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  1. Out of all of these, Vegas is a top 3 away look. I can see how someone might think the pattern in the gold is gimmicky, but I love it. They're perfect for a vegas team. I would like to see a small red stripe in the hem though, maybe just like an outline. But overall their jerseys together are already top 10.
  2. I wish the hurricane striping was like how it used to be rather than sublimated as a darker red. Still better than what they are wearing now though. And these collars are hideous. Burn them with fire.
  3. Terrible lighting but I'm happy they went with slate pants. The socks look good too. But those gloves....
  4. It's fake. The collar doesn't match the picture, let alone the locker preview (the inside was clearly red and not gold).
  5. If we're talking about Tampa Bay's logo, the primary from 2007/08 - 2010/11 was undoubtedly their best effort. Especially since they still used black in their color scheme and didn't play Maple Leafs dress-up. (The perfect Bolts logo for me would be a mash-up of the current roundel alternate and the 2007/08 - 2010/11 Florida roundel alternate)
  6. The Predators look even worse next to the whole league. The Devils are just boring without hem stripes. Oilers' striping is pathetic. Minnesota is ok. Not bad but not great. Is San Jose's teal even lighter? Regardless they need a hem stripe. But, hurricane striping is great for Carolina. I've always loved it and it moves them away from their bland look. Personally it propels them into the top-10 for me. Colorado is a winner with mountain striping. Vegas looks good, but I'm disappointed at no hem stripe. Overall an ok performance. Personal wish of mine was Tampa Bay changing something, maybe adding black into their immediate color scheme. I also wish the Ducks went ahead and switched to an orange primary this year rather than next (as I've heard). Also not a fan of the Kings look, this would have been an opportunity to bring back purple. We still need to see the changes for Ottawa, Calgary, and Washington. The piping for Washington is gone, and I'm assuming something with the side panels for Calgary. Ottawa, I'm unsure at the moment.
  7. @daniel75 Where did you find that? EDIT: Yes, that's hurricane striping. Thank god.
  8. The inside of Vegas's color, from this view, appears to be red. I see the chainmail yoke too, can't say I hate it.
  9. From left to right: Chicago, NA, Dallas, NA (St. Louis maybe? Navy sleeve, or perhaps Winnipeg), Nashville?, NA, NA, Vegas, Anaheim, Arizona, Calgary's sleeve, Edmonton, San Jose, LA, Vancouver Can't see: Colorado, Minnesota, St. Louis, Winnipeg (although the navy sleeve is either St. Louis or Winnipeg)
  10. I guess I'm middle ground. I'm not a fan of Nashville but I find the Blues as an improvement (and I love the inside of the collars). We need to see more uniforms though.
  11. I guess I'm in the minority that prefers the new white numbers. It's weird but it goes with the rest of the jersey better. 1-2 so far. 50% is a failing grade, but we still have 28 29 teams to go.
  12. Too bland. Dare I say it needs a yoke or something (the ring below the collar as @mr.negative15 said) to brake up all that yellow. They're going to look even more like highlighters skating around the ice, especially if they keep their yellow helmets.
  13. It's remarkable the jerseys you draw look better than some of the digitilized concepts on here. Great work all around. No complaints. I'm in awe of your artistic ability.
  14. "We're not going 7-9, or 8-8, or 9-7, or even 10-6..." Damn right.
  15. I'd rather see Norfolk to be frank. And you could kill two birds with one stone, since you wouldn't need a Carolina franchise then. That whole region would be taken care of. Depending on the situation with New Orleans, though, a team in Birmingham could be fun. Sounds like a way to bring back Nova Scotia As for the new designs, no real complaints, they all look great. Since it is the 90s I'd have love to see the Stingers have a honeycomb-like striping pattern. Third jersey perhaps?