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  1. What's the Best Print-on-Demand Website?

    Wow, that is really helpful, thank you. I think I'm gonna try Cotton Bureau to start, cause I also like the simplicity and am really just looking for some casual money right now. If I don't love it, Printful/BigCartel sound very interesting as well, I already signed up in case. Thanks again Zeus!
  2. I've been looking to get into selling some stuff, but I have no idea what the best POD site is. I'd like a fairly simple way to make the stuff, not too much of a voting/approval process, and most of the control over pricing/marketing etc. Any help from members w/ experience would be much appreciated!
  3. How many players have played with or for bonus points, won it all with two teams that hate each other? A few recents off the top of my head: Johnny Damon- Won Champ w Sox and Yanks Shaq- Lakers and Celtics, and Heat and Magic for that matter Joe Morrow - B's and Habs, Rare for a player to go from Boston to Montreal in B2B years Brandon Browner- Played in SB w/ Seahawks in 2013 then faced them w/ the Pats in 2014 (not really a rivalry but everyone hates the Patriots, so.) That's of course just a few, any other notables?
  4. So for any followers of my 1930's Animation Style NHL Series, this is that on a much grander scale. After a little advice from the great Brandon Moore, I decided to just go whole hog with my deep, deep love of all things retro and, of course, sports and turn that series into this: Introducing my Through the Decades Gameday Poster Series! Roughly every week I'll be posting a poster design for a soon upcoming game based on a totally random draw of league (NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL, with odds slightly adjusted for season) and decade (20's/30's, 50's, 70's and 80's/90's). It's an amazing vehicle for creative possibilities, and I hope to make each poster as distinctly unique as possible. The first of the series is for Friday's Game 4 matchup between the (Las)Vegas Golden Knights and the Winnipeg Jets in the style of a 1950's concert poster, like one you might've found in mid-century Vegas advertising Elvis Presley or Fats Domino. As most of these will be, it's type forward, with an added focus here on the "floating heads" that filled the original show posters. Hope you like the new idea and first entry, thanks for watching and stay tuned!
  5. NHL March Madness - Final(ly) Matchup Posted!

    I really didn't think I'd say this, but I'm going with STL. That jersey is special.
  6. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Yes it does. NBA fans deserve avoiding the same Finals matchup for the 4th year in a row. The Celtics have a better chance of beating GS than the Cavs anyway, imo. They've had their number more than most teams during their stretch of dominance.
  7. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Ok. Oook this is real now. Cleveland's like the grinch and the Celtics are like the grinch after he breaks that x-ray machine, it's all about the size of their heart. People might finally actually get the finals they deserve. This is just different. Unbelievable.
  8. Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    The Wizards, albeit in a very subtle way, actually do reference a wizard in their new logo. The Washington monument combined with the star forms a wand. The New York Rangers have never had a logo that references a ranger, and not even ever a ranger mascot. Canadiens too. From 1987 to 2001 the Twins logo was just a baseball with words, no reference to the Twin Cities in their set. The Cleveland Browns have never actually referenced Paul Brown in their logos, no we're the Cleveland Helmeted Pound-Dog Elvez and we're proud! JQK did the best Browns logo I've ever seen to that effect. And lastly, probably the worst offender, the Brooklyn Nets. Seriously, nothing? Oh, but you have a B. nvm.
  9. HC UGRA can eat it

    This probably belongs in the Stolen Work thread, but regardless this is always pretty disgusting. Those people knew exactly what they were doing too, "If we add leg warmers to the tusks there can be no copyright charges, right?" betting you won't take the time to sue. Is it worth it to sue? No probably not. Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Eh. But if you do want to start posting again, a watermark is a graphic designer's bodyguard. Sorry bout this bud. (and your sketch was about 10x as good.)
  10. Mitchell and Ness can go to H E C K

    Oh it does matter, it matters one whole heck of a lot. I however would've opted for the more restrained, 'I hope your wifi breaks and for a split second you think there's no way to fix it' or something. Nobody needs to die. Chill.
  11. Local Rugby Club Concept

    This x Infinity
  12. "Fan Favorite" Players

    Timmy Schaller's been a pretty big fan favorite over the past couple years for the Bruins. Local kid, plays with amazing grit on the 4th line (which fans have been praying for ever since guys like Lucic, Shawn Thornton, etc. left) and shows some amazing sparkles of skill every once in a while too, look up his goal against the Rangers late this year for an example of that. Plus Timmy Heads.
  13. Noticed recently the Warrior logo is feet/ skates along with being a W.
  14. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Okay, haha you got me . I... I think.
  15. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Please stop. You just said in one paragraph that all of a sudden the league loves the Celtics, the Sixers didn't foul once during the series, that Boston somehow cheated or paid off the refs or something their way to a bogus 5 game series win, and that the officials should have given Philly 4 3s that were admittedly 2s just because. If you have to change the rules to win a series you were favored in, you probably have problems. This was not the Sixers year. Accept that Boston was a terrible matchup for them, and they didn't play nearly as well as they should have, but please stop this.