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  1. So we learned at this year's NHL Winter Classic that the 2020 Winter Classic will be hosted by the Dallas Stars and held at Cotton Bowl Stadium on new year's day of the new decade. We don't know who they're playing yet however, once we do I'm sure concepts will really start rollin' so I wanted to be one of the first. I selected their opponent as the Minnesota Wild, because right now they're the most popular choice, the backstory's great, and it just... has to happen. Come on, who wouldn't wanna watch two enemy fanbases bicker over history as they stir a cup of cocoa with their last candy cane? I know I would. Plus they're the closest thing the Stars have to a rival rn. Anyway, as usual, the WC branding in my concept is neutral, no team colors. The shape is based off of a mounted animal head plaque, like you'd see on a hunter's wall, only with a freakishly large deer head attached to the front of it. Mounted animal heads, although a tad barbaric, are a symbol of hard-fought victory in the winter, no place more than in Texas, making it a good metaphor for the WC game. The rest of the logo serves as that trophy, in a way, symbolizing two teams hunting a win. The top part part of the badge is shaped like the top of Cotton Bowl stadium's facade and the t part of the "Winter" is a pair of mounted bull horns (nod to the Texas Longhorns) spearing a puck . Making the "Winter" part of the logo icy white and blue just seemed wrong for Dallas, who's not known for its frigid winters, so I opted for cream. The bright orange? I... don't really even know, I just like the boldness of it (TEXAS!!!) and I admit, w/ a touch of shame, I got most of my inspiration from Texas Roadhouse's decor. It's just such concentrated Texas-ness. I hope it works! Dallas' Unis are inspired by the old Dallas Texans and Minny's are kinda... playing North Stars dress-up. The striping's the same from their 60's years. They couldn't get away with any more, but they gotta get a nod in there for spiciness. Thank you so much for watching, let me know what you think, C&C always!
  2. Bruins

    2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

    Actually really like the idea to branch out from the blah RW&B, more candidates should do the same, but, idk probably just me, but it just kinda seems weird for her to pick pink for some reason. Being a female candidate isn't really a unique thing anymore, she doesn't have to draw attention to it by choosing the most stereotypical color for women out there. Like I doubt Cory Booker's gonna use black or brown as his color to be like "By the way, did I mention I'm black?" because it's not exceptional anymore, esp. in the diverse Democrat field, and that's a great thing. Feels kinda like a step backward, maybe?
  3. Bruins

    Your favorite automobile logo.

    Jeep. The logo is the car is the logo, iconic.
  4. Bruins

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    I... I...can't believe I'm just stumbling across this. This is the most successful Concept thread in the history of this site and it couldn't deserve it more. The best raw, sports design content I've ever laid eyes on. Soul food. You sir are a legend. Titans logo looks excellent.
  5. The Miami Heat brand is stale. Their logo style has been around since the eighties and their uni style has been around since the nineties. That's acceptable if you're a team like the Chicago Bulls, who have had the same beloved, iconic logo since their inception in the 1960's. Miami's Flaming-ball-through-basket logo has become almost iconic in it's own right, but most logos that have hung around as long as the Heat's become well-respected, regardless of imperfections. The Heat fans seem desperate for a change and have embraced the team's alternate Vice identity as strongly as America embraced Crockett and Tubbs in 1984. That's great and all, but a 30+ year old fanbase deserves a fresh, relevant basketball identity so that's what I sought to accomplish with this rebrand. Odes to Miami Days, Dusks, and Nights are included throughout as the main logo becomes sleeker, more abstract, and with more purpose. The colors are more current, bright pink and orange in, yellow out. There's also, I hope, a feeling of versatility in the different brand assets from the uniquely Miami neon set piece to a more hipster element seen in the repeating word mark and color ID. Cause the NBA. The static backgrounds are a small vaporware touch and the Billboard hangs on to a little bit of the Miami Vice alt. identity, which in this universe sticks around as a City 4th jersey. Thanks for Watching!
  6. Bruins

    with teaM I AM Invincible: Miami Heat Rebrand

    Thank you! Well, that seems to be the consensus. Not to sound stubborn, but I do still personally like the scheme and the overall absence of black. I did try some other options though, including a Vice which I still don't think is strong enough to be a main identity, but like I said I would keep around as an Alternate. Also tried it w/ their current colors, but don't really think that works that well. Are there any you like better here, or any options I didn't include? This is honestly some of the best and most thoughtful critiquing I've ever gotten, thank you very much! I was torn for a second on whether to have the Tertiary be the Primary and vice versa, but I had to include both and the flaming ball didn't make much sense as an alternate. Great to hear! Thx again! I tend to agree w/ that even more than the colors being off, the blockiness could for sure be toned down. Didn't even intend for that pattern to be reminiscent of a palm tree, was really just going for the top of the M shape! Key's my fave part. It would probably just reverse and white stripes would get thinner as they went down. Thank you so much for this incredible feedback! Love to hear what you think of the edited options above.
  7. Bruins

