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  1. The Stingray's are gorgeous, top to bottom. I was going to wait until Carolina got a team (if they ever do), but I might have to root for Miami. Their set's one of the best in the league. I have to say I do think the teal jersey would look better paired with a teal helmet.
  2. What kills me about the Hurricanes (now that they've been brought up) is that their helmet and pants aren't the same shade of red as their uniforms. The uniforms match their logo while the pants and helmet almost look maroon. It's like that in pictures and it's like that live as well. Not to mention the simplistic striping, away from the great hurricane flag striping they used to have.
  3. Sharks have to be my favorite update of the offseason so far. 1) I agree with @Dan O'Mac that you should get rid of the stripe on the helmet. 2) I totally see this team dropping the red for teal in the 90s, only to have a modernization in the early 2000s.
  4. Change the Miami Marlins back to the Florida Marlins identity. IMO a modern classic, especially the cap logo.
  5. Stingrays is a great name for Miami. Color scheme is perfect. Can't wait to see the logo and uniforms. Twisters have a good scheme as well, and the wordmark hints at another 90s-esque design. Have to say, I'm excited for next offseason.
  6. The fourth (from the left to the right) is so much better than the one they went with. The gradient makes their busy color scheme flow much better than in the current. Is it a traditional logo for baseball, no, but the Marlins have never had a traditional baseball logo. They used teal and black in the 90s. They were a unique team. That logo would have kept them a unique team rather than having a forgettable and poorly designed logo. It also could have opened up new options for the wordmark as well, since their current one includes the also current logo. The logo to the left, with a little resizing, could have been a decent cap logo. I guess the only issue with the gradient marlin is that it resembles the original logo with the way the marlin is situated, but that's probably why I like it.
  7. Vegas Golden Knights: Team of the Rocky Mountains.
  8. Swamp Dragons > Nets Unpopular opinion, probably. But that logo would have been a classic 90s. Better than the hoop logo of the New Jersey Nets.
  9. If we don't make the playoffs, we aren't going to get a high lottery pick. At this point it's about maturity rather than stockpiling. With a deep class, we can still get a potential starter. We have cap room, so maybe we can sign someone in free agency. I mean, you can't expect to rebuild forever. We are 3 games back, and the Magic are 7, so it's hard to compare these two teams right now. If the T-Wolves fall off in the next couple, then I won't mind tanking for a high pick. But for me and the players, it's a morale booster and exciting to see the team on the cusp. As for Thibs, I've been disappointed. His defensive scheme is finally starting to show. It may be too late for this season, but hopefully the team will be better in his scheme next year.
  10. The T-Wolves have been starting to play much better in the last 10. Their defense is getting better and the team is clicking. Hopefully we can push into the 8th seed.
  11. What will be worse, the Rams or their mismatched jerseys? God this is a trainwreck. Either change everything now, or wait entirely to 2019.
  12. That makes sense. I was just thinking that it would only really work (historically) for SC schools. Gators could work for Florida but also Louisiana and other swampy areas. Sorry if it sounded like I was calling you out, just it was something I knew the history behind. On a side note, nice to see another South Carolinian.
  13. Gamecocks were named after Thomas Sumter (nicknamed "The Fighting Gamecock"). Hoosiers has to do w/Indiana. I think I see what @hettinger_rl is trying to get at. If I'm not mistaking, he's asking what mascots are you surprised aren't used more often (rewording what he said I the original post) For me: Michigan Wolverines Michigan State Spartans/USC Trojans Ole Miss Rebels Oregon State Beavers Washington State Cougars
  14. Why not Miami Manatees? You get the tropic and oceanic feel of Florida while still having a unique animal mascot with potential of using bright Florida colors. Maybe have a teal-ish manatee with orange as a secondary color? Purple pontential? Cartoony animal? Screams 90s to me. Of the names given, I think Miami Mantas has a good ring to it. I like Tropics as a suggestion as well.