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  1. I like it, I'm just not sure on the colors. It's too similar to the Pitt Panthers with the gold and the purple reminds me of the navy. Maybe lighten up the gold a little? The logos themselves are great. Solid job.
  2. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/steelers/2017/04/13/dan-rooney-dies-pittsburgh-steelers-chairman/100431968/ R.I.P. Dan Rooney. He was 84
  3. Am I the only one whose glad the T-Wolves didn't have trees in their logo? The current secondary and the new logo modified look at too busy to me.
  4. I like it. I prefer the current secondary logo, but I like that this logo has green in it. Much better than the current wreck of a primary the T-Wolves have now. Now I hope they don't screw up the uniforms.
  5. I like making the Kings a purple team, but it's a little too bright and the silver blends in too much with the white. There needs to be some black, even if it's just a tertiary color around the striping. Pretty much everything else else has been near-perfect. Those Coyotes jerseys are absolutely gorgeous.
  6. That's a good idea, but what about general branding for the league? You'd have to choose one team's silhouette logo or have a completely different logo to represent the league as a whole (perhaps a shield like the NFL or NHL). The MLB and MLS team logos are just different colorings, not changing the base of the league logo itself.
  7. I love it. We are heading headfirst into the nineties. I have to say I never liked the original Lumberjacks logo but the updated version looks a lot better. I'm also loving that jagged stripping. Gives a toughness to the set. Kinda wish they had a green alternate though. Maybe we'll see that later?
  8. I'm baffled that people are upset Phil Simms is gone. He was the worst commentator in the league. His firing made the NFL's CBS broadcasts instantly better. He's been in the league forever, so he might end up with his own show or radio show or something. If Tony is worse than Simms, someone should give Romo a medal for being so god-awful. But at least 4:00 Sunday games are tolerable now. It's going to be weird not yelling "Shut Up, Phil!" at the TV on Sunday. Hopefully it's for the better.
  9. Sounds like a fun idea, I'm up for it. I'll do whatever option the majority wants to do.
  10. The Stingray's are gorgeous, top to bottom. I was going to wait until Carolina got a team (if they ever do), but I might have to root for Miami. Their set's one of the best in the league. I have to say I do think the teal jersey would look better paired with a teal helmet.
  11. What kills me about the Hurricanes (now that they've been brought up) is that their helmet and pants aren't the same shade of red as their uniforms. The uniforms match their logo while the pants and helmet almost look maroon. It's like that in pictures and it's like that live as well. Not to mention the simplistic striping, away from the great hurricane flag striping they used to have.
  12. Sharks have to be my favorite update of the offseason so far. 1) I agree with @Dan O'Mac that you should get rid of the stripe on the helmet. 2) I totally see this team dropping the red for teal in the 90s, only to have a modernization in the early 2000s.
  13. Change the Miami Marlins back to the Florida Marlins identity. IMO a modern classic, especially the cap logo.
  14. Stingrays is a great name for Miami. Color scheme is perfect. Can't wait to see the logo and uniforms. Twisters have a good scheme as well, and the wordmark hints at another 90s-esque design. Have to say, I'm excited for next offseason.