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  1. I think that the matchups would be better if all the teams used a similar template. Most teams do, but there's certain ones that aren't, and they look a little out of place...
  2. Hey, I remember this... I'm interested to see how far you get this time, cause I'd love to see Velo in the modern era
  3. I know exactly which ones you're on about, I've seen them in 2K
  4. Here's some Cavs' jerseys that I noticed were missing: 2015-16 (these are slightly modified from the 2009-10 CavFanatic ones) Pardon the bad quality on this one, but the black jersey there:
  5. These are so clean! 10/10 Would buy and wear. These are a perfect look for the Cavs, and really make the new wordmark stand out. The only thing I would say is that the black alternate is probably going to have the big C on it again.
  6. Found this while looking through 2K. Raptors Chinese New Year Jerseys ('16/'17):
  7. Pardon the quality on some of these, but: Worn in 2004/05 as part of HWC Night: Worn in 2006/07 These came out for the first game of this year in honor of Mutombo: Jazz wore these at some point during the D-Will Era: The Jazz also wore the '79/'80 Home Uniforms in '03/'04. Pacers wore these in '03/'04: The Pacers wore these in '14/'15: That's enough digging for now I think, when you post some more teams, I'll go for another dig.
  8. I noticed that the Raptors' camo jersey didn't look right with the red paneling, and I remember there being a sleeved version too (I play NBA2K, and I've seen them in the jersey selection many a time). The original was sleeveless: The second version with sleeves was worn in the '14/'15 season:
  9. I honestly don't understand the "KD is now the best player in the league" logic. KD is not the best player in this Finals series or in the NBA right now. Heck his teammates are the reason this stupid KD/LeBron comparison is even a thing. LeBron has had a much better series stat wise (Triple-Double), and has been pouring his heart into keeping the Cavs alive in this series. KD is just getting the credit for the wins by leading the scoring. I swear Curry has been doing more overall than KD has and hasn't really gotten much credit. KD will probably get Finals MVP, and LeBron's legacy will be harmed, even though he's putting up the stats that he is. At the end of it all, LeBron still has more championships, more finals appearances and more Finals MVP's than anyone on that Warriors team. We're stuck in a dire situation now. As much as I want to believe we can win four straight, we probably won't. I just want at least 1 win, 2 would make it much easier to swallow. Heck 3 would be amazing at this point. LeBron's done his part, as has Kevin Love. Kyrie did good today. But we'll have to see if anyone else steps up.
  10. To throw my prediction out here: Cavs in 7, coming from a optimistic pessimist of a Cavs fan. But honestly, at the moment it's feeling like Warriors in 4. KD is a very good player and brings so much to that Warriors squad. I saw what he's done in Game 1 & 2, and I know that's gonna continue. My head's telling me not to panic, we were down 2-0 and (3-1) last year. This is Believeland after all. I believe that the Cavs can do it. I think coming home will really benefit the Cavs, and hopefully we leave Cleveland in a tied series. We need everyone to step up if we want to win this series. LeBron is LeBron, and I'm glad Kevin Love has shown up this series, but there's so many key Cavs that aren't really showing up. Kyrie has been average so far and JR and Tristan have done next to nothing, which might come down to matchups (JR on Klay is a rubbish matchup for JR, would rather see Shump start as he's a better defender). The bench has been too quiet in their time on the floor, and that needs to change. I also need to see some Derrick Williams and Channing as I think both of them could really be a key in this series. Deron I feel can also be quite handy at times, but hasn't shown it so far either. I still think the Cavs can do it in 7. Until the game we go down 4-something, I will still think the Cavs can do it.
  11. These are awesome, got no problems with these. 10/10
  12. Now that you've added the outline, the jersey is on another level. This would have to be my favourite NBA rebrand on here now. I agree with Bruins in that I'd like to see how an alternate jersey looks.
  13. If the Nuggets did drastically change things up (which would be strange, considering they only recently re-designed their jerseys) the set with the mountains on the shorts would look amazing. I particularly love the darker blue as the main colour on the away, reminds me of the Melo/Iverson/Billups era alt, which I particularly like. I do agree with Htown1141 in that it would be interesting to see how adding a sky blue outline on the wordmark and numbers would turn out.
  14. The wordmark and the numbers on the front of the Spurs "legacy" uniforms really needs an outline like the back of the jersey does. I would say try to stay away from double outlining numbers too, as on both the Bulls and Spurs home and away jerseys it makes the numbers too thick. I do like the Spurs set for how clean it is. My last nitpick is that the 2 on the back of the home jersey isn't centered.
  15. That does look a bit cleaner and easier to read. Also, some of the white on the home jerseys and warmups/shooting shirts is showing as a transparent colour and not white