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  1. Speaking of maps; here is a rough map of Asaca. This map will get updated as the seasons progress and as we learn more about Asaca. The three new locations, Haurn Island, Osyth and Kinori Bay all have relevance to the AHBA in some form, whether in the future or currently. Osyth is where one of the ASHBA schools (Osyth Girls) is situated, and is known as a very dark and dirty place, due to the town's involvement in industrial production in Asaca. Many stories of murder and crime often emerge from Osyth, furthering its bad reputation. Kinori Bay is a popular beachside holiday destination, which boasts the warmest weather anywhere in Asaca. Many wealthy people have houses in Kinori Bay which are seemingly rarely used, with only a large amount of exotic cars often seen driving around to suggest otherwise. Haurn Island is a small island situated north of Jarran. Famous in Asaca for its strange location and many abandoned houses, Haurn Island is often quiet and not much seems to ever happen there. That's all for tonight, but here may be a chance that the last four teams' new looks are unveiled tomorrow night.
  2. The map probably won't be anything special, (probably just a slightly edited version of the real world map...) but don't worry I'll make sure to include all of the countries that we know of so far, and Asaca will have its own map. The unis are field hockey style dresses, but my line of thinking was more down the route of netball (which is fairly popular here in Australia). I'd say if you looked up netball you'd get a good idea of the uni's in action. In a somewhat related side note with a bit more background on Asaca, HoopBall uniforms are worn in a similar way to that of say basketball jerseys as casual clothing. There are also basketball style jerseys for male fans (a sport as popular as the AHBA, would undoubtedly have fans of all genders), but many just buy the dresses and tuck them in as it's not seen as unusual. Heck, I would have some if there was a way to get them lol. I'm glad I have at least one person as interested as you are!
  3. With the Queens, I was orginally going to use the logo you see in the corner of Dironi's uniform and have the QR crown as the secondary. I changed my mind on wanting main logos on a background, and decided to use the secondary to make the main logo. And because I didn't save main and secondary logos the way I have been recently at the time of making the logos and such for the Queens (and Lions) I couldn't do much about it. As for the crowned Q, I wouldn't say it's completely gone, but I did want try something newer and a bit more complex. I personally like the amount of purple on the home, but I do see where you are coming from. I checked out your suggestions, but both don't look quite right to me, so I won't change anything. The Flight I definitely had the most trouble with. The name is a bit strange in terms of a sports team, so finding a way to represent Flight was a interesting challenge. I agree that the placement of Honnaro in the main logo isn't the greatest, but it was quite hard to find a place for it to sit. The next challenge was to find a way to implement part of the logo into the uniform design. I tried to do a pattern similar to that of the Atlanta Hawks with the sky part of the logo but that didn't go to well. I also had a look at what you said regarding the wordmark colour on the away, and it looks much better that way. I also tinkered with the Alt 1 wordmark and the main logo. The Jaguars' logo was quite a lot of trial and error, until I had the genius idea of tracing a photo of a real Jaguar (albeit poorly, I can only do so much with a mouse) and gradually erasing and adding parts until the finished product. It's not perfect for sure, (I'm not happy with the spots) but it's a big step forward for me. The yellow and tan were taken right from my source image, and I felt blue would be a good complimentary colour. I won't implement any of the changes until next season now that they have been "released", but be on the lookout. Now that you mention it, I was thinking about making some sort of map recently, and is probably the next thing on my list after uploading/releasing the rest of the new uniforms. I pretty well exclusively use Inkscape when making the logos and such now, but the original template was modified in I'm glad to see some interest in this, and I hope I can keep your interest and gain some others'. There is a high chance that there will be more uniforms out tonight tomorrow, so be on the look out for those.
