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  1. ~Bear

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Green Bay vs. Seattle Tampa Bay vs. NY Giants Philadelphia vs. New Orleans Carolina vs. Detroit Minnesota vs. Chicago Tennessee vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Washington Dallas vs. Atlanta Cincinnati vs. Baltimore Oakland vs. Arizona Denver vs. LA Chargers Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville Kansas City vs. LA Rams
  2. ~Bear

    2018 NFL Season

    At this point, the most likely option is Bell signs the franchise-tag this coming week and plays from Week 10 on. After the season, the Steelers let him walk. Unless he gets a low offer in free agency, the Steelers should get a 3rd-Round compensatory pick at the end of the round. There really isn't anything else the Steelers can get. Most likely, they were asking for a 2nd-Rounder or better at the trade deadline, which no team offered. No (smart) team would trade for Bell before FA since the Steelers probably won't resign him. If the Steelers transition-tag Bell (which is a whole other scenario albeit unlikely, this article explains it pretty well), they can't trade him nor would they get a compensatory draft pick. And with the emergence of James Conner, the Steelers could use the $12-15 million of Bell's salary on a player in the defensive secondary or another linebacker.
  3. ~Bear

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    I'm not convinced Nathan Peterman is qualified for his family's Turkey Bowl, let alone a 2nd-tier football league.
  4. ~Bear

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Carolina vs. Pittsburgh  Atlanta vs. Cleveland Miami vs. Green Bay Detroit vs. Chicago Buffalo vs. NY Jets Arizona vs. Kansas City New England vs. Tennessee Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Washington vs. Tampa Bay New Orleans vs. Cincinnati LA Chargers vs. Oakland Seattle vs. LA Rams Dallas vs. Philadelphia  NY Giants vs. San Francisco
  5. ~Bear

    2018 NFL Season

    Steelers @ Jaguars has been flexed out of 8:20 to 1:00 PM. Bears vs Vikings has been flexed to the night. Dissapointed personally because I'm going to the Steelers/Jags game and was looking forward to it being a night game. The Steelers are probably done with night games (unless a Week 17 vs the Bengals) after this Thursday because their Sunday-Night thriller against the Raiders will most likely get flexed down.
  6. ~Bear

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Oakland vs. San Francisco Atlanta vs. Washington Detroit vs. Minnesota NY Jets vs. Miami Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore Kansas City vs. Cleveland Tampa Bay vs. Carolina Chicago vs. Buffalo Houston vs. Denver LA Chargers vs. Seattle LA Rams vs. New Orleans Green Bay vs. New England  Tennessee vs. Dallas
  7. ~Bear

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    This is pretty bad but it's still better aesthetically than those god-awful grey jerseys from last year.
  8. ~Bear

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    ...why though? Do you want a more offensive game? If that's what your going for then your point makes sense. Personally I'd rather have the defender and the receiver with an equal footing (or as equal as they're going to have, as the receiver usually has penalty-bias going their way) and let the best player win the battle for the ball. But if you prefer shootouts, then getting rid of OPI is a way to do it. You'd definitely have teams eclipse 60 points more often.
  9. ~Bear

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Miami vs. Houston Philadelphia vs. Jacksonville Baltimore vs. Carolina Washington vs. NY Giants Tampa Bay vs. Cincinnati Seattle vs. Detroit Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh NY Jets vs. Chicago Denver vs. Kansas City Indianapolis vs. Oakland Green Bay vs. LA Rams San Francisco vs. Arizona New Orleans vs. Minnesota  New England vs. Buffalo
  10. ~Bear

