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  1. MJD7

    MLB x NIKE (1/30 Baltimore Orioles)

    Sounds good! And for sure, I will say that in this series most of the “throwbacks” (really fauxbacks, as you’ll see) I have planned keep logos similar to their main set for brand consistency, but there will be some where I more directly reference the throwback sets they’re based off of. In the O’s case, with the throwback already being so similar to the regular orange alt (and with a lot of discussion currently in the MLB Changes thread about the old wordmark being great), it makes sense to utilize the old script for them.
  2. MJD7

    MLB x NIKE (1/30 Baltimore Orioles)

    Thank you guys! I hope you enjoy it! Thank you both! I updated the throwback with the old time script above, but I've got to admit, the little tail above the "O" has always bugged me in that wordmark, so I decided to remove it. Thank you both very much! To be honest, I'm quite surprised at the distaste for the number font, just because I thought it was a pretty safe choice for them. Those who suggested a change, do you have any suggestions other than MLB Standard Block? I felt the Expos font fit pretty well, but I'm open to other options. I just want to avoid having to resort to the generic block fonts for this series in particular.
  3. MJD7

    MLB x NIKE (1/30 Baltimore Orioles)

    First up, we have the Baltimore Orioles! This set ended up very similar to @bkknight95's version of the Orioles in his series. The O's already have a great identity, so all there really was to do was thicken the piping on the sleeves and pants a little bit and flip the colors on the orange alternate to better match the home jersey. The away uniform has a brown-ish tint to it, reflective of the bricks of the warehouse that juts into Camden Yards (NikeSpeak, I know, but you'll have to bare with me on this). The number font is Consort Extra Bold Condensed, the old Expos font, which I felt fits the Orioles old-fashioned identity they have going for them in their branding and in Camden Yards (one of my new favorite parks I've been to in baseball, without a doubt.) The BP design features the newly-designated primary cartoon bird, along with a throwback-style for the BP cap. The “Turn Back the Clock" uniform is based on their all-orange road look that the team trotted out during the early 70's. It's a pretty clean and simple look for the Orioles to start off, but any comments or criticisms you may have, as always, are greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello everyone! With pitchers and catchers starting to report, I'm excited to start a new series that explores how I would like to see Nike handle their upcoming takeover of Major League Baseball in 2020, now that the deal is official. Throughout this series, I'm going to try to modernize the looks of MLB in a way that looks clean and sleek, like the best of Nike's redesigns in other sports have been, and hopefully not too overbearing or out-there, like some of their less well-received designs have been. Effectively acting as a Part II to my original MLB Tweaks series, these are the parameters/goals I operated under when making these designs: Each team is going to have Nike-inspired methods of striping, patterns, logos, and sock designs that are representative of the team name, history, or city. I attempted to give each team their own unique number font as well, a seemingly Nike trademark among their redesigns. Following in the footsteps of the NFL's Color Rush and the NBA's City Edition designs, MLB will have its own "Turn Back the Clock" designs as an option for teams to wear for select games of their choosing. The designs won't be straight throwbacks, but will rather be inspired by designs of the team's past while fitting into the current branding, whether by logos or color scheme. In this series, I tried to keep the color schemes of all the red/blue teams intact, while also making efforts to distinguish each of them from the other teams through color distribution. Each red & blue team (the Braves, Red Sox, Cubs, Indians, Angels, Dodgers, Twins, Phillies, Cardinals, Rangers, and Nationals, to be exact) will also have a "Part II" to their set where I try out a slightly different scheme for each to make Major League Baseball less red-&-blue-heavy. The away uniforms of each team, as opposed to being solid monochromatic colors as they were in my MLB Redesigns series, will all be gray but tinted towards a color befitting to each team. This is hopefully a more modest approach that still helps each team's away uniform be more unique and distinguishable among the league. Being in the age of social media, where profile picture, minimalist logos are so important, each team will have a batting practice jersey with a main logo front & center, allowing for greater visibility even from the upper levels of the stadium. These uniforms were greatly inspired by @bkknight95's designs in his very own MLB by NIKE series, which I encourage you all to check out, so credit goes to him for the original idea. He also designed the cleat template that @Carolingian Steamroller and I have used in the past and that I will be using for this series. In short, I just want to thank him for all of the inspiration he provided me for this series. I'd also like to thank @SFGiants58 for the inspiration and help he provided me on designs throughout this series, which I'll be sure to bring up throughout. Thanks go out to @Victormrey, @Carolingian Steamroller, @coco1997, and @Paul Lucas as well, for offering their much-needed advice on various designs. With that, let's get into the series! We'll be starting in the Junior Circuit, and going East-to-West through both leagues. I hope you all enjoy these concepts as much as I enjoyed making them! MLB x NIKE American League East Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays American League Central Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins American League West Houston Astros Los Angeles Angels Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers National League East Atlanta Braves Miami Marlins New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals National League Central Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Brewers Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals National League West Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants
  5. MJD7

