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  1. It's been a while, so it's probably time to give you the results for Weeks 1 - 10 for the AHBA 2012 season... March 1st, 2012 - Air Asaca Arena, Rondelle, Ocella Press Release: AHBA Commissioner Karen Raito & AHBA Deputy Commissioner Freya Faulkner "It is with great pleasure that Freya and I can announce that the AHBA 2012 season has now officially begun. Tonight marks the first game, with the Rondelle Queens up against the Honnaro Flight here at Air Asaca, which Freya and I will be courtside for. Friday brings game two, with the 2011 AHBA Champions, the Rondelle Lions facing off against the Asuka Magic, also here at Air Asaca Arena." "Saturday will see the Chibihasa Lightning take on the Jarran Jaguars at the Chiba Energy Center. Sunday will feature the Turrif Raiders taking on the Back to Back Northern Conference Champions, the Hikaru Heat at CCargo Arena. Karen and I are looking forward to tonight's game and to find out what the rest of the season season will bring." AHBA 2012 Rosters: Northern Conference Asuka Magic Chibihasa Lightning Hikaru Heat Honnaro Flight Southern Conference: Jarran Jaguars: Rondelle Lions Rondelle Queens Turrif Raiders AHBA Season Results Weeks 1 - 6: Weeks 7 - 10: Standings After Week 10: It seems that the 2012 Expansion Draft has not been kind to the up and coming Lightning, who shockingly are sitting 8th, with a record of 3 - 7 through the first 10 games. After last year's surge to 4th something seems not quite right in Chibihasa, something which O2 Suzuka Gibbons dismissed as "early season jitters". A nine point win against newcomers Jarran in Week 1, a large victory against the Honnaro Flight in Week 5 fuelled largely by Suzuka Gibbon's AHBA record 40 points and a gritty 11 point win against the two time Northern Conference Champions, the Hikaru Heat, in Week 9 have been Chibihasa's bright spots in what has been a largely disappointing first ten weeks for Chibihasa. Coach Kazu Marshall said that she wasn't concerned about her team's rough start, and that she knew what she needed to do to get her team back on their feet. This rough start has reminded some of Chibihasa's horrible 2010 season, but fans are hoping things will turn around fast. The lack of wins away from home (0 - 5 away, 3 - 3 at home) is also concerning, something the Lightning will need to change in the coming weeks. No one expected much out of the two expansion teams in their first season, and the Jarran Jaguars have certainly met those low expectations, finishing the first 10 games with a record of 3 - 7, in 7th place, only ahead of the Chibihasa Lightining in Point Differential (-14 to -40). Like Chibihasa, Jarran has been struggling away from home, losing all 5 of their road games. Jarran's three wins came in Week 2; where they beat the 2011 AHBA Champion Rondelle Lions on a game winner from 2nd overall pick O5 Gracie Warren, Week 6; where they beat the Turrif Raiders in a team effort, and in Week 8; getting their revenge on the Lightning, beating them by a point less than the Lightning beat them. 2nd Overall Pick, Gracie Warren has shown that she not only belongs in the league, but that she will be a great leader and future All Star, after being thrust straight into the Jaguars' captaincy. The Jarran crowd seem to be loving the team despite their lack of success, which bodes well for the future of the team. In sixth place, with a record of 5 - 5 (2 - 3 home, 3 - 2 away) the Honnaro Flight have had a much better start to their first season compared to that of their expansion cousins, the Jarran Jaguars. The team looks to be stronger overall compared to the Jaguars, especially in the starting lineup, which is well indicated by Honnaro's extra wins. Honnaro's wins came in; Week 3, against the Jaguars, beating them thanks to Honnaro's superior defence by 8, Week 4, beating the two-time Conference Champion Hikaru Heat by 7 in a gritty effort, Week 7, where they beat the Raiders by 3 in a close game, Week 9, taking down the Magic in a game that seemed close on the scoreboard, but not so much on the court and Week 10, where they beat the Jaguars again (making them 2 - 0 against their expansion cousins), this time by only 3. The Flight are on a two game win streak currently, which they hope to continue. 