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  1. The gleaming metropolis of....Kansas City, Kansas.
  2. I'm now a Mastodons fan. That look is amazing.
  3. Wow, a lot to go through. And now I'm hoping that the reason you have the 1991 season finished already isn't because the 1989 season was largely wiped out. But, if things do hit the fan and the season gets cancelled after Week 6, the USFA is going to take off because of this. If that does happen, the USFA may find itself in a position that it had no apparent intention of being in: A competitor to the AFA. Interesting times ahead. As for the second thing that jumped out, I'm not remotely surprised the Comets are having issues getting a new stadium in LA. As for other markets speaking with them, who are the frontrunners? Seems like this upcoming decade is going to have a lot of teams moving around just like the NFL did. EDIT: Also, looks like we have our equivalent of the Herschel Walker trade too. Will the Stallions acheive greatness with this trade or will this be like the RG3 trade? Same year too. Interesting.
  4. The Cowboys still have issues with it. Three different shades of blue.
  5. Philly uniform choice is interesting. Keep the same helmet shade with the new colors. Crows having different colored shoes for home and away jerseys is pretty interesting too. Hoping against hope again, but, I really hope they represent their hometown in the Victory Bowl. Fly to the sky, soaring ever higher. Also, with Philly going white at home for what I'm presuming is the first half of the season and the Imperials wearing white at home all the time, is this the beginning of a mini-trend in the league?
  6. Seconded. I'd love to see a modern take on the Tiger Sharks uniform.
  7. Europa Tauntauns.
  8. Purple helmet is definitely a more natural evolution. Once we get into the 50th anniversary, I'm guessing we'll see the old crowned helmet from the Richmond days? Would be pretty neat tbh.
  9. Congrats on the Grey Wolves winning. Welcome to the Champion's Table! You mentioned Syong Li, I remember him getting drafted by the Choppers (coincidentally being the other expansion team with Seattle back when they were the Dallas Metros), what other teams was he on?
  10. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    One of two things: He's working on the XFL night and day to create an amazing clash of the near-titans below the NFL. Whoever wins, fans of football win. The authors are human beings like you and me with their own schedules. Either way, sit back and enjoy the plot as it comes.
  11. Burn the witch! But seriously, after looking at the Royals uniform set, I wonder how a purple helmet with the lion logo would look?
  12. FTFY. Yeah, we're getting two of the biggest stars with Randy McAllen and Chris Moon. I'm going with Moon on this with the Stingrays winning in 6.
  13. I love the Kings's new set. Very reminiscent of the Royals which makes sense considering that both names are monarch-themed. As for Venus, maybe green and orange as Venus was also the Goddess of Fertility? Would also be a nice contrast to the Reign.
  14. The Sparrows changing their name seems more likely at this point. You lose the Battle over Venus and to a team that has won as many Galactic Series as you have played in. The face of the average Sparrows fan:
  15. I'm almost starting to think that they are the St. Louis Browns to the Cardinals of the Venus Reign.
  16. Funny you mention that:
  17. Bradbury Flames (reference to Fahrenheight 451 and would fit a color scheme with red in it) Tokyo Emperors
  18. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    An XFL team in Kansas City?!
  19. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Give it another season.
  20. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    24 teams, eh? This ought to be good
  21. Looks like you ran into a censorship issue there. I would suggest replacing the I in Takesh1ta with a small roman numeral one. That should take care of it. Also, has nothing to do with the story, but it's neat to see a Hispanic/Japanese ballplayer. Really shows the cultural integration I'd expect to see in space.
  22. Those San Jose uniforms look trippy and I love the gradient effect.
  23. If this didn't do it: Then 9/11 certainly won't. I mean, the New York Jets didn't change their name because of 9/11.
  24. The Concordes know, shut it down.