    with teaM I AM Invincible: Miami Heat Rebrand

    Thank you, man! Yeah, I definitely could've been more aggressive with the pink, although seeing how often teams wear their statement jerseys, fans would probably see a lot of it. Stand by it as an accent, but I'm a fan of bold color schemes as well so i for sure don't disagree w/ you. Was actually going for a vaporware sunset deal, but I'll take it!
  8. I've been told that two concepts in the same series accidentally evoked communist and nazi imagery, so I wouldn't worry too much about a dabbing berry. Sorry for pointing it out though, lol. The series definitely keeps getting better. Think you might flesh it out a little further after team 10?
  9. The Strawberry's Dabbing and I can't not see it. Still great. Unis are FRESH, as has been this whole series. Somehow each of these brands feel familiar, worn and well-loved within 2 jpg's. That's a large feat in itself. You've pretty much crafted your own version of everything people like about Brandiose's milb work without the "Grrr, Nacho Tuesday, Kid's Tickets Free!" garbage. This is equal parts whimsical and baseball classy and every bit has been insanely followable. Also love how quickly the concepts have succeeded one another, keeps you super glued. Go Currents! Amazing work, Raysox.
  10. Well, I'm more than a little hyped for this! This theme is right in your sweet spot too, know you'll hit it out of the park, nyuk nyuk blah. Love dem mellow vibes too, perfect for Florida, and that font really helps set the tone. Followed.
  11. I wish it was march again so I could relive this season. That was beautiful, like a painting, and I have a hard time seeing another Sox WS win that perfect. THE most likable BoSox team, well, ever and couldn't be happier for them and all the other spoiled Boston fans out there. I'm not gonna lie, I hated 80% of that Dodgers team and loved the gentleman's sweep, but the Red Sox dwarfed the fact that that's a great team that was by no means an easy out. Also loved that Manny Machismo was the last, ugly out but I digress. Congrats Dodgers on an excellent year. You were worthy. Also to answer the Admiral's question, because most Patriots fans are A-Holes. It's not so complicated. And also STEVE PEARCE. G'night.
  12. On April 21, 2001 at the conclusion of the first of that American staple we call "The Big Game at the End", as we watched the Xtreme lift that big X over their heads, we thought that the XFL would be taken away from us forever. But apparently, there are rumblings that the X Football League might be fixin' to make a comeback! Now if that's true, which I hope it is, first of all I'll be tuning in for sure, and second of all they're gonna have to tone down the 2001 more than a few notches. Especially with NFL ratings in steep decline this season, this is the perfect time for Vince McMahon to swoop in and create the Anti-NFL, or the Xtra-Fun League, if you will. But image is everything. And safety, safety's probably in there somewhere too. We'll see. So I want to get way out ahead of the rumors and set up what I think would be a fitting return for the XFL 18 years later. I'm not gonna quibble over the actual rulebook, I'll let them figure that out, but I do know what I'd like to see design wise. Here are my design rules: 1. There are no rules! Actually, there are a few. They're right here. 2. No white allowed. Off-white is allowed in small doses, as well as silver, but stark white is not allowed on Logos, Uniforms, or Merchandise of any kind. 3. Helmets are a canvas. No more small, tame, rinky-dink helmet logos. Helmets should be loud and expressive of a team's design, serving as the centerpiece of their uniform. 4. 3 logos per team, no more and no less. They are as follows; Insignia: main logo, Proxy: secondary, Character: letter logo 5. 3 uniforms per team, no more and no less. They are as follows; Base: worn at home, Clash: worn on the road, Army: outside the box third jersey worn at home. 6. Unique NOBs are still allowed, but have to be approved before being applied to jersey. So there you have 'em, my official design rules for the XFL! I'll be following these closely for all eight teams (more on teams ahead). The New Official Logos of the XFL The original XFL logo was rushed and horrible, so I wanted to make a logo that would completely change people's view of the league. Modernized, but as no nonsense as always. This was my creative process, pardon the roughness. Early thoughts were that I'd like to include a lightning bolt in the X or make the X from negative space, but I ended up choosing something closest to the lowest logo on the center left because I liked the unique shape and inclusion of a football. After some retooling, I ended up with a result I'm really happy with that includes an Insignia, Proxy, and Character logo for the league. The Insignia uses a combo football/shield shape with half of the X made by stitches; football or otherwise. Teams Here's the thing, I don't know the teams yet. I know the cities, but I don't know the teams. The reason being this is going to be a step-by-step project so I'll be including my entire process, part of which is choosing the names of all 8 teams. I'd love to hear any names you can come up with as well! Here are the eight locations: Boston (new) Chicago Detroit (new) Las Vegas California New York St. Louis (new) Texas (new) So there it is, The new XFL! What do you think of the idea, setup, and first trio of logos? Your feedback is incredibly important to me, so don't hold back with the C&C! Thanks guys, and stay tuned for Boston!
  13. Bruins

