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  1. What are you watching?

    Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. For those who don't know its basically a seriously updated spin on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on BBC and Masterpiece Theatre I believe. Let me tell you, it's just as British as it is good, and boy is it ever British. Just finished watching the 4th Series on Netflix and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of all 12 episodes, which are an hour and a half a piece. Highly recommend.
  2. I recently discovered that possibly the least creepy show ever has a dedicated community that claim certain sketches on Sesame Street scared the *bleep* out of them as kids... or still. So I wondered what unlikely stuff freaked or freaks this community out? The idea isn't to post a clip from Saw, but more of a "I don't know why, but..." mentality. For me it'll always be the video for Genesis' Land of Confusion. For such a great song the video is creepy as all get out. Reagan is terrifying. Go crazy!
  3. NHL 2017-18

    Finally got a look at the B's w/ black socks: It's really... not quite as bad as i thought it was gonna be. But something still feels off. Modern. It's too modern. I mean It's still top 3 in the league, but with less integrity. Definitely a mistake. Those new numbers don't look half bad though.
  4. NBA Blacktop Series by Bruins

    This is a project I'd had in my head for a long time, and I finally decided to make it happen. My concept for the NBA to be taken outdoors for the first time in history, the NBA Blacktop Series. The BS if you will. As crazy as it sounds, I think it would be possible if done right for an NBA game to be played outside. I mean if they can do it with hockey, they can do it with roundball. The more outlandish part of the idea is a proposal for the game to be played on an actual street court, Chicago's Margaret Hie Ding Lin Park Court in this case. It would fit in well with the NBA's mindset and would be kind of like bringing players back to their roots, where it all began, on a humble street court. So below are all the facets of what I think this could/should look like. LOGO The logo for the Blacktop Series is simple and uniform, but still hanging on to some uniqueness while serving as a kind of ode to Chicago's Hie Ding Park, with the underside of the El tracks center stage on the logo and court alike. Any further games would fit this same half-circle logo template. SECONDARIES UNIFORMS The matchup for the inaugural Blacktop game is Pistons/Bulls which i think is a healthy enough rivalry, esp. city wise, to kick the series off. The jerseys are noticeably button-up which will serve as a distinct icon of outdoor b-ball. Chi-Town's uni has a black base with the colors of the city's flag as bold accent colors. The Flag Shield secondary from the event logo is the sleeve patch and the flag's four six-point stars are an accent underneath the numbers. Detroit's jersey is much more understated with the D from their new logo on the left breast and the new logo itself as a sleeve patch. Motor City silver is the base. SEATING PLAN C&C hugely appreciated as this is the biggest single project I've done yet, so I'd love to hear what you think of the first installment of the NBA Blacktop Series! Thanks guys
  5. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (12/32)

    There you go.
  6. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (12/32)

    As well executed as it is, Houston's the first one that doesn't work for me personally. The arms kinda throw it off for me, the shape just feels unnatural. But then again, it seems almost impossible to make something work out of the Texans logo. Maybe make a cowgirl since you already did a cheerleader for Dallas?
  7. NBA Blacktop Series by Bruins

    Oh, no doubt, that's still priority #1, I plan to tackle all 30 teams before I'm done.
  8. NBA Blacktop Series by Bruins

    I used 2 different programs in a way i don't typically, so i guess somehow it turned blurry. Thank you! I hear you, it was a pretty big risk, and i guess it didn't work. So, I'll rework it with standard tank jerseys, should look a lot more basketballish. Thanks for the help!
  9. Can i just say how great this Color Rush game looks tonight? I mean, individual flaws aside, this strikes me as one of the best Color Rush matchups ever. Not gaudy, and the colors are so starkly different yet complementary, its actually very eye-pleasing, something I'm not used to watching TNF.
  10. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (12/32)

    I love how outside the box some of these are. You could have easily copied and pasted a female version of the Eli Manning stadium giant logo, but it wouldn't have been this good. I also love that she has a slightly more vintage style than the previous 9, which makes this all the better.
  11. Odd Things That Creep(ed) You Out

    YES. For some reason any sort of puppet created outside of the Muppet Workshop is bone-chilling to me. It seems like it's impossible for anyone else to create a half-normal looking creation out of felt and fur. One kids show in particular that I remember being especially eerie was "Its a Big, Big, World" on PBS. The main character was a rather weighty, monotone, full-bodied sloth costume that taught kids about nature and then feasted on their hopes and dreams, or something like that. Anyway, just look at him with his five-o-clock shadow and cold, dead eyes. Would it have been so hard to make him look at least approachable? Apparently it would've, yes.
  12. Stags Inline Hockey logo

    I think you need to update your account to enable 3rd party hosting
  13. MLB: Project 32 - Houston Astros, Pt. III Added

    That Colorado Day uni is SICK. Another dose of perfection
  14. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (12/32)

    Miami is unbelievably good. Classy, strong, great use of color, Its utterly perfect. Tremendous job!
  15. I am personally fascinated by what's going on in Minor League Baseball right now, and the majority of that is due to Brandiose's reign of two-word nickname, food logo, baby cake of terror, which to be honest hasn't been all bad imo. There are things happening down in the MiLB that wouldn't have been dreamed of 20 or so years ago, and its like watching a blowout: Painful, but fun to watch it go down. So i got to thinking, with news of Brandiose sinking its toes into the minor league hockey pool, how long is it before they get their hands on the major leagues? Now if (when) in eventuality they do, they won't come at it with a Jumbo Shrimp ideal, but for fun, I'd like to think of what would happen if they did. So I'll be taking a TBD select number of teams from the MLB and making them look like they belong in the International League, starting with the Oakland Swingin' A's (Athletics).
  16. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (12/32)

