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  1. Patrick07

    Point1's OHL Rebrand (9/20: Guelph Storm)

    In Mississauga, where I'm from, we really like our big angry trout logo. Getting rid of the fish entirely would cause quite a backlash.
  2. Patrick07

    OHL Winter Classics

    The thought crossed my mind but I'm not good at designing logos so I just went with their normal one.
  3. Patrick07

    OHL Winter Classics

    No, this is just a concept, but I sure wish that the OHL would have more outdoor games. Also, thanks!
  4. Patrick07

    OHL Winter Classics

    Hello again, it's time for the series finale, an eastern division match up between the Ottawa 67s and the Kingston Frontenacs, coming to you from TD Place in Ottawa. Ottawa is back in black with a head-to-toe black uniform featuring barber-pole striping on the sleeves and waist for a modern take on a classic design. Kingston will use their new classic style roundel logo on a white uniform that is heavy in yellow and inspired by vintage Boston Bruins sweaters. I hope everyone enjoyed these and I may continue this series to the QMJHL and WHL in the near future. That's all for now, thank you!
  5. Patrick07

    OHL Winter Classics

    Next up from BMO Field in Toronto is the battle of the GTA, featuring the Mississauga Steelheads against the Oshawa Generals. The Steelheads usually wear Toronto Maple Leafs uniforms, so these jerseys are inspired by the Maple Leafs Winter Classic jerseys, but with some stripes removed to clean up the look, as well as silver added to utilize the team's full colour palette. Oshawa will be wearing throwback inspired sweaters featuring the Lindros-era red and blue helmet, as well as red pants. Shoulder stripes have been added to create a more vibrant, vintage feel. The battle of TD Place will be coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!
  6. Patrick07

    OHL Winter Classics

    Thanks! Tomorrow I'll release the BMO Field game.
  7. Patrick07

    OHL Winter Classics

    First up from Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton is the battle of the Niagara Escarpment. The Hamilton Bulldogs and Niagara Icedogs will be pitted against each other in a dog fight (pun intended) for supremacy of the region. Hamilton's jerseys take inspiration from the old Hamilton tigers of the NHL, using a yellow base with multiple black stripes along the arms. With the Icedogs usually wearing Chicago Blackhawks jerseys, it made sense to base theirs off of another Chicago jersey. They are based off of the Blackhawks 2016 stadium series jerseys, but with the black and red reversed to create a more bold, unique look that they hope will make the Bulldogs see red when they're done.
  8. Patrick07

    OHL Winter Classics

    Hey everyone, with the summer heating up I've decided to cool things down with some ice-cold concepts. Introducing the OHL Winter Classics! This three game series will involve three rivalry matches in three Ontario outdoor stadiums, Tim Hortons Field, BMO Field, and TD PLace, taking place in January of 2018.
  9. Patrick07

    Vegas Golden Knights Concept

    Hi guys, I'm getting back into the forums with a Vegas Golden Knights Concept. What do you all think? C&C is appreciated!
  10. Patrick07

    San Jose Sharks new logos

    He guys! This is my San Jose Sharks concept using their new logos they unveiled last season. I tried to blend the old and the new to make a new, bold look for the Sharks. C&C is appreciated!
  11. Patrick07

    Springfielf Thunderbirds Redesign

    Hello, this a Springfield Thunderbirds concept. Thoughts?
  12. Patrick07

    Toronto FC farm team

    Thanks for the suggestions. Good idea for the maple leaves in the snowflakes!
  13. Patrick07

    Toronto FC farm team

    This is a team I made to be Toronto FC's new farm team from my home town, the Mississauga Blizzard!
  14. Patrick07

    Arizona Coyotes Redesign

    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll post a redesign soon.
  15. Patrick07

    Arizona Coyotes Redesign

    So today I decided to drop a new Coyotes jersey. I wanted to incorporate the old style into the new, so I used the old striping on a red base. I also wanted to use the "sienna" colour more, hence its use in the logo and its also mixed into the sand striping. C&C is appreciated!