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  1. The jet accent stripe on the shoulders and pants is too unique and fun and interesting and therefore tacky. Now ask yourself, did the blameless design masters of yore ever make things "unique"? No, they didn't. Their blandness was enriching and good, and your blasphemy is disgusting. Give me 50 Hail Marys on your knuckles.
  2. Among Barack's portrait artist, Kehinde Wiley's other paintings are um... these for some reason.
  3. Interesting Field Designs

    This is interesting.
  4. City/State Color Identities

    All I can see with the Redskins is the old Giants red alternate jersey, I think you've gotta change up the pants and/or helmet there.
  5. MLB Alternate Uniforms

    Really clean designs, all look pretty sharp. Don't be afraid to mix up the N/#OB's with unique fonts and outlines where applicable though.
  6. No, I'm just kidding those are really good ideas. Built in Detroit is perfect, even sans hashtags.
  7. On April 21, 2001 at the conclusion of the first of that American staple we call "The Big Game at the End", as we watched the Xtreme lift that big X over their heads, we thought that the XFL would be taken away from us forever. But apparently, there are rumblings that the X Football League might be fixin' to make a comeback! Now if that's true, which I hope it is, first of all I'll be tuning in for sure, and second of all they're gonna have to tone down the 2001 more than a few notches. Especially with NFL ratings in steep decline this season, this is the perfect time for Vince McMahon to swoop in and create the Anti-NFL, or the Xtra-Fun League, if you will. But image is everything. And safety, safety's probably in there somewhere too. We'll see. So I want to get way out ahead of the rumors and set up what I think would be a fitting return for the XFL 18 years later. I'm not gonna quibble over the actual rulebook, I'll let them figure that out, but I do know what I'd like to see design wise. Here are my design rules: 1. There are no rules! Actually, there are a few. They're right here. 2. No white allowed. Off-white is allowed in small doses, as well as silver, but stark white is not allowed on Logos, Uniforms, or Merchandise of any kind. 3. Helmets are a canvas. No more small, tame, rinky-dink helmet logos. Helmets should be loud and expressive of a team's design, serving as the centerpiece of their uniform. 4. 3 logos per team, no more and no less. They are as follows; Insignia: main logo, Proxy: secondary, Character: letter logo 5. 3 uniforms per team, no more and no less. They are as follows; Base: worn at home, Clash: worn on the road, Army: outside the box third jersey worn at home. 6. Unique NOBs are still allowed, but have to be approved before being applied to jersey. So there you have 'em, my official design rules for the XFL! I'll be following these closely for all eight teams (more on teams ahead). The New Official Logos of the XFL The original XFL logo was rushed and horrible, so I wanted to make a logo that would completely change people's view of the league. Modernized, but as no nonsense as always. This was my creative process, pardon the roughness. Early thoughts were that I'd like to include a lightning bolt in the X or make the X from negative space, but I ended up choosing something closest to the lowest logo on the center left because I liked the unique shape and inclusion of a football. After some retooling, I ended up with a result I'm really happy with that includes an Insignia, Proxy, and Character logo for the league. The Insignia uses a combo football/shield shape with half of the X made by stitches; football or otherwise. Teams Here's the thing, I don't know the teams yet. I know the cities, but I don't know the teams. The reason being this is going to be a step-by-step project so I'll be including my entire process, part of which is choosing the names of all 8 teams. I'd love to hear any names you can come up with as well! Here are the eight locations: Boston (new) Chicago Detroit (new) Las Vegas California New York St. Louis (new) Texas (new) So there it is, The new XFL! What do you think of the idea, setup, and first trio of logos? Your feedback is incredibly important to me, so don't hold back with the C&C! Thanks guys, and stay tuned for Boston!
  8. Hashtags are for MacBook totin', beard groomin', skateboardin' hipsters! This is the Xtreme Football League! Break the Mold! #NoMoHashtags
  9. So, to start out I curved the far side of the D in the Character and I definitely think it's now more legible. And here are the Base, Clash, and Army uniforms of the Detroit Muscle! Along with a diverse merchandise collection that can be found on That's Select Shirts, Hats, and Hoodies 20% off for a limited time, Let your fandom show! (I personally could rock the silver tee/snapback combo all day long, but that's a separate matter.) So what do you guys think of the finished brand for the D? Chicago up next, stay tuned!
  10. Political Logos

