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  1. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    Once again great job! This has the making of a truly classic & timeless identity. While it doesn’t immediately jump out for any particular reason, its greatness is in the attention to small details. Looking forward to the alternate take.
  2. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    Beautiful. Just... beautiful. Edit: One small suggestion, but maybe make the front numbers red with a light blue outline, to keep a bit more in Dodgers tradition? It still looks great regardless.
  3. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    Dodgers look great! No need to mess much with perfection. I also really like the teritary logo.
  4. These all look great! My favorites are the Blue Jays, Twins, and Angels. Wonderful job on all of these!
  5. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    I have to admit, this one is not my favorite so far. I think I prefer the actual fonts the Astros used during this era to the ones you chose; I also think the road version of the brick alternate is pretty difficult to read. I agree that "Railmen" works slightly better than "Railers" in use. I also think the road could be all brick, but that's just personal preference. There are some redeeming qualities though, the primary and territary namely are both fantastic. The use of the Reds font is also clever, and works really well. I also really like the Astros alt, you could honestly build the whole identity off that. With a few tweaks, I honestly think you could make this look really great! Looking forward to the Dodgers!
  6. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    It's one of those where I feel like I shouldn't, but I really like how the shiny red helmet looks for Louisville.
  7. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    Nice job once again! I'm one of those who's not really a fan of the drab navy and gold set, but this is a solid update that still stays quintessentially 90's. The gradient looks fantastic, and would've been such a natural progression for the tequila sunrise that I'm almost surprised they didn't actually do it. Interested to see what you go forward with in Part III!
  8. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    The Astros look really nice! I can really tell the amount of work you put in to this one. The sunrise within the shooting star is a genius move, and I really like its symmetrical use throughout. I myself don't think it's absolutely necessary for the 'Stros to be primarily orange, but it is a nice touch that makes them "pop" very well. I agree with both of @Carolingian Steamroller's points about the star and the "R" in the wordmark. A number font to match the wordmarks would be cool too. As for the primary, maybe it could just be the H-star in a sunrise circle? It doesn't have to be a full-on roundel, but it could be a cool idea. Or maybe just the H-star itself, even. I was going to suggest you put the sunrise on both sides of the star like the Carolina Pilots as the primary, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of it shooting... Is it bad that I really like the orange alt you decided not to use..? I probably don't like it as much as the script version (which is gorgeous, btw) but still... Great job once again!
  9. The Marlins update looks really nice! The updated color scheme is very fresh and unique, and looks beautiful. As for having "finalized" versions, depending on how many changes you need to make I say go for it.
  10. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    Alright... You've done it. This is my favorite series ever. But this set is fantastic! You probably know that I love the color scheme, and all the uses of the font & railway imagery fit perfectly. I particularly love the look of the Monday home, though I understand the set should probably normally stay primarily green. As for the numbers, I think a modified (or even straight-up) use of the local Broncos' font could work perfectly, as that's what I instantly thought of, and it would look a little thinner than your attempt to match. Looking forward to Houston, should be an interesting one!
  11. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    The Cubs alternate take looks really nice, the wordmarks and the inclusion of light blue in particular are astounding. Nice work! As for the Rockies, I really like how they turned out, but I'm with most others in not being a fan of the two-tone purple, at least in the way it was executed. I like that you're going in a different direction than that. If it were up to me, I'd go with the darker purple, but that's mostly because I tend to like bluer shades of purple. This is just a suggestion, but since light blue and green have both been tried many times as accent colors, maybe try going with the dark purple and adding a lavender-type shade? I don't know how well that would work, but it might be a cool color to tint the road uniform to. Great job, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this one goes!
  12. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    The updates all look great. I think the Flamingos and the Reds specifically are huge improvements. The green Flamingos set looks really nice, but it's probably best you went with black. I'm looking forward to the NL West, Colorado and San Francisco look very interesting in particular. Edit: Oh wow, the Cubs look nice! I really like the road uniform, and how all the striping matches up well with the cap.
  13. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    Well, if that's what you intended then it works for me! I was trying to think of navy/red teams that the Nats would look like if they switched the wordmarks, and the Braves funnily never crossed my mind, so that's fair. As for the beveled Nats, it's another case of you doing the best you possibly can with a certain look. I particularly like the W cap logo.
  14. MLB Redesigns Series

    Thank you, I appreciate it! Your AL favorites matched mine too. That was actually intentional in that case. Although it's normally one of my biggest peeves to have two sets of white pants, @Paul Lucas suggested it for this one and I think it's a case that works. If not, I can go back to the pinstripes.
  15. MLB: Project 32 - Milwaukee Brewers, Pt. I Added

    I'm unsure about this set in the same sense that I'm still unsure of how I feel about the Twins using gold. It's just that it's very difficult (nearly impossible, really) to have the gold & red touch and not have it look muddled. Though I will admit like @coco1997 said that gold works much better for the Nats than it does for the Twins. With that being said, I still think you did the best you possibly could have done with this. It does look very nice. I particularly like how the light blue-tinted road looks (I think I've liked every tinted road uniform so far), and the alternates also turned out very nice. One minor suggestion I have would be to make the cleats red on the red alt. I don't know if this would be any better, but maybe try making the wordmarks and numbers red, like they are on the retro alt? That way, the gold and the red would be separated by a cooler color. It would also possibly fix the DC flag issue. It'd be a bit more difficult to keep things predominantly navy, but you can still do that with the caps, undershirts, and socks. Great work, looking forward to Part II!