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  1. In the US: Anchorage,AK- This probably would never happen because of logistical issues but it would be a fun market. Charleston,SC- A beautiful historic city that also has a fast growth rate, if the Panthers and Skyhawks could share NC, then a Charleston team could get the Palmetto State to themselves (The Panthers claim that market as well despite their stadium being in North Carolina). Northwest Arkansas- I like the idea about a team in Arkansas, but NWA makes more sense due to the corporate presence of Wal-Mart, Tyson, and J.B Hunt among others. Outside of the US Canadian Maritime Provinces (Nova Scotia,New Brunswick,P.E.I) They lost the Schooners before they even had the chance to take the field sadly, but now with the CAD improving, the Schooners could get a second chance. The Caribbean (Dominican Republic,Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bahamas) It would be a near perfect place to hold the Grey Cup due to the non stop tropical weather, one American sport has seen success there, so why not football? Eastern Europe (Poland,Ukraine,Russia) This doesn't really count as a small market but a team should be here to introduce the game to the former Iron Curtain, the tensions are starting to fade away as the area is becoming more open to the west with the fall of the Soviet Union.
  2. Arizona Coyotes Rebrand

    the cyan/teal reminds me of a pair of those old school 3D Glasses.
  3. Name: Sean Brady Age: 32 Bio: Former Hofstra QB In the Late 80s, currently a real estate agent in the New York Metropolitan area and season ticket holder of the New York Jets. Brady has chosen Portland,Oregon as the 32nd expansion team along with the return of the Chargers. Nashville, while a fast growing market can hinder the Hound Dogs growth, eventually forcing them to move, He was devastated to see his Knights moved across the Atlantic to Sweden and would not want the same to happen to Memphis. Furthermore, a team in Portland could create an excellent geographical rivalry with the Seattle Seahawks.
  4. Rhythm gets my vote, with Milan getting Expansion B and Utah for the XFL team.
  5. Oooh Sweden, that seems interesting.
  6. No. there was a vote for the Baltimore franchise in the WLAF between the Stallions and the Ravens, but Stallions won out. the Ravens in OTL would still be the Browns.
  7. What are some candidates for the Knights' relocation?
  8. Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Tulane built a new stadium a couple years ago named Yulman Stadium and it has about 30,000 seats.
  9. St Louis, Portland, Hartford
  10. Name: Sean Brady Age: 30 (born November 20th,1967) Bio: Former QB for Hofstra University from 1986-1989, Fan of NY/NJ Knights and NY Jets. Currently a real estate agent in Northern New Jersey. Favorite Player: Wayne Chrebet Argument: This was a long,thought out decision for Brady to make,But he supports the merger. Should the CFL and WLAF merge, it would bring in Canadian teams in, making it truly a "World League". it may also help the CFL for the better, as the Canadian Dollar has been weakened. Optional: the CFL teams should adopt American rules as there aren't as much stadiums around the world that can fit such a large field, and Amsterdam would be forced to play in the aging Olympic Stadium. Have the Knights either represent one state or the other (i.e NJ Knights or NY Knights)
  11. Why is this the only one with no logo in the front?
  12. Well it was nice to see the Admirals win it in front of the home crowd. I'm pretty sure the Machine name gets left in Montreal if they move.
  13. For Expansion A I would go for Paris due to it being a large global market. For Expansion B I would go with LA for the same reason
  14. I would actually want to buy that doom jersey if the Royals existed in real life. The name just seems so perfect with the design.
  15. NFL, but Australian rules

    I'm honestly unsure, perhaps he wanted to switch things up.