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  1. Vancouver Canucks Concept

    I think the simplicity of the logo works with the simplicity of a majority of logos in the rest of the league, but I will probably use Johnny Canuck as the shoulder patch. The striping is intentionally inconsistent (it's a nod to their very first home jersey) however I will change that because after I posted it, I looked at it some more and came up with a different pattern. Throwback is on the way. Thanks for your input.
  2. Vancouver Canucks Concept

    Vancouver Canucks New & Old I really like the Canucks colours, but their logo does not suit them in my opinion. I made some small changes to their current alternate logo and put it on some home and away jerseys Tell me what you think, C&C appreciated
  3. New Detroit Lion Logo

    I like the first one, the only thing I would change is the blue in the ear. It looks kind of like the lion has a spacer ear piercing, other than that it's really good.
  4. NHL: Canada's 150th Anniversary

    Good idea I was trying to think of some stuff that could fill the empty space there.
  5. NHL: Canada's 150th Anniversary

    I added the Quebec flag because it's rumored that Ottawa will play Montreal so I figured I'd just put it in there.
  6. NHL: Canada's 150th Anniversary

    I've been hearing a lot of rumors about the Ottawa Senators holding an outdoor game to commemorate their 25th anniversary as well as Canada's 150th anniversary. I decided to make a concept logo that resembled the Winter and Heritage Classic logos. Hope you enjoy, C&C appreciated
  7. Help me name this concept!

    I can't think of a name for this concept, I don't even remember the animal I was trying to portray so go wild with your suggestions
  8. Minnesota Wild Throwback Jersey

    I really tried to incorporate some of the maroon but in the end it just didn't fit with the way I wanted the jersey, I did change the striping subtly though and I think it draws the eyes toward the yellow more.
  9. Minnesota Wild Throwback Jersey

    This is my take on a Minnesota throwback jersey C&C is appreciated *Template created by Doug Houvener
  10. Victoria Cougars Concept *Jerseys Added*

    Here are the home and away jerseys.
  11. New Jersey Outlaw Logo

    Yeah plus it gives you the opportunity to make the New Jersey text in the same style as the logo and put it on a jersey like most baseball teams have.
  12. New Jersey Outlaw Logo

    I think it would work with basketball or baseball.
  13. New Jersey Outlaw Logo

    I completely agree, really well done.
  14. Victoria Cougars Concept *Jerseys Added*

    I use Inkscape 0.91 for logos, also the jerseys will be up soon!
  15. Is this plagiarism?

    Yeah you're right. I was just curious as to what other people's thoughts were.