1st Overall Pick, Brooke Douglas, has also been thrust into captaincy early on and has shown that she too is a great leader. Her production however is slightly lower than her fellow rookie Gracie Warren, so look for Brooke to prove herself further throughout the season. In fifth, with an identical record to the Flight, 5 - 5 (2 - 3 home, 3 - 2 away), is the Asuka Magic. The only difference between fifth and sixth is PD, with the Magic boasting a PD of -30 compared to Honnaro's -69. 2012 has been much kinder so far to the Magic, who look to finally be on track. Captain Nana Tomita is very happy with her team's play as of late, saying in a post-game interview: "The locker room feels the best it ever has, there's just so much positivity around. I think we are all excited at the prospect of making the playoffs despite how early in the year we are." The Magic's five wins came in; Week 2, where O2 Sienna Connolly hit an almost half court shot to win the game, devastating the Flight, Week 3, the Magic won in overtime on a huge defensive stop by their captain, Week 5 bought a fairly easy win by 9 points against the Jaguars in Jarran, Week 7 saw the Magic led by 5th Overall Pick, Melissa Hart (who has lead the bench for the Magic) and the bench in a 12 point win against the Lightning and Week 8, where a whole team effort saw the Magic embarrass the Defending Champion Lions by 20. The two-time Northern Conference Champions, the Hikaru Heat, find themselves also at 5 - 5, but with a much better home record (4 - 1 home, 1 - 4 away) than the two teams before them. The Heat also boast a positive PD of +44, which is the second highest overall. The main concern for the Heat is the losses away from home, but every team above them is in a similar situation, and the Heat have proved before that they can win games on the road. Their lone road win came against their rivals, the Asuka Magic in Week 6, by a large margin. The rest of the wins came at home for the Heat, winning in; Week 2, where they pulled out a six point win over the Lighting, Week 5, which saw the Heat win by 15 against the Queens, Week 7, saw the Heat pull out another 15+ point (23 point) win this time against newcomers Jarran and Week 10, in which the Heat once again won by 15+points (19 points), this time taking the first game of the season series against their matchup in the finals last year, the Rondelle Lions. On the rookie side of things for the Heat, the 7th Overall Pick, Hisa Howarth, has been putting up solid rebounding numbers for their bench, making the Heat's bench one of the most potent defensively. Last season's RotY, Gracie Bird has also shown once again that she is more than capable of filling the O2 spot, scoring 15 points in 5 straight games. The 2011 AHBA Champions, the Rondelle Lions, find themselves a win ahead of their matchup in last year's finals, the Hikaru Heat. Sitting at 6 - 4, with an even better home record (4 - 0 home, 2 - 4 away) than the Heat, it seems that the Lions are still on top in this matchup, despite losing to the Heat by 19 in Week 10. The Lions have started very similarly to how they played during last season, winning plenty of games at home. The Lions won at home in; Week 1, where they beat the Magic by a considerable margin, with Megan Murata getting 4 steals in just 14 minutes of play, Week 3, winning a game that turned out much closer on the scoreboard than how it looked on court against the Heat, Week 7 saw the Lions take the first game in the Rondelle Derby by 9 points, behind a double double (17 points, 12 rebounds) from O5 Harriet Higarashi and Week 9, pulling out a close win against the Jarran Jaguars. The Lions also won on the road in Week 4, winning by four against a lost looking Lightning squad and in Week 6 against newcomers the Honnaro Flight by 6 points. Rookie wise, 8th Overall Pick, Sophie Yoshizawa is starting for the Lions, averaging around 7 rebounds and 1 block a game. Also sitting at 6 - 4 (5 - 0 home, 1 - 4 away) is the Lions hometown rivals, the Rondelle Queens. The Queens have started out strong this year, bolstered by the return of O5 Natasha Barber from her injury late last season. The combination of Barber and fellow O5 Emma Suga has provided for the Queens time and time again during the early part of the season, especially in the Queens' Week 1 destruction of the Flight, where Suga threw down a huge dunk on rookie Brooke Douglas off a pass from Barber. Team MVP D1 Yumemi Koyama has once again quietly shown her