    Kinda off-topic, but geez Charlie Angus... Better watch where your hand is when holding that sign up. And can anyone tread a line between picking two pre-installed fonts and hopelessly pandering to millenials with their logo choices? Makes you either seem out of touch or out of touch.
  11. NBA Changes 2018-19

    Dear Lord, the Cavs City jerseys look like they're worn inside out. Name a worse jersey in NBA history. I dare you. If Lebron up and leaves The Land again, please do everyone a favor and burn the crap out of those. Two birds with one stone.
  12. yawn this is realy stupid and pointless your welcome for the grate C and C Seriously though, GET OUT OF MY HEAD. This is me, this is so very me, this is way more me than I wish it was. Stop it. I hope you've all enjoyed the Roast of Bruins Hahahahahaha I'm questioning everything now. Stop it. Stop it. Never stop this in all honesty, this is basically the CCSLC's version of What not to Wear and I've loved every minute of it. Razor sharp work Htown.
  13. The Battle of Seattle

    Man that buck logo is something special, never seen negative space used so well in a sports logo, major kudos there. I really appreciate the use of plaid here, that's really the only way it could be implemented without being tacky and you absolutely nailed it. I notice you used two different shoulder patches on the flat and 3d templates, and I prefer the S saw blade, it fits better and I rarely like shoulder patches with words. I like the logo itself, but as a wordmark. Overall, this kicks serious butt and is my very early favorite based on the thumbnails alone. Great job again, Sparky!
  14. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Dunno, but he said they"gave up on him" which means probably some kind of rule break that he promised not to do again, and Belichick didn't buy it. Just speculating, but it seems most likely.
  15. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    I was actually... kinda happy the Eagles won in the end. I'm honestly sick of Brady and the whole pretty boy-don't make direct eye contact- Tony Robbins act. At this point after seeing 2 SB wins I'm rooting for people not teams. Foles is an utter beast, as is Pederson, as is Ertz, just a good group all-around that played their *bleeps* off and deserved to bring a win to a winless fanbase. Plus whenever they show the 100 year olds that are waiting for a title so they can just die already always puts me on a massive guilt trip. Overall, one of the best SB games to sit and watch in a while. Good luck to the Philadelphia Police Department.
  16. Sure! Barring unforeseen circumstances, I'm thinking this for the remaining 7: Boston Massacre: Guts and Glory! Discussing the name in-depth with @Brian in Boston I'd really like to try to develop a brand based on anti-redcoat propaganda. Tough challenge, but if done right could be the best identity of the series. California Shock: Tremble in Their Presence! Earthquake reference of course, plus awe. A lot of interesting stuff could be done here, I envision each of the logos with cracks down the middle in some fashion. Name derived from @BellaSpurs suggestion. Chicago Windstorm: Brace Yourself, the Storm Has Arrived! Dark clouds, swirling winds, maybe a little lightning, all that good stuff. Las Vegas Gamblers: Never Fold! Felt green as the main color with various casino related imagery, SO many great possibilities with that name, and most of them untouched by other leagues. New York Gargoyles: What Stony Beasts Lurk Above! I'm really excited about this one, name courtesy of @neo_prankster. Torn between a dark, foreboding theme and a kind of sunrise glow theme which i would carry over from BiB's Kongs sug. The former makes more immediate sense with the name, but the latter's more unique. St. Louis Stampede: Swift and Strong, a Team Unstoppable! Budweiser Budweiser Budweiser. Beer Beer Beer. Basically an exercise in how close I can get to a company's design before a copyright infringement. Cuz lit merch. Texas Bigfoots??? Gah! I want so bad to choose Bigfoots, and I prooobably will? But Seattle makes more sense, so I'm torn. Need your guys help here, do you think it would be something texans could call their own? This is Your XFL, Football Differently.
  17. Thank you! That's more than fair, It could definitely be read as an A on second glance. The thing is, does rounding out the D lose the reference to the outside triangular structure of the statue, would it then just look like a fist punching through a random D? I basically transferred this picture exactly: I don't know if i can have both facets be perfectly clear, and I'd rather have to choose to see the D than the statue. Even though I know that sounds kinda stupid being a letter logo first and foremost. Not deflecting the advice, just explaining my rationale, because I agree its a very abstract D lol. I agree the football could stand to be enlarged in the Proxy, but I think it's already pretty large, accurately at least, in the Insignia. Beefing up the arm is actually a really cool idea, will prob end up tweaking that logo. As far as next team up, dunno! Have been pretty focused on Detroit, but will give it some thought for sure. Thx guys, happy to hear any other thoughts, critiques, etc. before I move on to unis!
  18. Well, I guess I might as well get some feedback on the logos before the uniforms, so without further ado, the Detroit Muscle!: Insignia The main logo of the set of 3, the Muscle's Insignia evokes raw speed and the power hidden underneath the hoods of Motor City's many muscle cars. Consisting of a striking orange car racing behind the name MUSCLE made of iconic chrome, the logo is simple with many details that can be found throughout the identity, such as speed stripes, the flaming exhaust pipe made from the S here, and the football in the engine. Proxy The secondary logo of the set of 3, a peek under the hood shows a complex, hard-working engine centered by one thing: football. The engine itself forms a subtle M, and is surrounded by the hot-rod orange body of the muscle car. Character The letter logo in the set of three, and my personal favorite, represents the 313 in a very strong way. It portrays the famous Joe Louis fist statue in downtown Detroit, combined with an exhaust pipe coming together to form the letter D. I think it does a good job tying the set together, as well as being a simple way to tie Detroit to its Motor history in general. Although man fists are hard to illustrate. So there you have it the first trio of logos in the series, uniforms upcoming. C&C appreciated as always, thanks!
  19. So yeah, way to put a damper on the festivities there Vince. Turns out the only thing that will be extreme about the new XFL is being receptive to your fans. Utterly radical. But I suppose in this age where ignorance is bliss but there's no more ignorance, concussions and players actually staying safe out there trumps you know, all that other stuff. Therefore this will stay a more true update of the XFL and a way for me to vent about how tame things have become these days. And I wasn't even alive during those days. Now on a separate note, after much thought and tinkering, I am finally finished with the Insignia, Proxy, and Character logos for the Detroit Muscle. My question to you is from now on would you like to see me break the seal with the roll out of the main trio of logos followed by uniforms and other goodies, or release everything all at once? I might add after really diving in I'm really excited about the identity, I love the creativity this series allows and I think I'll thrive in it. However, I couldn't do it without your guys great ideas and feedback, so thank you!
  20. This makes Flying Elvis look like garbage by comparison. Really needs to happen yesterday, so many partial logo opportunities as well. My personal favorite of this series so far, and that's saying a lot based on the outstanding quality of the series plus my strong attachment to the Elvis logo.
  21. The Battle of Seattle