    LA Rams Primary Logo Concept

    Is the facemask intended to look like a Rams’ head? If so, that’s great.
  6. MJD7

    Fixing Minnesota Baseball (Twins and Saints)

    Overall, I really like this look for the Twins! The replacement of cream/kasota gold in place of white is a great move, and I like the inclusion of light blue. Although I agree that the navy letters/red outline looks aesthetically better, I like your reasoning for wanting to combine the past eras into something new. Personally I’ve never been a fan of the road pinstripes for the Twins, but that’s your call. I’m actually surprised at how much I like both iterations of the powder blue uniform, though I would recommend whichever one you choose to use the opposite cap of the one you paired it with, as I feel each cap would look better with the other iteration of the powder jersey. One minor thing about the wordmarks, the transition from the scripts to the underline looks a bit clunky and angular to me, I would make it more round to appear more smooth. The Saints look good too, personally I think the removal of black would improve the look but I understand that its part of their scheme. Great job, looking forward to hopefully more in the future!
  7. MJD7

    MLB Changes 2020

    I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that Nike had a helping hand in designing these, unfortunately. That would make sense with the cleats being so prominent in the unveiling.
  8. MJD7

    Twins' new alternate uniform

    The thing is, I think the Twins got the gold right the first time. The shade of "Kasota Gold" they used for the All-Star Game is noticeably lighter and less saturated than the shade they opted for in 2015, and the original shade to me much better matches the limestone seen in and around the stadium. As you can see with the original Home Run Derby uniforms, the gold was pretty distinguishable from the red, giving potential for a unique red & navy identity: But now the red & gold colors just sort of blend on the home uniforms to create this weird, burnt orange-y color: The gold they have now is way too saturated. I think if the Twins stuck with the lighter gold, or even just made the base of the home uniform cream without any shadows, they would have a much better look overall.
  9. MJD7

    2019 MLB Changes

    This just seems like an odd move for the Twins. Now, they have two different navy jerseys, two different “Twins” wordmarks, no gold on the road, double outlines on some uniforms, shadows on others... just when you think they couldn’t get more inconsistent, they drop their best jersey and make more of a mess. I feel now more than ever that they just need to blow things up and start over. The gold does look a little bit better in person as opposed to the 3D graphic (which was a cool idea), but still... I don’t think it’s worth it.
  10. I think if the sand road uniform had white outlines instead of cream, that would be great for the road uniform. The city pride is also an upgrade for sure.
  11. The San Diego Reds look great! A little strange not being in Cincinnati, but great. My only two recommendations: I agree with @coco1997 about trying a sand-tinted road (it would go nicely with the red), and I would make the piping red/white/yellow on the city pride alt, to better match the flag. Excited for what’s next!
  12. All the iterations of the Tampa Bay Giants look great! The Pirates-font version would help them fit nicely with the Buccaneers, though I particularly like the final arched “Tampa Bay” original version as well as your “Florida-fied” version. The white cap would also be a great addition to the set, and the “TB” gray uniform would work great as a road alt. The Giants collage you presented is also truly astounding. To echo @coco1997, it really is a testement to your amazing work and creativity in making each Giants team unique to their city. It is interesting though, that it goes to show that despite all of those options, San Francisco probably ended up being the best possible result!
  13. MJD7

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears update 1/16)

    This is hands down my favorite Texans concept I’ve ever seen. I think you finally solved them. The logo is absolutely genius, I love everything about it. I like the navy helmet better, but I would add a red pants option that could go with the away and the alternate (and the home for Color Rush or “Battle Red” I guess), to better keep the red/navy codominance. With that addition, this is a set that could have a lot of good mix-and-match combos. Overall, terrific job!
  14. So many great divisional matchups this week! I actually really like the Ravens black over purple look, it’s probably only second to their purple over black for me. Although it makes them look a bit like a purple version of the Steelers, I think it’d be a nice alternate to have a couple times a year. This is a great list, though, and I’ve really enjoyed following these all year, @infrared41.
  15. The Tampa Bay Mariners look nice! I love the scripts and the jacket in particular. Navy & athletic gold probably makes the most sense for the team, though I’d wonder how it would look using a more “yellow” shade that the Rays currently use (which the Mariners also used to use, PMS 116 C). Also, I think making the road tinted powder blue could help improve the look (and it would have precedence in the histories of both teams), right now the road just looks a little too “warm,” if that makes sense. Regardless, this is a wonderful job as always!