skills defensively racking up 5 steals in that same game. The Queens, much like the two teams below them (and the team above them) in the standings, have not won many games on the road, suggesting that road wins may end up being the only thing that separates the top 4. Aside from Week 1, wins came in; Week 2, where Koyama took over the game defensively, allowing her matchup a single point in the last quarter to pull out a 12 point win over the Raiders, Week 4, where Barber and Suga combined for 30 points and 21 rebounds to beat the Jaguars by 10, Week 6, hanging on in the last quarter by 4 against the Lightning, with a large amount of their starting defensive players on the bench after getting into foul trouble early, Week 8, where they recorded their lone road victory with a 6 point win over the newly formed Flight, and Week 10, a slow game which the O5 duo dominated from start to finish. One main concern for the Queens this season will be making sure Suga stays, which judging by the team's success of late, should not be too much of an issue. Rookie wise for the Queens, 6th overall pick, Mayuko Morley has shown to be a solid shooter, especially when playing next to Gaudenzia Dironi, who has been passing the ball extremely well off the bench. Morley currently sits 4th in 3 point shooting percentage, shooting 40% from 3. Leading the league after the first 10 weeks is the Turrif Raiders. Sitting at 7 - 3 (4 - 1 home, 3 - 2 away), the Raiders have well and truly bounced back after the horror show that was 2011 for them. Some signs of the 2010 Championship winning team are starting to show again, but with a vastly improved offensive game under new Head Coach Isabel Browne. No one player on the Raiders seems to carry the load, with the whole team always contributing. This team first mindset has been a staple of the Raiders since their 2010 championship win, despite the team leaning slightly too hard on O2 Chloe Baxter last season. Turrif bought home wins in; Week 1, off a stellar bench performance to beat the Heat by 14, Week 3, which was much the same as their Week 1 win, but with the starters leading the way to pull out the win against the Lightning, Week 4, where they pulled out a narrow win (4 points) against the Magic in Asuka, Week 5, where they took a 3 point win in overtime on a big 3 by Chloe Barber, Week 8, where they beat the Northern Conference leaders, the Hikaru Heat by ten in Hikaru, Week 9, where they won by only 1, thanks to Summer Bennett's huge block on Anri Machida with 0.3 seconds left and Week 10 where they beat the struggling Lightning by 10 in Chibihasa. There is some slight unrest in Turrif however, as D1 Jodie Thornton has not been pleased about starting on the bench. Thornton was moved to the bench to allow 4th Overall Pick Sarah Miles to start. Miles has been quite solid defensively, showing why she deserves the starting spot over Thornton. After these first ten weeks, people are starting to wonder if they will see Turrif return to the finals once again... Other News: "There has recently been many rumours around that Chibihasa O2 Suzuka Gibbons has been trying to recruit various players to join her in Chibihasa next season. One of these names is ex-teammate O3 Sanako Shinohara, who was a close friend of Gibbons' in their time in Hikaru. Gibbons has said that "we may not be able to get her (Shinohara) 'cause we might not be able to pay her enough." Shinohara, when asked about the idea of joining Gibbons said: "As much as I would enjoy playing alongside her again, I want to focus on now, and worry about that later.", March 7, 2012 "We sat down with Showpony herself, and asked her a few questions on adjusting to life in Rondelle, the ABHA and why she came over, her number choice and that nickname. AsacaHoops: First of all, thanks for coming and talking to us. Gaudenzia Dironi: My pleasure. AH: How has Rondelle been treating you so far? Has there been anything that has been hard to get used to? GD: It's been really fun actually, people here are so kind, which has really helped me settle in. People don't understand me sometimes because of my accent. It happens all the time when I'm having dinner with the team, so they usually have to say what I want again. *laughs* People spell my name wrong all the time, which is also funny. *laughs* AH: It really does seem that you get along with everyone out on the court, but is there anyone