    This is wicked exciting Sparky, the NHL would be foolish to not take one of these ideas! The thing that makes your series so cool is the extra steps you take, I'm in the group that thinks, 'Oh, wouldn't it be cool if I added etc. etc. etc. Yeah that would be cool. Anyway...' But since you're actually willing to take those extra steps, it adds another level to your concepts that makes you one of my and most's favorites on the boards. As far as the Mets, I love it. Probably the last expansion location that could get away with the faux-retro look, which can be both awesome and insulting. One thing I would add to the jerseys is some kind of funky quirk. Anything really, but something no other team uses to honor the original insane Seattle jerseys. Just a thought. Will be glued to this thread for the foreseeable future.
  22. NBA 90s series(Oklahoma City Thunder Posted)

    FOLLOWED. FOL-LOWED. Can't wait to see what you do with traditional teams like the Celtics and Lakers and especially already extremely 90's teams like the Raptors and Grizzlies FOLLOWED.
  23. Freeform New Look

    Can we please dear God stop with the whole modern, sleek, icon, fits good in an inch wide square crap? The old one was completely fine, it worked with a smooth transition from ABC Family to a new millennial-centric "comedy"/drama channel. Kinda funky in a very subtle way, and expressed the mood of the channel very well. This is piping hot garbage. (Actually, it does still fit the programming kinda well, huh?) I'm sick of every design being targeted towards millennials, and I (regrettably) am one! Look at Netflix, they make a wordmark hip, and that's all that millennials watch anyway. If your ratings are low, making yourself more boring isn't gonna help matters. "Freeform streaming services... You'll know us by the logo with the red circle! Not Pinterest, two down one to the left. Nope that's OpenTable... you know what there's nothing to watch here anyway. Go outside. A Little Forward! Rant over.
  24. Hard at work on Detroit, but thought I'd share a few facets I have so far, including a teaser ad, wordmark, and of course color scheme.