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  1. Pretty sure I've seen that episode... In all seriousness, rougarou is the cajun form of loup-garou, which is the french word for werewolf. Ultimately I'm not a fan as the name is associated with cajun culture, and Baton Rouge is nowhere near cajun country. If this was a team that was playing in Lafayette or even New Orleans I'd be more open to it, but I suspect the name wouldn't fly in either place as the folklore surrounding the rougarou is quite gruesome. This would be like a team in Phoenix or Tuscon calling themselves the Skinwalkers.
  2. Thaumatrope

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos that we've got all the pieces: 1. Atlanta [Alternatively: Phoenix] 2. Memphis [Alternatively: San Diego] 3. San Antonio 4. Birmingham 5. San Diego [Alternatively: Orlando] 6. Phoenix [Alternatively: Utah] 7. Utah [Alternatively: Atlanta] 8. Orlando [Alternatively: Memphis]
  3. Thaumatrope

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    Oh man...I love these kinds of games. So I'm going to play the cynic and guess that since some of these teams share markets with the NBA that they'll use similar color palettes in an effort to generate some affinity. So with that in mind: Logo #2 - San Antonio. Logo #3 - Memphis (I'm guessing some kind of music note for the logo). As for the other two...I'll take a wild guess and say Logo #1 is Birmingham and Logo #4 is Atlanta.
  4. Agreed. Now that we've seen the whole brand I can't help but question the insistence on a monochromatic palette. I realize they're trying to channel the classic milkman uniform, but even within that space there's still room for a touch of color. A nice light blue would be a natural choice (especially in conjunction with the off-white cream...which is definitely the best set of the bunch), although a judicious use of medium value red could add a nice "pop" to everything as well. That being said, I give the designer a lot of credit for restraint. In this age of six color cap logos (I'm looking at you Brandiose) it's refreshing to see an organization take the "less is more" approach.
  5. Hopefully they can milk it for all it's worth.
  6. Thaumatrope

    Hershey Bears chocolate-themed uniforms

    Considering that the team was originally called the Hershey Bars, and had brown, silver, and white jerseys (like a hershey bar wrapper)'s 100% intentional.
  7. Thaumatrope

    NHL 2018-19

    They're similar, but Minnesota's red is more crimson while Seattle's was more burgundy. Seattle's green has slightly more blue in it while Minnesota's is a more conventional forest green. Here's a side-by-side: ...anybody know why I can't insert the link above into my post?
  8. Thaumatrope

    NHL 2018-19

    I'm inclined to see it more as a matter of color theory. The number of teams using contrasting colors across professional sports (in the US at least) is relatively small. Of the primary and secondary colors, orange and blue is by far the most popular across all sports, while purple and yellow is a distant second. Red and green appears to be the least commonly used, however I'm not convinced "christmas colors" is to blame. One thing that orange and blue, and purple and yellow have going for them is that purples and blues lend themselves to darker shades while yellow and orange tend towards brighter shades. I don't know if anyone else was taught this, but when I was just starting out I was told to periodically view designs in greyscale in order to see how the color values space out. Ideally the colors used in the design should occupy different, visually distinct, values (ie a dark, a medium, and a light). Red and green can present a challenge in this respect, especially when it comes to athletic designs. Light shades of red (ie pink) are generally shunned, and until recently shades of green lighter that kelly green were few and far between. Due to these limitations teams that use red and green frequently use colors with vary similar tonal value resulting in a "muddled" or "dull" look. The exception that appears to prove the rule is the Atlanta Falcons Hawks who use a lighter shade of green to contrast against a more conventional red (coincidentally I could very easily see Seattle taking a similar approach). Another consideration is that red and green are the two most common colors to be impaired by colorblindness, which is a disorder that is predominantly found in men. It's entirely possible that the red green color combination is less popular because it's the most likely to go unseen (or mis-seen) by the primary audience for professional sports.
  9. On the one hand, its really cool that the team is paying such thorough tribute to the organization's history. On the other hand, at what point are they just highlighting how awful their current identity is?
  10. Thaumatrope

    Vegas, Army Settle Golden Knights Trademark Battle

    ...and on multiple occasions I’ve had to dig up a quote from the London brass saying they were never contacted by Foley, but that they were open to talking. I can’t help but think negotiating with an OHL team would be a hell of a lot easier than negotiating with the US Army. I’m firmly of the opinion that Foley always wanted a two part name, and when his first choice was turned down he went for the second best US Army associated name.
  11. Thaumatrope

    NHL 2018-19

    I think you’re right about the top O design likely being Polynesian in origin. What it’s doing in a logo for the Ottawa Senators I haven’t a clue. Having a subtle image or pattern inside the O is actually a very clever way of adding complexity to a logo that is critiqued for being too generic or simple. In light of the flourishes Vegas incorporated into their jerseys I actually think Ottawa could pull off something truly beautiful. But then I look at the designs being proposed and realize that at this stage in the organization’s history expecting professionalism and polished execution just isn’t on the table.
  12. Thaumatrope

    NHL 2018-19

    I realize I'm getting into tin foil hat territory here, but what if the purpose of adding three very similar O/S logos to the mix is to draw support away from the =O= logo? Hear me out. The =O= logo has been in use by the Ottawa organization for some time now, and appears to be the most popular logo currently used by the organization. (While the updated 2D centurion may be *more* popular, it hasn't been used on an Ottawa jersey since it was introduced over ten years ago.) They've had years to make the =O= their new primary...and they haven't. Why? I don't think Melnyk likes the =O= logo. What's more, based on the various rumors that have floated around it sounds like Anselmi was the main proponent for the change and now that he's gone the transition is in doubt. These images represent (what I believe to be) the second official attempt on the part of the Senators to get feedback from the fans. The first poll included the first row, and now we suddenly see three more logos that all share similarities to the =O= but not to the other two original options. We know for a fact that the organization has a (vastly superior) newer version of the 2D logo, and yet they continue to withhold it as an option (I suspect Melnyk really doesn't like that logo). Some might argue that the three O/S variations are a sign of the =O='s popularity and are an attempt to provide more options for fans that prefer that look. But if the =O= is so popular, isn't that a sign that it should be the new primary? Instead, I think these variations are intended to dilute the overall popularity of the =O= logo. By providing similar (but inferior) logos the organization hopes to make the other two logos appear better by comparison. What's more, by insisting on using the original 2D logo the organization is arguably doing everything in it's power to steer fans to the current primary. I can only assume this is because Melnyk is cheap and doesn't want to change the stationary...
  13. Thaumatrope

    NHL 2018-19

    It's almost like they lost the original files for the updated 2D logo and are too embarrassed to admit it. So instead of reaching out to the designer(s) they're just pretending that it never existed in the first place. Meanwhile...can anyone tell me what is going on with the O in the center of the bottom row? It looks like someone just applied an abstract "tribal" pattern to the =O=...or maybe paisley? I can't make heads or tails of it.
  14. Thaumatrope

    Lexington Legends celebrate old time Kentucky hockey

    Oh man that brings back memories. Talk about a brand straight out of the 90s...
  15. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I like the name and appreciate the celebration of Vermont maple syrup. The cap/crown with the maple leaf is a really nice touch too. On the other hand, it looks like the jug is carrying the dismembered hand/foot of the Everett Aquasox mascot in his bucket.