    Wow the Ravens are inspired. Wow. Absolutely love it
  17. Wow! That's incredible to hear! Although I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing lol. Thank you though! I was 90% gonna do that on a AITO themed Alt., and now definitely will, nice call. I see you, nice catch. Thanks man! Thank you so much! I'm not sure who's on deck, but I'm pretty sure the Giants and BoSox will make the first 12. Keep up the great feedback guys! I'm open to suggestions too, so let me know who you'd like to see next!
  18. So a bit of a shakeup, I've decided to just go ahead and release more teams with special concepts sprinkled in, as opposed to waiting longer to release actual new team concepts. So here is the 7th team in the series, which took a little while to complete but I'm very happy with, the Anaheim Angels! 'With the Angels, (I) wanted to really capture Anaheim in the brand, which is reflected especially in the new and original color scheme. The Angels are now bright and colorful with a cohesive design brought together by multiple influences. The color scheme is inspired by the heavenly shades of a california sunset while the main logo prominently features Anaheim's first official mascot, an angel named Albert, ascending forward with a baseball bat in hand. The main cap logo receives a makeover which cogs well with the new primary along with two new secondaries representing Disneyland's famous ferris wheel and the ball through glove icon from the poster for the 1994 movie, "Angels in the Outfield". Anaheim's new baseball brand is fun and luminescent, while doing a great job representing the city itself'
  19. Crazy Coincidences

    Spotted this tonight:
  20. Crazy Coincidences

    I stumbled across an extinct OJHL team (the deep Creamernet) named the Seguin Bruins and thought it was such an odd coincidence that a team's city would also be the name of a future player for the NHL club. So that got me wondering what other cases of crazy coincidences are there? Here's a few more i could think of: and I apologize for this one, i really do
  21. 2017 NBA Offseason

    MIND BLOWN. Long term boost for Boston, short term boost for Boston, a huge boost for Boston, period. It's utterly ignorant to think IT is gonna have the same Cinderella season he had last year, esp. coming off that hip ding, however serious that may be. He'll be very good but he won't be great. Kyrie is a perennially great player, and will now have the chance to be a #1 guy as opposed to a #2 guy in Cleveland. He's a #1 guy on at least 28 teams across the league. That's part of what makes the Cavs so dynamic (you know, and that Lebron guy). And as as far as Jae Crowder, what about freaking Gordon Hayward! Crowder would've been playing off the bench in Boston anyway! Add Irving, Hayward, Horford, Smart, Tatum, an improved Jaylen Brown, and character pieces like Aron Baynes and Morris (barring further criminal discipline), you've got a team that can challenge Lebron NOW. Not even in a year or two, NOW. I love love love this trade. Would've liked to have kept maybe Zizic or esp. the pick but, I'm on cloud nine.
  22. Habs'ing the NHL (Pittsburgh added)

    Thank you. When i clicked on this i thought, 'If he Habbed the Habs...' Thankfully you didn't, although the Habs really will never look right unhabbed, in a vacuum its a nice looking jersey.
  23. Wonka's 2017 NHL Concept Dump

    Vegas is a step up in every way except for the primary logo, which i think is a slight step down, although i still really like it. The secondary is a YUGE step up, it's perfect. I honestly don't like Nashville. The stripes really don't have much rhyme or reason to their direction, which makes it look cluttered. Seeing it now, adidas' tidied-up version of the Preds uni was actually an improvement in many ways. Vancouver looks sick, it's very conceptual, but it would still look great on ice. Green and blue never touch, so everyone goes home happy. Yeah, i mean, that's my ideal Sabres set, it's always been. It really needs to happen soon. Washington looks almost football-ish which i think is due to the shoulder stripes (AFL Patriots!), but stills looks really slick. Love the sleeve stars and of course, the weagle. Tampa: YES. OH SWEET LORD YES. Very realistic 2018/19 Adidas Avs Alt., and i wouldn't complain. Much, much, much better than Buffalo's previous dabble in yellow. I kinda love it actually, compliments your H/A concepts nicely. Detroit is basically flawless, and surprisingly unique too. Love the D patch on the sleeve. I'd like to see Columbus with 360 arm bands and more dramatic waist stripes. The home esp. looks too simple right now. Great concepts all-around though, looking forward to more!
  24. MLB Changes 2017

    No need for the jerseys. Period. Even though some are pretty sick, there's no need for the cash grab. In my opinion the jerseys actually take away from the intention of the weekend. They're just flashy eyesores that truly do reveal to us the true prediction of TATC. You know, w/out the Mercury Mets. Just the patch (which is gorgeous btw), the nicknames and some attention grabbing equipment would have accomplished the same goal in a better way that actually was about the players expressing themselves, not the MLB trying to make some quick bucks with only six hat bases and some cookie cutter pullovers. The MLB could have made just as much money selling a pinstriped jersey with ALL RISE on the back. It would have been a cooler message too, with all the unique equipment being worn along with the teams' iconic jersey saying basically "This is me, and that includes this jersey that I'm proud to wear every day." You can't get to the same place by handing a guy a gaudy, meaningless jersey that he's never seen before in his life.