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  1. I feel like I'm in the minority here, but I think the Spirits are probably only going to make minor adjustments at most to their logo. They've won 5 Lewis Cups in the last 10 years, I don't think they're changing their logos anytime soon. Same with the Choppers. Im thinking that it's going to be the Bulls that'll change their uniforms next year, especially because they are moving into a new arena soon. What better way to celebrate moving into a new arena than to change the uniform?
  2. That look screams 80's. If they have a lot of success while wearing this uniform, I could see it become a popular throwback once the mid-2000's come around along with their 1952 uniforms.
  3. The Twisters didn't too bad for an expansion team. Looking forward to a playoff berth in the near future if they keep getting better.
  4. A man with the last name Thomas has the single-game sack record with 7 sacks. I like the sound of that. Let's Go Ghosts! Also, I can totally see Detroit's defense being called the Ghostbusters when that movie comes out.
  5. Looking forward to seeing what the Comets new look would be. I remember seeing that black and neon green were planned at some point, but what would the uniforms look like with a redesign in 1983? Maybe the Comets are the team that starts the 90's a few years early?
  6. Went through the various wildcard scenarios and heres what I have assuming there's a sort of reseeding afterwards. If DET beats PIT and CIN beats SD Quarterfinal Matchups NY at CLE BAL at DET SEA at MIN TEX at CIN If DET beats PIT and SD beats CIN NY at CLE BAL at DET SD at MIN SEA at TEX If PIT beats DET and CIN beats SD PIT at CLE NY at MIN BAL at CIN SEA at TEX If PIT beats DET and SD beats CIN PIT at CLE NY at MIN BAL at TEX SD at SEA So, if the last scenario happens, how much security would there be at the Emerald Dome? EDIT: Also, with the Royals making the playoffs, how have the negotiations gone for the new stadium?
  7. If the Guardians win this game, they would've doubled their number of playoff victories. Only team that has been worse with at least 5 playoff appearances has been the San Francisco/California Whales with an 0-5 playoff record.
  8. Bold statement by Bill Truman. Let's see if the team he built can back him up.
  9. I can definitely understand wanting to keep the Sharks' look relatively conservative for now. Also like keeping the same sort of uniform color scheme from Buffalo as a temporary way of tying New Jersey to it's old home. The new playoff bracket looks great! It states all relevant information in an easy-to-follow format. I actually have a pretty good idea what is going on here.
  10. I'll go for Orange/Blue but with a blue jersey and an orange helmet. EDIT: Nevermind that. Ideally, the Blue/Charcoal combo works best, but I don't see that color combo working until the mid-90's. I'd say keep the orange and red color scheme until then, but that's just my opinion.
  11. Looking forward to having a rooting interest now. The uniforms really do look like they're sort of trying to adhere to some tradition, but they also want to move forward as well. I do like that tornado, though. Reminds me of the 90's Penguins logo.
  12. Love the new Sharks helmet. Considering that they're loading up on defense, I'm thinking they pull a Colorado Avalanche (or Los Angeles Comets) and win the Victory Bowl in their first year there. Either way, next season sounds like it's going to be the most exciting yet. There are so many contenders like New Jersey, New York, San Diego, Texas, Arizona, Colorado and maybe Cleveland might be a dark horse candidate. As for the Crows, I'd say going at least 6-10 would be a promising sign.
  13. Those West Germany uniforms are making me flash back to the Dallas Metros. Same level of performance too.
  14. No kidding. Once we hit the 90's, there are going to potentially be a lot of teams that would be in a position to move. After all, the 90's is where we started seeing the "Give me a new stadium for free that I'll sell the naming rights to or we'll move" trope being put into play.
  15. And I just realized something: Twisters vs. Spirits is going to be an instant rivalry. And, the rivalry will be tornadoes versus airplanes. One part of Missouri versus the other with two things that are associated with each city. Pretty neat.
  16. My bets are on the Baltimore Royals doing this. I believe the lease is up after this season or the next on their stadium. Maybe they're coming home? Speaking of which, can we see what the stadium situations are like going into this season again?
  17. I'm imagining that the Twisters are going to install a tornado siren as their goal horn when those start showing up. Looking forward to cheering them on, though. But, I'm really looking forward to seeing how Miami's uniforms look. The pink would make me think Miami even without the city name in the text.
  18. That helmet might not work for 1982, but it might work for say....1997? EDIT: Who am I kidding, that white helmet fits perfectly for the Krewe. It's gaudy as all get out, but it wouldn't be the New Orleans Krewe if it wasn't gaudy.
  19. Milwaukee and Long Island? There go all of my predictions. Still, looks to be a great series.
  20. Calgary has a situation like the Green Bay Packers in that the team is community-owned. You'd have to have someone try to purchase 50% and one shares to move them and I don't quite see that happening. My guess is that we're going to see Quebec move and Nova Scotia will definitely move unless they get a new arena deal worked out. And even then it wouldn't be a guarantee since Atlantic Canada's economy collapsed in the early 90's with the fishing moratorium.
  21. I love that a guy with the last name "Truman" is going to be associated with the Kansas City PHL Franchise. Nice touch! Let's go Claymores! As far as series, I'm predicting this: West: (1) STL beats (8) MIN in 4 (2) SEA beats (7) CHI in 4 (6) VAN beats (3) MIL in 7 (4) EDM beats (5) WIN in 6 (4) EDM beats (1) STL in 7 (2) SEA beats (6) VAN in 6 (2) SEA beats (4) EDM in 5 East: (1) NVS beats (8) QUE in 6 (2) LI beats (7) DET in 4 (3) PIT beats (6) BOS in 7 (5) MON beats (4) PHI in 6 (1) NVS beats (5) MON in 7 (2) LI beats (3) PIT in 6 (1) NVS beats (2) LI in 7 Lewis Cup Finals Nova Scotia beats Seattle in 7
  22. I like the Miami Breakers. Breaks of the wave, going on a fast break down the ice. Plus, allows a lot more creativity with the logo.
  23. I think it'll go like this: Since Kansas City has been trying to get a team the whole decade, I think their look might be a lot more conservative than a lot of people would think. This is Kansas City, after all. I don't know how eager the locals would take to a radical uniform design at this time. Miami, though, is going to be very experimental. I can see them wearing a uniform that is mostly teal with hot pink and orange as the other colors. Make it scream like something you'd see in Miami.
  24. Just seeing all this discussion about the Krewe now is making me think what the uniforms will look like the next time they are redesigned. The 90's are going to be a fun, fun time.
  25. Jesus, that is disturbing. Reminds me of the Memphis Maniax alt logo.