in particular you get along with well? GD: Yuemi (Koyama, Queens captain) has been really helpful in getting everyone to make me feel welcome, but Bread (her nickname for Yurina Baker) has got to be my favourite teammate. We go almost everywhere together, and she's shown me some pretty cool places. AH: You guys have been playing well lately and so have you for your first season over here. Is there any difference in the AHBA to how you played back home in Itesca? GD: We have been playing great lately, which is good, and I'm just doing what I can to help. There is heaps more three's in the AHBA, which I'm not used to. We only took them as a last resort in Itesca. AH: What made you come over here to play in the AHBA? Why did you choose the Queens? GD: The fans love me! *laughs* But the idea of playing against the best in the world was the real reason. I chose the Queens because of the players on the team. I thought that I could be a real help to the team. AH: Why number 10? GD: I couldn't have number 1 because Emma (Suga) has it, so I added the 0 on the end. AH: Last one, how do you feel about being called Showpony? GD: I love it! *laughs* I like to celebrate and have fun, so I like it. AH: Thanks for your time. GD: No problems!" AsacaHoops, Issue 33, March 2012. That's all for now, but expect Weeks 11-20 sometime soon, and maybe some ASHBA concepts as well...
  2. AFL to NHL Crossover (Port Adelaide posted 10/21)

    Yeah that is true. Would you like me to send you a pm with some of my ideas? Or post them here in the thread?
  3. AFL to NHL Crossover (Port Adelaide posted 10/21)

    As an Australian, all of the AFL's jerseys are firmly ingraned in my memory. These concepts all look really good and retain plenty of the teams' indentities. I especially like the Crows set (I'm from Adelaide, so naturally I'm a fan) and Geelong. I like the use of the cat from their secondary logo on the shoulders, it really adds to the classic feel. GWS seems to be missing something, and I'm not sure on the grey on top white on the bottom striping pattern on the orange jersey. The white one however looks really great. I'm interested to see what you do with the vertical stripe teams (Collingwood, North Melbourne and Hawthorn) considering those jerseys are a big part of the those team's identities. Are you going to to alternates at any point for this series? If so, I have plenty of ideas and I even have one in mind for the next team...
  4. Gridiron League of America: 2012 Gem City Diamonds

    That works much better as a Diamonds identity with the white/gray diamond. Whilst it would look even better with blues, I think this is a pretty good compromise.
  5. Gridiron League of America: 2012 Gem City Diamonds

    I think the darker green would look alright as a outline colour for the wordmarks, much the way you have it now.
  6. Gridiron League of America: 2012 Gem City Diamonds

    I really quite like Fort Wayne's new logo, its a real improvement over the old one. For the Diamonds, I feel like it would make more sense for the main colour of the team to be some sort of blue? Considering diamonds are generally white and are often coloured blue in the style of the team's logo. I'm also not really sold on the Gem City secondary/tertiary logo, the large G and Y look out of place to me.
  7. It's called Raider Crusader There's heaps of variations, I only used one of like 10+
  8. Thanks! If you're talking about the Raiders update, then yeah, it's one of my favourites, mostly due to the font. I play on XBOX One, but region locking is a thing, so I doubt I'd be able to play with anyone on CCSLC.
  9. I thought I'd make some signatures, one for each team for anyone who's interested. There's also a AHBA one with all the teams on it, like in my signature should you want it. I hope you like these, and I will still endeavour to have the results for Weeks 1 - 10 up by the end of this week, but NBA 2K18 is out today so.......
  10. Gridiron League of America: 2012 Gem City Diamonds

    Logo #1, 2, 5 and 6 are my favourites colour wise so any one of those four I'd like to see.
  11. Gridiron League of America: 2012 Gem City Diamonds

    The all orange one reminds me of the WNBA logo, but I do quite like the purple and teal look. My personal favourite in the RWB options would be the blue with blue outline and red ball, but the blue with red outline and ball is not too bad.
