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  1. Wings

    Best looking matchups

    Oh when the Oakland Coliseum was a nice fun place to go to.
  2. Maybe in an alternate reality this logo belongs to the Portland TrailBlazers G-League affiliate in Vancouver.
  3. Wings

    2018 CFL Season: The March for 106

    I guess I don't pay attention enough to the CFL to even notice that they don't use nets. Oh well.
  4. Wings

    2018 CFL Season: The March for 106

    Hamilton's last Grey Cup triumph was in 1999. So go with them. By the way, it does look like part of the cabling that helps hold up the netting.
  5. Wings

    2018 NFL Season

    Bold prediction: They'll win the North even if they finish 8-7-1.
  6. Wings

    2018 NFL Season

    After waiting years for this the Browns have finally won.........uh..........a game.
  7. I could see that graphite/yellow logo being a gladiator helmet instead of beehive related. San Diego Gladiators. Just hope is doesn't resemble the Vegas Golden Knights. The double blue could be wasp/hornet/bee wings. The green, yellow & orange could be a reptile of some sort.
  8. Western teams to be unveiled next week.
  9. According to the AAF website the team in Phoenix will have the Arizona moniker.
  10. Memphis is teasing that this is their logo.
  11. Wings

    2018 NFL Season

    Gruden is going to completely run the Raiders once he wins the power struggle with Reggie McKenzie, if you want to call it that. Tommy Boy Davis will likely see to that when Gruden has him fire McKenzie after the season. They'll blame poor old Reg for the Mack debacle.
  12. San Francisco Giants broadcaster & former major leaguer Duane Kuiper, who grew up in nearby Racine, says there is actually still quite a bit of Braves nostalgia in Milwaukee.
  13. Pacific Coast League Albuquerque El Paso Fresno Las Vegas Reno Sacramento Salt Lake Tacoma American Association* Indianapolis Iowa Louisville Memphis Nashville Oklahoma City Omaha Round Rock San Antonio Wichita *if they can get the name back International League Buffalo Charlotte Columbus Durham Gwinnett Lehigh Valley Norfolk Rochester Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Syracuse Toledo Worcester
  14. Maybe we should have more than 2 AAA leagues. Cut down on travel.
  15. As a midsize city as it is, Fresno should still probably be in the Cal League.