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  1. NHL Double Series (Lightning added)

    Oh, that new look set is killer. Love the logo and the nameplate touch especially.
  2. Odd Things That Creep(ed) You Out

    Barry White's voice. It's just SO deep.
  3. Weirdest Jerseys

    I think the best part of this picture is the guy standing there on the right. Looks like a, well...
  4. Weirdest Jerseys

  5. Austin Bats NBA 2K logo

    Good start for sure, but definitely could use a few adjustments. For starters I like the overall shape of the wings, although the tip of the left side wing shouldn't break from the curve like it does. Other than that they look pretty good. The biggest thing this is begging for is more white or maybe light, light silver cause there's some muddling happening. TBH I don't really think this needs the charcoal at all, the bat would look just as good purple with white/silver highlights and maybe a white/silver outline while you're at it. But if you'd like to keep the gray, I would still advise an outline. One thing I think you nailed is the head, esp. the ears, but I'd like to see a little more pronounced chin. Other than that I see no problems with the body but if you could kind of curve the legs a little more along the curvature of the ball, that would really help with any 3D awkwardness. Lastly, all I can advise for the highlights is to reference pictures for actual bat anatomy and go from there, as long as you keep them to a minimum like you did here. This has the potential to be a real solid icon with some tweaking.
  6. RIP Monty Hall

    Aside from LMAD, his issue of Beat the Clock was a quintessential 70s game show, where he and three Farrah Fawcett knockoffs helped greasy couples in tight V-necks take place in field day games and humiliate themselves on national TV for money. Good watch. Rest In Peace Monty, you finally got zonked.
  7. The Motion W that never was.

    Belongs in a Wendy's commercial, nowhere else.
  8. They were supposed to just represent where more jerseys could be, instead of leaving that whole section blank or rearranging based on number each time.
  9. Virginia Tech Hokie Bird

    A hat with this last one ventures into Shut Up and Take My Money territory.
  10. Revising the NBA (Southwest Division Added)

    That LA ship wheel alt is inspired.
  11. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (21/32)

    I feel like you might wanna put a C on there somewhere, but otherwise i think it looks great!
  12. Ha! That is so Brandiose, angered anthropomorphs. I'll definitely try to still fit some Sox into the Sox's identity, which I'm 99% sure will indeed be Green Monstahs. Thank you so much! Thank you x6! Great to hear! So, after a bit of a creative slump I'm hoping to jump start this series with my next team, the Colorado Rockies! Now, let me just say I'm ecstatic with how this one turned out, excited to hear if you guys agree!: 'With the Rockies, (I) wanted to achieve a bit more exciting brand while still holding on to the pros of their long-running style. So, (I) looked to the animal kingdom for a mascot that could be easily embraced by the fans, and the winner turned out to be the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. The new face of the Rockies, 14er the Bighorn, provides a fun aspect to the identity but also serves as a strong symbol of Colorado. The new main logo is a simple but complex combination Mountain/Bighorn with the fraction of the great Rocky Mountains doubling as a subtle body shape for the sheep, the eggplant the front and the dusty purple the rear. The cap logo is four pronged in meaning with attention paid to the mascot's horn, Colorado's C, Colorado's flag icon, and of course baseball itself. This will be the most iconic of the three logos. Finally, the secondary logo takes the shape of Coors Field's diamond, along with a cap of snow and the Rocky Mountains' elevation number. All in all, the new identity takes a few cues from the Rockies known brand, but bursts out of a slightly dated mold in a fun, exciting way.'
  13. Odd Things That Creep(ed) You Out

    Wow, you're the only 14 yr. old I know that listens to Beatles canon. Don't you have some Wiz Khalifa you should be listening to?
  14. Different colors on front and back

    It looks like Duncan's trying to see if Paul's taking a leak, and Wade, James, and Kidd are shielding him.