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  1. Jacobseye

    NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    I feel like the Raiders should at least play their divisional games in California, afterwards they could play some games in international markets such as London,Mexico City, Toronto, and somewhere else in Europe or Asia, but this is Mark Davis choice, not mine.
  2. Jacobseye

    New Logo for Regal Cinema

    This logo doesn't really say "movies" to me. It looks like it would work better for a computer chip processor or a biotech company.
  3. Jacobseye

    Heavy's Expansion Concept thread

    If you could, put the shield on the collar, fix the dimensions,and color the Nike logo one color. Anyways this series has great potential and I'll look forward to the next concepts.
  4. They were actually called the Chanticleers from 1925-1955.
  5. Looks nice. The wordmark looks like it could belong to some punk-rock band at the time.
  6. Name: Sean Brady Age: 36 Background: Former Hofstra Pride QB, 1986-1989, Currently a Real Estate Agent Favorite Team: New York Jets Brady's vote to purchase the Birmingham Fire goes to John Schnatter. "Papa John" has to be doing something right with the growth of his pizza chain, which has only been around for 20 years and already has thousands of stores worldwide.Also,Louisville is starved of pro sports, aside from the Cincinnati Reds Triple A affiliate, whereas New York has seen two lower level football teams go under, including Brady's beloved NY/NJ Knights.
  7. Jacobseye

    nevermore//baltimore ravens redesign

    This looks good. Only problem is that the beak looks a little like a fingernail.
  8. Here's a rough alignment for Latin America North: Monterrey,MX (Estadio Universitario, 45,000) Guadalajara,MX (Estadio Jalisco, 58,000) Guatemala City (Estadio Mateo Flores, 29,950) San Jose,Costa Rica (Estadio Nacional,35,000) Jamaica (Independence Park, 35,000) Santo Domingo,DR (Estadio Felix Sanchez, 27,000) San Juan, Puerto Rico (Estadio Loubriel, 27,000) Bogota, Colombia (Nemesio Camacho, 36,343) Panama City (Estadio Rommel Fernandez, 32,000) South: Rio De Janeiro (Maracana Stadium, 78,838) Brasilia (Serejao Stadium,27,000) Sao Paolo (Cicero Pompeu de Toledo, 66,795) Curitiba (Estadio Couto Pereira, 40,000) Recife (Ilha do Retiro Stadium, 35,000) Belo Horizonte (Sete de Stembro Stadium,30,000) Manaus (Vivaldao,31,000) Montevideo,Uruguay (Estadio Centenario, 65,235) Buenos Aires,Argentina (Antonio Vespucio Liberti, 61,688)
  9. 2003: Los Angeles 2004: Las Vegas 2005: Vancouver 2006: Memphis
  10. Can you compile the records? I could do them but I wouldn't necessarily want to be hijacking the thread here.
  11. Jacobseye

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Tampa Bay Sweepstakes Concluded!

    Any possibility we see the NC Twins?
  12. What a comeback, I could only imagine the ratings differences in Canada from everywhere else.
  13. Me Looking at SLC's attendance:
  14. for a new Western Canadian team, I would put them in either Victoria or Spokane, might even bring up my silly idea about an Alaskan team. For the east, Expand to Halifax, and move a team to Quebec City, maybe Hartford (If they still lost out on the Patriots.) For European Expansion, I'd go with Rome, Berlin, and a team in Eastern Europe, Likely in Warsaw or Helsinki.
  15. In the US: Anchorage,AK- This probably would never happen because of logistical issues but it would be a fun market. Charleston,SC- A beautiful historic city that also has a fast growth rate, if the Panthers and Skyhawks could share NC, then a Charleston team could get the Palmetto State to themselves (The Panthers claim that market as well despite their stadium being in North Carolina). Northwest Arkansas- I like the idea about a team in Arkansas, but NWA makes more sense due to the corporate presence of Wal-Mart, Tyson, and J.B Hunt among others. Outside of the US Canadian Maritime Provinces (Nova Scotia,New Brunswick,P.E.I) They lost the Schooners before they even had the chance to take the field sadly, but now with the CAD improving, the Schooners could get a second chance. The Caribbean (Dominican Republic,Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bahamas) It would be a near perfect place to hold the Grey Cup due to the non stop tropical weather, one American sport has seen success there, so why not football? Eastern Europe (Poland,Ukraine,Russia) This doesn't really count as a small market but a team should be here to introduce the game to the former Iron Curtain, the tensions are starting to fade away as the area is becoming more open to the west with the fall of the Soviet Union.