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  1. I can only imagine that the average attendance in New Orleans is under 9,000 and the owner is crushing wine glasses left and right.
  2. It's nice to see Buffalo get a football team again in this universe. I was almost expecting an orange, green and white color scheme judging by the name when I saw it but then the Utah Pioneers came along. Indiana Warriors? Either it's a Native American-themed name (Indiana meaning "Land of the (American) Indians") and the color scheme does everything it can to respectfully portray that or we're getting camo uniforms. Either way I'm really looking forward to it. EDIT: Either that, or we're getting a team based off of "The Warriors" film.
  3. The entire existence of the New Orleans Sounds is shaping up to be one massive buttfumble. Give it 5 years and they'll either go back to Halifax or wind up becoming the Houston Roughnecks or something.
  4. Copperheads also has a great second meaning. It was a term used during the Civil War to describe anti-war Union politcians:
  5. Pioneers would’ve been perfect for Portland. Shame Winnipeg already has it. We would still be in an era where uniforms and nicknames were both experimental. Portland has a vibe as a weird city so here’s a proposal that I’ve probably seen somewhere but I’ll repeat: The mascots of Oregon and Oregon State are the duck and beaver. Combine the two and you get the Portland Platypuses. Also, it’s a venomous animal so it’s not just a weird mascot, it’s one that can attack if need be. As for Atlanta, the only thing that is coming to mind in regards to Atlanta that might be original is that the state animal of Georgia is the white-tailed deer. Atlanta Stags? Something different than the tired military and fire-related names rolling around in my head.
  6. The Birminghammers look closer to what I'd expect a conservative uniform in this league to be. As far as looking too much like the Obama logo, the Pepsi logo from the 2000s looked far closer to the Obama logo than the Hammers logo does: so there you go.
  7. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Lel on the story about why a team called the "San Jose Carp" couldn't work in that market/easily renamed the "San Jose Crap". From that note, with the legend of a carp that swims its way up a waterfall will turn into a dragon, the team should be called the San Jose Dragons. I like the name of the Atlanta Spartans too with the University of Georgia being based in Athens, Georgia.
  8. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    I’ll change my vote to the Beacons. I like the helmet quite a bit.
  9. Love the design, also, the picture loaded up on Safari with no issues.
  10. Looks like you got your wish.
  11. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Atlanta Inferno Boston Schooners San Jose Warlocks Charlotte Hounds
  12. >among the more conservative teams in the USFA >more conservative teams in the USFA >that uniform >conservative I cannot wait to see more uniforms!
  13. The USFA sounds like it isn’t trying to topple the AFA but it certainly isn’t going to balk at spiriting away a lot of their players. Barring a pants-on-head stupid decision to change the schedule, I’m looking forward to this new addition to the story. As for the Rebels name, maybe a redesign could satisfy both parties by changing what “Rebels” represents. But, it sounds like the ship has long sailed on that and no matter how much “Southern Pride” the owner has, turning off over half of the players from your team due to the mascot will inevitably force his hand. If the Wolves are going to play them this year, it’s going to be a media circus, that’s for sure.
  14. Charles Venable of Salt Lake City, Utah is the head of Zion Automotive Company and is back for the next expansion council. The 1990's have been brought great new opportunities with the end of the Cold War and challenges due to shifting demand in the US. The company is also on shaky ground due to Venable diverting vast amounts of the company's assets into the genesis of a new branch of the company building rockets for private space travel/NASA adoption. 1. Houston- Knew this market had a lot of potential in 1989. Dallas may just be a graveyard for franchises and that should not reflect on Houston. At the very least, this could actually help the Desperadoes with attendance if there is an in-state rival. 2. Portland- Can you actually judge a market based on it's performance 30 years ago in some upstart Mickey Mouse league? No. Portland may be a crowded market, but there is a reason for that crowded market and it's that hockey sells in the Pacific Northwest. Portland will be no exception.
  15. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    No matter what universe he’s in, Rich Kotite will never have a winning season.