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  1. Great Balls of Fire!!!! My subscription to the Network expires tomorrow!!!!!
  2. Celtics in 7 Cavs in 6 Warriors in 5 Rockets in 7
  3. Cavs in 6
  4. Super Bowl 54: Browns vs. 49ers
  5. John Lynch & Co. already stockpiling for next year's draft with 2 #2's and 2 #3's.
  6. Have Wrestlemania 35 in Toronto. Reigns might get cheered.
  7. So does Cleveland keep franchise tagging Cousins if they get him so he just doesn't walk to the Niners?
  8. Glad they unveiled this and it being privately funded is even better.
  9. Welp. Now I can concentrate fully on the Timbers season.
  10. The NBA playoffs don't reseed.
  11. Pittsburgh in 7 Ottawa in 6 Nashville in 5 Anaheim in 7
  12. Just a rumor but supposedly the reason we got Cena's proposal to Nikki at Mania:
  13. Stanley Cup Final: Nashville vs. Ottawa. Book it.
  14. The Clippers were supposed to be THE NEXT BIG THING and then the Warriors showed up.