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  1. Thanks! It's not a bad look either. I'm not sure I understand what you mean - would you be able to clarify?
  2. Alright, so it seems like the latest version will be the finalized version for Canada. Thank you all tons for the C+C, we both agree that the set looks much improved now thanks to you all! Now that Canada is finished, it's time to move on to the next team, which is China! We wanted to keep China's main look traditional. While we kept the headspoon piping, we added a stripe for it to resemble this Cardinals' 1940's set. Old English numbers (another irony in naming) are added to match the wordmark.The Country Pride alternate is an idea of @Victormrey's that I think turned out wonderfully; the uniform uses a dragon pattern based on China's 2018 Nike soccer kit. The country name is proudly represented in Chinese on the front of the jersey and the cap. Any suggestions, requests, or just comments in general are always appreciated!
  3. MJD7

    MLB by NIKE

    Wow. That is truly beautiful. The only suggestion I could make would be to add an outline on the "Rockies" wordmark of the primary as well, and also add a gray outline on the white and purple cap logos, to better match the gray background version. I would also personally make "Rockies" in the primary non-Italic, as that would convey a more upright and strong feeling, like a mountain would. But that's just down to preference. If those small changes were made, I feel like this would be a pretty perfect identity for the Rockies.
  4. I was thinking about this too, but realizing that the Jays would be part of the away team, using gray might actually help them match the uniform a little better.
  5. These are definitely my favorite ASG caps since the original 2014 caps from Minnesota’s ASG. The only bummer is the AL will not look quite as good in-game with all that white being paired with the away grays. It’s also interesting that each cap has it’s own coloring of the ASG logo patch.
  6. I updated the Country Pride alt with the Aboriginal Flag, thank you both for the idea! Thank you! Here's how Brazil's away would look if it was green, what do you think?
  7. MJD7

    MLB by NIKE

    One of my favorite Rockies concepts I’ve seen, and the Rockies are a hard one to do! I love the purple & gray. I just have a couple of nitpicks: -The different colored mountains sort of bug me. Since “purple mountains majesty” is often used as inspiration, I would try to find a way to make all applications of the mountain purple if it were me. -In that same vein, since black only appears on the BP jersey I would just eliminate it altogether. Your set looks really good without it. -I would maybe put notches in the numbers sort of like the Rangers, but it still looks good anyways. Or it’d at least be cool to see what the matching number font looked like. All in all, this is a great looking set, I just think it needs a couple of tweaks to really put it over the top!
  8. Thank you! Trust me, the alternates are going to continue to be unique! Since we've gotten quite a few comments on Australia, we decided to try tweaking their set a bit and seeing what happens. We went back to the classic colors for the primary home & away, and tried out aboriginal colors for the alt. The important thing is what do you guys think? Better/Worse? Also @vtgco here is what your suggestion for the Brazil set would look like. Personally I would prefer the all-green hat but this is a good look itself too. Let @Victormrey and I know what you think!
  9. I was just saying that you could try to update the wordmark to make it look a bit more clean & modern with a new font that fits well with the the logo. The one you showed in the first post feels very clearly of the 70s and 80s, to me. You could even maybe use the Sounders’ current font and have a more consistent “waves” going through it if that makes sense. You could also probably go with or without the soccer ball. I can’t say enough how beautiful this logo is, though, it’s seriously one of my favorites I’ve seen on these boards. Something about it really appeals to me.
  10. The alternate take looks good! I especially like the primary logo and the brown alternate. That Heritage alt though, that steals the show, it’s simply is a thing of beauty.
  11. I love this logo and the color scheme, B2 is my favorite personally. That logo with an updated wordmark underneath would look fantastic. Great work!
  12. Thanks! I completely agree. And maybe something like this? Thank you! Yea, it is a bit bright and unconventional but it's something that can definitely make Brazil stand out.
  13. Thank you! Thank you. Unfortunately, that will probably be an element you will see quite a bit throughout this series, as we aimed to make things a bit more colorful than a typical MLB game. Also, thanks to anyone who’s given constructive criticism, it’s always welcome! Next up we have Brazil. The country has one of the coolest color schemes in international sports, the biggest trick is balancing all 3 while creating a clean, sleek look that feels true to the country. We attempted to do that by color blocking the cap, striping, and undershirts in ways that use relatively equal amounts of blue, green, and yellow. The caps, belts, and socks combo would be interchangeable among sets to allow for a bunch of unique color combinations. The wavy striping on the alt is inspired by the pattern seen on the Copacabana Beach Boardwalk in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks for checking this out!
  14. The Browns look great! The differences are subtle but are improvements. I agree with this. Another possibility would be to make the tertiary the primary but add the “Browns” wordmark under it if you would like to keep that.