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  1. Cue Adam Sandler screaming “You blew it!” and final scene in NGE.
  2. “You have this great quarterback in Bob Sutherland and an amazing offense. Nothing can go wrong and the future belongs to the Miami Suns! What’s this? Your quarterback has been blacklisted for gambling? And you didn’t even win a playoff game?! Goddammit Suns....”
  3. Their colors are yellow and light blue and they seem to choke to the extreme so the point is valid.
  4. The Houston Hurricanes: Lolcows of the AFA. Also, 9-0 in calling games this year and the Guardians didn’t choke. Good job, guys.
  5. Yep. So, I'm thinking Reggie Hart and the Guardians show the league why they were supposed to the great dynasty of the 80's. Hurricanes get embarrassed again.
  6. Every prediction I have made has rung true. Time to change it up though: Guardians of the Queen City get 41 years worth of revenge against the Imperials Hurricanes beat the Angels in a quarterback duel. Hudson comes on top. Also, what did the Crows get for Benham?
  7. First they're the San Francisco Nuggets, now the California Nuggets and now the Oakland Nuggets. I get the feeling the roundel trend is going to be started a decade early.
  8. That and I'd imagine that it'll be pretty cold in New York in January too. And I thought New York smelled bad on the outside....
  9. The game of a century in a time long long ago in a land that's not so far away.
  10. Rebels-Imperials I'm calling this one the Star Wars Bowl. Imperials crush the Rebel scum though Hurricanes blow away the Gladiators Angels bury the Miners Guardians Slay the Whales
  11. My guess would be Houston and Atlanta end up as the expansion teams.
  12. So close, yet so far. Vessey at quarterback looks like it really improved things. Still, there's next year and a division that is still pretty wide open. Also, thinking that this year might end up Hurricanes-Imperials. Just my hunch. Miners beat Ghosts Gladiators beat Royals Anyway, I did notice that three teams had a tie game and Boston had a tie within it's division, but no one else had a tie game. EDIT: Had Detroit instead of Boston EDIT 2: Appears that they tied with the Railers. Thanks!
  13. I smiled when I saw Swamp Monsters and all the other nicknames in the USFA. Who knows, maybe there could be a merger. And, in all fairness, Let's Go Swamp Monsters is a lot less awkward than Let's Go Commandos.
  14. The UFL Project – #2 Miami Pirates

    Now that is an awesome design. I will say that I'm having issues determining if it's purple or navy at first glance, but that shade of purple makes sense considering it's a reference to raisins.
  15. That quarterback battle ended really surprisingly. Didn't think Benham would go to Canada and then threaten to go to another league. This is going to get interesting. Interesting names for a lot of those USFA teams. Swamp monsters to buffalo wings to terminators. Sounds neat!
  16. If/When Ottawa gets another team, I'd love to see an alternate with a beaver dressed like a caveman wielding a hockey stick like a club.
  17. The UFL Project – #2 Miami Pirates

    Logo looks neat, but when would we see some uniforms?
  18. Seattle is definitely overdue for a new uniform set and has been for at least a decade. Kansas City getting an update though? This has gotta be good.
  19. I can see that the Firebird looks like it has some sort of Southwestern Native American influences, but I can definitely see how people would think it's an alien. If I didn't know it was the Firebirds, I would've thought it was an Albuquerque team with an alien motif. Maybe the wings might serve as a better secondary?
  20. Didn't get swept by Chicago and yet we choked against California. Heartbreaking. Glad Washington is getting a shot at the Cup. Hope they don't choke like the real Capitals.
  21. I came here to laugh at the idea of a sport that seems to be exclusive to major markets having a team in Kansas City, but then I remembered the last time a newly invented sport had a market in Kansas City..... A team from a major sport totally didn't get run out of town by some team in an upstart sport in an upstart league. Never happened because I'm looking forward to getting season tickets for the Kansas City Kings.
  22. Clearly when the Crows get their inevitable 90's rebrand, light blue needs to be added to the color scheme.
  23. Considering that the legend of a Phoenix being reborn is that it comes from a pile of ashes, going BFBS makes sense if the team is trying to market itself as an up and coming team.
  24. Did say that we got hammered by injuries and Gaganov seems to be immortal. Also, feels weird referring to a fictional team that has existed for only 7 months and has only had the name for 6 as "us" and "we". Just goes to show how well this series is written.
  25. Twisters really slid this year. Probably would've missed the playoffs if the season was 2 games longer. Welp, looking forward to seeing how this all plays out, but I'd be happy with a series that doesn't end in a sweep of the Twisters.