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  1. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 2 Voting

    Gold:7 Silver:5 Bronze:4
  2. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Spartans and Samurai
  3. Please, Football Gods. Let the Canes win.
  4. Arizona looks very ahead of its time. I could see them using this design for years.
  5. It would be nice to see Portland take home the Victory Bowl after all that trouble they went through recently.
  6. I am pretty sure the USFA is the USFL equivalent of this universe. I'm not even sure if it will last through the 90s.
  7. I don't want to see the Guardians win, but it's too likely.
  8. I'm going Rebs over Canes Caps over Guardians of Cincinnati Cali over SD Colorado over Cleveland
  9. Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    What If the Broncos didn't get Peyton Manning? How would Tebow's career pan out?
  10. I will be your age by the time they are there. I ought a save up a ton of money to get to LA.
  11. I have to feel for the Nationale fans. That whole run just led to heartbreak and disappointment.
  12. My Bet's on the Baltimore Royals to win it all.
  13. Going with Armadillos