The tail serves several purposes, attaching the "group of lions" meaning to the word Pride, as well as its double use as a torch of sorts, with the tuft of fur the flame. I was incredibly happy to see that it had earned my first gold medal ever in the Logolympiad, so many thanks to all who voted for me and with that, I'd love to hear any comments or criticisms on my third entry in the competition! Thanks!
  13. NHL By Nike

    Actually a very reasonable prediction where the Sabres could evolve to in the coming years. The Freeze jersey looks sick, although I think the Clash blue would benefit from some white accents, as well as distinguish from the Pride jersey a little more. Love the nod to the goat head era jersey too. This looks absolutely awesome overall though, more great work!
  14. lightning25's Logolympiad Portfolio

    This got my 3rd place vote because I liked the amount of white you used, the thingys on the sleeves there (pips is it?), and the hat, i would totally buy that hat. It's a really polished and reasonable concept, which is why you deserved at least a top 5 spot for sure. Really nice work
  15. NHL 2017-18

    Meh. No better than the usual third jersey they wore the last couple years. Gets the job done though, i guess.