    The Battle of Seattle

    Just fantastic. Steampunk Kraken are almost too much fun and I'm very much digging that new shoulder patch for the totems. I also think having people walk around Seattle like that is now necessary for the city's pr. I'm running out of adjectives to describe this series so I'm gonna go with tremendous stupendous. Keep on blessing the boards, Sparky.
  14. Bruins

    NBA 2050 - Southwest Division (9/1)

    I clicked on this thread expecting to see some really outside the box, experimental concepts, and while these are very solid designs, this looks more like the NBA in 2020 than 2050. You've got a unique, interesting theme here, run with it. Make this like a less retina-burning answer to MLB's turn ahead the clock. Maybe the names go below the number in 32 years, maybe the word marks have all been replaced by large, vertical or horizontal logos, maybe all jerseys have a distinct sublimated pattern, and definitely these things are gonna look like wearable billboards in '50. My point being this idea has a ton of room for creativity, so take advantage. Great concepts regardless though, and your Louisiana concept is proving that that is the vastly superior name, although the bird in the state is too pixelated. Awesome potential here, thumbs up!
  15. The Red Sox are officially 0-5 in these. They're basically like the jersey equivalent of someone repeating a joke. Kinda funny the first time, but awkward and stupid the second.
  16. Bruins

    Favorite jersey number?

    Sixty ni- you know what nevermind. 88
  17. I am personally fascinated by what's going on in Minor League Baseball right now, and the majority of that is due to Brandiose's reign of two-word nickname, food logo, baby cake of terror, which to be honest hasn't been all bad imo. There are things happening down in the MiLB that wouldn't have been dreamed of 20 or so years ago, and its like watching a blowout: Painful, but fun to watch it go down. So i got to thinking, with news of Brandiose sinking its toes into the minor league hockey pool, how long is it before they get their hands on the major leagues? Now if (when) in eventuality they do, they won't come at it with a Jumbo Shrimp ideal, but for fun, I'd like to think of what would happen if they did. So I'll be taking a TBD select number of teams from the MLB and making them look like they belong in the International League, starting with the Oakland Swingin' A's (Athletics).
  18. Thanks so much! The home and road's are a customized Richardson Brand United and the Cigar City alts are Phalanx.
  19. So here are two full jersey sets for the Angels and Krewe, now using a full template! More to come!
  20. Recently mildly triggered by the Lincoln Saltdogs headscratcher of a logo change, whose spiffy new dog enjoys maniacally staring into my soul, I got to wondering what some of the worst brand changes ever have been. And watching the Sox play the lowly Marlins I was reminded of this now infamous downgrade: What are some of your (least) favorites?
  21. Bruins

    Jets Uniform Concept By Kong Tom

    So, umm yeah. This still needs plenty of work, so please stop walking in here like you're blessing us with your brilliance. Also if you want people to take you seriously I suggest again, don't refer to you or your concept as a beast, great, or flawless. We'll decide that. Don't be Kanye. This is not flawless, it's better, no where near flawless. Your concept honestly looks rushed, there's white peeking through the right front sleeve, the collar shouldn't be filled in the middle like it is, and the pant stripe's slanted, technically. Like I said you've improved decently, I like the use of both of NY's greens, and the Jets word mark stripe is novel but would be much better as sleeve stripes. Also your name on back is way too big and your font is way too generic. Also ditch the quotes and give us more reasoning behind your ideas! We're all trying to help you get to the finish line, let us tell you when you're there.
  22. Bruins

    Ducks Alternate Tweak

    Yep, that would make the world right again. So close, so close.
  23. Bruins

    2018 MLB Season

    F/ Sox 15, Yanks 7. I don't even know what I just watched. Steve Pearce 3 HRs? 8 run 4th? They seem like less of a pretender than they did 4 hours ago. I know, I know, it's 1 game, but they beat an actual team with Brian Johnson against CC Sabathia. 3 bangers to come, this is gonna be a must watch.