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  1. Warriors drop 51 on the Nuggets in the 1st quarter. Neat.
  2. Wings

    North American Pro Soccer 2019

    Hi I'm not just smug. I'm smug & legendary.
  3. Wings

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    As @dfwabel pointed out, it's Tom Brady's 13th AFC title game. In honor of that I give you and ode to him, Friday The 13th style: There's a legend 'round here A dynasty buried but not dead A curse on the NFL A Patriots curse A Tom Brady curse They say he should retire But he keeps coming back Many have played against him Many have tried to defeat him No one can People forget he's out there... waiting
  4. Wings

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    The Pat's haven't won 17 straight Super Bowls. It just seems that way.
  5. Wings

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Hey Deano, how do ya' like them apples?
  6. Wings

    Goodbye Baby Cakes: New Wichita team seeking name ideas

    Well if Brandiose gets a hold of this, I'm expecting Flying Monkeys or Lollipop Guild.
  7. Wings

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    One day the Bay Area itself will have a corporate name. Welcome to the Oracle UCSF Benioff Chase Cisco Sytems Bay Area.
  8. A story about a "fictional" football team known for it's rowdy fans and crazy characters relocating to Tucson would make for a great tv series on FX or Netflix.
  9. The spirit of former Tiger/Niner Dwight Clark was with Clemson tonight.
  10. I could see Dabo replacing Saban at Bama if or when he retires.
  11. King Kong Bundy (Clemson) dropping the elbow on Little Beaver (Bama).
  12. Don't worry, Bama & Clem will play for the NC next year and the year after that and the year after that and so on and so forth.
  13. Wings

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Saints put the big kibosh on the Eagles next week 38-17.
  14. Wings

    2018 NFL Season

  15. Wings

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    Useless info dept. January 7, 1979 - NFC Championship: The last time the Cowboys played the Rams in the Coliseum during a playoff game.