  4. Well it's only been a month since the last update... So here is Free Agency and three teams new looks for 2012. 2012 Free Agency The free agency system has been altered this year to allow teams to sign and trade whenever they feel. The old system was said to be "too restrictive", and was a unanimous vote to change. Apart from teams signing and cutting players to fill up their rosters after the Expansion Draft and AHBA Draft, there weren't many deals or large signings made during free agency. Next season's free agency will be one to watch as a large chunk of the league is set to be free agents... Pre Draft/ Draft Night Trades/Drops: In a trade with the Raiders, the Heat acquire a better bench O1 in Millie Umeta for their Second Round Pick (#7), and release Lola Taketou to make room for their new arrival. The Raiders get a chance to continue their rebuild with the pick. Jarran get a solid, but not spectacular veteran, Himeko Makino to help lead their first season charge, for a 2014 3rd Round Pick. It was understood that the Raiders were looking at other options at bench D2. Post Draft Free Agency: Many of these signings are teams replacing players lost through the Expansion Draft, so many of these deals are team friendly and short. The biggest signing this offseason is Gaudenzia Dironi, the Itescan O1 who excited not only the crowd during the IHBF World Championship, but plenty of team scouts as well. "Showpony" (as she has been affectionately called), has signed with the Rondelle Queens on a 3 Year contract, the details of which have not been revealed in accordance with team policy. It has been revealed through her official FaceHub page, along with a picture of the back of her uniform, which bears the #10. Other Offseason Events/News: "Today, 3 teams unveiled their looks for the 2012 season. The Jarran Jaguars, Rondelle Queens and Rondelle Lions all unveiled logos and uniforms, which along with official press releases from SB, can be found below." - Official AHBA website,, 17th February 2012. Jarran Jaguars: Main Logo: Secondary Logo: Uniforms: Official Colours: Jaguar Yellow, Jarran Blue, Jaguar Tan. SB and the Jaguars worked to create a uniform and logo set that was as unique as Jarran itself. The unique shape of the main logo is a nod to the uniqueness of Jarran. The team's colours are that of a Jaguar as it would be seen in the wild alongside Jarran Blue, which is inspired by the blue found on the city's flag. The design of the uniforms are inspired by the main logo, with a colour order that matches that of the main logo. The italicized word mark, numbers and Jaguar Tan stripe are also inspired by the main logo. The uniforms shown are as to be worn by Rookie O5 Gracie Warren (#5, Home), D3 Haruka Shigeki (#13, Away), Rookie O4 Samantha John (#24, Alt 1) and D5 Isabelle Negishi (#35, Alt 2). Rondelle Lions: Main Logo: Secondary Logo: Uniforms: Official Colours: Royal Purple, Shield Grey SB worked hard to keep all the things the Lions supporters loved, whilst updating the team's look slightly. For the first time, there is a Championship Alt, which features gold throughout the team's home uniform. This uniform is to be worn once on opening night or the team's first home game. Any team that wins the championship will have a Championship Alt the next season, as an additional uniform to their four nominated sets. The players' numbers have been moved to below the uniform logo, both of which now have an outline, along with the players' names. The uniforms shown are as to be worn by D2 Eleanor Chouda (#41, Home), O1 Anna Nicholls (#90, Away), Sixth Woman of the Year D1 Megan Murata (#31, Alt 1) and Finals MVP D1 Madoka Grant (#19, Championship Alt). Rondelle Queens: Main Logo: Secondary Logo: Uniforms: Official Colours: Queen's Plum, Old Gold, Queen's Cream. SB worked closely with the Queens to produce logos and uniforms that no one would expect, but still find them pleasing aesthetically. Another must for this design was that it needed to feel classic, but would still work with brighter colours in the future. The script of the main logo is carried over to the jersey logos, with a different number and name font chosen for legibility. These uniforms are also deliberately minimalist, to give a real classic feel. The new colours of Queen's Plum, Old Gold and Queen's Cream are bold but elegant, perfect for a team such as the Queens. The uniforms shown are as to be worn by O5 Natasha Barber (#36, Home), "Showpony" O1 Gaudenzia Dironi (#10, Home), Team Captain D1 Yumemi Koyama (#78, Away) and Star D2 Fumiko Barker (#21, Alt 1) That's all for now... It's now 4am as of me writing this and I have school... Anyways, any comments and criticisms are much appreciated, and makes me feel like there's actually people interested in this....
  5. EnSleeving the NBA

