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  1. My Vision for the Future of the NBA

    How I would do it: -No conferences. Just 5 divisions of 6. -Teams play 4 games each against division foes and 2 against everyone else for a total of 78 games. -Top 16 records make playoffs. Atlantic Boston Brooklyn New York Philadelphia Toronto Washington Southeast Atlanta Charlotte Memphis Miami New Orleans Orlando Central Chicago Cleveland Detroit Indiana Milwaukee Minnesota Southwest Dallas Denver Houston Oklahoma City San Antonio Utah Pacific Golden State L.A. Clippers L.A. Lakers Phoenix Portland Sacramento
  2. North American Pro Soccer 2017

  3. NLL Expansion 2018

    If it's not Wings, we riot!!!
  4. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    So the playoffs will be an undefeated Alabama and a bunch of 1 loss teams.
  5. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    College Football as a whole is not that strong. You have maybe 2 good teams per major conference and the rest is crap.
  6. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Alas.......poor Dusty
  7. -Seattle expansion -Arizona to Houston -Carolina to Quebec City
  8. 2017 NFL Season

    As the fire and brimstone reign down upon thee Jacksonville has engulfed us with joyous sublime. Oh hail the mighty Jaguars. Oh hail thee.
  9. 2017 MLB Season

    Thanks for the memories Cain'er. The Horse rides one last time.
  10. 2017 NBA Offseason

    You should start your own Warriors obsessed blog.
  11. -Calgary stays -Seattle expansion -Arizona to Houston -Carolina to Quebec City Flip flop Quebec & Columbus with Florida & Tampa Bay. Houston goes to the Central while Seattle fits right in the Pacific. Rename the Metropolitan the Atlantic and we go back to having a Northeast division. Seed the playoffs 1 through 8 in each conference by record. None of this divisional, top 3, wildcard nonsense.
  12. NLL Expansion 2018

    I vote for a return of the Wings. Not that I'm biased or anything.
  13. Seattle Arena

    The human race needs a reboot.
  14. An OITGDNHL moment: relocate the Carolina Hurricanes to Houston and have them keep the nickname not realizing how insensitive that would be.