  12. I really wanted to improve on Askua's look, considering that I thought along with Chibihasa they had the worst uniforms and logos. Magic is an odd thing to try represent in a logo, so I took a more modern Orlando Magic style approach. This new look should stick around for a while, with maybe a few different Alt 2's. I did feel that most of the teams (particularly the ones unveiled very early on) really needed to be cleaned up, and Turrif and Asuka turned out really nice. I did redo Asuka twice after I felt the first redo wasn't as clean as it could be. As for Hikaru's double orange, I'm no longer completely sold on it either. It looks strange on the Away and Alt 1. I'm starting to think I should have left Heat Orange as an accent colour on the logo and gone with just Flame Orange and Yellow for the uniforms. I did however want to take red out, so I thought the second orange would work. Thanks for the comments, I will endevour to have Weeks 1 - 10 up along with this seasons rosters by next week.
  13. And I have returned with more AHBA goodness! I recently bought a new computer, so I procrastinated on moving the files onto this new computer... But I've done that now, so time for the last four teams' new uniforms & logos... Offseason News: "Today, the remaining 4 teams unveiled their looks for the 2012 season. The Asuka Magic, Chibihasa Lighning, Turrif Raiders and Hikaru Heat all unveiled logos and uniforms, which along with official press releases from SB, can be found below." - Official AHBA website,, 23rd February 2012. Asuka Magic: Main Logo: Secondary Logo: Uniforms: Official Colours: Light Magic Blue, Dark Magic Blue, Smoke Grey SB worked with the Magic to create a more memorable brand for the team, after their inaugural set didn't resonate well with their fans. The streaking star from the logo is used as the main feature of the uniforms, in various colour combinations depending on the uniform. The home uniform (as to be worn by D1 Sumi Nagai (#0)) is a direct translation colour wise of the main logo in the upper portion of the design. The away (as to be worn by team captain D4 Nana Tomita (#40)) is a colour flip of the logos' colouring in the upper portion,with Smoke Grey in the lower portion of the design to differentiate it from the home uniform better. The first alternate (as to be worn by O3 Mina Kokawa (#17)) features a Smoke Grey and Dark Magic Blue streaking star along with ASUKA (MAGIC on all other uniforms) in the upper portion and Light Magic Blue as the colour in the lower portion of the design. The second alternate (as to be worn by O2 Sienna Connolly (#86)) is intended to only be worn at home, and features a similar design to the first alternate colour wise, only using Dark Magic Blue and Smoke Grey for a more monochrome look. Chibihasa Lightning: Main Logo: Secondary Logo: Uniforms: Official Colours: Electric Yellow, Stone Grey, Slate Grey SB worked with the Lightning to create clean uniforms that could be worn for several seasons with only minor tweaks, but maintain the excitement of the team's bright and bold colours. An extended version of the lightning bolt was used as a main design point in a contrasting colour to separate the top and bottom portion of the uniform's design. The home jersey (as to be worn by 2011 MVP and team captain O2 Suzuka Gibbons (#2)) features this bolt in Bolt Yellow with a Slate Grey section above to contrast with and bring out the Bolt Yellow wordmark. The away jersey (as to be worn by D3 Uiko Brooks (#13)) also features a Bolt Yellow bolt, with Stone Grey above and Slate Grey below. SB continued the Lighting's tradition of having the city's nickname on a Electric Yellow uniform (as to be worn by O2 Molly Powell (#22) with Rookie O1 Elizabeth Onodera's number (#21) (never realised that until now, but I can't be bothered fixing it.). Slate Grey is above and Electric Yellow is below a Stone Grey bolt for this uniform, with an Electric Yellow CHIBI wordmark. The second alternate (as was to be worn by recent expansion draft pick D5 Katie Yoshikawa) is a different take on an Electric Yellow alternate, with Electric Yellow above and Stone Grey below a Slate Grey bolt. This uniform also features the full city name in Slate Grey. Turrif Raiders: Main Logo: Secondary Logo: Uniforms: Official Colours: Leaf Green, Oak, Steel Grey