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  1. The uniforms are pretty simple, but they work with the brand. I love the "redback" uniform. For this set, I like all 4 uniforms. The bright yellow doesn't exactly fit the color scheme, but it reminds me of Tottenham third kit from a few years ago. Overall, good job. Love the unique name and historical significance. Its the thinking outside the box that makes this brand unique. Can't wait for #4.
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves

    Stumbled on this, posted when the white jerseys were leaked. I don't know how reliable the source is, since it is a fan page, but I'm assuming the green jersey is a mock-up from the NBA 2k18 picture that leaked. This is probably close to if not what we end up seeing.
  3. Love the name Sea Lions and the color scheme. You executed the simple look very well. I have some observations and questions (sorry if it's too lengthy): 1) Is every team going to have 4 jerseys? 4 was too many for Chicago (wasn't a fan of the BFBS uniform) and seems like an overkill for teams with simpler color palettes, especially since throwbacks aren't an option yet. This being said, I like the uniform set for Cali. 2) About Cali, I like the logos, but the seal over California reminds me too much of the California Whales from Veras's AFA. That being said, I love the wordmark. Jerseys are great. 3) I like the idea of you reaching out to predict uniform trends. This will make this more unpredictable than most series. 4) Since you plan to predict uniform trends, does this mean you will (somewhat) predict growing markets for team placement (i.e. more Southeast teams, less Rust Belt teams). Looking forward to the rest of the eight teams. Good job so far.
  4. Love the Bighorns. Reminds me a lot of the early 2000s Canucks but in a good way. Generals new logo is great as well. Not crazy on the Generals uniforms. I agree that it's a little overboard. The Stingers alternate however is a thing of beauty.
  5. Don't know if this was a mistake or intentional, but I noticed that the Nuggets wore their alternate jerseys for the last two of their away games. This got me thinking, will this perhaps be a thing in the future (i.e. Pittsburgh Penguins' retro uniforms in the 2016 cup run, Oilers' orange alts this past year)?
  6. Yes. This is genius. Plus it still can give a pseudo-Revolutionary war theme. I also like a snake theme though, but this one is great.
  7. Personally, being from South Carolina, I'd like to see both states represented with Carolina. I'd love to see something naval themed, perhaps wrapping in some pirate imagery too. Maybe Carolina Mauraders/Privateers/Rovers/Ravagers. Love the anniversary logos by the way. Small touches like the eight spikes for the Bulldogs are great.
  8. Major League Football

    Here are the logos: L to R, T to B: Virginia Armada, Arkansas Attack, Florida Fusion, Oregon Crash, Ohio Union, Texas Independence, Oklahoma Nation, Alabama Airborne (Source)
  9. MLB Changes 2017

    I don't mind standard alternate or throwback uniforms, but it feels like there are already too many "league-wide special event" uniforms. Can't we just stick with the regular line-up of jerseys and maybe a 4th of July alternate (on just 4th of July)?
  10. Wow. Love the new Wizard's and Northern Light's logos, but is the Wizard's really purple? It looks very much like blue to me. Northern Light's jerseys are great, and the Racer's update is much needed and I can see them keeping that for a while. As for the third jerseys, I'm not feeling them. Calgary's is ok, but I don't like the logo used for Milwaukee's third and I like Miami's third, but I was holding out on a pink jersey. Still a great job all around. EDIT: Me hoping, but I'd like to see the black jersey for the Stingrays get promoted to primary and then have a pink third. I'm more of a fan of the new black jersey than teal jersey but that's just me. EDIT 2: Since we only have about 5 years left in this decade, what other teams do you think will get 90s updates before we roll into the 2000s? I always thought the Grey Wolves and Bighorns could have a cartoony-animal identity.
  11. Whales are going to the VB! This has been one hell of a playoffs.
  12. Finally! The Whales have won a playoff game! Hoping for a miracle run here.
  13. Overall, I like the name and logo for Armadillos.
  14. NHL 2017-18

    Out of all of these, Vegas is a top 3 away look. I can see how someone might think the pattern in the gold is gimmicky, but I love it. They're perfect for a vegas team. I would like to see a small red stripe in the hem though, maybe just like an outline. But overall their jerseys together are already top 10.
  15. NHL 2017-18

    I wish the hurricane striping was like how it used to be rather than sublimated as a darker red. Still better than what they are wearing now though. And these collars are hideous. Burn them with fire.