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  1. That too. As for the cap, I actually originally posted it as such, but like @coco1997 said the guitar pick blends too much with the crown.
  2. If the white cap should have yellow trim, does that mean the green cap should as well? I just left it off of both to be closer to the originals. I'll also try thickening up the yellow outline, because I think it looks really good in that second picture you posted. As for the Sounds, is this a better option? I was trying to find a way to fit this cap in.
  3. That Expos look would definitely take some getting used to, but it is without a doubt a unique one. The level of striping consistency throughout is very nice. The Orioles look nice as well, no need to change too much of a solid look. I'd also like to maybe see mono-orange, or just an orange top even.
  4. Thanks! If it were up to me I'd prefer to keep both to distinguish from other pinstripe teams, but maybe I should go the other way around, racing stripes but no pins? Alright, I'll either go with that double stripe design or just do plain come the final update. Moving on now to the Oakland A's! Logos -Like many others on these boards, I would love to see the A's return to kelly green. Now would be the perfect time to do so, as the use of bright colors has risen back into prominence lately. I also brightened up the yellow to be less of an orange shade. -Overall, this set takes a lot of inspiration from the popular 70's set, even with the return of a white hat. -I like how @SFGiants58 incorporated the elephant well into his A's set, let me know if I should put the elephant in the primary roundel instead of the A. Uniforms -Another pretty simple translation from my tweaks series, with kelly in the place of forest. -Green becomes the primary away, though yellow is also an option much like the 70's uniforms. A solid green cap is given to the all-yellow look for color balance. -The A's are one team where I had to make clear that the undersock below the stirrup is yellow, so I showed that. That's about it for the A's, now here's an update for Nashville that goes in a fairly different direction. I came upon this Buccaneers-inspired scheme because it pretty much accomplishes what everyone was looking for. This scheme calls upon Nashville's history in the Minor Leagues, gives a vintage look, effectively mixes brown and gray (ideas that @WavePunter and I were championing, respectively) to create a look that's somewhat like @scottyeagle's recommendation of red & black, and still uses orange as part of the scheme. Big thanks to @coco1997 for helping me out a bunch with this one. I'm curious to hear what you guys think!
  5. Here is a proposition for the Yankees socks which is present in team history... Is this any better? And here's a version of the road set with @SFGiants58's wordmark. I also added an inverted version to see if you guys like that better. What do you all think? Oakland will be up later today, along with a Nashville update!
  6. I personally like the skyline socks, since New York is one of the very few teams it could work and make sense for. I also like the road script, but I can definitely try a version with your mockup. It's all good with the Yankees, I understand where you all are coming from on the socks, for sure. It's a neat idea, but it probably wouldn't look nearly as well-executed in real life. I would like to do something though, even if it's real simple. I also love what @Victormrey did with his Yankees alternates, maybe I could make one of my navy jerseys look like that, sans red? I also have an update basically ready for Nashville, you guys can let me know whether I should upload it now or wait until the final updates at the end of the series.
  7. I don't mind it either! I like that they at least tried to do something unique, and I loved its use during the 2014 ASG. I just think the shade they eventually chose is way too dark, it almost looks orange sometimes when next to the red. I wish they went with something closer to the 2014 shade, or even an off-white, so things didn't muddle as much. The wordmark looks much cleaner when the shadow isn't as noticeable.
  8. I agree that it does feel very throwback. I don't really need to see that wordmark return, nor do I any longer think the set should be primarily red, I just like the overall aesthetic of not having pinstripes.
  9. Thank you guys! I'll try and see if I can do something about the sock stripes, though I'd prefer to at least not leave them plain like their rival Red Sox. As a side note, as I was working on Nashville it became clear that the scheme I wanted to use was slowly becoming very close to a certain AL West team's, so I adjusted the scheme of said team. You can see that adjustment in the original post on the first page. Thanks again for the C+C everyone!
  10. Unpopular opinion: One of the things I for sure like about the current Twins set is that it doesn't have pinstripes. Those sets certainly had their time, but I don't think pinstripes are something that really fits the Twins brand going forward. I'd rather them go with something similar to the dual-striping of the early 80's sets, albeit somewhat thinner. They kind of attempted to do this with the new home, but the dark shade of gold really muddles things up quite a bit.
  11. I'd probably agree. Just so everyone knows, I'm working on something for Nashville now, and I feel like it's something that could satisfy what everyone's looking for come the final update. Anyways, we're in an empire state of mind today, as both New York teams are up, first being the Mets! Logos -For me, I felt the Mets had to evolve from their Dodgers/Giants combo roots, or else they would've look basically the same as in my tweaks series. I chose the unorthodox black and pink because it's a scheme the Mets almost inaugurally wore, and it also fits the urban city feel that the (fittingly named) Metropolitans could go for. -Otherwise, the overall look remains the same, with black replacing blue and pink replacing orange as far as distribution goes. Black now replaces gray as the road uniform. Uniforms -I kept the same overall look from the tweaks series, as I like the racing stripes aesthetic. -The socks feature the famous New York skyline from the primary logo. -The pink alternate, though it wouldn't be worn often, is a nice change from the rest of the league and sports in general. Now on to the Yankees! Logos -An obviously classic look, the only real changes I could make were to drop any trace of red and allow the Yankees to embrace navy, white, and gray. -The away goes back to having no outlines to bring back a more historic, timeless look. -I did bring on two navy alternates, because I do think they can look really good. Uniforms -It's obviously hard to mess with timeless tradition, so I didn't try to very much. -The sock pattern features 27 white stripes for obvious reasons, which is an idea from Jesse Alkire's site which I've often referenced. -The away is stripped down to be more plain without any outlines or stripes, something @Paul Lucas recommended in my tweaks series. -The navy alternates are basically inverses of their home and road counterparts. Let me know what you guys think!
  12. Trust me, your comments are totally understandable, I can see that Nashville didn't go over quite as well as expected. Don't ever be afraid to be too negative though, I could really use the advice to help improve the set. To me, black and red seems slightly plain for Nashville, especially when I have the sort of "clean slate" for an expansion team to choose any scheme (I also kind of used black & red already for Vegas, albeit along with a few other colors, haha). I probably will add brown & tan/orange as accents regardless of what I do, since that seems like a popular idea. What about like maybe purple & red? That's a scheme I wanted to use somewhere that might work. I would like to use orange and powder somewhere else, though. What do you all think I should use as Nashville's scheme? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  13. The Nats look really good! I think the best thing about this set is how well the colors are distributed throughout. I like the drop-shadow and the stars on the navy alternate. I would personally do something to modernize the W at least slightly, as I imagine it would develop from its original look at least slightly over time. Great work!
  14. A's look good! I like the return to kelly as it brightens things up a bit. Making the primary the elephant is also a nice touch.
  15. I never minded when MLB had the special event equipment/uniforms for the actual day of, because even if someone does something special such as throw a perfect game, the uniform would immediately let you know, "Hey that's cool, he did that on Father's Day" or something of the sort. But when an entire weekend is dedicated to it, it brings up the odd possibility of someone throwing a perfect game completely dressed in pink, on a day that's not even Mother's Day. That's the worst part of it, for me at least.