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  1. I'm not surprised that the Beavers are almost a lock to move considering the old building and the fact that they probably haven't made the playoffs since the Dallas Metros existed (correct me if I'm wrong). But, what peaks my interest is the Dave Mack signing. He's honestly my favorite player in the story so far and he's signed with my favorite team but I do have to question the wisdom of giving him such a big contract. He's gotta be in his early-mid 30's, right? I know the Twisters are in win now mode, but this seems like it will backfire badly if there isn't at least one Lewis Cup to show for it.
  2. I see elements of the 1990-1997 Jets uniforms and the Eagles uniforms from 1974-1995 with a heavier lean to the Eagles. The Jets elements are the black outline on the numbers and the dynamic logo and the Eagles elements being the rest of the color scheme. Either way, I could see black becoming more dominant in the color scheme in a decade. EDIT: Forgot that this site is primarily a uniform history site.
  3. I'd say if Phoenix didn't have a team, the Arizona Legion would be an awesome name. Just saying.
  4. Done. Yeah, It's real disturbing and because I've been desensitized to a lot of it, I forget that a lot of people haven't. Sorry about that.
  5. Didn't think much of it at first, but you're right. It looks like a sock (at best) or California has Peyronie's Disease (at worst). I can only imagine that said logo is going to be the butt of many jokes on the primordial Internet. EDIT: Do not Google Peyronie's Disease unless you're alone and/or have a strong stomach. It's a medical condition, but still.
  6. >Sees the new Edmonton uniforms My eyes..... True story, actually got a minor migraine when I saw those. You really captured that over-the-top look. I'm thinking Milwaukee's rotated logo might be a test run for the new primary but that's just me.
  7. I can see where you got the inspiration for this uniform. I can only imagine that any alternate they'd have would be even more over the top.
  8. First time posting here, but this series is really getting me excited. Go Beermen! Complete the comeback!
  9. He kind of sounds like TO in the body of Lawrence Taylor.
  10. For all we know, the Bulldogs did that to troll the Redshirts. Thats my opinion anyway.
  11. Thank you! Also, is that logo on Ortega's helmet a blurry KC or are the Crows getting a new helmet logo?
  12. What an amazing finish. I wish California would've won, but I can't have everything. Either way, looking forward to Boston's redesign. Seems like they're finally moving forward and with New York, Pittsburgh and New Jersey's rosters aging and Philadelphia just being a train wreck, the Northeast should be very much in play. Also, can you make an updated Crows signature?
  13. Whales versus Ghosts. Would've never seen this Victory Bowl coming, but the Whales have gotten a few lucky breaks their way. Does it continue here? If not, I think this will be like the last time a historically pathetic franchise made it to the Victory Bowl a la the Houston Hurricanes. EDIT: Also, how must the fans of the Guardians feel knowing that this league's version of the Cleveland Browns made it into the Victory Bowl while they have one victory in the wild card round with their superstar trio? Wouldn't want Hart's career to go the way of Rob Connery. That would be a waste.
  14. I can question the logic of New Orleans getting a hockey team, but I can't imagine people thinking Nashville getting a team was anything less than insane either. Plus, there hasn't been an Atlanta team in this universe yet. If anything, the two franchises that were there were done in by bad luck along with fan support issues. Ted Turner didn't want to cough up $11,000,000 to buy the Flames and the people who ran the Thrashers (into the ground) could've been replaced by monkeys in suits and we'd probably still have the Thrashers in Atlanta.
  15. Huh. Well that happened. As for California, it seems almost like there was a curse placed on that team when Los Angeles lobbied for them over the San Diego Destroyers to come into the AFA. Screw it, I think Texas might win. Seems like this kind of year. EDIT: Colorado got mauled. I can't imagine that they'd ever want to wear blue again after that kind of performance.