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  1. Wonka's 2017 NHL Concept Dump

    Vegas is a step up in every way except for the primary logo, which i think is a slight step down, although i still really like it. The secondary is a YUGE step up, it's perfect. I honestly don't like Nashville. The stripes really don't have much rhyme or reason to their direction, which makes it look cluttered. Seeing it now, adidas' tidied-up version of the Preds uni was actually an improvement in many ways. Vancouver looks sick, it's very conceptual, but it would still look great on ice. Green and blue never touch, so everyone goes home happy. Yeah, i mean, that's my ideal Sabres set, it's always been. It really needs to happen soon. Washington looks almost football-ish which i think is due to the shoulder stripes (AFL Patriots!), but stills looks really slick. Love the sleeve stars and of course, the weagle. Tampa: YES. OH SWEET LORD YES. Very realistic 2018/19 Adidas Avs Alt., and i wouldn't complain. Much, much, much better than Buffalo's previous dabble in yellow. I kinda love it actually, compliments your H/A concepts nicely. Detroit is basically flawless, and surprisingly unique too. Love the D patch on the sleeve. I'd like to see Columbus with 360 arm bands and more dramatic waist stripes. The home esp. looks too simple right now. Great concepts all-around though, looking forward to more!
  2. MLB Changes 2017

    No need for the jerseys. Period. Even though some are pretty sick, there's no need for the cash grab. In my opinion the jerseys actually take away from the intention of the weekend. They're just flashy eyesores that truly do reveal to us the true prediction of TATC. You know, w/out the Mercury Mets. Just the patch (which is gorgeous btw), the nicknames and some attention grabbing equipment would have accomplished the same goal in a better way that actually was about the players expressing themselves, not the MLB trying to make some quick bucks with only six hat bases and some cookie cutter pullovers. The MLB could have made just as much money selling a pinstriped jersey with ALL RISE on the back. It would have been a cooler message too, with all the unique equipment being worn along with the teams' iconic jersey saying basically "This is me, and that includes this jersey that I'm proud to wear every day." You can't get to the same place by handing a guy a gaudy, meaningless jersey that he's never seen before in his life.
  3. Lil' Vikings NFL Youth Logo Concept

    Looks great as usual! PLEASE stick with this, your work on the other series is some of my favorite on these boards!
  4. "The Gnomes' Uniforms are designed to be whimsical along with the overall theme. The colors of the jersey base and hat are the same as the gnome mascot himself, and the wordmark captures most of the main logo's color to make the jersey pop. The numbering is meant to represent Oakland's gnome paintings themselves, loosely at least."
  5. 'It was recently announced that the Oakland Swingin' A's will take the field as the Oakland Gnomes on Sunday home games next year. The brand is based on the wooden paintings of garden gnomes that can be found on the bases of telephone poles around Oakland, CA. Uniforms have yet to be revealed.'
  6. Ballpark Mashup

    What a great place to host an All Star Game/Home Run Derby.
  7. Spirits of St. Louis Reboot

    I'm pretty sure that fixed the snitch problem.
  8. Spirits of St. Louis Reboot

    The reason I only included two propellers is because the actual Spirit of St. Louis only had two. I will make the blades more rounded though, I think that'll fix a few problems.
  9. Spirits of St. Louis Reboot

    Made a few quick adjustments: Secondaries/Unis to come, thanks for the great C&C! (esp. from Hockey Week, really appreciate it)
  10. Spirits of St. Louis Reboot

    Wow, thank you! Yeah, it's definitely not as exciting as the original, but I don't want it to be overcomplicated and take away from the main facet of the logo either, being as simple as it is. I plan on expanding to secondaries and unis, I just wanted to get some feedback on this first.
  11. Spirits of St. Louis Reboot

    In my opinion, the Spirits of St. Louis were by far the coolest ABA identity. The funky, orange uniforms were just as awesome as they were seventies, and their logo was fantastic as well. And so if the NBA ever expands into STL, they should definitely reboot that awesome identity. Now, personally, i would have 0 problems with them literally just copying and pasting the Spirits design from 1975 to 20--, but I'm almost positive that would never happen, so this is basically my plan B. While i was brainstorming this in my head, I realized that a basketball already has a St. Louis Arch in it. How convenient is that?! It certainly helped serve as an anchor for this project, because i knew that would be the centerpiece with some plane-related imagery to help it. So as I was experimenting with roundels and such, i realized that i could get the exact image i was going for with simply a specifically angled basketball and two simple propellers. Along with a modern take on the vintage Spirits script, I'm pretty happy with the result. I'd really love to hear some C&C on this, I'm curious to hear what you guys think! Thanks!
  12. Okay, so after a too long hiatus, I am back and back with the first uniform set of the series so far, the Long Island Metropolitans! If you're wondering why I didn't post hats, since the hats are such a big part of Brandiose's designs, i will be including them separately instead just having them be a facet of the uniforms. And if you're wondering about the "template", It's the same as Brandiose used for the Ironpigs, at least in spirit. C&C appreciated! DAmMEinXcAAzldm.jpg
  13. The biggest reason I love your take on the power is how incredibly unique it is. I've never seen a logo like that before (In a good way). Plus the muscle structure is on point, not one visible mistake, anything. Gonna go out on a limb and say this is the best work of the series so far. Epic job.
  14. NHL's Biggest Losers Series - Anaheim + Ottawa added

    I feel like all that yellow on the road would take some getting used to, but it's a beautiful set, definitely an improvement.
  15. Those Detroit unis are SICK. Absolutely in love with those, one of the best Wings concepts I've ever seen.