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  1. I can't say what's worse, getting btfo'd in your first 2 Victory Bowls or losing a heartbreaker like that? Poor Houston, but Cincinnati is finally living up to being a dynasty. If only Detroit and Cincinnati could meet in a Victory Bowl.
  2. Already a team called the Arizona Firebirds.
  3. As far as the Rebels name goes, how do the people in Atlanta/fans of the team feel about the name? I get the feeling that a lot of fans might be very defensive about the name due to feeling like "another Yankee attack on our culture" but that's my two cents on it.
  4. I don't know if this is a question for you or Veras but does the AFA have a blackout policy like the NFL did?
  5. Red Comet

    Driveball Redux (1958 Offseason)

    Name: Kent Clarkson Age: 31 Occupation: Sports Reporter for the Boston Globe Favorite Driveball team: Boston Unicorns Rules: I would favor rules that increase the offense in the game. Get the interest of the fans due to increased excitement. Tour: Against at the current moment. Maybe in a decade but driveball is a niche sport in the US much less any other country Minor League System: For it. Could be a good way to find future pro markets.
  6. Have the Suns even won a playoff game? I don't recall them doing so but I could be wrong.
  7. Want to cheer for the Walking Mediocrity? Cheer for the Crows or Whales! Huh, going to be interesting when Crows fans start diving from the tops of RVs into tables. Please win a playoff game!
  8. I'm thinking naming the divisions after famous astronauts (e.g. Gagarin and Armstrong divisions) and having the top two teams in the division play each other in the first round. Really adds to the rivalry aspect that it looks like you are wanting with reuniting the Original 6 again. My two cents, though.
  9. Option A. I like those old Padres uniforms in those colors.
  10. Two of them. The Miami Suns and the Tampa Bay Bobcats. I recommend reading through the thread. It's long, but it is worth it. EDIT: There is also the Florida Swamp Monsters (based in Orlando) playing in the USFA (a spring football league that has come about in 1988.)
  11. Put my vote down for a resurrection of the PUA Emperors. Hopefully they don't end up like the Washington Senators of this league. As far as Vesta, I propose the Vesta Armada. An armada being a fleet of warships and said team will rain destruction on the rest of the solar system.
  12. You don't know the half of that. This is what it's been like for the last 5 years: I've heard of blowing a 28 point lead in the 3rd quarter, but a 31-0 lead? Did the spirit of Frank Reich possess Tom Hudson?
  13. Guardians wear the Grizzlies like a pelt Bobcats get snowed out by the Cents in a Colorado Whiteout Imperials sink the Captains Gladiators slice the Hurricanes in two
  14. Red Comet

    Driveball Redux (1958 Offseason)

    St. Louis Rivermen. Considering that Mark Twain came from a steamboat term, could have him as a steamboat captain for a mascot
  15. Shame Krause couldn't get one last shot at the Victory Bowl. But hell, 6 decades of coaching, that really is a hell of an accomplishment. Gladiators bust the Ghosts The Boston Captains glow in the dark, you can see them when you're driving. The Railers are going to run them over, that's what they'll do.
  16. Red Comet

    Driveball Redux (1958 Offseason)

    I'll go with Sacramento just because I liked the Condors design from the last Driveball thread.
  17. Bringing back the argyle socks at some point would be a great tribute to Krause. But, that's just my two cents. Might have to wait until the 50th anniversary season when "The Original 11" wear their 1946-era uniforms.
  18. Plus, the Comets are the franchise that sets/chases the latest trend. With teal and purple being big in OTL in the 90s, that is the logical next step for the Comets.
  19. Gotta say its weird getting used to seeing dark at home again. Milwaukee looks bound to have another mini-dynasty unless Toronto decides they want to be the mini-dynasty instead.
  20. My best guess would be to keep the Los Angeles name or call themselves the Anaheim Comets. California Comets has a nice sort of alliteration but the Whales took it.
  21. That or Disney buys the Comets and moves them to Anaheim.
  22. So a football team in Kansas City is stacked on defense in the 90s. Said defense is led by a linebacker who strikes terror into offenses. Hopefully there is a championship this time. Although, I get more Lawrence Taylor vibes from Doom than Derrick Thomas.
  23. The proper Roman numeral would be XLV. DISREGARD: @Goran The Man beat me to it. As for designs, I'm going to with the one on the right as it clearly shows the text as well as being closest to representing the Suns logo. The middle design looks more fitting for a '96 or '97 Victory Bowl IMO and the text is hard to read. The one on the left is admittedly a close second and would be a great logo if chosen.
  24. So sayeth a kid who looks like a teenage Patrick Mahomes. Also, LSD is not a toy because whoever designed this uniform didn't get that memo.