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  1. Kudos on the creativity used for the hawks, that looks awesome!
  2. I am personally fascinated by what's going on in Minor League Baseball right now, and the majority of that is due to Brandiose's reign of two-word nickname, food logo, baby cake of terror, which to be honest hasn't been all bad imo. There are things happening down in the MiLB that wouldn't have been dreamed of 20 or so years ago, and its like watching a blowout: Painful, but fun to watch it go down. So i got to thinking, with news of Brandiose sinking its toes into the minor league hockey pool, how long is it before they get their hands on the major leagues? Now if (when) in eventuality they do, they won't come at it with a Jumbo Shrimp ideal, but for fun, I'd like to think of what would happen if they did. So I'll be taking a TBD select number of teams from the MLB and making them look like they belong in the International League, starting with the Oakland Swingin' A's (Athletics).
  3. I was just thinking of this! Boston's got quite a few: Love this logo, genius, especially for being 45 years old. Basically all we watch. Old New We just recently got this as a second NBC station, and it's painfully confusing figuring out what's on which. Another awesome old logo, One of couple PBS affiliates
  4. That's a road jersey judging by the white helmet and how much darker the other team (Rangers?) is, but i don't think thats the road jersey. Way too basic to be real. However, I would bet my lucky stars those are the Knights actual pants due to the uniqueness of the detail and the fact that the other team also has pants detailing but nothing else.
  5. Fixing the scarf does it wonders, its now perfect.
  6. More geeky, I like it. Opens the door for a lot of cool functionality the old logo didn't have. Plus anything retro video game style's awesome anyway.
  7. Wow. Ambitious. Gorgeous.
  8. Northmen look PHENOMENAL. I love the idea of using only different shades of a single color on a logo and you pulled it off perfectly here. The Aviators/Barons logo is giving off a subtle Bucco Bruce vibe, which is definitely a good thing, and i think not shading was the way to go. The portion of the scarf flying off doesn't look quite right though, tweak that and its perfect. Great work as usual!
  9. Yeah, that's a line I won't cross Thanks! Thank you so much! The eyes are very similar to the ones they used on the Biloxi Shuckers oyster, which are super Brandiose-ish, so that helps. Thank you! The lowercase a era is by far the best the Braves have ever had, love it. The sleeve leaves just kind of struck me when I saw how much I was actually using them throughout. Thank you! As soon as I saw Motor City Kitties I fell in love with it, definitely have to do that one. Will definitely do a car/motor theme although Brandiose already did something similar with the Hot Rods so I'll have to go with different imagery than mechanics/wrenches. Also, Gyros would be EXCELLENT for a food night concept. Thanks! You're very right, I don't know why I didn't think of that! Thank you SO much for the great feedback guys, and the great suggestions too! I've decided to start with 6 teams, 2 more, and then make some jerseys, hats, and special night concepts for the teams already done so I'd love to hear any more suggestions for themed night concepts or anything else you think I should do for the A's, Mets, Machine, Clobbers, Kitties or Bombers, mascots, posters, promotional ideas etc. No sug is too outlandish, I'd love to hear any ideas that pop into your mind!
  10. So next is Coco's idea and by far the most drastic change yet, based off of the Braves nickname, The Atlanta Peach Clobbers! 'The one thing people think of when they think of Georgia is the ever famous Georgia Peach, so it makes perfect sense to base Atlanta's team on the fuzzy fruit. The new peach mascot P.J. is a symbol of combined fun & focus and the design as a whole is fresh and bright with a few subtle nods to the 70's Braves, lowercase a included. The Clobbers have multiple cap logos including two monograms resembling peaches, a and PC, P.J. doing a Schwarzenegger pose, a muscle and a leaf the first four of which have a fuzzy texture to them. All peach-colored jersey logos are also fuzzy. In addition to the lowercase a main cap logo, the home and road jerseys feature a leaf on each sleeve resembling the feather logo in use from 72-79.'
  11. To answer the question of the thread no, don't hate the song but I'm already sick of it. A straight hip-hop song just won't be THE song, at least this year. Most aren't generically catchy enough. I personally think another Dance artist will have it this year, like Closer last year. Slide is definitely a candidate, I've heard it multiple times, it's great. I also think Calvin Harris will have at least one more megasmash on Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, possibly the upcoming Katy Perry collab?
  12. How about Belles, still using bell imagery?
  13. Yeah, I agree the WNBA names shouldn't be overly feminine, but I also think the names should have a cool connection to women like the Liberty and Does. So a few I'm thinking of: PHILADELPHIA 20ERS- Signifies the year women were first able to vote MIAMI SOL LOS ANGELES CAPITANAS- Signifies a female ship Captain without having to use the term "Captainess" PORTLAND PIONEERS or GROUNDBREAKERS MEMPHIS FIERCE INDIANA CHECKERS GS BELLONAS- Roman goddess of war DENVER GOLD No doubt you'll slay it with this series, looking forward to it!
