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  1. MJD7

    NFL 2018 changes

    I think you could maybe argue that the overarching element for the Jaguars could be the color teal, but yea it’d be hard to justify that since they chose black as their primary home jersey and their away has basically no teal at all.
  2. MJD7

    MLB by NIKE

    The new pants stripe is definitely an improvement for me. I also like the swinging friar BP. Well done!
  3. The Milwaukee Braves look great! I’m glad that Milwaukee doesn’t have a navy/red team currently (it doesn’t really fit them in my opinion), but they would definitely be a more classic team than the Brewers. I love the transfer of the BiG logo to the Braves, that’s a genius replacement for the lowercase “a.” Well done!
  4. MJD7

    NFL 2018 changes

    I definitely don’t love them, I still wish they kept the previous number font & had more gold incorporated into the set. Although I still think they look like practice uniforms, knowing Nike’s run the past few years I imagine most people here would prefer a boring look over a Browns or Bucs style debacle. To be fair, this is easily one of the best combos we’ll see the Jags wear with this set (black/teal/black would probably be my personal favorite), and is the one that looks most like the original. Once we start seeing them go black-out at home & have virtually no teal on the road, I have a feeling this set won’t be quite as revered as it is right now.
  5. MJD7

    NFL 2018 changes

    I will admit, the Jaguars do look a little better in-game. Although they still do look a little plain & like “practice jerseys,” watching them play against the Saints, you realize their uniforms aren’t that much less designed than their opponent’s. This uniform makes me wonder if we will see a trend towards minimalism for uniforms, following the trend that design has gone towards in general for the past few years. The Dolphins are a massive improvement, as we all agreed when the updates were unveiled. The increased orange just gives the set a little bit more of that needed “pop.” The Titans are still “meh.” Not great, not terrible. I still wish they went more columbia heavy as opposed to navy.
  6. MJD7

    MLB 2019 All Star Game

    Some of the designs in the background of the thumbnail look really compelling. Are these possibly some rejected proposals? Most of them even look better, I'd say:
  7. MJD7

    MLB 2019 All Star Game

    Overall, I'm not a big fan... While the baseball stitches making up the guitar is pretty clever, without a base color the logo overall looks empty to me. The main font (although good-looking) looks like they started with a template of this year's font. It also bugs me that "Cleveland" and "All-Star Game" are angled differently. As a side note, the "American" and "National" scripts remind me a lot of those used in Detroit in 2005.
  8. My favorite aspect of this iteration is the combining of the A’s classic identity with the Rangers’ western elements. I would maybe somehow try to lean into that more. I’m not sure how I feel about the warped scripts. Other than that, this looks great.
  9. Thank you so much! Now here are some USA outtakes that were requested earlier! Flipped lettering & star pattern, requested by @coco1997 & @NicDB: An off-white home option: And two variations of a gray road uniform, requested by @NicDB: Thanks again for following along, I know @Victormrey & I had a great time creating this series for you all!
  10. Thank you so much for the consistently great feedback, it is very much appreciated! USA outtakes should be posted tomorrow, and it sounds like you'll like what you see! Thanks! And sure thing, here's a look:
  11. Thank you all! Here is a look at the Korea away with red accents: And next up, since @Victormrey currently doesn't have access to his computer, I'm going to be posting the team that finishes off the series, Spain! One element that we both agreed early on that we would like for Spain was a UCLA-style striping pattern inspired by SFGiants58's Angels set. While we realized the template we were using wouldn't really allow for such a design, it resulted in a striping style that might honestly look cooler for Spain. Overall the set is intended to embrace gold a little bit more than China does, with the away going all-gold. The Country Pride alternate uses striping patterns that represent the 5 different regions of Spain: The top left represents the North & Northwest with a wave pattern, and the bottom left represents Andalusia with a Nasri pattern inspired by the Alhambra. The top right represents Barcelona with a pattern based on the Güell Park, and the bottom right represents Valencia with a pattern which resembles the City of Arts and Sciences. We hope you enjoyed following this collaborative effort, and we'd love to hear any favorites you had! Thanks for checking this series out, I'll post the USA outtakes I promised earlier on when I get the chance!
  12. Thank you all! Next up we have South Korea! Korea has definitely always tried to go a bit more modern edge with their uniforms, but with this set we tried to take things back a little bit and make the team look more "classic." We took the dual-piping from this design (which for us is inspired by the red & blue Taeguk of the South Korean flag, which symbolizes balance) and thinned it down to make it a more traditional baseball look. We also took Korea's blue and brightened it up a bit to create a light blue & red scheme that is unique among the WBC participants. The alternate is inspired by the oldest iteration of the Korean flag, using inspiration from its color scheme, and and the original 8 trigrams (kwae) are used as the jersey's striping pattern. The country's name is also across the front of the jersey in Korean, and the first character (roughly translating to "big/great team") is placed on the cap logo. Spain is up next to wrap up the series!
  13. You're definitely right about the red road. Here is a version of the road in blue, along with a flipped version of the alternate:
  14. Thanks for the C&C! Now we have Puerto Rico to show you all! The raglan sleeve look was one that Puerto Rico embraced in the 2009 WBC.We decided to combine that look with the blue cap of the most recent WBC to give a look that is unique to Puerto Rico. The socks are inspired by the pattern of the flag. The alternate is inspired by the uniform the team wore in the Caribbean Series. Comments or suggestions of any kind, as always, are appreciated!
  15. That primary logo is a thing of beauty! The Seals set overall looks very nice. My only gripe comes with the alternate, where I feel the off-white stands out a bit too much in the numbers and player name. I would suggest making those orange, but that’s just personal preference.