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  1. Hey everyone, Now that I'm just about finished up with every team, I'm excited to announce the start of my MLB Redesign Series! Where as in my last series I constrained myself to just trying to fix each team's individual needs as I saw fit, in this series I'm allowing myself to go broad for the sake of making the entire league look better as a whole. Some major goals I had in the making of this series were: To allow each team to have its own unique color scheme; to diversify the overall color palette of the Majors from the overly common red and blue. To give teams more fresh and modern looks based on team history and namesake. To minimize the use of gray road uniforms as much as possible, allowing for more intriguing and colorful matchups. To give each team its own unique sock pattern that can be easily distinguishable from the rest of the league. To expand the league an extra 6 teams (1 in each division) based on the strongest Minor League identities, as well as past Major League history. To utilize traditional looks from team history when they work, but to also not be afraid to forsake tradition when necessary. Here are all the different color schemes I'll be using over the course of the series, with each team revealed on the day it is posted: I'm going to be posting every other day, in order to allow more room for criticisms and updates. I'll be starting off tomorrow with the Arizona Diamondbacks!
  2. If I'm not mistaken, I think he means that Nike is possibly required to sell at least some black merchandise regardless of the team's color palette.
  3. That'd be the perfect time to do so. Celebrate staying in Oakland by introducing a lively new scheme that harkens back to a time when the A's won the World Series 3 times in a row!
  4. I'd be happy if the A's made a return to kelly green, like this uniform. Especially with the recent resurgance of color over the past few years after the BFBS of the 2000's, I think now would be a perfect time to do so. Although I probably still like the scripts of the current uniforms, these colors together look fantastic, bright, and fun.
  5. This is really nice! I love the way you managed to combine elements of all of Cleveland's past Cs, not to mention including the great Ohio logo. It all meshes very well, which I didn't know could be done. As for the wordmarks, I still like the ones that incorporate the C logo, particularly these two. This is great so far, and I'm interested to see how it develops!
  6. I've gotta be honest, I love @SFGiants58's double teal idea so much I kind of want to use it for my own, haha. I think you should go for it!
  7. My favorite part of this set is also the subtle use of cream, it looks especially good on the home uniform. Nice job! It's been a solid series so far.
  8. I'd personally rather go the other direction and make the middle stripes of the helmet white instead of gray, to match the design of the logo, and make the numbers white as well.
  9. I actually like that TC, I would just make it dual-colored. If they were to use it, it also would make more sense if they had the same current 'Twins' wordmark to go with it. I'd say pick one or the other. I'm personally not a fan of the pinstripes, in part because I don't like them in general. I do really like how the white wordmark looks on the navy jerseys though. Overall, I'd be fine with the Twins being predominately navy.
  10. I think its safe for me to say this is my 2nd favorite set of the Nike era, behind the Vikings and slightly ahead of the Dolphins. I actually kind of like the Lions wordmark in the stripe, I just wish it was on both sides instead of the WCF. I like the Color Rush uniform, too.
  11. I'm relieved that I really like it. I'd probably prefer a recolored version of their current secondary but this is a nice, modern update. I'd probably make the outlines green and the basketball gray, but those are small things that don't really bother me. Just for comparison's sake, here is a rough version of what it looks like in the old colors: Interesting note I found while doing this is that the lighter blue in the real logo is the same shade as the Wolves old royal blue, which I guess is kind of cool. Overall, although I absolutely love the old blue and green, I'm fine with them trying something new and modern.
  12. Overall, I think the holiday uniforms are all solid, though I'm hesitant to them being used over entire weekends. I especially love all of the Home Run Derby stuff, even the socks and underbrim. The first thing I thought of when I saw the caps is that they look like fish scales, which I guess wasn't the intention but is an interesting side note. The thing I'm mainly disappointed in is that the All-Star Game stuff is gold again. I liked where they were going with the first two designs in Minnesota and Cincinnati that were inspired by the host team. These to me feel kind of uninspired, especially with good ideas like Jesse Alkire's neon light logos or something like that. I'd even be fine if they incorporated that floral pattern somehow, though I don't know how popular that is.
  13. I'm a Twins fan too, and I love the red wordmark (especially on the early 80's script uniforms) but I personally always thought of the red as being very much a part of the Metrodome. To me, when the Twins wore the pinstriped uniforms in the first few years at Target Field I just thought they looked out of place. So I just went with navy because it reminded me more of the Metropolitan days. I'm sure red would look fine too, I could show you what that looks like if you'd want!
  14. Thanks. I was definitely going for more vintage with the Twins. The font I used for the Marlins is called Litera-Heavy, which was a pretty perfect match. I see what you're saying. I'll see what I can do to work those things out. Anyone else have anything on these two teams?
  15. Hey everyone, I know I haven't been able to be on this site as much recently, but school's caught up to me and I haven't had much time to make concepts. Nevertheless, I still wanted to just post these two quick touch-ups that didn't really fit anywhere else and see what you all think! Miami Marlins Logos -This is more of a revert to the Marlins' actual look than was in my tweak series, but I personally love the way the border of the 'M' looks in three colors. I just tried to make an effort to simplify and streamline its use a little bit across the board. -I decided to use the old teal from their time as the Florida Marlins to further distinguish from the Mets and the rest of baseball. -I tried to incorporate the tri-color outline into all of the letters for more consistency, as well as to allow this set to be a truly unique look. -For now, no 'Marlins' wordmark just because I don't think it would look as good with the tri-color border. Uniforms -The uniforms stay pretty similar to my tweak concept, but black is added to the middle of the piping of all the uniforms. -I also adjusted the number font because I found one that pretty perfectly matches the 'Miami' font. I used the same formula for the tri-color as is used in the wordmarks: yellow on the top, orange on the sides, and teal on the bottom. -I'm not too big a fan of how the away works into this set, so I'd personally imagine they just rotate between the alternates while on the road. I also made a dark gray uniform if you guys wanna see that. -Here is a better look at all the possible combinations: Minnesota Twins Logos -I had to admit to myself that if I'm still unsure whether or not I like the Twins uniforms after three seasons, then they probably don't currently have the best design. -I wanted to try to find a way to incorporate the dropshadows and the tan/gold and make it all work, but for this I'm settling with not using the dropshadows and utilizing an off-white/cream. -The primary now has a red border, and the T of both TC caps is now cream instead of there being an outline. Uniforms -I decided to go full off-white for the home, as I've realized how great the 60's throwback looks and how well it fits with Target Field. -The red alternate is now bordered with off-white, and the navy alternate has off-white as the color of the letters & numbers. -This set, like the Marlins, leaves me unsure with what to do with the regular road, as I feel the gray doesn't work well with the rest of the set. Maybe you all can help with some recommendations. Thanks everybody for looking, and I'd love to hear what you all think!