SB worked with the Raiders on a uniform set that would evoke memories of their inaugural set, with out the sword imagery on the uniform itself. The home uniform (as to be worn by team captain D2 Samatha Tokuta (#83)) features a similar colour layout to the team's new main logo, with an Oak TURRIF wordmark and Leaf Green numbers. The diagonal design is reminiscent of the diagonal sword from the team's inaugural set. The away (as to be worn by O4 Bethany Wilson (#5)) is primarily Oak, with a Leaf Green RAIDERS wordmark and Steel Grey numbers. The diagonal design is also Leaf Green and Steel Grey. The alternate (as to be worn by 2010 DPOY Summer Bennett (#77)) swaps the roles of Oak and Leaf Green for a different take on the away's template. Hikaru Heat: Main Logo: Secondary Logo: Uniforms: Official Colours: Flame Orange, Heat Orange, Flame Yellow When SB was asked to "slightly update" the Heat's uniforms in line with their new colours of Flame Orange, Heat Orange and Flame Yellow, we looked to keep a large amount of the design from the Heat's inaugural set. Changes include an asymmetrical striping pattern/design to highlight the Heat's double orange colour scheme, and a font similar to that used for the Eslian National Team's 2012 IHBF set. The two oranges are side by side on each uniform, with the home (as to be worn by vocal captain D5 Abby Mitchell (#59)) and Flame Yellow alternate (Alternate 2, as to be worn by O3 Sanakao Shinohara (#55)) sharing one version of the double orange (Flame as the main stripe/design color and Heat as the secondary stripe colour). The other version is shared by the Away (as to be worn by D3 Chloe Norris (#85)) and Alternate 1 (as to be worn by 2011 Rookie of the Year O2 Gracie Bird (#69)) with Flame (for the away) or Heat (for the alt) as the main colour of the uniform and the other as the main stripe/design colour. Both these two jerseys use Flame Yellow as the secondary stripe colour. That's all for the offseason, with the 2012 Season beginning March 1, 2012. Results for Weeks 1 - 10 (and rosters) will be next up, and possibly some ASHBA (Asacan Schools HoopBall Association) uniform concepts! Comments and Criticisms are always appreciated, and how do you think your favourite team will do this season?
  14. Speaking of maps; here is a rough map of Asaca. This map will get updated as the seasons progress and as we learn more about Asaca. The three new locations, Haurn Island, Osyth and Kinori Bay all have relevance to the AHBA in some form, whether in the future or currently. Osyth is where one of the ASHBA schools (Osyth Girls) is situated, and is known as a very dark and dirty place, due to the town's involvement in industrial production in Asaca. Many stories of murder and crime often emerge from Osyth, furthering its bad reputation. Kinori Bay is a popular beachside holiday destination, which boasts the warmest weather anywhere in Asaca. Many wealthy people have houses in Kinori Bay which are seemingly rarely used, with only a large amount of exotic cars often seen driving around to suggest otherwise. Haurn Island is a small island situated north of Jarran. Famous in Asaca for its strange location and many abandoned houses, Haurn Island is often quiet and not much seems to ever happen there. That's all for tonight, but here may be a chance that the last four teams' new looks are unveiled tomorrow night.
  15. The map probably won't be anything special, (probably just a slightly edited version of the real world map...) but don't worry I'll make sure to include all of the countries that we know of so far, and Asaca will have its own map. The unis are field hockey style dresses, but my line of thinking was more down the route of netball (which is fairly popular here in Australia). I'd say if you looked up netball you'd get a good idea of the uni's in action. In a somewhat related side note with a bit more background on Asaca, HoopBall uniforms are worn in a similar way to that of say basketball jerseys as casual clothing. There are also basketball style jerseys for male fans (a sport as popular as the AHBA, would undoubtedly have fans of all genders), but many just buy the dresses and tuck them in as it's not seen as unusual. Heck, I would have some if there was a way to get them lol. I'm glad I have at least one person as interested as you are!