    I honestly reckon that those are the best rockets concept I've seen on these boards. I personally really love the checkerboard striping, so that immediately gets my attention. I really like the way you've integrated yellow into the jerseys, it looks much better than like the Clutch City alts or the red and yellow alts before the Clutch City alts, largely due to the fact the wordmark isn't white. Drop the sleeves, and you've got the perfect modern red and yellow rockets unis.
  6. Houston Rockets - Nike Concept - C&C ?

    Honestly that's pretty cool. I'm not a fan of the shorts number, but I've never been of any shorts number. Maybe you could put it in a similar position to that of the jerseys these are inspired by? Making the jersey yellow and changing the colours of the logo really brings the whole idea out of the 90's and makes it a viable option. I wonder what the number would look like if it were white with a red outline, similar to the wordmark?
  7. Oklahoma City Thunder x Nike Concepts

    As a whole, I really like this. I'm not a fan of concept 6, I feel as if that style doesn't really suit the Thunder. The font gives off too much of a north carolina feel, especially on the Icon. The lighting bolt side stripe is pretty cool though. I'm also not a fan of concept 4, purely because I'm not a fan of the whole circle wordmark thing. I like how in concept 1 you bought back the white alt jersey without the sleeves as the Athlete jersey. That alt was one of my personal favorite jerseys. I also really love the jersey/side striping in concept 3, it really cleans up OKC's look. I love everything about that set apart from the orange wordmark and numbers on the Icon jersey. Nice job, and I'd love to see what ideas you have for other teams.
  8. My suggestion would be to get a program like Inkscape, and learn how to use it before posting something like this.
  9. EnSleeving the NBA

    First off, all of these are great, I especially like Brooklyn, Cleveland (I too like the black alts) and Dallas. Denver's look pretty nice, but I'm going to have to agree with @KittSmith_95 in saying that the workmark (as much as I love it) doesn't quite fit. The Nuggets new number font might also work a bit better here. As for the idea of Denver wearing yellow on the road, that would work, as long as they aren't playing the Lakers...
  10. New Hand Drawn ABA by CinnamonRoll21