  14. Yeah, I'm not trying to sound unreasonable, i just wouldn't be happy about completely changing a concept I was happy with because of an unfortunate parallel. And no, I appreciate the C&C, will try to add back black.
  15. Thank you, Really awesome to hear that! Working on ideas for Peach Clobbers now, i really like the imagery that comes with that. I feel bad for not having taken one of your suggestions yet too. And no it's not, that's one of the next teams on my agenda, and I was thinking of either doing Bombers/Bronx Bombers or sticking with some form of the Yankees name and going all-out patriotic Uncle Sam style. I'll probably get to them after the Braves. Thanks! Felt like the Brandiose thing to do . TBH, probably not. I like the name, but since its already in use I'll probably go another direction. Wow, Thank you so much! Yikes. Well, that's unfortunate. Not quite sure what to do with that, really don't want to start them over from scratch, anything you think would help with it? Thanks! So right now, my plan is to start with about 8 or 10 teams, then go back and make uniforms and special night concepts for some of those clubs, so I'd love to hear any ideas for that stage too! Thanks for all the great feedback, guys!
  16. Next up, the Reds rebranded as part of their old nickname, the Cincinnati Red Machine! Here's the (un)official statement: 'For the Red Machine (I) wanted to give them a fun, mechanical theme so (I) decided to create an identity centered around red gears, which is the new symbol of Cincinnati baseball. (I) also wanted to put an important meaning behind the machine in the middle of the new primary roundel, which is in the 9 gears. The 4 gears with the smaller, hollow white gear in the middle, the 3 with the solid white gear in the middle, and the 2 with the small, white circle represent the Infield, Outfield, and Pitcher and Catcher, respectively, all connected as a team. This is also represented in the on-field cap logos, which are different with each position, different gears all working towards the same goal. Caps also now feature player numbers on the back, so they can now be bought like player jerseys with the corresponding number and cap logo. More so throughout the design the whimsical, mechanical theme is featured, specifically in the alternate cap logo and new mascot, RedBot.'
  17. I agree with you with that, and I am trying to keep some relation between a new name and the real one. ScreamingViking did say though that he would completely replace the old name, so he wasn't coming at it from that view.
  18. Obviously the Monstahs could be a perfect Brandiose brand and while I agree i probably wouldn't try to flesh out all of them, I can easily see Foggy Bottoms as a brand, and also Five-Ways and possibly Double-Doubles as a one-off type food theme like they did with the Green Chile Cheeseburgers.
  19. I love all of these! I might not do all of them, but i will definitely draw from here a few times. Sibling rivalry, Brandiose style! Thank you so much! Also, I'm going to keep the Hitmen on hold for right now and keep brainstorming it, just having some trouble sparking it.
  20. Cool idea! Execution looks pretty good so far, a few thoughts: Anaheim: Great job, striping looks right at home here and I love the white A on the red jersey. Arizona: I think swapping white and black on the home striping might help to make them look a little different than the 'Yotes, and i might also change the road numbering from black to brick. They look pretty good overall though. Boston: You did a great job translating a design using three colors to two, although i would definitely lose the colored cuffs on the road and wouldn't be afraid to keep the white and green circles on the chest emblem. Pretty sweet jerseys as a whole. Good work all around!
  21. Alright! So the Mets are up, although i didn't go the Amazin' route. Here's my would-be statement from Brandiose: '(My) main approach for the Mets was to give them a more tangible identity. So (I) ended up reaching deep into New York's brilliant history, focusing on the construction and early days of their extensive, historic subway system. Now renamed the Long Island Metropolitans, the Mets color status has been altered to better fit with their new identity. Charcoal contrasted by stark white now takes center stage, reflecting an all-business mentality with vibrant blue and orange providing a burst of energy and heart. The main logo takes on the shape of the Brooklyn Superbas 1910 logo, the first MLB team to play baseball in the great state of New York, and features the Metropolitans new mascot Maxwell, a turn of the century era train conductor, along with simplified elevated subway tracks taking the place of the bridge. The new font used throughout the logo set is early 1900s style art deco helping further to embody New York a century ago. Lastly, a logo resembling a subway sign worn on the back of every jersey, directing towards Queens, the site of Citi Field, features the years the Mets have won either the World Series or N.L. Pennant. In essence, the Metropolitans new look signifies the history of New York, the kind of hard work it was built on, and an identity Mets fans can gather behind.'