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  1. Bruins

    First MLB Game Memories

    The Red Sox played the newly Devil-less Rays and I had a great view of a Coco Crisp grand slam over the Monster. Also the game where Wally pulled down Raymond's pants pretty much right in front of me.
  2. Sorry for making you guys wait even longer, but I'm finally back with a GIANT return!! Part of the reason I took a little while more was because I thought I could make this series more in-depth and authentic, so I put in quite a bit more work to get it to where I wanted. So here finally are the lit, woke, hipster-themed af SF Giants!! Uniforms for the Angels, Rockies, Krewe, and Giants, now on a fuller template, up soon. Thx guys, hope San Fran was worth the wait!
  3. So does any supermarket display guy ever.
  4. Bruins

    Blandest Uniforms in Modern History

    I resent that. But it's getting there. *Ahem* The definition of bland is as follows, "lacking strong features or characteristics and therefore uninteresting." I also think you could exchange bland with boring. As far as I'm concerned, the scale goes in order Desperate, Unique, Simple, and Bland, and either of the middle two are fine. The new Stars and Leafs jerseys are somewhere on the bland edge of simple in my eyes, especially the Leafs because I think the longer you've been around the less room you have to make a jersey classified as boring. It's "Classic". the Stars jersey I would also define as simple, because it has enough defining aspects (unique shade of green, unforced bevel on logo, fairly unique # font) and is overall just aesthetically pleasing. A perfect example I think is the Dallas jerseys before this set, completely uninspired, with no unique or defining elements, when they already had unique jerseys before w/ the same logo set. I think @Carolingian Steamroller summed it up pretty well on pg. 2, and I agree now that the Nets are going for a certain aesthetic, and even though it could be better it's not one of the blandest in history, it's one of the simplest in history. Probably could've explained this better in my initial post, but I like seeing these discussions play out anyway.
  5. I've very recently really been thinking about picking this up again, I haven't given this series the attention it deserves, so big stuff and changes coming soon! Stay tuned!
  6. Bruins

    IHOP Name Change Coming 6/11

    Wendy's burns are getting out of hand, they're like two tweets away from yo mama jokes. *Pulls up to drive-thru speaker thing* "Yeah, I'll have a Baconator, a large coke and uhh, do you guys still have spicy nuggets?" "I don't know if we do, but I'm sure af McDoodyface's doesn't!!" "...So uh, you though?" "No. Will that be all?" "Yep." "Please pull to the front window."
  7. Which do you think are the blandest uniforms of the recent era? Classically designed uniforms, (e.g. Detroit Tigers home uniforms) don't count nor do distant throwbacks (e.g. Toronto Arenas). So bring on the Blaaaahhhhh.......
  8. Bruins

    Crossover Series - NBA Hockey

    The Thunder's look actually translates better to hockey, somehow. Love the white gloves. Two thumbs up for everything so far.
  9. Bruins

    Colleges In Need For A Logo Rebrand

    You mean MIZZOU? Someone needs to burn that whole identity to the ground and build a new one.
  10. Bruins

    Colleges In Need For A Logo Rebrand

    That's not even their worst.
  11. Yeah, I've heard that a couple places, I agree I made his face a little too fat. Thx though! This week's random draw was the MLB in the 20's, so I made some Babe Ruth era, super old school baseball cards for Rizzo and Molina, stars of the Sunday Night Baseball game tomorrow night. What do you think?
  12. Bruins

    Syracuse Orange Rebrand

    Thank you guys so much! Thanks! Yeah, I wanted the word mark to feel like an exact extension of the primary logo, so I took the S and didn't change much. I like it cause it's different, but it was pretty much the only part of the package I wasn't 100% sold on. Syracuse's brand problems go much further than their primary logo, so I really wanted to try and show how much I think they're doing wrong with their identity. Go big or go home, right? Appreciate the kind words fellas. I respect that and appreciate hearing from a Syracusian on this. Is there anything in particular you would change/don't like? Thanks for the feedback! Of course, Death to the Block S! Where do u think i got my inspiration for this? Thanks so much Raysox! So cool to hear!
  13. Bruins

    Expansion Team Original Six

    Nashville, Arizona and Minnesota's logos are spot on, esp. the Preds. CBJ's sweater's sweet too. Excellent little portfolio piece, love everything about this, execution 10/10. I'd love to see this with the MLB, or flip this and do the Metropolitans, Bulldogs, etc., although that's been done couple times before.