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    I personally agree with a lot of things that have already been said. Regardless: NFL - Chargers back to SD - Eliminate the current "body-weight" rule. - The touchback rule is amended. If a team fumbles and the ball goes out of the end zone, the last team to touch will get the ball on the nearest 20 yard line. However, the offense will instead have a 1st and Goal, putting them at a disadvantage but not an insurmountable one. - Thursday night football is only on the opening week and the 3 games on Thanksgiving. Weeks 15 and 16 will continue to have two Saturday games (a 4:25 and 8:20). - Opening weekend Monday Night double-header is abolished and instead is a standard 8:20. Teams only play one Monday Night a year, and the two teams that don't have either a Sunday Night, Thanksgiving Night, or Saturday Night game. NHL - Arizona moves to Quebec City, Carolina back to Hartford, Florida to Kansas City. Expansion team in Seattle. Move KC to the west. - Get rid of OTLs and shootouts. Instead, play 3-on-3 with a clock running up until a team scores. MLB - Eliminate interleague play. - Move Tampa Bay to Montreal. - AL expands to Charlotte, NL to Portland. - 4 divisions of 8 with an 132 game schedule (12 games per team in division, 6 games out). - 2 teams from each division make it. First series is a best-of-3 in the division, with all 3 games taking place at the home team's stadium. The rest are best-of-7s. NBA - Get rid of divisions. Add a team in Seattle and Las Vegas, moving Minnesota east. - Each team plays 78 games (15 conference teams 3 times, with the extra home game rotating each year, and 2 against 16 other conference). Each team plays an extra game against a conference team that rotates each year. - Top 8 teams still make the playoffs. First round is a best-of-5. MLS - I don't know the exact details, but find a way to create pro/rel with the USL. Teams such as "Atlanta United II" and "Toronto FC II" terminate all rights with their parent clubs. They are either renamed and kept in their city or renamed and relocated. - MLS will be 24 teams, no playoffs, 3 teams relegated. USL will also have 24 teams. Tiers will be added as more teams join the pyramid. - The draft is eliminated. NCAA - Football expands the playoffs to 8 teams: Power 5 conference winners, 2 wild cards (which can be any FBS team), and a guaranteed independent/Group of 5. Teams are still seeded based on rank, meaning the Group of 5 will probably have to play the #1 overall team. Might have missed a few a few other people have said, but these are the main ones.
  11. ~Bear

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    1) In theory this is a good idea. The problem you can have teams that are clearly better than the division winner counterparts, not to mention only 16 games are played. I honestly like the current playoff system and wouldn't change it (baseball, however, I agree should be division winners only, maybe with one wild card). 2) Disagree here. Offensive pass interference is rarely called and prevents the complete mauling of defenders in the secondary. If you get rid of offensive pass interference, you'd have to get rid of defensive PI as well. While I don't agree that there only be 4 alternates in all of MLB, I agree there should definitely be cutback. Get rid of holiday uniforms (4th of July, Fathers/Mothers day) and allow each teach to have an alternate and/or a throwback.
  12. ~Bear

    2018 NFL Season

    3 first rounders is a lot of draft capital. Assuming the Raiders finish within the bottom 5, they'll have a choice of which QB to take. The only other team that will probably be taking a QB in the Top 5 is the Giants. The Raiders could potentially deal Carr, too, before the deadline, which would be a borderline tank and most likely a Top-2 secured pick. A team like Jacksonville, although not admitting they need a QB, might be desperate enough to give a 1st rounder for Carr as an attempt to save their season. 3 or 4 first rounders, if used smart, can definitely turn around the Raiders. Use the one to get a QB, another one for a DE, maybe trade down one for some more high draft picks the following year. The Raiders have the means, the question is if they can pull it off. In 5 years, either Gruden's a genius or one of the biggest idiots.
  13. ~Bear

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Denver vs. Arizona  Tennessee vs. LA Chargers New England vs. Chicago Minnesota vs. NY Jets Cleveland vs. Tampa Bay Buffalo vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Jacksonville Carolina vs. Philadelphia Detroit vs. Miami New Orleans vs. Baltimore Dallas vs. Washington LA Rams vs. San Francisco Cincinnati vs. Kansas City NY Giants vs. Atlanta 
  14. ~Bear

    Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

    I actually really like the third one, but instead of red, use pink.
  15. ~Bear

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Philadelphia vs. NY Giants Indianapolis vs. NY Jets Chicago vs. Miami Arizona vs. Minnesota Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta Buffalo vs. Houston LA Chargers vs. Cleveland Seattle vs. Oakland Carolina vs. Washington Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati LA Rams vs. Denver Jacksonville vs. Dallas Baltimore vs. Tennessee Kansas City vs. New England San Francisco vs. Green Bay