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  1. Tennessee Titans & Jacksonville Jaguars

    I appreciate it. Yea, it definitely goes more with the "Tradition Evolved" slogan they advertised. Here are all the uniforms with flipped number colors. I personally like the dark jerseys equally either way, though I'm not as big a fan of the white. Let me know what you think: Thank you both! I've never really liked white pants for the Jags, but this is how it would look: I'd love to hear what anyone else thinks, thanks everyone.
  2. This has been a really nice series, showing what Player's Weekend could have been. My favorites were the Rockies, Dodgers, Astros, Brewers, and Padres. Nice job!
  3. Hey guys, while I had the chance I just wanted to show you guys some quick concepts I made to try and improve on two of the latest Nike redesigns in the Titans and Jaguars. I personally wasn't much of a fan of either redesign this time around, even though I generally like what Nike's done a little more than most. Anyway, here are the changes I would make. -For the Titans, I kept the sword-shaped shoulder yoke, I felt that was a nice-looking update to the overall style. I transferred that shape over to the pants stripe as well, and removed any "beveling" in the set, along with both shades of gray. Since the team apparently never even considered a white helmet, I decided columbia blue would be preferable over navy. I also used the much-beloved social media font, thanks to @Conrad.. The navy alt is shown with navy pants, but most of the time it would be worn with columbia pants. For the Jaguars, my design ended up looking really similar to @BucsBoy02's most recent design as well as the design on Reddit. It goes to show this most recent iteration has some good design ideas, but something just felt missing. So I went back to the previous number font, added gold back into the scheme more, and used sharp angles as a design motif. I didn't really mind the black numbers on the teal jersey, but since the intention for the Jags was to go back to tradition I used white numbers, and redesignated teal as home. I made the numbers teal on the black alt, I feel with outlines it could still work. Thanks for checking this out.
  4. Ranking the NFL/Nike Uniform changes

    Updating this with the new changes released today: A Dolphins (2018): I love the update even more than I thought I would, it makes the uniform even more clean and bright and does the exact things I hoped they would. This is one of the first uniform releases in a while in any sport that I was completely satisfied with. D Jaguars (2018): Even though the helmet is an immense upgrade, like many others have said to me the uniforms as a whole are actually somehow a downgrade. I just really love the warmth gold brings to the set even in accents, and without it something just looks missing. The same goes with the one-color numbers, they work for some teams but the Jags aren't one of them to me.
  5. City/State Color Identities

    That’s great look for Cleveland, the scheme works great with every team. Great job!
  6. I adore this change even more than I thought I would. It looks absolutely beautiful.
  7. I thought this was a pretty great poster, especially compared to the theatrical version. It captures the bright, fun spirit of the movie.
  8. What do we know about the new Dolphins set?

    Just to make sure, is this accurate that the Dolphins are officially changing their orange? I couldn't find information on it anywhere except this graphic.
  9. MLB by NIKE

    I like the Twins. The stripe pattern is probably my favorite part of the set. The only thing I would say are that I'm personally not a fan of the return of the "M" cap, I would go all "TC" if it were me. I would also maybe try seeing how red wordmarks look for the home and alt, I feel like those might help the drop-shadow work a bit more. Overall though, great job! This would be a welcome change for the Twins in my book.
  10. Biggest Upgrades in Sports history

    I'd like to put this one up for consideration:
  11. MLB in 2020 - 30/30 + Requests

    The Giants look nice! I really like the alternates. This has been an amazing series! I really think you had your own personal renaissance with the teams after you returned. My favorites are the Braves, Marlins, Nationals, Diamondbacks, and Padres. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you have planned in the future!
  12. MLB in 2020 - 30/30 + Requests

    I love this set for the Padres! It does the obvious by bringing back brown & yellow, but you managed to do it in a unique way that looks super good. Well done!
  13. MLB by NIKE

    I really like that!
  14. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Yea that was definitely true as well. I guess with the old uniform the inconsistencies were in the striping patterns, whereas now they’re in the color combos. The Titans were clearly a navy and columbia team before, but now it’s a bit less clear. The only combos that will look decent to me now are navy/columbia/navy and navy/white/navy.
  15. Ranking the NFL/Nike Uniform changes

    Using @BrandMooreArt's scale, here is my list: A Vikings: I fully acknowledge my bias, but Minnesota may have my favorite uniform set in the league. It is such an immense improvement over their previous set. I don't mind the numbers or the black facemask much at all, the only thing I would change would be the stripes on the white pants. B+ Dolphins: I think the simplicity of this look really adds to the cleanness and sleekness that a Dolphins uniform should be. I personally love the new logo, and the only thing I would change would be to make the outlines thicker and go back to the old orange. B+ Lions: I love this update, the only thing I would do would be to make the home numbers white, put "LIONS" on both sleeves and change all dark gray to the normal silver. B Seahawks: The new color scheme defines them at this point due to their recent success, and I like the patterns and Pacific Northwestern style used throughout. It's a bit busy, but somehow it works pretty well for me. C Browns: I have to be honest, I don't hate this set as much as most people do... Really I would just take "Browns" off the pants (that really is atrocious) and flip the colors on the home and away numbers. Other than that, I really think everything is an improvement. D+ Jaguars (2013-2017): The increased use of gold immediately makes this an improvement for me over the prior set, it just brings some warmness and life back into it. The helmet is clearly rediculous, but the rest is not bad and the number font is one of the best Nike's done. If only teal was the primary home option. D+ Titans: This set doesn't have the one clear design flaw that other Nike uniforms tend to, but I don't know... Overall this set just doesn't work for me right now. A lot of the combos seem that they won't go well together at all. It really does manage to be bland and busy at the same time. D Buccaneers: The only flaw to me is the numbers, but boy is that a big flaw. The alarm clock numbers look like they should be for a robotic, futuristic team, the exact opposite of what a pirate-themed team should use. I would also but the pirate ship on both sleeves. I do really like the helmet though.