    The Pioneers set doesn't look too bad, but if the jerseys were being worn on court, there's no way you'd be able to see the players name, and that goes for all of the jerseys so far. Another thing is that the numbers & wordmark on Omaha's away would probably be somewhat difficult to see. It'd be fine as an alternate, but not really as a main road jersey.
  11. Is every team going to switch over to the new uniforms next season? I'd say that even though I've never seen the "onesies", a traditional uniform would probably look much better, and more professional. Also, seeing the Fillies uniform makes me like that colour scheme quite a lot. Only thing I'd say would be that the template makes the filly on the helmet somewhat difficult to see, but that could also be down to the fact that the filly is quite thin.
  12. 2012 AHBA Draft, 10th Febuary 2012, SaverBank Arena, Asuka, Inada This year, the AHBA Draft is held in Asuka, and 40 more talented young women have entered the draft this year, in the hope that they will be one of the 24 players who get picked. This year is the same format as last year, with the exception of an extra 6 picks for the two expansion teams. The Honnaro Flight hold their first ever draft pick at #1, with the Jarran Jaguars and Asuka Magic holding picks 2 and 3 respectively. Players to watch include; Osyth's Gracie Warren (O5), Roeburgh Hub's Hisa Howarth (D4) and Hikaru's Brooke Douglas (D2), all of whom have shown they could potentially be the next star player... Draft Overview: Other Offseason Events: "Sources tell hoopballfeed that Itescan O1, Gaudenzia Dironi has reached a verbal agreement on a 3 year deal with the Rondelle Queens, and is expected to sign "as soon as free agency begins"." -, February 3, 2012. "Earlier this month, we here at AsacaHoops got the chance to sit down and talk with Honnaran rapper LBE about what getting an AHBA expansion team meant to her and the people of Honnaro. AH: How does it feel to have an AHBA team in Honnaro? LBE: It feels absolutely amazing, knowing that I got to be part of bringing a team to Honnaro and that I get to be a part of the team long term. AH: Our understanding is that you will have a role as a "celebrity ambassador" for the team, what does that entail? LBE: Basically, I get to do some cool things with marketing. I will also get a tiny say on potential trades and signings too, but that's not really my area of expertise so I'll mainly stay out of it... AH: Anything else? LBE: Oh and of course a "backstage pass" if you will, into the team's facilities. I also get courtside seats and what not, some of which I intend to give away. I also get an office. It looks pretty cool, seeing "LBE, Marketing Ambassador" on the door to my new office... AH: Maybe you could show us around one time, obviously when the arena is finished... LBE: I would love to. AH: HoopBall is huge here in Honnaro, almost as big as yourself. How do you see the people reacting to the team in it's first few seasons? LBE: (laughs) I've been in town lately, walking around, and I can't go anywhere without someone talking about the Flight, and how excited they are to have the team. I know however that the Hikarans won't be too happy with us, as we've taken a fair chunk of their fan base. AH: Funny you mention the Heat, we were just going to ask about the "rivalry" between the two cities, and how that might play into the HoopBall side of things. LBE: Honnaro is a relatively "young" city, compared to Hikaru and I think that brings a lot of the rivalry on. Here in Honnaro, there's always something new happening, something being built, a new restaurant opening... it's crazy. Hikaru are always trying to one up us by refurbishing this and reopening that, and it's kinda fun to see. The rivalry will most definitely carry over to the HoopBall side of things, especially because many Honnarans were Heat fans, as that was our closest team. I really hope the players we get are just as into the rivalry as we in Honnaro are. AH: Well, thank you for your time, and we can't wait to see the arena in all of its glory at the start of this coming season. LBE: Me either!" - Asaca Hoops, Issue 23, February 2012 "I'm sure everyone saw the backs of our new home uniforms last night, and today, along with LBE, I am happy to unveil the rest of our uniforms, which you can also find on our team's website, along with some merchandise." - Honnaro Flight Owner, February 11, 2012. Honnaro Flight: SB, along with LBE and Flight ownership, designed these uniforms for the Flight. Using the main logo as inspiration, the front of the uniform features the same arrow shape in Afternoon Sky from the logo with Wing Red either side on the home and White either side on the away. The main alt is Afternoon Blue, with Wing Red either side of a Honnaro Gold arrow. The "LBE Night" alt is a colour swap of the home jersey, with LBE's signature orange in place of Wing Red. The uniforms shown are that of D2 Brooke Douglas (#61, Home), D1 Yoshie Kaai (#58, Away), O2 Leah Rin (#45, Alt) and O4 Yasuha Nagano (#8, LBE Night). That's all for tonight everyone, next up will be free agency and two more teams new looks...
  13. ...Aaaaand we're back! It's now time for the 2012 Offseason to begin. First up is the 2012 AHBA Expansion Draft. 2012 AHBA Expansion Draft, January 22nd 2012 - Syncamore Insurance Arena, Jarran, Ocella Tonight is the night where we find out who will be the faces of the two new AHBA teams; the Honnaro Flight and Jarran Jaguars. The Jaguars have the first pick in the first ever AHBA Expansion Draft, meaning the Flight receive the first pick in the AHBA Draft. Each of the original 6 AHBA teams were able to protect 15 of their 20 players, leaving a pool of 30 players for the two expansion teams to pick from. There are 15 rounds, each with 2 picks (one for each team), with the picks in a snaking order. The Expansion Draft is being held in Jarran's new Syncamore Insurance Arena, to help promote and showcase the city. AHBA Deputy Commissioner, Freya Faulkner: "Welcome to the first AHBA Expansion Draft. I am Freya Faulkner, Deputy Commissioner of the AHBA and it is my pleasure to be here in Jarran tonight to introduce the players who are being drafted and the fans to the two new AHBA teams. I will also be unveiling the logos of the Honnaro Flight after their first pick in tonight's expansion draft. Without further ado, the Jarran Jaguars are now on the clock with their first pick..." Expansion Draft Results: Rounds 1 - 10 Rounds 11-15 Honnaro Flight Logos: Main Logo: Secondary Logo: SB worked closely with Flight ownership and Honnaran rapper LBE to design the Flight's logos for their inaugural season. Honnaro's main logo is inspired by classic winged car badges, with FLIGHT placed over two red wings and blue sky to invoke the thought of flight and further the inspiration of the logo. The secondary is a wing on its lonesome, to represent the teams' one goal: to win. The team's colours are officially: Wing Red, Afternoon Sky, Honnaro Gold, and Dark Wing Red. Other AHBA News: "Unforunately, many of the rumours surrounding multiple international players being available in the 2012 AHBA Draft or free agency have been debunked by multiple sources, including the players themselves. However, the rumours surrounding crowd favourite Gaudenzia Dironi signing with either the Queens or Raiders have deepened, as Dironi was spotted at Rondelle Airport a few days ago with plenty of luggage. Sources say Dironi is meeting with the Queens, Raiders and Lions regarding a contract late next week."-, January 25, 2012. That's all for tonight, more to come at some point tommorow, including the 2012 AHBA Draft.

    I think that the matchups would be better if all the teams used a similar template. Most teams do, but there's certain ones that aren't, and they look a little out of place...
  15. History of Velo

    Hey, I remember this... I'm interested to see how far you get this time, cause I'd love to see Velo in the modern era