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  1. The Punks have to be drawing in the triple digits at this point. What's McMahon's contingency assuming that the XFL lives to 2001? EDIT: BAC above legal limits anywhere
  2. I could see a situation where the PHL expands into Halifax and another unconventional market (let's say Pheonix). I do love that Claymores identity and it would be a shame if it was let to rot in the dustbin of history.
  3. The Sound might be headed to Houston. Cardsblues02 is about to get his wish granted. What a timeline.
  4. Trent Taylor Age: 35 Bio: Trent Taylor has been a season-ticket holder for the Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks since they came back in 1994. He called into work sick the day after thw Skyhawks won the World Bowl. He has decided to go with Portland as the site for the 32nd Franchise believing that placing a team in Nashville would force the Hound Dogs to move out of the state. As for the mascot, he suggests Pioneers to reflect the history of the Oregon Trail and Portland's progressive civic culture.
  5. >tfw you remember the President visiting your high school that year.... Feels old man.
  6. Don't mean to be pedantic, but the PS2 didn't come out in North America until 2000. So, it would be for the PS1 and maaaaybe the Dreamcast when it comes out later in 1999.
  7. Gotta have at least one dud idea apparently. Now if this league somehow gets a season 2, it would've already accomplished more than the real XFL did.
  8. Kind of looks like Sigma from Mega Man X wearing a wolf head. Still looks awesome and I'm hoping the helmet is just the wolf head.
  9. Rhythm? Maybe Black and white just to have one team that is austere in a colorful league?
  10. Miami Hooters, Texas Terror and Anaheim Piranhas still exist. Interesting. >Baltimore Ravens are an Arena League team Things that make you go hm.
  11. Honestly, I'm having a hard time remembering when the last competitive Victory Bowl was. I think '84 with the Ghosts and the Whales? Still, I'm looking forward to seeing Tampa Bay continue to get better and for someone to challenge the supremacy of the Northern Division.
  12. They certainly do. And the New Orleans Sound is almost wishing for a nuclear winter. Hey, if you have cold weather all year round, that'll increase the number of people playing hockey and thus attendance.
  13. The unofficial fight song for the Vancouver Bighorns
  14. Rhein Rhythm Dublin Brewers Utah Swarm (In reference to Utah being known as the Beehive State)