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  1. The Dragons are so good, as always, the rebrand feels so real! Almost like I've seen it multiple times before, that kind of already given awesomeness. You have my attention.
  2. Other than using the Red Sox jersey font (that would not go over well), both yankees concepts are perfection. Love how they look with a little red
  3. Anyone have Bruins road uni yet? Actually anticipating some major change.
  4. Calling it, they switch back in two years or less. WAYYYYY too similar to the Pens who copied their striping anyway.
  5. Modern crap. I hate life. *table flip*
  6. But hey, if life's ever got you down, just remember: There are no adidas stripes.
  7. Avs are the only ones that actually gave half a crap about their fans.
  8. You're a brave, brave man.
  9. Bruins: No need to drop the black outline from the #s, none at all. They would have had a perfect 10/10 A+ adidas jersey if they limited that to just the NOB. Still happy its not the flaming turd i was worriedly expecting. 8.0 from a 9.0 Knights: Honestly, imo hot fire. The do or die for me was if they had any red on the waist. That would make my rating go down like 3 points. They didn't so 7.5
  10. I agree the Preds logo doesn't look as fierce, it looks more like a snarl now. Which is a shame because the subtleties in the logo are gorgeous. Either way though I still really like it. (Hockeytonk, yes.) I like the Sens logo w/out the teeth twice if not three times as much. The only reason that logo shouldnt get full support is because people (including me) are already totally attached to their current secondary. In a vacuum it's basically perfect. I don't know how I feel about the ducks. The colors actually work really well, they're fresh and kind of exciting. The D duck is a stroke of genius, but I feel like the A logo is kind of...uninspired. I'm sorry to sound harsh but I feel like there's an element missing that should be there. If that is a hidden M on the bottom half, it doesn't really make sense since you didn't include Mighty in your design. However, If you put the D duck on the jerseys and bumped it up to main status I could get behind the A as a secondary/alternate. It just doesn't work as a main logo for me. Really enjoyed looking at these concepts, they're all in all pretty fantastic, which is the norm coming from you. Great work!
  11. Cubs vs. Mets Pizza Night, Deep Dish vs. Thin Crust, all set up. Great Idea! This seems like it would be great for one of those wacky uniform nights for charity, although those aren't usually linked to Brandiose in any way. However I could figure something out with it, I like the idea. Yeah, that probably wouldn't go over too well. I wouldn't make a weed logo anyway, and I'm not 100% sure the mods would even allow it. Would be pretty funny to see that on-field though .
  12. How is it that I have inadvertently included references to both the Communists and Nazis in this series so far?
  13. Alright, so here is the last of the first six teams, and another of Coco's excellent suggestions (along with setting the foundation for this set), the South Side (Chicago) Hitmen!: 'It's tough to make gangsters jive with a kid-friendly baseball aesthetic, but with incorporating a homage to the ChiSox's 80's batter man logo while sticking with their current monochrome color palette, (I) think (I've) achieved that. As (I) mentioned, the batter man finally makes a primary return, although in different form with Capone style three-piece and jaunty fedora. The font and word mark style also makes a return, of course also in different form. Two different alternate logos help tie the set together, one being a stylized SS and the other a simplified suit subtly pointing south in an Illinois outline. All in all the new Hitmen's logo set is dark but dapper, kind of like the historical figures that inspired it. So there you have it the first set of 6 entries into this series! Like i said before, next i will be starting to elaborate on these brands and going full Brandiose MiLB style with them, which will include plenty of Special Night concepts. I'd absolutely love to hear what kind of outlandish ideas you guys can come up with for those, so don't hold back with the sugs! Thanks again for all the great feedback!
  14. llfhockey

    The dolphin logo is perfection, but I'm not a huge fan of the secondary. It feels pretty dated, which i think is mostly due to the gradient. I think the M is too static too, i would try to make it sleeker and maybe slightly italicized. Good work overall though.
  15. First time seeing this, absolutely in love with it! Would look so good as a shoulder patch/third jersey crest. Truly excellent logo