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  1. McDonalds customer pays for order of nothing

    America and human society dying second by second.
  2. 2017 NFL Season

    AFC 1. New England (13-3) 2. Pittsburgh (12-4) 3. Tennessee (11-5) 4. Kansas City (10-6) 5. L.A. Chargers (10-6) 6. Oakland (9-7) NFC 1. Carolina (12-4) 2. Green Bay (12-4) 3. Arizona (11-5) 4. Dallas (10-6) 5. Atlanta (11-5) 6. Seattle (10-6) Super Bowl LII: New England over Arizona
  3. WWE Battleground

    To think Terry Taylor was supposed to have the Mr. Perfect gimmick instead of Curt Hennig. Taylor would've been ok because he was better at being a heel but Hennig knocked it out of the park.
  4. After looking over all the negative variables and realizing this is the NHL were talking about I've come to the conclusion that Houston is a damn lock to get a team if Les sells the Rockets. OITGDNHL.
  5. Could the Rays be moving to Las Vegas?

    Vincent Naimoli: "We are suing MLB because they wouldn't allow the Giants to move" MLB: "Here is an expansion team now shut the hell up" Vincent Naimoli: OK
  6. WWE Battleground

    Hope Khali turns on Jinder and we get the negative 10 star classic at SummerSlam.
  7. WWE Battleground

    Well hoping we get a AJ-KO rematch at SS. So does Khali come out and chop Orton on top of his head to keep Jindermania running wild?
  8. 2017 NBA Offseason

    30 years from now Earth will be a rotting corpse and the uber rich will be living on Planet Tesla (aka Mars).
  9. Heartbroken. He had his demons. I was fortunate to meet him a few times. Very nice guy. I could listen to Hybrid Theory any time. Also did a great job fronting STP in the wake of Scott Weiland's death.
  10. So with Les "I despise hockey" Alexander possibly selling off the Rockets could Houston land an NHL team in the near future?
  11. WWE Battleground

  12. WWE Battleground

    The Miz-Ambrose feud seems like it's been running on 5 years now.
  13. 2017 NBA Offseason

    There is no Eastern Conference. It's a myth. ?