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  1. This excerpt from the Philadelphia A's history article on Wikipedia should give a good idea: "However, on October 17, Roy Mack suddenly announced that the A's had been sold to a Philadelphia-based group headed by auto dealer John Crisconi. The deal was to be approved at an American League owners' meeting on October 28. It looked headed for approval when rumors (reportedly planted by the Yankees) cropped up that the Crisconi group was underfinanced, and Johnson collared Roy Mack at Roy's home to persuade him that his original deal was better in the long run. On October 28, the sale to the Crisconi group came up one vote short of the five needed for approval, with Roy Mack voting against the deal he'd just negotiated." Emphasis in bold. Convince Roy Mack to sell the team to John Crisconi and you'll have the A's in Philadelphia past 1954.
  2. I am looking forward to a redesign of the Krewe's uniform (90's announcer grunting) TO THE EXTREME!!!
  3. Always thought it was a Z for Zero. The more you know. Anyway, I agree that I like the S shape the hornet logo is in. Very nice touch.
  4. Red Comet

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

    Io and Ursula in the Endeavor Neptune and Pluto in the Soyuz
  5. Red Comet

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

    Vulcans: I stand by my idea of the Swinging Spock swinging a hammer like a baseball bat.
  6. Reminds me of the Albany Firebirds somewhat. I asked for the 90s to start (Arizona being kind of a sneak peek into that as well) and I got it. I will say that I also wonder what an orange helmet/pants would look with a black jersey.
  7. Welcome back! Mental health is just as important as physical health and obviously that takes priority over anything else. We're glad you're back and I'm looking forward to the first serving of 90's-era AFA.
  8. Donald Trump will get this league attention. But, he is very likely to try to take on the NFL again. And with at least 2 markets (Birmingham and Thunder Bay) being in jeapordy, that will cause unneeded instability. Therefore, I'm picking Papa John. He's committed to Louisville and unlike New York, a team in Louisville won't be unknown in that market. Besides, what's the worst that could happen?
  9. Red Comet

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

    Could always go with the Star Trek-inspired version of Vulcan. Spock wielding a giant hammer like a baseball bat would make an awesome secondary.
  10. Have the playoff-teams with the 4 worst records have an opening round and the winners play the teams with the best and 2nd best record. All other matchups would be organized by 3 vs 14, 4 vs 13, 5 vs 12, 6 vs 11, 7 vs 10 and 8 vs 9. So it looks like those teams are the Rhythm, Claymores, Schooners and Argonauts. The winners of these games would play the Admirals and the Dragons. Opening Round Matchups appear to be Rhein at Scottish (by virtue of the Claymores being division winners) Toronto at Atlantic (by virtue of the Schooners finishing higher than the Argonauts)
  11. The Sound was already dead when they moved from Halifax. Didn't think the delay of their death would take a decade. Knowing that a lot of victims took refuge from Katrina in Houston is going to take special meaning in the 05-06 season. Looking forward to the New Claymores whenever they show up
  12. That design really shows that your creativity is more than budding. That design sort of lights up the league and I hope that this team doesn't go up in smoke this year.
  13. Found this article about the new San Diego Alliance of American Football team: Looks like you have people referencing this in real life, lol.
  14. We'll call them "The Kings of Heart". Make Sunrise pay big money to change it.
  15. The Monday Night Wars continuing with the help of ABC is the best thing to happen in this timeline. Aside from the NFL having a TRUE and HONEST AAA league that is.
  16. 500, huh? How did the Punks even make it to the end of the season?
  17. Eh, bad ideas are part of the history of design. That said, if the Denver Bulls end up going back to red and green but their logo looks like a toupee, I'm going to want to smash something.
  18. Could happen in the future. But if there needs to be a team now then Saskatoon isn't a good choice without the stadium. Plus, Saskatchewan has less than 1,000,000 people at this time. More than enough to support 1 team in Regina. 2 is really pushing it.
  19. I'm going to think outside the box here because unless you want to put a team in Saskatoon, there really isn't a market large enough in Western Canada to justify a team that doesn't already have one. I'm picking Boise for this team to be grouped in with the other Canadian teams. Has the stadium, has the population and would be the only pro team in town. EDIT: Why would I not think Saskatoon is a great idea? Their largest outdoor stadium has less than 7,000 seats. Would need a new stadium to even be considered.
  20. It is an alternate timeline. Guessing that Nuggets fans are incredibly classy as well. On another note, with the new uniform contract coming up this offseason, I'm guessing that teams will wear their dark jerseys as the home jerseys again?
  21. Bottom right
  22. If the World League is getting this big, if it were to somehow grow to 40 teams, would promotion and relegation come into play at some point?
  23. That and its fits with the whole "Keep Portland Weird" culture the city has. There is no weirder mascot than a platypus.
  24. The Twisters actually rebounded? Huh, they're reloading when I thought they were going to rebuild.